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Exclusive: Conversations with 50 Cent: Lil Wayne, Beef, DJ Drama, The Lost Tape

“They build entertainers to destroy entertainers…for entertainment,” 50 Cent says frankly with the cool demeanor of  a warlord that has seen honest time on the battlefield.

“The environment that I grew up in, we were taught to greet aggression with aggression. So if you want a problem, I’ll offer a bigger problem until you decide that might not be a good idea,” he continues. “There’s no need to kiss and make up or shake hands. You forget my name, I’ll forget your name and we move on.”

The truth is, 50 charges, beef will always course though Hip-Hop’s veins and 50 has seen it from all angles, from street conflicts to trivial rap spats.

“Its Hip-Hop. Battling has always been a part of the culture…there was never no altercation that created this issue that you call beef,” he explains of his situation with Lil Wayne. “I didn’t run into him anywhere, [but the boxing match with Floyd Mayweather].” The pair recently had a brief encounter to which 50 details in the audio to this exclusive interview.

AllHipHop.com’s Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur talked to 50 Cent and DJ Drama in a surprisingly candid interview that yielded many answers and more questions as well. The mogul of Hip-Hop details explains his encounter with Lil Wayne, the method to his mania and other matters.

In addition to theorizing beef, 50 Cent and DJ Drama joined forces to release Gangsta Grillz “The Lost Tape” last week to critical fanfare by fans.

In the obligatory ice breaker, 50 and Drama talk about finally linking up after trying in 2007.   50 maintains he helped get 2 Chainz “Riot” back up the charts, he embraced rapping Southern-style from way back and explained how he  continues to served these Hip-Hop fiends.

Listen to the audio of 50 Cent and DJ Drama talking about “The Lost Tape”:

Download The Lost Tape below.

  • Real ass Nigga!

  • thaGOD83

    yea real nigga maybe/maybe not, but before him New York got along, from the lox, to ruff ryders, to roc a fella, to murder inc, terror squad, wu tang, etc.  after 50, new york hasnt been able to pull together..he is right, he was perfectly built to ruin the chemistry in new york, meaning every rapper at the top showed love to every1, not this guy..after he did what he was trained to do, interscope dropped his ass like a bad habit, now look at his music, and the state of his home town…but hey he is real

    • Nicer Day

      so fif created the NAS and Jay-Z beef so fif started the Bienie Sigel and Jadakiss beef so fif started the Cam’ron and Jay-z beef SMFH beef in Hip Hop was there way before 50 Cent and it will be there way after 50 Cent just because you were introduce to hip hop during the 50 cent and Jarule beef does not mean 50 cent started beef 

      • Look at the ending of that Nas and Jay-Z beef dude. Are you serious??? 

        If you don’t think 50 Cent killed New York’s buzz you are on that dust. “I’m From New York” was the everybody hates 50 anthem if you ask Curtis.

      • S

        50 didn’t kill NY buzz! NY kill there own buzz by being on that ego shit and naw dog I ain’t on no dust pimp. I’m just a realist and I’m from NY as well and  I go way back when it comes to Hip Hop shit. I won’t even call it beef but conflict has always been apart of Hip Hop. Now its just wanna be beef because like 50 said none of these dudes really ain’t gone do shit to each other on a physical level and now a days battling does not even exist anymore. Now none these artist are going back and forth front of each other. They just make a couple diss records to create a little buzz and that’s it. A bunch of weak ass niggas.

      • immackulate

        50 brought back that GRIMEY NY that we was used to

    • mrgibson

       Never thought about it like that lol….good point

    • S

      You make some valid points……The only thing I will say is that it’s not 50’s fault NY fell off because even when things was all good with the NY circuit…NY artist seem to always be for self. Crews would have there run and instead of hooking up with another crew that was doing there thing or keep bring new talent to the table they would just roll with it and say we not messing with them kats or its all about us…That’s why the south just took over because they worked together and it wasn’t about what part of the south you were from it was about keeping it on lock and getting money. But now even the south is getting on that bullshit NY was on with all the little beefs and the ego shit. The south still doing there thing but its not the same. I’m from NY as well but for NY or even the West if they want to
       get back on top they have to stop all the BS and work together by crossing brands. 50 cent career was always built on drama so I understand him not joining forces with other crews because he keeps a close circle. So I never thought NY should put it on him to bring NY back anyway with the G-Unit brand. But I respect him because if I was in his shoes I would not trust anybody either.

      • That’s a real good point. Last time New York was unified like “the south” was when we had the Native Tongues. ATCQ, LONS, DE LA SOUL, JUNGLE BROS, QUEEN LATIFAH, BRAND NU, ETC…

      • immackulate

        real shyt

    • immackulate

      it aint have shyt to do with 50 … 50 just made more of a divide

      them camps you mentioned never got along fam they just coexisted long enough to substain a run but them niggahs was hating each other lowkey

  • rocafella/ruff ryders/wu tang/murder inc
    Hard Knock Life Tour 

    Good times for New York. The whole city had something to be proud of.

    • S

      That’s when NY was on a high…..Man  Nas, Mobb Deep, CNN, Dipset, Terror Squad, M.O.P and even Bad Boy. It was poppin……

    • immackulate

      yeah but you niggahs got that CRABS IN A BUCKET mentality
      and had to start hating each other for that number one spot
      sorry to say CASH MONEY RECORDS out lasted all of them labels
      you mentioned

      • Wholetime

        i think that the break up of the hotboys and everybody leaving helped cashmoney to last because in that time span that they werent relavent they were able to reinvent themselfs. If not for that i think that they may be where all the other old movements are. Because at a certain point its out with the old and in with the new but cashmoneys short break from the spot light made them appear new to some fans. There are some young niggaz who actually think that the carter is waynes first album and that he only 21 or 22 lol and that cash money came out in 03  

  • 414stonersimpson…

    its over for new york..the south snatched hip hop and aint goin back..i mean look who yall got french montana lol..i dnt even knw how dis nigga got a buzz..yall did yall thang back n the day…but its over…

    • Maybe not NY but east coast style hip hop is back and has definitely taken over….you got ASAP Mob, Meek Mills, Wale, Rozay, Nicki (whether you like them or not is a different story but they’re running the game now)…in fact….saying the South ‘snatched’ hip hop is ridiculous statement because most of the garbage that comes from the south I don’t consider real hip hop…lyricism man…that’s IN right now…and the east cost and new york will always be able to show what true lyricsm is.

      • immackulate

        ASAP MOB is on the souf dyck HEAVY
        meek millz is over rated
        wale sux
        Rozay is from the souf dyckhead
        and Nicki came up in/off the south

        guess what most of the shyt that comes out the east coast is GARBAGE and not considered REAL HIP HOP – you keep saying LYRICISM but pound for pound the south got all the lyrics we just happen to have hella party and bullshyt too


      • immackulate

        quit claiming MEEK MILLZ … you NY niggahs was calling PHILLY niggahs bamma’s but when you dont have 2 legs to stand on you wanna co-sign Philly like er’thang all good – NY cant even snatch the crown from Philly while they hating on the souf.  Philly bar for bar got way more to offer than NY – you niggahs even scared to battle in Philly

      • $21150257

        Only Kurupt should rep Philly, all them otha nigs suck.

      • Your an asshole….Lyrics were born in the Bronx NYC..If it wasn’t for east coast hip-hop you southern niggaz would be still rockin jerry curls and listen to base music. Just like Cali with funk. Its just like a child rebelling against the parent until the parent has had enough and whoop his ass.

      • You gotta be kidding. The south has produced more millionaires than the east. When will you guys from the Bronx stop hating.

      • Wholetime

        Nah slim wale be killin shit and meek on fire right now u cant take that from that man he been spittin for a minute came up battlin and all that. Meek is the defenition of hip-hop real nigga shit. Any real fan of the art should want to see that nigga win

    • S

      Dog! Its never over for NY pimp… Even when we are at a low we alway’s have someone from NY coming with good music so I have too disagree with that one. Every coast has its run and no disrespect but the south ain’t as strong as it was. They still making good music but not everybody. Its only a few kats that’s burning heavy in the game right now. You named French Montana!!!!!!! Hey he cool nothing special but what’s the diffrence between a French Montana and Future? And I don’t know how Future got a buzz. They both not really that great as MC’s but they make some good songs . Like I said I’m not really into French or Future but I respect there hustle so I’m not trying to hate at all.

      • Wholetime

        Only thing im not feelin is that it seems like alot of the younger artist from ny are sounding more like the mainstream rap of today and not a newyorker.

    •  the south is doing what southern blacks been doing
      tap dancing for they massas

  • you guys make it seem like everyone in every city gets a long. there are cali rappers beefing with each other. miami rappers, whole lot of philly rappers hating each other still. N.O. rappers etc etc etc. i like 2 chainz and future but honestly they won’t be relevant in another year. at least futre write and produce. french montana is hot but he is not NICE. theres a difference between being hot & nice. p.s. i’m from the bronx, live in the bronx and i lived in philly for 9 years.

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  • BlueScalise

    Boo Boo is a real n*gga. He played the rap game like its a street game and he won. It don’t matter if he never goes platinum again, he won already. New York lost its own identity. It wasn’t 50. If you could go back and have that Jay-Z, DMX and Ja Rule album happen, New York would still rule. But Ja and X fell out. That was the end of New York right there. It was over.

  • 50 and Master P should do a song. P put 50 and G-unit on his No limit Tours back in the day. No limit/G unit track would be hot!!!!