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SUMMA, SUMMA, SUMMATIME: Better Ways To Spend The Hottest Days

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! This holiday always marks the unofficial start to the hottest days of the year. Outside of the usual summertime routines, the prettier and longer days that are now upon us should motivate us all to think outside the box!

Here are some ideas to switch things up in the heat:

GET OUT – Yes, the clubs and lounges are sure to be packed. Day parties and shopping malls will overflow with patrons and Patron, but get out on the sunny days and enjoy the simpler things. Visit family and friends; take a trip to the park, lake, or beach that’s within driving distance. Look for free concerts and festivals in your city; money is rarely a factor for fun.

GET INVOLVED – There’s no better time to volunteer, donate, and give back than the steamy summer months. School is out and vacation time is being used, so use some of that idle time to help others.

GET MOVING – More sun usually means showing more skin (wear sunscreen, people!). If you need that extra push, use the longer days to walk, run, and workout more. Eat healthier and drink more water while you’re at it.

GET INSPIRED – The year is winding up once the summer escapes us. This should be seen as a time to find your niche and hone in on your dreams. Find more culture-centered events to help get your juices flowing. Get in tune with that place of inspiration that motivates you, read and research more, and do what it takes to get inspired.

GET FOCUSED – Again with 2012 coming closer to an end, use June, July, August, and September to make of list of short and long term goals before 2013. Even if you choose to not share it with anyone else, look at it often and put all your energy into accomplishing everything on your list.


Tawni Fears is a freelance writer and contributor to Follow her on Twitter (@brwnsugaT).

  • dominicancoke

    can a spic get a job before you call me a slob’
    i aint out here trynna rob time’s is crazy where’s god?
    when i need em i dont seem em now days my life is hard
    and i’m starving so forgive me if i jack you for your car
    persistence win’s but deep within is not working my life is grim
    born pesant meant to be a king you got it? i’ll take shots to chin’s
    can a youn’n climb and win? being too broke must be a sin
    kidnapp your son pay ramsome or i’ll cutt off both his shin’s
    in the b.x your chances is slim trying to stay out of  statistic’s
    f*ckdup life makes you sadistic c’mon let’s be realistic
    dope boys getting all the b*tches foreing car and all the riches
    so i risk my life and freedom and endure a couple stitches’
    obama talking bout job’s where they at? cause i can’t see em
     got cousins up north making shanks daily. screaming freedom
    got kid’s than you better feed’em f*ck this crackers i don’t need em
    they stay bias hiring crackers so i’ll robb’em when i see em

  • Justin Burnell

    Amazing idea!!

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