Lil Wayne

Lil' Wayne Pulls Young Money Out of Summer Jam

(AllHipHop News) In an unexpected turn of events, Young Money CEO Lil Wayne pulled his artists off of New York City’s Summer Jam Concert.

While details are still coming forth about why they were removed from the Summer Jam line-up, Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg was quoted as saying, “where is all my real Hip-Hop fans, not that starships…” Rosenberg also reportedly called Nicki Minaj “wack.”

Moments later Lil’ Wayne Tweeted, “Young Money ain’t doing summer jam.”

Despite the fact that Tyga performed shortly after the Tweet was sent, and that Birdman was still at the stadium around 8pm EST, it was confirmed that Nicki Minaj would not perform.

Nicki also began to Tweet in regards to her cancelled performance.

“Wow. U ni**az just fu**ed up history. But the President has spoken. #YMCMB”

“Ebro call Wayne. Da kid gon b @ da telly…”

“Had a HELL of a fu**ing lineup. But we won’t b disrespected”

“I go above and beyond for my fans. But won’t ever go against wayne’s word. What he says, goes.”

More news as details emerge.


  • I don’t blame him one bit.  How does that look you performing for the same folks who talkin down on u?  Wonder who will replace them?

    • rozlyyn

      all real hip hop artist diss eachother! The mark of a true hiphop star is how well you diss back on the mike!! thats not cool taking it out on the fans who work hard to pay to attend the concerts!! shoudve dissed the dj on stage not runaway like little kids!! dayum!!

      • Emil H

        “diss back on the mike!!” wait who’s mike? 

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      Dear John you are confused, they not performing for the host they are performing for the hip hop audience…………………they suppose to go out there and prove why people wanted to see a YMCMB hip hop performance at summer jam. Test Failed

    • HipHopStalker

      I agree. I just don’t understand why they said they would perform to begin with. Nicki herself about 2 monthes ago when asked if she felt N.Y. supported her career any more and she responded HELL NO !

  • bigdoe6

    In all honesty, summer jam is known and is supposed to deliver real hip hop to real hip hop fans. Young Money is a bunch of pop stars/hipsters. Rappers who call themselves bloods but at the same time you’re a skateboarder. Without them maybe the fans have a real chance of seeing a real hip hop show.

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  • so sensitive….

  • dominicancoke

    shit was wack anyways

  • TruthSerum

    Lil Wayne is a Lil Girl , lol, get your emotions in check crybaby

  • Derrick Yelnats

    Good , add the Wu-Tang Clan !

  • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

    “Wow. U ni**az just fu**ed up history. But the President has spoken. #YMCMB”

    this dumb bitch is clearly brainwashed

  • brotha_man

    but lame o quick to run to macy and do promos for a clothing line that aint his and rep a culture that he isnt apart of.   YCMB = rap thugs that need hugs.   And that nikki stuff is garbage.  YCMB would get boo’d off the stage at MN Soundfest. 

  • Kenneth Wayne Hicks Jr

    Their not missing out on nothing YMCMB aren’t all that their pop acts.

  • HipHopStalker

    Lil Diva LOL

  • scullyson

    Sounds like Lil wayne is on some BS. Did his feelings get hurt? What was the disrespect ? Big Krit Got Booed in 2010 at the Ballroom But that didnt stop him from coming back to the ballroom this year to a warm reception. smh…

  • I have never seen such an emotional group of “gangstas” in my life. SMH.

  • Murk707

    YMCAB…..WHO CARES!!!!!! Maybe little boygirls who like his and his artists pop hop……..REAL hip hop fans are laughing, lol

  • Severe Thebeneficent

    the lil wayne fans are HILARIOUS! Even after making their own… ahem…”fans”…miss out they still defending this chump! yall not signed to the label no matter what color YMCMB hoody you own! dude just spit on your ticket! 
    why you ask? oh cause somebody said that we aint ‘real hip hop’-_-Maaaan GTFOH!Those 3 magical words that can make any southern have a level 10 conniption fit “real hip hop”? pissed you off? LMAO what a loser…like really…all the shit you brag about, all the money, all your tired ass hater anthems…and thats what bothered you?You slapped the bread out of all your artist hands cause somebody said “your not real hip hop”…wow…Thats gotta be one of the most arrogant moves in hip hop history!Talk about take your ball and go home! he acted the same way with the OKC ticket situation…awww OKC doesnt want/need a poser in the front row so what does he do…a KNOWN miami heat fan…he tweets ‘go spurs’ in retaliation…like a big rich bitch…all while wearing flannel pj’s and fluffy UGG boots and glittery headphones, and why you would wear headphones FRONT ROW at a bball game…the WCF at that…is beyond me but thats yall boy lol…Further proof these people dont have ANY respect for the culture, genre or their “fans”, they want that dollar and theyll do literally ANYTHING to get it…tellin you soon as wayne has enough white boys in his pocket he not gonna be saluting, representing or saying the word hip hop in any capacity…watch… he said his ambition is to be the best skater in the world…in his position he said that, and with a straight face too…drake said he cant respect those rapping past 30…even with his boss well over 30 and his bosses play daddy lookin dumb at 40+ yrs old he still said that bullshit! the posers of the world following their lead are all too excited to be down and sadly are the ONLY folks cheering young money on…go on and act like your on the winning team…

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      Can I get the cliff notes for this comment? Too long to read lol. Nah you’re right though. That was seriously on some “give me my ball. Im going home to Baby” type mess.

    • dominicancoke

      ymcmb is like the side of hip hop the new skinny jean mohawk skating tongue pierced bisexual generation is into therefor is the furthest thing from real hip hop since hammer pants and vanilla ice..they got birdman aka pedophile..drake aka i sing alot i was born rich,lil wayne aka i kiss daddys lips while repping a gang i never been in while playing the guitar and skating looking like a human roach.nikki i am bipolar i love pop music and if you aint knew im actually from new york and use to rap for real but i sold out. and than theres a whole bunch of minors who wayne and birman molest

  • Malc

    Cuz Pusha Was there…

    • scullyson

      Yeah thats what I heard…lmao…So pusha got him a little shook? smh

  • Keith Brickz

    lil wayne is a girlyman im sure real hip hop heads were happy he pulled ymcmgay from the lineup

  • i stopped going to summer jam a couple years ago ever since they started giving pop stars like ymcmb star billing… hot boyz was hot back in the day, mannie fresh had the illest beats… even big tymerz were fun to listen to (mainly bc of mannies beats).. they were never known for their lyrcism but they was fun to listen to you and get hyped to.. and more than anything they kept it gully.. ymcmb is the softest roster in the world… they might sell records but that dont mean they make “real hip-hop”, bc they dont.. they need to bring artists like wu-tang, mobb deep, cormega, AZ, d-block, CNN…like someone else said summerjam is supposed to bring real hip-hop to real hip-hop fans… but hot 97 only plays commercial music now a days anyway so it dont surprise me that the lineup they had this year didnt even make me consider buying a ticket…

  • much props to Peter Rosenberg, he saved Summer jam

  • CooL_KiD_305

    Good call Wayne, that Jew acts like he a gate keeper for rap/hip-hop music. Tell that cracker to sit his puss ass down. You fools on here act like y’all wouldn’t have done the same thing.

    • man shut yo nappyheaded ass up.

      • CooL_KiD_305

        Nah bitch I can say whatever I want!

      • scullyson


    • dominicancoke

      idiot she should of taking the stage like a true mc and go harder and this rosenberg

  • ccwaterbound32

    Dwayne i hope your reading my comment i truly hope your reading this because im speaking directly to you. ok here goes….IT’S OVER! HANG IT UP! “scarface half baked voice” WRAP IT UP! WRAP THAT S*IT UP B! take ya skateboarding azz and go do something else because music just don’t want you no more. and as much as i post on here and claim the boot im even hearing how the N.O don’t f*ck with you no more i mean you can’t even go into hollygrove just to kick it but you talkin all that 17 ward uptown s*it and you can’t even go in that muthaf*ka to get a hot plate and some damn biscuits… s*it when C-murder was out that ni**a had an AP in the Bricks thuggin (yeah i know he was buggin out) just being a commoner. you had a nice lil run Dwayne you really did, but its time to hang it up, more importantly do it now while you have SOME dignity left. aside from pusha t clowning you, getting exposed for your alleged bisexual escapades with your so called father(whom i feel has molested you from a young boy up until now) being exposed about your creative process for making records and must i point out your current sense of fashion or lack thereof? i mean “sigh” what more can i say? im really trying to give you some kind of credit but… F*CK IT!!!!!



  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    if they study hard enough, they might get a chance to pass the test next year?

  • goldenchild212

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  • I like Wayne but that was a b!tch move!

    • toreal

      The DJ is the one that made a bitch move. I’m not the biggest lil wayne either.

      • gtfoh!

      • no1 wants to see ymcmb but a bunch of 12 yr old white girls

      • toreal

        No one wants to hear wack ass New York niggas rapping about the sun, the moon, the earth and stuff like that.

    • S

      And people talk about Kanye being a diva! Wayne is the biggest diva ever…..first its OKC tickets now “I’m not doing summer jam because they talkin about us” Chick a$$ ninja!

  • Guest

     Waaa fvck pusha t…..Waaaaaa OKC wont let me in….Waaaa Waaaaaaa Hot97 dissed me…

    just call me lil Waaaaaaayne

  • timwest1000

    This is what hip hop is REALLY about. See if you can still hold your own without payola and jocking promotion. Real Hip Hop dudes and females go through this everyday. See how hard it really is? Made him a quitter over one comment. Shows you he was pampered the whole time doesnt it?

  • Summer Jam really gonna b wack now especially if they have so called “real hiphop artists” performing that boring ass music that cant even get played on the radio. YMCMB was the best thing NY could have had

    • tbirdandkoolaid

       You best be trolling….

      You got me rolling. Nice job. Wayne.

    • S

      Are you serious? Get off young money dick! Why don’t twitter Wayne so he come give you a private show or something. Maybe you might get lucky and get one of them baby kisses on the lips. LOL 

  • Bryan

    One thing that I will never understand is I know some of you people are bashing him about the skateboard thing. Same people that love Lupe and his first hit single was Kick Push which was about skateboarding!!! Damn if you dont like the dude at least have a good reason.

    • ccwaterbound32

      dude i gave most if not ALL the reasons he should quit! come on man its like trying to explain astrophysics to a damn wino! you give several reasons and ya’ll swear its being spoken to you in a different language! over saturation is a muhf*cka especially when you constantly say and do the same kind of music over and over… 

    • Ok, How about he is wack? Trash? Basura? doo Doo Gritz?

    • its different bc lupe came out on that skateboard stuff… that was his thing from jump… lil wayne is using it as a gimmick to market himself… you know when he was in the hood this ngga wasnt skateboarding.. i didnt see any skateboards in the old hot boyz and big tymer videos… he just started doing it as a marketing tool, niggas aint dumb

    • i dont like wayne bcz he stole shit from lupe

  • Barbare

    pusha t to destroy lil wayne with exodus 23;1

  • toreal

    I’m not the biggest wayne fan, but niggas don’t won’t to hear wack ass New York niggas rapping about the sun, the moon the earth and shit like that at a concert.

    • S

      Yeah! Niggas don’t won’t to hear wack ass south niggas talkin bout how much lean they on how much louie& Gucci they rockin and how much
      loud they smoking either. So what’s your point playboy?

      • ccwaterbound32

        you act like they aint got no garbage rappers on the east coast either… so what are YOU trying to say? 

      • Super_Hero

         atl is east coast. back to school for you

      • ccwaterbound32

        atl is below the mason dixon line and is considered a southern city residing within a southern state… geography proves this… the only thing about atlanta to be east coast is the eastern standard time zone the city and state which the city is set in to even be considered “east coast”…. mr super zero…

      • South been runnin da rap game for the last 10 years!.. Only reason the east is still relevant because they do tracks wit the south.  We RUN THIS HIP HOP SH#T!  Like it or not.  If we so wack in the South, let’s see a N.Y rapper make it with no help from the South.  Last popular rapper ya’ll had was 50 and the best nigga in G-Unit was Buck!  Just sayin…

      • >>Doubles over LMFAO & CTFU!

      • Super_Hero

        outside of Wayne and Ross, who in the south is selling. My bad, Ross isn’t plat. Kanye, Jay, and Drake are the other acts that sell and they not from the south. Meek Mills killing it right now, not from the south.

      • All I’m sayin is that all those east coast rappers fucc wit da south because the south has been on top of the rap game for a while now.  East and west had their run but the south has locked it down for a minute.  Meek Millz wouldn’t be poppin if Ross hadn’t signed him because I’ve kept up with him for a while and he was just a battle rapper.  Drake is signed to another South artis, Lil Wayne, and he would still be on Degrassi if it weren’t for Cash Money and J. Prince.  All gates to hip hop go through the south with the exception of Jay, Ye, and Em.

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  • hiphoppping2

    HAAELL YEEEE NIQQQQAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My homeboy was in terrible shape too, and he cleaner than me now! Gettin a condo.
    HIT EM UP – THEY WILL HELP U!! +++++++++++++++++++++++++\

  • dominicancoke

    this bitch nikki couldn’t take the heat ymcmb is garbage and not real hip hop
    nicki got mad over rosenberg saying starships is wack and not hip hop he’s right is not is pop music how come every female mc kept it hip hop except nikki? i mean lil kim in her prime was hip hop so was eve and the talented lauryn hill all authentic mc’s even in their most commercial songs they never sold hip hop out. ymcmb ya’ll finish ny rules hip hop from the commercial and marketing stand point adios

  • immackulate

    HOT 97 aint shyt anyway … niggahs in NY dont even support HOT 97 – Funk Flex iz a joke and they’ve had the worst ratings compared to 105.  With that said, HOT 97 are the losers here cuz WAYNE clearly has NY in his back pocket or at least thats what SOUNDSCAN-BDS would suggest but Hot97 are the responsible one;s for booking YMCMB acts that they apparently dont support – why whould you book these niggahs just to talk shyt to’em … should have book DUCKED DOWN lol

  • Derrick Yelnats

    I wonder what the tweets would’ve been like if after Nicki backed out , Hot97 got Kim to come thru and rock the Summer Jam stage.

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  • H. U. S.

    If Wayne was a man, he would’ve pulled a Suge Knight after being called basically ”wack” in the hip-hop world! Do your shows, but speak up bout what’s been said!

    Baby stayed and probably kissed azz while Wayne gone!

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  • dominicancoke

    lil wayne

    nuff said wayne is on fire you can’t diss me!
    birdman get over here cause i need you can you kiss me?
    ymcmb skating while we’re making history
    what’s my sexual preference ima leave that as a mystery
    jeans so tight you might mistake me for a groupie
    i’m really not a blood if yous a crip please don’t you shoot me
    kids on my team i give them lean so they get sleepy
    i go michael jackson on them cause my hands get sneaky.


    we the best i am sick and my flows the sympton 
    don’t hurt me by saying i look like millhouse from the simpsons
    don’t u diss my n*gga weezy don’t you call my boss a grimlin
    or i’ll run up on your crew all dressed in blue and i’ll start singing
    like ooooh dont do it please that would be healthy advice
    i aint afraid of nothing except dark places and mice 
    i was born rich i am dead right see my bentley watch the headlights
    i stop sleeping in the bed with wayne cause his drealocks carry headlice

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  • Anthony Ill Bill Johnson

    everybody on ny dick we the only city that go across seas  look in learn ok all the old dudes from my tri state area still getting money what old south artist can go to japan in move a crowd of 25,000 people tell me we have artist thats getting major euro money the USA brain wash with bull shit  even bun b said the south have alot of bull shit music look in learn only thing i can say is look at fobes top 3 riches nyc artist young money will never be on top trust me also mmg 

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  • Tony G.

    So Nas ended up performing..NY got a better show anyway.nobody wants to see that chick