Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Calls Lloyd Banks A “Baby” – Says They Haven’t Spoken In 9 Months

It looks like G-Unit may be on the verge of officially falling apart. 50 Cent has reveled that he and Lloyd Banks have not spoken in nine months, and in the same breath, says that Banks is “a baby.” Check out what 50 said below:

“He goes through these things where there’s no communication, and he goes off and does what he wants. It’s set at that point, because I’ve spent marketing dollars so he can go wherever he wants to go and actually go do shows, make money, and do other things,” 50 told radio host Big Boy.

“At that point, it’s fine for him to move around and go do it by himself. I want them to be individuals and operate on their own away from me, I’m fine with it. … We can get on the phone together, but I haven’t spoken to him. I haven’t spoken to Banks in nine months. But this is not the first time this has happened. He’s a baby. He’s the youngest in the actual G-Unit; he got really rich at 19. Both him and Tony [Yayo] have made over $9 million. With [Young] Buck, it was almost $8 million.”

Does this mark the official end for G-Unit?

  • TruthSerum

    It happens, people have their own lives to live. 50 was the one who was persistent about the artist not clinging to him, so Banks is taking his advice

    Doesnt mean there’s beef or nothin tho, people get caught up in their own lives, I have good friends I havent talked to in 2012 at all yet and its June already. Folks just get busy, Banks is doing his thing.

  • If you guys actually listen to the interview instead would of trying to make headlines you would know he meant baby as being the youngest smh not the way you guys are insinuating it here

    • timwest1000

      connected with we can get on the phone together but i havent talked to him, baby is NOT a good term

  • Banks just doin his own thing.  What’s wrong wit dat?  50 made him a star so his job is essentially done.  Just sayin….

    •   i concur with my G. some of these other commenters must be under some type of dumb you down hypnosis.

  • He obviously didn’t mean that the way that the title of this article makes it sound. Stop tryna start shit with these twisted-ass rumors.

  • Apollo Showtime

    This piece of media is REACHING!!!! C’mon man. Ain’t no end to G-Unit unless Banks, Yayo or Fif decide to leave or quit rapping. Those three ARE G-Unit. I think it’s cool. Banks was always the more talented lyrically in the crew, he deserves time to himself to reintroduce himself as a solo artist ouside of the 50 Cent shadow, he better than Bleek, lol…Hell, he’s better than 50…lyrically. He just needs to nil his own addictive song writing ability and he can dominate.

  • Fif is the Devil, real talk. How you gone say Buck made almost 8 when you took back err thang you put on the table. So what he and Banks haven’t spoken in 9 months, that sounds like some girlfriend type of stuff. Fif is the type of nigga that takes the ball and goes home if your out shinning him. He tried to do it with Game, that’s why I’ll always respect Game. Banks been hotter than Fif, err body know’s this. If dude was real stand upish as he seems, he would let Buck eat again. The thang bout it is, dude paper long, it’s not like these other cat’s can touch his Bank account’s, I mean really Lloyd Banks, but not like Fif. If someone ridding with you, and that’s your mans, you not gone go and announce to world, “Yo I did this for my mans, and that for my mans” Don’t let the left hand see what the right hand does, I’m just saying. This nigga reaching, remember Ja, Karma is something else ain’t it????

    • $25506309

      Real shit

    • Really kid? I like some of games music but he is a crybaby. Hip Hop is about competitiveness and he was suppose to know what he was getting into when he got in! J-Hood liked G-Unit, but he still dissed them because he was riding for his team! Loyalty is a big issue in the music business, so of course 50 kicked his lame ass out. Beef is not personal until people make it personal.

    • sam

      he didnt take back anything….if someone help me made 8mill…i blow it all..than go complain i need help with my taxes two different times.. totatling up to almost a mill,wtf am i doing wrong? i complain…that i just wanna get off the label,and dont wanna complete my contract,…im wrong for that shit..

  • for fun i like to read the rumor section and guess who wrote it before i check the author (illseed or sydney lace)… lmao i knew right away this was sydney lace bc illy would never have wrote such a trash article.. truth be told, i always thought 50 was a grimy nigga… niggas beef on wax, but he literally ended jarules career… he ended bucks career by not puttin him out or relaeasing him from his contract (grimy to the fullest degree)…. so i wouild like nothing more than to see him fall off more than he already has… a g-unit beef would def hurt his career… but this article is just a reach… he called him baby as in the youngest in the group, not a baby like a cry baby and/or immature… no journalistic integrity here… but for real i was hyped i thought i was about to hear a lloyd banks and game diss song on 50

  • CT

    B-A-N-K Dollar sign bitch!

  • banks got 9 million.. 50 got +100 million.. lol..

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      LOL !!!!!!!!!! banks dont got vitamin water …. HIP HOP IS A 40-50 MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS but only BOSSES like Fif, Rick Ross, Jayz, Puffy, Kanye etc can get that kind of money !!!!!!! When banks excercises his own label situation and starts release artist then maybe he can go from the 10 mill range to 40-50 mill … if he wants to get into the 100 Million range hes gonna need to venture out of hip hop …. that 100 million money just aint there unless you got an Cash Money roster …………

      • Guest

        i dont think banks cares about being a boss. he dont seem like the type

      • shit hip hop aint making that kind of money no more…you lucky to get 5 million a year CD’s aint selling and show’s aint selling 

  • Michael Bolé

    Sidney Lace pisses me off, can she read? what a retard 

  • therealjjohnson

    9 million? That’s it? It’s been like 9 years.

    •  wht you mean thats it. do you make a million dollars a year? dON’T WORRY I’LL WAITE.

      • therealjjohnson

        I guess I should “wait” on you so spell “wait” correctly. The amount of money he brags about and how 50 says he made them so much money that is relatively low for 9 years of work. Wiz Khalifa cleared 11 million last year alone. the comparison was not to a 9-5 working person as myself, it was geared towards the reported earnings of his peers. Do you understand now? Don’t worry…I’ll “wait”.

      • HatingWhitePeopleSince85


      • timwest1000

        everyone knows 9 million is a lot of money. lloyd just needs to get his “waite” up. he should have made more

      • word i feel u homey… its hard to believe banks only made 9 mill over the last decade.. all the shows they do, units moved, endorsements, ect… that has to be a typo…

      • Nicer Day

        dude made a mill a year tell me how many PROTEGES are making a mill a year in rap

      • billowred

        Yayo and Banks suck that’s why they made 9 mill

      • That ain’t low. You must have an unrealistic thought of how much rappers REALLY make sir. I know artists that make up to or less than $500,000 a year and live GOOD!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

         he most def is unrealistic if hes gonna compare Wiz to the likes of YaYo and Banks … Wiz is the head of the situation u gotta compare him to fif …..  if you want to compare oranges with oranges how much has Chevy Woods made so far lol 😉 and then also lets see how much he made 9 years down the rode LOL come on son fif cant do nothing right in yall eyes …. cant believe dudes is on here  down playing 9 MILLION DOLLARS are you serious !!!!!!!!!!!!!! smh

      • I know artist that made 25-50k , it is what it is.

      • HatingWhitePeopleSince85


  • billowred

    Wait G-unot is still around?

  • kstaxx

    Well The Game did predict it he said Llyod Banks would be the next to go!! Surprise surprise

    • sam

      well,there is a difference,banks hasnt been kicked out….,
      its not the same issue that game had..or buck had…

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    9 mili aint much but i was suprised when he said they had even made that amount of money at all.. i dont think he’ll pop though that ship has sailed turned into a plane and flew off

  • Well, if the rumours of 50 putting his hands on Banks in the early days of G-Unit are anything to go by, I wouldn’t fucc with dude either 
    real bogue to bring up his dad like that… And call him a baby about it. 


    Banks had time to tweet Meek Mill over there at MMG

    Lloydbanks @Lloydbanks@MeekMill my niggaView conversationReply Retweet Favorite

    Meek Mill @MeekMill:disqus S/o 2 my nigga @Lloydbanks just sent me case of rozayyyy #greenhouseExpandReply Retweet Favorite

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    50 is cool with meek too what you saying boy, banks is just doing him standing on his own 2 feet they aint tied at the hip 

  • Yayo made 8 million? From doing what? He is clearly washing 50’s draws! Banks is a beast, but he really changed up when he switch his voice which I figured he did that to not be compared to Ma$e. 9 million isn’t bad if your, lets say Lil Chuckie. 50 Cent knows what he is doing so can’t get made at choices grown men make when signing on that dotted line! Free Young Buck! lol

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       lol @ this guy here down playing 9 million smh lol 😉

      • Not down playing it, just seems like for the only G-Unit member to have put something out every year rather mix tape or mainstream album, seems like he would be investing and taking note to what 50 has created for himself. But if he cool with 9 mill, Who can really hate. 

    • immackulate

      man plz lil chuckee aint even worth a cool million

  • You cant get mad because somebody is acting like an adult and making moves on his own.
    I dont think he called Banks “a baby” in a negative way…he was just saying that he’s younger then the rest of them.

  • mrgibson

    Man there are some cats who need to work on their reading comprehension.  He’s obviously saying that Banks is putting his pedal to the metal and is out there working.  And lol at cats
    acting like 9mill is just nothing.  9 Million dollars is A LOT considering you were just a dude on the team and not the boss running things.  Show me a team where I can get 9 million over the course of a few years by just rapping, doing shows, and shit without having to do much else. 
    9mill is more than a some families’ ENTIRE lifetime salary collectively. 

  • I wish I could make 9 million in 9 years. A million a year? Yeah..I can f*#@ with that!

    Of course…that doesnt mean he HAS 9 million…he just made 9 million. The way that the average rapper lives….he can have like $50,000 in the bank and the rest went to clothes, jewelry, “toys” and the lifestyle of throwing money around and paying bills.

  • brollya

    u niggaz stupid.. ya lettin ymcmb and diddy and dem really thinkin they makin 100 million dollars in the background…… niggaz aint makin 9 million in the front seat….. dude talkin bout “thats it” wowserz….

  • NcHawk17

    50Cent= Terrible Rapper Tony Yayo= Terrible Rapper Lloyd banks= Decent. Man G-Unit died a long time ago. People wear those T-Shirts when they do there yard work now and have to paint the walls. Every one who was into G-Unit has grown up. I was 16-17 when I liked them, Im 24 now. GTFO. lol

  • water_ur_seeds

    baby as in the youngest, not hes a ‘fckn baby grow up’ type thing… fck sydney lace

    • immackulate

      if you thought thats what he meant – you mistaken fam
      lloyd banks almost made G-Unit hot again with that BEAMER BENZ BENTLEY
      we all men here right … and any man regardless of his age doesnt want to be considered a BABY right? cuz a baby in this sense would be a BRAT, SELFISH etc…
      banks is no longer 19 and 50 stated he has done this on a few different occassions


      • water_ur_seeds

        i aint heard the interview, but from the wording, it seemed like 50 is referring to him as the baby of the crew, hes referred to banks as the young one couple times before… i aint really caring anyways tbh lol mad they aint talked in 9months though

  • 50 put me on

  • JON_JOHN1972


    • immackulate

      dumb azz it was a direct quote from 50 … he did call him a baby … then cleaned it up with baby of the crew

  • 50 says he would like for them to be individuals but this is too much of a pattern to ignore. It’s not like 50 is saying go spread your wings, explore without me, just go never to talk. I think they are slowing removing themselves from 50. To not speak for 9 months is not about being individuals, it’s about not wanting to talk to somebody.

    They made 9 million with you and how much did you make with or off of them.

    • JON_JOHN1972

      they are sign to g-unit 50 own g-unit so of course 50 made money off them just like EM & DRE make money off 50 cause 50 is sign to shady/aftermath they not spending there own money 4 promo that money is coming out of 50 pocket

      • i remember when fif didn’t put up a budget for the start it up video!! disaster! dude Banks had a smash single on his hands with no video for it! then within that same time frame I seen fifty on camera…showing off a million dollars he had in the trunk of some new car he bought? i thought to myself where are his priorities as a CEO?? with shit like that — it’s no wonder the unit isn’t as strong as the would/could be

      • i always felt like him and jay aint CEO material 

      • mmaaaynnnne u left this SAME EXACT comment on SOHH. lmao!!

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  • And so officially ENDS G-Unit. 

  • TD King

    I gotta hate I gotta hate sorry but nah forget it

  • immackulate

    banks tired of sitting on his hands … 50 no longer has interests in all of his artists
    and is mainly more focused on ventures, investments, acting, and his social life beside/behind floyd mayweather … banks recognizes that he can make his OWN self hot just from the results of what BEAMER.BENZ.BENTLEY did … its no coincidence you’ve been hearing about Banks leaving the UNIT – solo deals, etc… take into consideration how 50 runs his camp … he hit the radio to air out his artists the same way he did Game and Buck he’s about to do to Banks … crazy shyt is GAME being saying since forever Banks was miserable … now its starting to show.

  • immackulate

    1/2 the rappers on G-Unit or G-note records … are local or underground artists no one ever heard of or hears from … whose checking for KID-KID (formerly of Lil Wayne’s Squad Up/YMCMB when it YMCMB was just a ad-lib

    • u cant say that look at currensy homie he a underground legend rite now and he was the first nigga signed 2 young money

  • 414stonersimpson…

    g unit sux like homos…..

  • NYCPeruano

    G Unot !!! They been ovde when was the last time these dudes did anything together music wise ?? Been a hot min who cares anyway !!!

  • make the money. keep it moving. it’s sad at times but it’s real.

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  • Can’t knock no nigga for legally pursing money and other options… Can’t eat out of the same plate forever, at some point you gotta get ya own.

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  • sam

    everybody disagrees,with what the perspective of a boss is… all he saying is they gotta work harder..all that money,you should be able to do your own shit… really..not even music wise…. think about it,banks yayo,have nothing really going for them outside of music//and they have the influences and power around them,,to get where they wanna go,if they are interested