EXODUS 1:10: The Real Pusha T Diss

“Drug dealer buys Jordans/crackhead buys crack/and a white man gets paid off of all of that ” – “All Falls Down” – Kanye West

It started off as a couple of disses being traded back and forth across the ‘net between rival Hip-Hop labels, but the conflict quickly escalated as rappers on both sides tried to prove who were the real killas and who were the fake gangstas. The contest ended in a draw, as the beef left dead bodies on both sides. The only real winners were the billionaire label owners who made a fortune selling greatest hits CDs, and the kids on the block hawkin’ bootleg T-shirts with pictures of dead rappers on the front and “EXODUS 1:10” on the back…

Last week, while the rest of the country was dealing with issues like the upcoming election, student loan interest rates and the economy, the biggest news in Hip-Hop was, yet, another rap beef.

A few days ago, Pusha T, former member of The Clipse, the group that took Crack music to a whole ‘nother level with songs like “Grindin’,” a decade ago, released a diss track presumed to be aimed at Lil Wayne called “EXODUS 23:1.” The track is seen by many as a prelude to a war between Pusha’s label, G.O.O.D. Music, and Drake and the homies of Young Money/Cash Money Billionaires.

However, what was interesting was when the diss hit the ‘net, it wound up being the tweet heard ’round the world as EXODUS 23:1 suddenly became a trending topic, sending millions of wanna-be gangstas scrambling to grab Grandma’s Good Book to peep what the Creator of the Universe said about the G.O.O.D. Music/YMCMB beef.

The tweets also caught the attention of mainstream media websites, as CNN and Time Magazine rushed to put out stories about a rapper who few of their readers knew existed. Now, Pusha was not the first artist to use scripture passages to go in on rival rappers, (Remember Pac’s “Hail Mary”?) but that was before Twitter. So, he was the first to make a Biblically-based rap attack go viral. I guess this is a moment in Hip-Hop history of which we can all be proud.

But we have to ask ourselves, are the decision makers who revere CNN like the Bible and who control the flow of education dollars to “inner city schools” or pass legislation regarding criminal sentencing laws, really looking at this beef as “a couple of creative geniuses just expressing their remarkable talents?” Or are they looking at it more like a bunch of trained circus monkeys that somebody taught to beat box? My money is on the latter.

When I first saw the title of the song, I admit, I thought the industry was finally going to be exposed on some deep metaphysical, esoteric level by one of its insiders who was going to use Biblical references to validate A Tribe Called Quest’s Industry “Rule #4080” that “record company people are shady.” Or maybe even prove that the Hip-Hop conspiracy theorists were right, and there was really only one major record label controlling Hip-Hop and the Anti-Christ was the CEO.

No such luck. Just some more ‘hood drama.

The beef is just the continuation of rap fratricide that has plagued the culture since the mid-‘90s. No matter how many deaths and prison sentences happen in Hip-Hop, the glorification of beefs remains constant. Sure, there is always the brief period when the Hip-Hop community signs a peace treaty and rappers come together at some meeting and promise that they will be more civilized with their lyrics but a few months later, it’s back to the ol’ standard “ooooh, did you hear how so -and- so dissed…?”

The cycle of insanity continues.

Besides being a way for record labels to make money off the self-hatred that is destroying the Black community, it also serves as a necessary distraction from the real issues that should be of utmost importance to this generation. The beef is just another exercise in displaced aggression, where the proverbial “Menace to Society” becomes the next young, Black man instead of the corporate bloodsuckers who are draining the life force from Hip-Hop.

Even Pusha T hints at the fact that rappers are being played like puppets when he talks about on EXODUS 23:1, how it’s bad luck when an artist is signed to multiple record deals and the man at the top of the totem pole is always going to be the head of one of the three major record labels. (Sometimes you gotta read between the lines.)

Also, we have to call the propagation of Black-on-Black violence, what it is – corporate-sponsored population control. This has been the standard of operation in dealing with Black people since the enslavement and colonization of Africa when the European exploiters used to give both sides of a conflict weapons and wait for them to kill each other off.

During the Hip-Hop Era, the late author Gary Webb suggested in Dark Alliance that the high-powered assault weapons and the crack in the ‘hood may have been government sponsored. So, it is not far fetched to believe that some rich dudes are not only funding both sides of Hip-Hop beefs, but maybe even supplying guns to both sides of the gang wars.

History teaches that’s how the ruling elite have always gotten down. Remember in None Dare Call It Conspiracy, Garry Allen claims that some “international bankers” funded both sides of the Civil War. If they would do that to thousands of “good ol’ patriotic soldiers dying for their political beliefs,” what do you think they would do to a bunch of disposable, street thugs killing over bandannas and street corners?

Now, I know some of ya’ll are going to say it’s just entertainment, and “it ain’t all that deep.” But some of us refuse to swim in the shallow end of the pool of life.

Like Hip-Hop artist, Dee-1, said on “Jay, 50 and Weezy,” “Entertainment is what it seems/ but Black on Black hatred/ is the underlyin’ theme.”

And that’s word-to-tha JOHN 8:32.

TRUTH Minista Paul Scott’s weekly column is This Ain’t Hip Hop, a column for intelligent Hip Hop headz. He can be reached at info@nowarningshotsfired.com, on his website, www.NoWarningShotsFired.com, or on Twitter (@truthminista).

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  • its the person on the bottem of the totem poll who has all the power.. who writes these things? research it damn…after seeing sumthing that dumb i cannot take this article seriously. plus every1 knows there is a conspiracy.. is anybody listening to rick ross or cash $? hell no but they are everywhere for some reason

  • thaGOD83

    people were hating on my comments when i called both of these rappers, and their camps trash..plus the simple fact that weasel and pusha trash are prob both in the studio now recording the song that they wanted to put out at first, but due to lack of talent had to put out these wack tracks to gain momentum makes me fell sorry for any1 supporting this crap..the simple fact that i saw over 100 comments and people were actually seriously taking up for clowns whom dont give two shits about our community is mind boggling.. wayne is officially a sucka, and pusha dont even count, any1 that is over 25 rapping about selling dope needs to hang themselves, DO yall let yall children listen to this shit, im 29 and havent heard either song this shit makes us look bad, and gives power to handlers whose aim is to destroy US, esp with trash trading rappers like these two…wake up….GODS/GODDESSESS….shalom

  • thaGOD83

    imma say it again, in 1991 a meeting took place in which execs were informed about prisons being built and that they could be shareholders if they helped fill up the jails.  the 1st way was to infiltrate rap, and only promote negative music that induced a crime state of mind, hence filling up the PRISONS..then they pulled the plug on fun/informative “hip hop” and promoted only gangsta rap/bling bling/ass poppin/trap rap.. now its that gay shit.. i must say the plan worked..hip hop is dying and so are we..soooo are we gonna let them rape our culture or are we gonna call these clowns out and get rid of them by not supporting they junk anymore.. jay,wayne, etc only are walking billboard that advertise whateva drug, liquor, clothes, agenda thier “handlers” tell them too..  like this gay rights shit, how does a nigga support that and not where he came from…WAKE UP

    • TruthSerum

      LOL, sounds like the ramblings of a paranoid schizophrenic to me

      Record Companies promote whats going to sell, they saw groups like NWA & The Geto Boys going Double Platinum without major label support, on Tiny little companies like Ruthless & Rap-A-Lot, they knew they couldnt block it out so they bought in. Its what every company does when a new product arrives that people are asking for. Rap Fans were gonna buy NWA whether or not it was on the radio or hidden in the back of the record store, Eazy E & Jerry Heller, and guys like J Prince were raking in money hand over fist without industry support and the Big Wigs said “Enough is Enough, we want our cut”

      Its the same way with Rock, initially major labels wanted no parts of Industrial & Thrash Metal, It was considered “Too Dark” to be mainstream until groups like Slayer & Ministry started selling massive amounts of records on small little companies like Metal Blade & Roadrunner, with songs about Satan, Suicide & Murder, so the major labels bought in and started giving groups like Marilyn Manson & Nine Inch Nails major deals, to capitalize on a Market that was thriving and would continue to thrive with or without them.

      Not everything is a conspiracy, alot of times its just common buisness sense. If Will Smith puts out a new record called “I Love Puppies” and it sells diamond, next year every rapper on the radio will sound like a veterinarian, I guarantee it. Fact of the matter is there will ALWAYS be a market for hardcore music and as long as people are buying, companies will be selling. Fast Food joints know there food is bad for you, but if they switched to Tofu nobody would eat there, so they serve what people buy even if it does make your cholesterol go through the roof.

      • u shud go bak & listen to 2pac if u dont believe its a conspiracy. he was telln u that 20 yrs ago & then he got killed for it & look what has happened to hip hop since… u got 2chainz doin songs w mac miller asher roth justin bieber & kreayshawn? yea ok.. a CO became a rapper then lied about being a CO ? yea whatevr

      • TruthSerum

        2pac got killed for fighting with a known gang banger in a casino, GTFOH with that “The System set him up” BS, 2pac got himself killed, and anybody with common sense can add this up

        2pac assaults Known gang banger with lengthy record over some gang non sense

        couple hours later gets shot in drive bye

        1 + 1 = 2

        Like I Said, if you believe all that paranoid non sense then there’s really no use in arguing about it, I’m just stating an alternative point of view for those who arent paranoid

        Its just like the war on drugs, if you wanna destroy the supply, you have to find a way to get rid of the demand and that will never happen. If you find some way to keep cocaine and heroin out of the country, junkies will find a way to get high off motor oil or rubbing alcahol or anything they can throw together. You cant fight what the people want

      • thaGOD83

        bro i feel what you are saying and its a great point from an economic standpoint, but the prob is the economy/matrix that destroys anything organic like “hip hop” used to be.  Schools, church, jobs, are not for us, and until we kill this system we will all be slaves…WE are melanted spiritual beings whom created hip hop from the crack era that was honestly supposed to wipe us out, you have to at least believe they want us dead bro point blank…we created rock, blues, country, rap, r&b and THey killed that with the commercializtion you speak of..fame/fortune destroys spirits bro, just look at our art now as proof of my point…your right things are promoted when it sells, too bad it sells out intergrity also…how is it that any new underground artist/style flourishes until They get their hands on it..THEIR history is our history, they have none bro..We are the original and THEY know..its time for us to destroy the system and wake out of our spiritual coma, and it starts with comments like on this board from people whom wont support them anymore, without US, no THEM..shalom…not conspiracy when its fact..THEY want our women and children bro…Earth is rising, sun is heating upm they time is running out, and they wanna take as many of us with them as they can…again great post GOD..

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        pac knnew he was gonna et killled fool and dont nobody have any proof that crip dude killed him so its bull wat u talkin n the system did set him up it set us all up fool 

      • loushis25

        thats what they want you to believe its ignorant niggaz like you that got the world and hip hop fucked up like it is today smh !

      • RBG4Life

        “The Greatest Trick The Devil Ever Pulled Was Making People Believe That He Didn’t Exist”

      • Nicer Day

        i love 2pac but dude was a walking hypocrite 

      • Nicer Day

        “sounds like the ramblings of a paranoid schizophrenic to me” lmfao

  • ladynamor

    OK, If everyone knows this, why are we still allowing it? I hate that we have become so weak for money. Im a female who loves rap more than anything and I have raised my children on rap music like some raise their kids to be athletes or Marines or whatever. My kids are young and see that the manipulation in the rap “game” is exhausting and generic. I can only wait for the future generations to possibly stop this downward spiral. First thing that needs to be done is educating the fan. These so called fans are defending bullshit so much, realness is clouded. There should be more people upset about the way the black rapper is being manipulated and made to look gay, retarded, uneducated, greedy and self-serving.

    • people in the streets & hoods dont allow it. its all the white consumers who pay to see this shit. hip hop artists used to need to get approval from the streets, now artists act white to get sales

  • Go to u tube and type in ringleader shon..hes gonna be one of the many rappers to promote what these puppets dont, and real life experience with the economy and african americas..  On the song fa real, its a typical song, but the first bars are.  All it takes is a revolution

    we so real up in this bitch/ without the ignorance and shit/without us banging blood or crip

  • rep87

    The Industry still looking for a rap beef and they still cant find one, Lil Wayne is a big target because of the antics he has pull and its all negitive he went from material to kissing another man in the mouth to being a fake gangstr and calling himself a blood and back to wearing women clothing and skate boards sure they want wayne in a fake beef but none of them dudes are going to bust a gun not even Pusha ‘T he was just rapping bout what he saw ,when the FED”S got his manger rest assure they investigated the Clipse and knew these two brothers was not  selling dope its entertainment , Any blogger from any city can tell you stories of pimps drugs gangs AHH is just as guilty of promoting these fake wack beefs today , the days of Biggie & Tupac beef are gone and thank GOD !

  • thuglifefukdapolice

     dumb article

  • insaneangelic

    Sad part is everyone talking about Hip Hop not being real but the thing is everyone forgot back in the 90′ and 80’s the Street controlled Hip Hop and told the industry what was hot now the industry  tells the street whats hot in hip hop.

  • WuBanger

    Pusha T is still a member of the clipse Paul Scott.

  • SupremeXXV

    As long as the music continues to sell, record labels and the artist could give a damn about what the streets wanna hear…The Pusha T vs Lil Wayne “beef” is nothing more than competitive trash talk…That’s all it will EVER be.

  • Micb-G

    Yall so self rightous man if you out of the bing with a felony you black under your whore for worship barack Obama you aint getting a job so ignorant ass you have to sell drugs to me its a honest profession all yall got answers but aint saying sh!t. Gtfoh man wanna talk about something talk about under Obama the demographic of 18-25year old blacks unemployment is 50% for blacks. 20% on a whole blacks never help blacks in sufficent way ironicly Bush did more for brothers brother. So yall keep kissing Obama pinky ring he sux as a president and has no spine to face the chi coms or russians on north korea or Iran….

    • CaliTransplant

      youve got to be kidding, right..? bush did more for blacks?!? i don’t even have to reply any further…
      yeah he did a lot for us during katrina…

    • Obama = Bush = Country In Decline

  • TerryIsKing

    I feel Like whoever posted this really needs to get a life and a new job….Seriously Hip hop is like a sport, So in a sport there are players, there are players which are human. Therefore emotions plays a huge part music like every other sport in the world There are some who can’t control there emotions and things escalate..As far as to say theres some underlying reason and “Anti-Chirst is bullshit” Hip Hop is Hip Hop good,bad,ugly, beautiful, wonderful, educational all in one but its just HIP HOP

    • Remember the song A.B, C , d , e,f,g,…..knowledge put to rhythm , same with Hip Hop. Issue is , good knowledge of tricknowledge?

  • “they love when you tell how much you sell your drugs….18.5 a ki oh thats whats up”  lol

    I agree with most of the points in this article. One thing that caught my eye was the term population control. I thought about it and that isnt accurate in a traditional sense of the term, because poverty conditions actually cause people to have more children. There are a variety of reasons for this, but one is that the children themselves are a valuable commodity that is easily producible, and profitable whether through child labor, social benefits, or outright sale. In India you have the toddlers rolling bidis, in Kenya slaving in the mines to quench the western desire for disposable cell phones. Is this part of the plan, use of the dialectic to create vast poverty populations for an eventual “necessary” genocide? A chilling thought.

    Of course, in another sense, the term “population control” is very accurate, in that they are controlled and weakened by every means available, which includes our subject, the media. Its difficult for some people to understand that societal forces ( the media and education) are equally as instrumental as economics to the system of control. I would argue, moreso. The ability to control a person’s self image is the ultimate power. That is why there are a lot of rap millionaires walking around who are still in poverty. They represent the promise of easy money, and trap designed to fill up prisons, as one commenter noted below.

    The good news is that there is probably more good hip hop than ever, you just have to look much harder to find it. I’m not the best that ever did it but Im better than who’s on the radio…

  • wizefire

    this article sucks

  • BoldSpice

    You dumb monkeys kill me with your conspiracy theories but your dumb azzes still reading hip hop sites and listening to hip hop music. If it needs to go away quit supporting it. Easy solution. But all of your preachin aint doing no good if you can’t set the example. In other words shut the fugg up about it. Unless your gonna do something about it.

  • None of this matters if you have your eyes fixed on God and his kingdom, it will not effect you. The Lord said vengeance is mine…

  • JimJames29

    I’m impressed by this article.

  • Nicer Day

    most of the people who consume rap are not even “BLACK” ever been to a summer jam or a major commercialize rap show majority of the people are Suburban white folks…majority of people who buy the music are white kids….hip hop is like football and basketball just because majority of the players are black doesn’t mean majority of the consumers are black MATERIALISM, SEXISM,ECT,  are not just a Black problem its a Human being problem EVERYTHING THAT RAP PROMOTES OTHER GENRES PROMOTE TOO, Rap and rappers are just the best to do it because of the environment they come from (the bottom) … corporations are all about people consuming things and if they we’re in the business of killing of people than they would be nobody left to consume their products..

  • “Drug dealer buys Jordans/crackhead buys crack/and a white man gets paid off of all of that ” – “All Falls Down” – Kanye West

    why u mad at the white man?? what the white gotta do with your choices to sell crack. oh the white man put it in the hood, yet yall mofucas scooped it up and ran wit it huh??? well guess what the white man ant put shit in there thats mexican coke buddy. seek knowledge arsehole!!!

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