Hip-Hop Rumors: Nas Reenacts His Real-Life “Condoms By The Bed Side” Fiasco For “Daughters” Video

Nasty Nas is one honest musician. In the highly anticipated video for his new single “Daughters”, Nas goes all the way real and reenacts the infamous “condoms by the bedside” fiasco that put his 17-year-old daughter in the limelight and his parenting skills on the hot seat.

The music video is shown through the eyes of Nas’ daughter, and depicts Nas going through the many problems parents face with a growing teenager. Nas’ daughter, Destiny Jones, makes a cameo in the video. Check out Nas’ “Daughters” music video below:

Nas’ 10th album, Life Is Good, drops July 17.

  • what your post are not rumors, there just cut paste fact that what we a ready know 

  • $18916246

    Black positive encouragement, from one brother to another brother…..PRICELESS!

  • I’m coppin’ the new Nas just off the strength of this video. Esco does it again.

  • mrgibson

    This just reaffirms why Nas is my favorite artist and the GOAT

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      my 2nd fav pac the goat tho

  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    This isn’t a rumor. This is just news. 

  • HipHopStalker

    Nas keeps showing why he’s one of the best to EVER do it. I only wish more cared about making good hip hop today. I know there’s some out there but there’s less and less each year.

  • slumlord_vinny

    deep azz song. I’m glad he made it

  • rep87

    NAS is one of the top 10 rap artist of all times you dont need to flood the market just keep dropping classic hits not many can do it !

  • NoGoBoi

    Big Ups 2 Nas 4 This Track!

  • Edonus

    My daughter 15 months and seeing this almost brings tears to my eyes. Just knowing she gone grow up and not be my little baby one day. And I know everybody get in to some $%#^ through they  life but it doesnt make it any easier.

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