Hip-Hop Rumors: Tweet To Sue Twitter?

I know a lot of people are going to laugh on this one. And I know its funny, but I think there is some truth to it.

First of all, do you know who Tweet is?

She is a pretty singer that had a hit song about masturbation with her muse Missy Elliot a few years ago.

That was actually 10 years ago.

Anyway, you may be aware that Tweets name is now synonymous with Twitter and I am hearing the Tweet wants her paper. I don’t know all the legalities of it. I also don’t know that she “own” the name “tweet” as it relates to technology. But, I am hearing the she is thinking about getting to the money.



Lil Wayne and Drake have refused to pay a promoter that has sued them for over $400k. The judge ordered them to pay and they say they aren’t.

I heard Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent got into a fight in Vegas, but I totally don’t believe it. Still, there seems to be a lot of tweets lingering around on this. Stay tuned.

Also, I am hearing there is some stunning proof that Trey Songz may be batting for the other team. I’m not sure, but the operative word is they have “video.”



I know Diggy went and Cole, but Cole wants no part of beefing with a “kid.”


Here is her hit song, “Oh No.”

Hit me up with rumors at kingillseed [at] gmail!

  • I love Tweet

  • junj03

    i love tweet. i mean the singer. oh and to tweet,
    so much tweeting go on now -_-

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Does Tweet have a twitter? LOL

    I was wondering if she was gonna go there at some point.

  • brotha_man

    this broad is crazy ass hell… still beat it up doe

  • Tweet need to Tweet and be happy that Twitter has mad Tweet poppin

  • Romia Blue

    I’m going to ask her lol

  • Intellect2012

    Trey may be batting for the other team? Where did you hear of this video?

    • immackulate

      you sound like you interested in WATCHING THE SHOW …

  • why is sydney lace signing in as illseed?

  • Keith Brickz

    lmfao that bitch is a nobody she is gonna get laughed outta the courtroom

  • timwest1000

    Tweet eats twat

  • ha.. save yourself the embarassment tweet. that case isn’t going ANYwhere.

    Dave Sentongo
    Twitter: @davesentongo:twitter 

  • immackulate

    i wouldnt put it past 50 and Mayweather … them niggahs been in fisticuffs before
    er’body aweready know TREY SONGZ bat both ways
    tweet woke up long enough to raise her face outta missy’s puss and chase her a come-up
    and i hope she break the bank on them white folks even though her case is a long shot

    • thaGOD83

      haha funny as hell bro, face in puss..hey mane yall slacking on missy, she banged a lot of chicks, and dogged them out…..them big teeth i guess have purpose in life

  • illymac

    Been wanting to smash Tweet for a while now…

  • Tweet is reachin wit dat one.  Gangstalicious and wheelchair Jimmy betta come up wit dat cash or else know what I’m sayin?  All these homosexual artists wil be exposed one day, mark my word.  Really Diggy?  This a grown man bizness, u betta stop barkin before them big dogs piss on u.

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  • David Marthaniel

    Follow me @MrDramakazi:disqus 

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    lol if her name was Twitter she might have something but TWEET is something the users came up with … good luck lol 😉

  • j cole put me on

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