Hip-Hop Rumors: Pusha T Releases Visual For Lil’ Wayne Diss Record

Pusha T has taken the beef with Lil’ Wayne one step further and has released a visual for his Weezy diss record, “Exodus 23:1”. It looks like Pusha got all of the homies from the ‘hood to participate in this video. Check it out below:

Funny how Pusha T was trying to clown YMCMB with the hand signs.

  • Sharif Majied

    check mate

  • Jose Guapo

    Then niggaz aint dyin 4 u!

    • ddsdavey

       THEM not then!

  • weezy cant respond to this unless he gets gillie da kid to start ghost writing for him again

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      been sying dat for the last 5 summers

  • illymac

    pusha t video basically saying he still in the hood,
    he can still go back to his hood and be around real hood niggaz,

    he basically saying he really bout that life that wayne portray in his rhymes.. 

  • water_ur_seeds

    Wow that was super duper trooper hot hahahahahaaaaaa *biggie voice* Pusha just tore YMCMB to bloodclart…

  • And how is this a rumour???

  • Kevin Joge

    He looked like A$AP Rocky to me lol. 

  • churchboy2

    Dope visuals (pun intended).

    Pusha T for the win!

  • I don’t understand how this is a diss.  I like the song, but I disses say names.

    • disses don’t need to say names when they are this well crafted and its comepletely obvious who he is talking about.

      •  Jay-Z does this all the time lol Its defined Subliminal for a reason lol

      • panick78504

        Not really obvious… It’s supposedly a Wayne diss …but in the song its more like a weeknd and drake diss …the whole song is directed at the people under young money but nothing bout Wayne himself except that he ain’t dying for them ! I think if u wanna channel beef u gotta come harder than goin for the singers of the crew and go for the snakes head instead

      • first off, the weeknd has nothing to do with this song.  second he is going at drake saying that he’s fucced up because he’s dumb enough to surround himself with ymcmb. and he’s going at ymcmb for being fake ass thugs and who have no ties to the street and are taking advantage of those who follow them.  Look at the verse that the song is named after ““You shall not circulate a false report. Do not put your hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness.”  He’s saying drake is at fault for following the wicked.  Pretty easy to dissect.

      • panick78504

        You further my point in it not being a obvious diss as u said in your argument you believe he is going at drake ….the title and everyone in this blog thinks its a Wayne diss ….and FYI drake aint signed to a nigga that’s signed to another nigga that’s signed to three other niggas …so that y I say the weeknd

      • he’s signed to ym, which is signed to cash money, which is signed to universal.  so thats that.  and joe, listen up, or read what i said again………ok, now he’s speaking towards drake and dissing drake, and thats the face value of the diss, drake being the unrighteous witness , but the real diss and the overall theme of the song is about wayne and all of YMCMB being wicked, and “circulat(ing) a false report”.  

      • also, i don’t think weeknd is even signed to anyone right now.  he’s just affilliated with drake, but i could be wrong.

      • panick78504

        Lol listen to yourself ur trying too hard to be right …this wudnt even be a debate if he just.came flat out wit names …the fact that we are still talkin about it is relevant to the argument …its not obvious and everyone has there theories…good try tho champ

      • I’m not trying too hard, its pretty straight forward and almost everyone else on this page seems to understand whats going on.
        i think you are the only one that is confused.  everyone else seems to be getting it.  i’m not going to debate that his numbers are slightly off but… 

        also, if you saw the newest “rumor” its talking about how the weeknd may be signing with diddy so he’s definitely not ymcmb.

      • panick78504

        Ym= 1 cm= 3 universal= 1 and thats not the order he put it in

    • how do you not understand the dis? “signed to a nigga, thats signed to a nigga”??? the red flags……idk……THE GUY THAT LOOKS LIKE LIL WAYNE?????????? nothing triggered ANY of this? …i’m just sayin………..

      • panick78504

        Last time I checked Wayne ain’t signed to one nigga that’s signed to another nigga that’s signed to 3 other niggas …so its fucked up …you say its obvious but it is obviously not . I know the crew he comin at but not the person …anyway I really think he shoulda kept BIG out the song for this minuscule beef and wack dissin

  • I don’t understand how this is a diss when he never said Wayne’s name.

    • If he’s talking about Drake having  niggas who ain’t dying for him and ain’t no killers those unamed ppl would be Cash Money and Young Money

    • Detroit Chick

      so how u like tht justin beiber song Boyfriend? Lol you obviously dont listen to rap music on the regular lol Tht diss couldnt get more obvious he practically had lil wayne in the video sliding down a ramp lol

  • KingKiron

    Don’t worry, I’m sure Wayne is already preparing a video response. Drake will do the course and 1 verse, and outta his 16 bars only 2 of them will actually be relevant to the topic, the rest will be about girls. Wayne’s verse will be more of the same tried and true “punch-a-phors” that sound nice but make little to no sense.

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      LOL! I thought I was the only one that noticed that since no one ever says it. Wayne can not stay on topic to save his life

      • thats why he’ll never be as great as they want him to be….

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        it’s a reason why dat burnt troll never answers ppl like gillie…they would destroy wayne…son aint in my top 20 no way….biggups to kingston who pointed out some real shit…..son never stay on topic

  • Down goes Frazier!…. Dope video and song Push. 

  • thaGOD83

    dude made a great point on here yesterday…they execs want another rap beef but cant find one, even though idiots are seriously going head to toe over which camp is better, this still isnt believable because both camps are full of washed up rappers or young tax write offs…pusha almost 35 and so is wayne, and both of their CEO’s are gay as hell…on a better note NAS DAUGHTERS IS A GREAT video, and the message is clear and helpful..Shalom

    • Victorydejeur

      Truth. (all points)

    • immackulate

      sounds cool in regards to the EXECS drumming up beef … but the CLIPSE and WAYNIAC aint never really got along since that BURRRRRR WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT BOY and have dissed each other before

      yet in still … aint neither one of them niggahs really MEAN WHAT THEY SAY anyway

      i’d rather see RAY-J beef with FAB at least that was HILARIOIUS

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    OK but why is a grown man riding on the front of a bicycle like that? What are you, Another Bad Creation or something? LOL. 

    Other than that, this song is dope. Not sure how it’s a diss unless what he is saying is true or something happened behind the scenes.

    • Ryan Solomon

      didnt snoop do tha same thang in gin n juice?

      • repaermirgeht

        Snoop wasn’t almost 40 when he did it though. Regardless I still think Pusha T > Lil’ Wayne. But then again I think a lot of people are > than Wayne

  • 1 this is not lyrically at all as all his fans say he is all I heard was typical beef shit nigga dis nigga that I’ll peel yo cap I been in the trap nothing new 2 its 2012 beef in hip hop dont hold up too long 3 jus hope wayne continue to ignore this wannna be who finnally got the chance to do something with his career and decides to go and continue to dick ride the ones he has been for years sorry goood music this was a waste of siging

    • was wayne ignor[ing] him with that verse the other day?

    • hernandez26

      u gotta be tripping on some shit when u think this is a waste of a sign… clipse go hard point blank nuff said……… rappers and mc’s can stay underground or not get that much radio time and still get hella respect from the streets over rappers who do “make it big”  just to name a few… lep bogus boys from the chi,   clipse, lloyd banks, cassidy,   bars are bars either u got them or dont.. all these cats still get mad respect.

  • brotha_man

    he spitting that flame this is a diss song that is meant to make a fake rapper(s) uneasy. skate board wayne is not gonna win this battle….in his corner (wayne) he has a grown ass man that kiss boys, A girl with split personalities (lady gaga and Madonna), and jimmy brooks not looking good for YCMB.

    • Detroit Chick

      lmfao!! ikr!!

  • matt meyer lansky

    this suvks

  • $25506309

    weak…nigga just sell drugs….geeesh

  • first this can not be a diss without callin names is pusha so scared?? and even if she said that drake sign to a dude that sign to 3dudes aint fact because money only sign to only universal…dude tryna get his hype up…he been in the game so long and still aint rich or got a hit people can remember..now Drake jus came in and way richer than his ass

    •  You dumbass never put names on the track it gives them promotion!

    • “Trouble On My Mind” feat Tyler, The Creator, youtube it, and he got Mixtape of the year “Fear Of God” 2011. Now go spit out Drake’s kids…

    •  Young money is garbage. Stfu.

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      somone has lil wayne and drake semen in there mouth….brush your knees off…and go wash ur face faggot

      • seems like pusha is the dick rider remeber yall they have already tried this shit now when u come back and try again when u really have a chance to do something makes u look stupid wayne did not go at this nigga first he came sidewayz dont say niggas is dick riding or has semen in there mouth unless ur talking bout pusha.

    • “and way richer than his ass” u a kiss a$$ prolly a dick suckin mofuca, money dont make no artist…

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    i love this…aint nothing wrong wit a walk in the park….you young tight jeans niggas need to get some balls…..this video paints a different picture…a complete contrast of whut youn money always showing…young money only shows the rich 1 percent life…million dollar mansions..luxury cars..thousand dollars slores…which is fine sometime but not all the time…people going through foreclouser….or ppl who cant or have issues paying there rent dont wanna see that…they dnt need the likes of wayne or drake shoving there millions and the lackthereof of others in there collective faces…expecially while in immediate hope dat the same poor people buy there albums…you dumb young bastards needs to get da fuk outta here….pusha is showing the everyday of the 99 percent….and no one’s scared…everybody knws who he talking bout…if there anyone dats scared its dat bitch wayne……gillie been calling his bitch ass out by name for years now…so did buck and 50 BY NAME…and little faggot wayne was quiet as a mouse…so this young nigga ymcb bellow me dnt knw whut the phuck he’s saying..he’s just a stan…any other of u shriken jeans mofo got an issue wit this..play in traffic….wayne claims he’s da greatest rapper alive…well little crack head hobbitt…show and prove

    • hernandez26

      hecknawjoe!!! co-sign like a motha!!!   lol 

  • This song was just to spark YMCMB now that its lit he’s gonna come back with some more shyt hopefuly wayne comes back again but better then his first garbage song and push steps it up and finally real hip hop may have a chance again ! Maybe…

  • Why these little fagboyz always concerned about a rappers age??? That kills me… So what that he’s what ever age he is… Listen to the music! This fake azz generation is only concerned with the next mans money like it’s theirs and age like they ain’t getting older everyday! SMFH! If your nice, your nice regardless of age. Lil’ Wayne ain’t young but he’s running around like he’s a teenager… LoL… He’s about 30 himself. That young in young money got ya stupid cats thinking Wayne is really young… SMH!

    • hernandez26

      it should be omcmb  old.money.cash.money  BITCHES!!!!

  • Jay

    its like lil wayne and them are the popular jocks in high school and finally somebody steps up and pull their card lmao damn shame hiphop is like a nerdy cult 

    while kids thinks mainstream music is the fit in section smfh

    forreal tho all jokes aside drake new song going to be call down for my buddies with justin bieber and the video going to have is degrassi cast members in a burbs home lmfao

    wayne going to have tony hawk on his song call skate niggas rule pusha T sucks 


  • slumlord_vinny

    lol. what does homie sniffing a few lines got to do with anything. he could have kept that off the video. wtf, sniffing coke and holding a firearm. so not cool bro. Its time we put the guns down and be men. If Pusha got an issue with Wayne, he needs to shoot a fair one with dude and go a few rounds. Fuc doings a video, this aint Ether. lol

    • 7yoyo7

      Illymac made a reply to that : 
      pusha t video basically saying he still in the hood,
      he can still go back to his hood and be around real hood niggaz,

      he basically saying he really bout that life that wayne portray in his rhymes.. 


    • 7yoyo7

      The ni99a put out classic albums under The Clipse name but hey… If you prefer some “Lollipop” by wayne…. Whatever floats your boat man 🙂

      PS : Calling yourself YMCMB makes you Birdman’s b1tch….

    • shiek242424

      birdmans bitch ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • lmao you  a dick rider

  • hernandez26

    just read all these comments & look at all the likes and thumbs up.  peeps got mad respect for pusha T  i personally like malice better.. 

  • hernandez26


  • shiek242424



  • panick78504

    Pusha too damn old to be riding on anotha niggas handlebars!

    • hernandez26

      at least ride on some pegs! lol

      • panick78504

        Or have a bad bitch riding u around not some dude

  • panick78504

    The things rappers do for attention…thanks a lot 50

  • slumlord_vinny

    lol….. @ panick, solid point bro. im a grown man, aint trying ride on nobody’s handlebars.  My azz sits on Benz leather not handlebars. lol


  • nastinupe

    I felt this video.  Coming from where I came from, the visions from my past, the places I’ve been and the people I’ve seen when I was growing up, this video reminded me of that.  Although I’m so far removed now, living in the suburbs with the white folks and all.  But watching this took me back like nothing else has in a long time.  That was a nice journey.  Let me get back on this grind to make sure that I never go back.  

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