Brian McKnight

WTF: Brian McKnight Is Going Too Far! Drops New "Anal" Song…

Multiple time Grammy-nominee R&B crooner Brian McKnight might be going a little too far. He recently penned a song for porn-site, In exchange for them sending sales through the roof of his recently released, “Show You How (Your P***y Works)”, he provided them this song.

Oh, man.

Click here to watch the video.

  • I use to be a big McKnight fan for his smooth words and sound and even played his music when my son was born last year. I think he is on that molly or something because this shit right here is not what is suppose to be coming out of his mouth . wack!

  • could you have picked a picture that didnt highlight his creepy rape eyes? 

    • ONE


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  • rep87

    It appears this  dude is desperate and see his spot light fading cant draw the big crowds anymore and the buying public not spending money on cd’s like they use to so he trying to shock people whats next screwing men  

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  • gunnstarr

    am still a mcknight fan. Thats how it should be-a person should get to a level where they can explore, shake things up and still be able to positively benefit. He gave 23 years of top notch music-so why not play around with it, make money and keep it moving (love it or hate it) it still stands apart from the generic garbage that current artistes regurgitate daily Its not my  kind of music but then 2 tracks don’t define his catalogue or ability

  • Brian Mcknight  C”mon Son?

  • Negro Peligro

    I think he’s doing it to show how music has gotten stupid. You make songs without creative lyrics. Then you go on twitter and basically just talk crap. Get paid. HE ISN’T DOING NOTHING EVERY R&B artist isn’t doing. Tre Songs did it, Chris Brown did it, R Kelly Started it, Anthony Hamilton album was banging but went DOUBLE WOOD. So I mean that’s the only way to make it in the industry dude got bills. 

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