Hip-Hop Rumors: Rihanna Goes Topless!

Okay, I know this isn’t a rumor, but I came across these topless photos of Rihanna, and I just had to share with you all! No, these photos weren’t leaked. Rihanna shared them herself on Instagram and boy, are they hot! The saucy pics are actually a few outtakes from Rihanna’s latest photo shoot for her new fragrance, fittingly titled, “Nude.” Check out the message she tweeted about the photo shoot:

“I got a big shoot tomorrow for a surprise fragrance for my ladies called…NUDE!”

“Bye bye dreadz, for NOW!”

And now check out the pics below:

Rihanna’s giving it all away right now! She definitely knows how to work with what her mama gave her. Rihanna ditched the dreads she rocked on the finale for “American Idol” and went platinum blond for the shoot. Check out Ri Ri performing “Where Have You Been” and shaking her dreads on American Idol:

  • Never really like this chick but she looks great topless!

  • she is always topless.. but thats cuz she has no ass & her face is HUUUUUUUGGGGGGEEEEE…..she has nice tits & nice legs tho…haha

  • Tha Bigchance

    This girl sell out, anything to make money and look good on TV huh?? 

    • Weedras

      Music is a CAREER last i checked…. anybody and i mean anybody even the underground artists who say they in it for money is lying… it’s how they eat, they feed they’re family its not much different from your job… why be mad… sheesh!

      • .

        she did say she would never do anything like this cuz she has morals.. do we remember that interview? I just speaks to her character. its not hating when you point out people are hypocrites that change their stance on what they say or do when money is involved. nothing about her is positive. watch her videos/how she acts. her, beyonce, gaga, jay z, kanye, wayne, spears, even justin. all pawns to misguide the youth into further destroy the communities and devalue society.. Stop being a sheep, take off ur skinny jeans, jordans, unperscribed ray bans, stop getting regrettable tattoos, get off instagram with ur pictures of food, cookies, weed, and nail polish and finish school, get a real job, and have a great night. 

      • paul jackson

        “How they feed their family”, probably how they have sex with their family too! You think I’m exaggerating? You need to wake up! All this stuff lead straight to a ‘Caligula’ style orgy of everybody with everybody. So unless that type of thing appeals to you maybe you shouldn’t have such a casual attitude. 

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  • if she ant showing nips then she ant toppless. this whole “rumor” is a fail.

  • neverchange1

    she is hot

  • She looks like Rita Ora now

  • She’s doin her thang.  Can’t even flex bout dat.  She def a supastar.

    • paul jackson

      Yeah, and if she was your daughter, you would probably be looking for several shotguns to go blast something or someone. 

      • Is she my daughter?  Okay then so how bout you go kill yurself with your nonsensical bullsh#t post.  Let the girl enjoy her life, she work hard, let her play hard.  So shut the fucc up when u talkin to me patna.

      • paul jackson

        Why are you coming out like that though? I didn’t curse at you, nor did I bring up anybody getting hurt. If you can’t have a civilized debate like a grown man, there’s no need to discuss this issue any further. 

        So let’s toss it up in the air to God then. You’re standing up for a girl essentially prostituting herself. I’m standing up for females acting right. Hmm, I wonder which one God prefers? Not to mention, you acting like a savage hoodlum while I’m being civil. 

  • rep87

    Working on the next career porn thats all left for her, sex sells you dont need talent look good and take your clothes off and the public over look your lack of real talent

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  • Guest

    ….this happens once a week.

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  • her neck looks like a dick stays in that neck!

  • I think she already has racier photos out there.