Allen Iverson

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Allen Iverson Trying To Get His Wife Arrested?

This Allen Iverson divorce has more twists and turns than a roller coaster at Six Flags! A few weeks ago, it looked like the two were reconciling when Iverson told the judge that they were still sleeping together. But it looks like things have taken a turn for the worse, and Iverson is going for Tawanna’s jugular.

According to the Philadelphia Enquirer, Iverson is allegedly trying to get his estranged wife locked up for stealing his personal items. Iverson says that he went on a business trip to Asia, and when he came back, his house was emptied out. He is accusing Tawanna of taking everything, including furniture, art, large amounts of money, and all of his clothing from his Atlanta home. A judge has not yet ruled on the decision, but Iverson is asking that his wife be locked up for harassment until she returns his stuff.

What about the kids, A.I.?

  • Romia Blue

    if they drag this out a little longer, the kids will be too old to collect child support on. I don’t understand the blatant vindictivness of some chicks when a divorce comes in. They never think about the overall weight on the kids…smh
    Hope this plays out swiftly and justly

  • johnblacksad

    Not much respect for A.I. for how he handled his personal life… given the opportunities he had.
    And hardly ever do i blame anybody for anything… i know it be more to it… but for A.I. to have to go to play in Europe at the end of his career just so he can make up a few millz real quick to get the IRS off his back… there’s something pathetic about it…

    this ninja was a rookie crossin over Mike!

    but, then again… i don’t like knockin ninjaz down… do your best A.I…. do your best!

    also, iwould have thought his pimpin strong! wtf?!

    • EL_BARK

      Niggah if you think AL is broke.
      You are crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The niggah good yo, stop believing everyrhingbyou hear and read on the net……..

      This the same niggah that left 100, 000 grand in an trash bags, @ his mansion
      In philly. Oh some i forgot about it. When he got traded…….

      The niggah got 37 M’s in a trust for his retirement…….
      He far from broke. Also what mistakes has he made in his personal life that cause his
      Down fall other then the fact, he bougt hip-hop and a street thug mentality/ image to the NBA.???
      Which led him getting black ball at the end of his career,??????

      AI is as real as they come!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The problem with him like other outspoken black athletes is the white man dont know how to handle and control a strong black man…… just like TO
      & andy reid…. White folks used to passive, yes boss type dudes, kobe bryant & mcnabb
      Uncle tom ass niggahs.

      A niggah like AI they couldnt deal with, and the league couldnt deal with him, because he wont be compromise. He is who he is, take it or leave it..
      Thats why he went overseas to ball.

      • S. Long

        I must say that as a grown man, when you take a job you leave your thugness at the door unless your a rapper, producer or drug dealer. That’s why players now gotta be all suited and booted when you see them on tv and in interviews. AI’s mentallity was street and not for the corporate world, but I seen many of true thugs handle themselves in the streets and corprate world, without sacrificing who they are. You just gotta learn  . When will Blacks and Hispanics learn that you can’t always THUG your way thru life!!!

      • EL_BARK

        Your talking about a regular person working an 9-5 pm
        In that case you are right.

        However, them rules dont apply when your a person with talents of an very high caliber.
        him wearing cornrows, tatoos, keep an crew of 30 deep,
        Wearing a do-rag and jeans to get his rookie award was who he was.
        And one shouldnt have to change who they are, to appease anybody.

        If i present an image of a thug, that company has the option to not hire me,
        Just like the sixers had the same option, not to draft him.
        Him conforming to the rules of an nba image would had been fake,
        And the fact he didnt change, the fact he wore street clothes ro play-off games is why inadmire hhim more. They dont talk about how he took
        The game global with his thug image.?????

      • S. Long

        Bru that was his reqular 9-5 just not in the typical form of a 9-5. He was hired to do a job, not be a thug. You have to know when to turn certain elements of your life off in certain places. They was paying AI to be there #1 guy in Philly and what he did was take the streets to the league. I’m all for be who you are, but everybody has to respect some form of there employeers. Whether your blocking hugging or corporate thuggin.

      • immackulate

        my dude you got that WHITE MENTALITY
        cuz wearing a doo-rag, tattoos, baggy jeans, and BEAT BY DRE headphones to a game dont make you a THUG it makes you a HIP HOP – they paid him to be the number 1 guy which is what he was – take the streets to the league?  Bill Lambere (no f7) was more of a “THUG” than A.I. was – to keep it 1hunned with you

      • EL_BARK

        IDK about that. But bill
        Was a bad boy, pun intended.

        But lets not forget AI play with them THINGS
        HARD, ( hold the D sound extra long) lol

        Even fifty dry snitch on him.
        Holla @ ai peeps for some gats,
        They charge me 500 a piece for 2 macs……. Lmao

      • immackulate

        i think J.R. Rider was the image of THUG in the nba – i think A.I. was just hip hop and a hardheaded niggah you know MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY type – hell Gilbert Arenas had them thangs too lol – 

        A.I. pales in comparison to J.R. Rider dont you think?  

      • Wholetime

        Him never wanting to practice , listen to coaching or pass the ball is what has him blackballed i dont think that it has anything to do with his image

      • EL_BARK


        Dont believe the hype, his image had everything to do wit it.
        The niggah rolled with about 30 niggas.
        I think by the time is career was done, most owners knew when you signed AL,
        You got the baggage that came with it.

      • immackulate

        explain RON ARTEST then …

      • immackulate

        and Stephen Jackson

      • S. Long

        Everybody not ready for the real world!!! That’s why most dudes in the hood never travel outta there element, cause they can’t adapt to change..

      • immackulate

        the NBA aint nothing like the REAL WORLD fam
        for example will a Fortune 500 co. hire an uneducated h/s senior with a state championship but no h/s diploma … HELL NA’LL unless they needed a janitor … the NBA/NFL aren’t REAL WORLD jobs they are sports/entertainment and we know you dont have to conform to any standards in those fields becuz there are no standards … dont get me wrong i comprehend where you are coming from … but you remember DEXTER MANLY for The Redskins – who was celebrated after the super bowl win and the niggah couldnt even read and write – hardly a REAL WORLD job my friend

      • TRUTH

         Still gets a Reebok check too!

      • Sean Peterson


      • tbirdandkoolaid

         TO a strong black man?

        This the same cat who cried with shades on for a white boy…ahah

        is that the TO you talking about?

        The one who went on dr phil.

        ahah is that the one you’re talking about.

        Don’t compare Allen to shedding tears for a white t Owens.

        Allen was true to his self and I can’t fault him and I’m sure he’s still papered up.

      • EL_BARK


        You never cried before in your life,????? Lmao

        When i say strong, i meant not so much gangster, or thug.
        But i meant personality wise, or opinionated.(sp)
        Hard headed…….

        Regardless of him crying for or over his quarterback, which i sure had more to do with them losing the game.

        TO the type of dude, that going to do what TO wants to do. And WHEN he thinks he is right,
        He wont bend or backdown, or be compromise.
        Just like AI and practice.

        White people in coroorate america dont know how to handle,
        These type of black men….. And in sports where most or some guys are team players,
        Them to remind me of each other. They going to do what they want to do, and you can fuk off,
        For all they care……..

        This the same TO, that destroyed an divided an locker room, cause he want his bread.
        And the more they try to make him comply, the more he said fuk yall.
        When shet got real, he didnt cry then, he laugh, got out of his contract,
        Like he said he was, and went somewhere else and got his bread.
        Also TO is very smart. That tonh romo was fools golds, to make it seens like,
        He wasnt a complete ass-hole, and could be a team player….
        This the same niggah, that Tee off on Hugh Douglas,
        When the eagles try to srnd him in as a goon, and have a talk with him.
        I dont think its nothing sweet about him. Drama king yes,
        But not soft.

      • johnblacksad

        ok ok i sorry… forgot he was from phillie

      • immackulate

        aye man – you kind of punk’d out on this one
        not saying you need to go back and forth
        but you just laid down and conceeded in this response LOL

        any mf who …

      • EL_BARK

        Instigating ass niggahs.
        Smh & lol

      • immackulate

        nah bark i aint instigating at all … cuz the back and forth (though its an adrenaline rush at first gets old quick especially after 2 days) but you aint call him out his name threaten to MEET UP AND GET BEAT UP OUTSIDE OF SOME BAR IN B’KLN lol you just stated the case … blacksad decent w me but i’ve seen him try to bait you in before with that BEANS DONT RUN HIS OWN BLOCK comment so i expected a longer winded answer than the one posted … maybe he was just on chill mode for the day

      • EL_BARK

        Not even,

        I aint never threaten to go pass a bar, or meet up
        At a bar. I dont need friends off that net. Lol

        I was in ny one day and somebody said they were going to be at a certain establishment,
        Buying drinks for anybody blogger from the rumor board.

        I happen to be in NY, and it wasnt in brooklyn,
        Cause i actully went pass the bar that day. Just in case you was trying to catch god in a lie,

        But i went pass the bar, and describe it to a TEE to the blogger,
        The whole lay out & all.

        I just wanted my beer like he promise, lol when i got there he wasnt
        There or left, or was lieing about buying everybody drinks.!!

        Now as far as telling a niggah to get @ me, in ny on some drama shet,
        Lol naw wrong e-beef.

        Told a cat i be up in NY at some summer league game.
        If HIS E-Beef was that deep. Here is where i will be in your hood/ city, borrough/

      • immackulate

        IMO what got A.I. outta the league wasnt no damn CRU THIK lol or him having that hiphop mentality … it was the fact that niggah didnt wanna PASS THE BALL, PLAY A LICK OF DEFENSE, SHARE THE SPOTLIGHT – shyt was cool when he was playing for philly cuz he aint want no help only a supporting cast but that DENVER trade was blockbuster and neither him nor MELO could get out of that selfish state of mind AND HIM being the older of the two got the short end of the stick … A.I. was playing 1 on 5 every since G’TOWN HOYAS – it worked a few yrs and got him to a Championship Series but aint no “a.I in TEAM” LOL

  • TheBoxcarHobo

    What u mean “what about the kids?” What about em? If what A.I. is accusing her of is true then she deserves whatever happens to her. SHE’S the one who should of thought about the kids and the consequences of her actions, not him.

    • Wholetime

      you right slim alot of people immediatley defend the woman without using common sense and facts. Look at the chris brown situation, nobody knows how that situation played out but everyone jumped down his throat and coddled her. Not one person asked him what happened for it to get to that point. If she stole his things than he needs to do the same thing she would be doing to him if the situation was reversed and thats call jhonny law on her a$$ and get her locked up. The same thing i do if a woman puts her hands on me Im calling the police hands down aint no question.

      • Heartless_Bajan_Bastid

        Exactly.  It’s fucked up that when a man hits a woman he’s immediately branded a bastard and woman abuser, but when a woman does it, they always say I wonder what he did to deserve it, and she does not get labelled anything.  In this case If he were to take the shit while she was out people would be up in arms about it, and saying why is he doing that, but instead when he comes back from a trip shit is all gone and he’s not supposed to have her arrested so he can get his ish back?!?..I say he’s doing the right thing.  Get her ass arrested until she brings back all the belongings, cuz the broad is being out of order.

      • immackulate

        man you sound kindy wimpy  … double standards are part of life
        just like WE can phuck whoever and as many as we want and be looked at as BIG PLAYERS … but you a bytch if you out here smacking women up – you gotta take the good with the bad homey
        lol – i aint saying let a broad kick yo azz but i am saying if she hit you, than PHUCK ONE OF HER FRIENDS lol

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        Exactly. The man is always wrong, regardless of the situation. There are a lot of trifling, lying, lazy ass women out here too that are just as much deadbeats some of these men but its ok for some reason, they’re women scorned and can’t be held accountable for their actions. Keying cars, flattening tires, bustin windows, going to the club with child support money…just overall being ratchet ass hoes cuz society ain’t gonna do sh*t about it.

      • immackulate

        niggah do you want a cookie for pointing out that there’s A LOT of trifling broads … that niggah chose HER – so he in the wrong for keeping this broad he choose to lay down with for life.
        shouldnt have promoted the hoe – on top of his own infidelities now the situation snowballs and they both looking stupid … he cant handle his broad NEVER COULD

        weak niggahs like you never take accountability … ole excuse making azz niggahs kill me … if a relationship is 50/50 where in the hell do you think he aint have nothing to do with the shyt going down hill … plus he made her WIFEY – its called ACCOUNTABILITY – you lay down with dogs you come up with fleas and the quicker he starts taking accountability for his actions, bbad decisions than the quicker life starts to look up … why you think he aint in the league no more you dumb phuck? bad decisions and a lack of accountability.

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        I’m weak, but u talkin bout “just ignore her” come on fam…u a lame I can tell….

      • immackulate

        putting her in jail … or cutting the broad water off meaning LEAVING HER IN HIS PAST … i dont know where you got JUST IGNORE from … LAME lol

    • immackulate

      niggah if you dont kill yo’self to think she deserve to be locked up
      and i aint defending Mrs. Iverson at all HOWEVER
      they obviously playing MESSY with each other (it takes 2)
      and of course, what about the kids?
      cuz that niggah aint gonna play DADDY DAYCARE while she locked up
      i can guarentee you that them kids spend the majority of they time with
      they mama and that includes the OFF SEASON
      thats material shyt anyway – lets get on with these divorce proceedings
      so i can have my tranquility and life back … she’s the miserable one here but he’s playing TIT FOR TAT – the moment he lock her up she gonna do something else to retaliiate
      to eventually get him locked up outta revenge – plus this aint no BROAD off the streets
      its ya kids MAMMIE and as much as she deserve a foot in her azz – sometimes you gotta just turn ya back and cut they water off

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        Boy u sound dumb. If let ur bm/wife/whatever walk all over u that’s cool but I don’t agree. To me thats some sucker sh*t.

      • immackulate

        bytch niggah my BM dont get shit outta me but advice and parameters … she know what the phuck she dealing with and that i mean what i say and say what i mean … A.I. dont know how to handle his bytch – any female i ever messed with wouldnt think 2x about stealing my shyt solely outta RESPECT which is what his wife / bm dont have for him – and why she decided to try to take off on his ass … if somebody constantly taking advantage of you or takes your kindness for weakness …its cuz they weak. 

        What yo HOBO arse know about that?

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        First off baby bro I know this the internet and niggas like to talk real loose, but I ain’t nobody’s b*tch homie, so kill that sh*t. Secondly I dont know u and ur baby moms situation, if yall are together etc. But Imma tell u this as a dude that knows from personal experience: if ur bm wanted to be with u, but the feeling wasn’t mutual ESPECIALLY if ur financial situation is better than hers then u might start seeing her behave the same way AIs bm is behaving, cuz when all else fails a scorned woman is coming after ur pockets…trust me I’ve been there. Maybe u don’t have sh*t, that’s why u aren’t pressed by ur bm.

      • immackulate

        you took offense to be calling you BYTCH like i took offense to you saying “you sound dumb” … so YOU kill that shyt first and i MIGHT do the same.

        i aint pressed for nothing in life – i make sound decisions and in regards to my child I TOOK MY SON AND I RAISE HIM ON MY OWN and i dont press her for child support even though i know if the shoe was on the other foot it would be different – she dont press me cuz she recognize she has a STAND UP MAN for a BD

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        Only reason I started off by sayin u sound dumb is b/c u started out tellin me to kill myself. Lol. Seems we got a little misunderstanding, no animosity…in any case I commend u for taking and raising ur son bro. A lot of cats talk that talk but don’t walk the walk.

      • Wholetime

        It depends though slim. At a certain point he has to make the smart move because this shit could have played out another way which would be him calling her snapping on her or showing up at her house going off and god forbid whooping her ass and the next thing you know ESPN as the number one story of the day that either they are going to be playing the voice mails he left or the 911 tape of her calling because he is outside the house trippin. or the 911 tape and police report if he punches her in her shit for taking his shit. If that happened everybody would call him a idiot for not calling the whiteman on her ass lol.

      • immackulate

        i dig t it


    The fuking answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • freshmeat33






    8 77 – 864-1527 IS THE NUMBER TO CALL!!!!!!


  • SDS_Overfiend

    Niggas Is stupid if they think A.I. Is broke.. His wife alwsy try to put him through the ringer for his lifestyle. He’s around now that he’s not playing so he’s started to notice her ways and grimey she she’s doing back to him..

    • immackulate

      she money hungry and that niggah money mgmt SUX … match made in chapter 7!

      • EL_BARK

        Not true,
        He put 37 million in the tuck, or somebody made him do it back,
        Before he bought them bentley out. Lol

  • illymac

    its crazy how all celebrities business get spewed
    all over the the place..

    AI getting a divorce
    jay and B having a baby
    TIP getting caught with guns
    jimmy henchman on trial for selling drugs
    gossip and news about all the different celebrities
    thats on drugs…

    and we love this shit..
    even though the shit they going through
    is normal shit that happens to non famous people every day..

  • tbirdandkoolaid

    ….this site is rigged..

  • brotha_man

    she busted.  why these ball players get married and have kids is beyond me. the smartest dude was AC green that negro stayed a virgin till he retired. I wouldnt get married at all… hell to the naw. AI got that  T.O, warren sapp, the baptist church that closed for financial reason money.

  • I think them two just got married at a real young age.  He out trickin money on strippers and fuccin countless women, which is his bizness if he wanted to do that, and from what I hear she was out there doin her thang too.  Some people just get married for the wrong reasons and obviously neither one of them were ready.  Just sayin…..

  • the philadelphia enquirer? is that a tabloid? u neverrrr take those things seriously.