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Flavor Flav Facing Jail Time Over Unpaid Child Support

(AllHipHop News) Flavor Flav may be headed to jail for unpaid child support, according to recent reports.

The iconic entertainer owes his kids’ mother, Angie Parker of Albany, NY, $111,186, reports TMZ. He’s supposed to pay $837.72 per week in support for the three children that he has with Parker. The rapper faces 180 days in jail.

Further compounding his situation, Flavor Flav also missed a court date compelling an Albany County magistrate to put the rap artist in jail and revoke his passport.

Flavor Flav, 53, is due in Albany Family Court on June 19.

Flavor Flav, nee William Drayton, is known as the hype man of Public Enemy, but he’s also renown as a celebrity in reality television.

  • therealest1


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  • dominicancoke

    maybe he can spit game to hoopz now that shaq gave that smut the boot maybe she got some pocket change

    • Shaq is still with hoopz. They are still together. I am trying to holla at that chick haha.

  • dominicancoke

    can a spic get a job before you call me a slob’
    i aint out here trynna rob time’s is crazy wheres god?
    when i need em i dont seem em now days my life is hard
    and i’m starving so forgive me if i jack you for your car
    persistence win’s but deep within is not working my life is grim
    born pesant meant to be a king you got it? i’ll take shots to chin’s
    can a youn’n climb and win? being too broke must be a sin
    kidnapp a rich man’s son pay ramsome or i’ll cutt both his shin’s
    in the b.x your chances is slim trying to stay out of statistic’s
    f*ckdup life makes you sadistic c’mon let’s be realistic
    dope boys getting all the b*tches foreing car and all the riches
    so i risk my life and freedom and endure a couple stitches’
    obama talking bout job’s where they at? cause i can’t see em
    got cousins up north making shanks daily. screaming freedom
    got kid’s you better feed’em f*ck this crackers i don’t need em
    they stay bias hiring crackers so i’ll robb’em when i see em

    • Richie_Ochoa


      • dominicancoke

        cool thanks for the attention now go fetch me something bitch lol

  • Again! SMH

  • EQ

    we all know the mothers benefit from that money to so why call it child support…  

  • dominicancoke

    if ya’ll hating on this i rather see you respond with better bars instead of weak criticism go head show off

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  • good for his stupid ass. they’re done with his ass now it’s time to shit all over him. that’s what happens when you make a deal with the devil!! he knew better and did it anyway. 

  • brotha_man

    child supp is the biggest scam;…..have a negro by da drawers. sistas no they blow that money on dumbsht   hair, nails, they new boyfriend

  • torreysn

    You don’t want kids put a hat on it.

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  • William Washington

    Going, going, GONE………

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