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Hip-Hop Rumors: Lauryn Hill Says She Was Not Nicki Minaj's Special Guest – Nicki Responds!

Lauryn Hill was rumored to be a guest of Nicki Minaj’s at HOT 97’s Summer Jam, but Lauryn begs to differ with that assumption and tweeted a letter out to her followers saying that she was asked to perform by Nas and not by Nicki.

Check out the letter below:

No disrespect to Nicki, but I need to clear up an inaccuracy. I was not scheduled to be a special guest on her set at Summer Jam, I was invited by Nas to perform with him. I don’t have details on exactly what transpired between the station and the artists, but I do support artists standing by their beliefs, and walking with integrity. We have to find a better way to commercially exploit music, while giving artists their proper respect. This cannot be done while taking their contributions for granted, or trying to control the scope of their growth and power through threats and fear tactics. We can do better than this, there is a better way, or else ‘we’ (the proverbial we) find ourselves in danger of being hypocrites!!!

Ms. Lauryn Hill

While Nicki was appreciative of the supportive words from Ms. Hill, she couldn’t help putting Lauryn in her place and letting her know that, technically, Lauryn was going to be performing with Nas during her set, so she WAS her guest. Check out what Nicki tweeted below:

“Thank u Lauryn. Nas was coming out on my set, u were coming out 2 perform w/him. That was within my set that was going 2 continue w/foxy,” she tweeted. “Coming from Lauryn it means the world. No one deserves this treatment. We’re all out here working. Have respect for your guests.”

What do you think about Nicki’s public response to Lauryn?

  • Marvin Rashad

    It wasn’t a diss.

  • johnblacksad

    if Lauryn wanna restart all over with me, i’m all for it!

  • BulldogCG

    sydney keep your two sense.  LAURYN HILL can say what she want as far as this fake barby concerned, Nicki sound desperate, she couldnt get Lauryn, NAS could, way different and i dont blame Ms Hill for making it known.

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  • Hmmm, if nas was Nicki’s guest & 4 some reason I believe her , then she was her guest , but since Nicki bailed & 1 monkey don’t stop the show , Nas was on his own & Lauren was his guest.  Maybe Lauren didn’t know the details & she probably didn’t , & was just coming out for Nas?

    The whole YMCMB / Hot 97 situation was wack.  The sad part is , Flex & Tyga will come out as the heroes of summer jam , which just goes to show how exactly much WEAK / POOP juice the participants were sipping.

  • bikkie shouldve kept her mouth quiet on the topic.. why come out your mouth on some slick stuff n “put lauryn in her place?”   lol idk if lauryn was nikkis guest, bs nikki been trying to get that lauryn hill feature for the longest but lauryn aint with it

  • Sounds like alot of egos…typical entertainer shi*t! NEXT!

  • Bless Graphics

    There’s a place and a time for everything. She should have kept that to herself. If she was really paying homage she wouldn’t have pulled that power move with Lauren. Obviously Lauren doesn’t respect her music because she made it known politely via twitter that she wasn’t Nikki’s guest. Not everyone is feeling that played out Barbie ish. And she wonder why Lil Kim on her head. Funny thing is YMCMB didn’t hurt nobody but their own fans when they pulled out. With the line up that was just mentioned I wouldn’t have gave a damn she didn’t perform.

  • 2twelve

    she didnt diss her doe lauren is just like 3stacks they both living in legendary status i want some new music something hot not no drops here and there

    • thats funny…Nicki a legend

      • Thursdaynite

        He said Lauren and Andre 3000 are legends not Nicki

      • 2twelve

        kid whats wrong you smh wea and when did you hear me say nicki was a legend

      • i was thinkin the same thing 2 myself wtf lmao

  •  Well maybe now that people are rebelling against “Hip Pop”can we get back to the essence of what the music was to begin with Raw beats, attitude and saying something the money is drying up in hip hop right before our eyes.

  • Soulgasm

    Smh at all of this bullish…

  • for my brothers wit daughters…I call this…

  • S

    Ego trippin!

  • S

    Lauren was giving Nikki respect because she was simply saying she was not invited by Nikki herself but she was asked by Nas so she was really in her mind supporting Nas. But Nikki had to make her business to say “It was my set you were suppose to be on” that’s ego shit. Because on the real Lauren wouldn’t have to say all of this if her and Nikki would have established that but I think Nas was looking out for Nikki to invite Lauren because I think he thought it would be a good look for not only hip hop but Nikki as well for the 2 to grace the stage.
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  • Romia Blue

    She said Nas was coming out on her set…doesn’t mean that Nas wasn’t already scheduled to perform. That’s maybe the way they had the line-up set. Last I checked, If I Ruled the World doesn’t contain a bar from Nikki so regardless of when Nas was supposed to appear, Lauren came as a guest of Nas.

    Nikki, you doin too much. If you start with a “thank you” and interject with a “but” you ain’t thankful enough.

    • NoGoBoi

      Romia u be spittin dat truth! I’m wit u all the way on this 1

    • Totally agree

  • Jas1ne

    Lauryn turned you down to do a song so why holler she was your special guest??? FOH

  • This is what I mean by Nicki minaj be doing too much she disapointed her fans for words i was there vip and she came like she didnt want to perform anway she used what rosenburg said as a sacpe goat she clearly had a tude while she was in there as far as lauryn being her special guest have any of you ever heard of nicki and lauryn doing something together ???? HELL NO SHE NOT EVEN ON LAURYN LEVEL! She should have took what lauryn said as a complimant and left it at that!

  • fish salad water

     This Minaj artist is trying to hard to command respect… It’s going to backfire on her ass.  And she’s funny too with her wordplay about Lauren Hill performing on “her set”.  Minaj is digging her own grave where artists are not going to want to collab with her.

  • fish salad water

    Oh and my bad… Its Lauryn, not Lauren.  Whatever.

  • fish salad water

    Then she wonders why her home town doesn’t show her any love, how she claims they don’t.  Poor girl.  She has issues.

  • Weedras

    Ain’t a damn thing wrong with what Nicki said… if ya’ll remove the bias shades and think… from and mathematical standpoint the 

    Nas’ set is a subset of Nicki’s set being that he’s her guest, and Lauryn is a guest of Nas, hence lauryn is a subset of Nas who is a subset of Nicki….

    Nas= {Lauryn} and Nicki = {Nas, Lauryn, Foxy and whoever else under her set} so this leads to

    Nas ⊆ Nicki… meaning Nas and whoever else as a guest fall in as a subset for Nicki…

    get it!?! simple logic.. Lauryn wouldn’t know all of that because she arrived close to her performance time and dipped right after… sometimes we need to throw the bias shades and be real many of us always saying we want rappers to keep it real when we aint even keeping shit real…

    • nikki didnt ask hill tho.. nas did… that the point. lol

      • Weedras

         regardless of that Lauryn is still apart of Nicki’s set… because Nas is… ma dude it aint nothing major but ppl acting like Nicki is wrong for clarifying shit… Lauryn explained her standpoint and Nicki rebutted it.. simple aint nothing wrong with that…

      • Nikki is wrong, if Nas had not invited her then Lauryn would not have been there, meaning she was Nas’s guest and Nas was a guest of Nikkie AND that does not equal Lauryn Hill to being a guest of hers. Lauryn Hill knew nothing her the Young Money barbies set.

      • Weedras

        you just proved ma point ma dude… you are my guest and you bring along someone as your guest… in the end you BOTH are my guests.. regardless of your guest not knowing that you were initially MY guest… she can’t be wrong.. nobody is wrong.. Lauryn didn’t know one aspect and Nicki didn’t know the other aspect… why ya’ll tryna vilify Nicki is beyond me… and in a next thread ya’ll would turn around and vilify Lauryn calling her a whack job and shit…

      • fish salad water

         WEEDRAS, you have the concept of “guest” wrong.  Just because L-boogie came through with Nas does not make her Minaj’s guest.  L-boogie showed up to an event as a guest of Nas.  What don’t you see there????

      • Weedras

        ma dude as i said.. you going to someone’s house as a guest and you invite someone along with you as your guest… and your gonna be there because of me… both of you are my guests… wat if Nicki hadn’t had Nas a part of her set initially would he have thought to invite lauryn? i doubt Nas probly would have been there regardless but Lauryn wouldn’t have she arrived just before performing and dipped right after… so if Nicki wasn’t the root of the connection then the shit wouldn’t have gone down as it did… simple… ya’ll just tryna complicate shit and make it the chick seem as insignificant as possible.. i aint her fan or nothin but sometimes ya’ll go hard for no reason.. not sayin you, per se…

      • Funniest debate ever

      • Romia Blue

        To use your analogy, the difference is you aren’t the host and it’s not your house that you’re throwing this party. If you were the host, how could the party continue without you? Nicki pulled out to the disappointment of her fans. The people throwing the party was happy to accept Nas and Lauryn performing. What Lauryn is saying is Nas invited her to a party. She didn’t know who was throwing the party. So to use your analogy, again, Lauryn was a guest of Hot 97’s Summer Jam by way of Nas.

    • jamaicanbornanbreed

      whooooaaaa brother of the weed….dnt u dare talk logic……lets take the path of TRUE logic my bro-der…nas and ms. hill:trendsetters of this game….i mean real gas giants of music….now keep in mind we are trending in the matter of musical talents and situation changers for the world…not just whut young white gurls thinks is cool…but music dat can truly affect EVERYONE….with joints like if i ruled the world is gonna last 4ever…none of nicki catalog will last the test of time…in short without the likes of nas and lauryn there would be no manaj…from dat point of view nicki is a mere guest since her career dnt have the attributes and the accomplishments as nas and lauryn….this is just a control tactic from nicki to say she’s running shit…..phucking sad…dat inflatibale bitch should jus shut da puck up…..i’ll still smash though

      • Weedras

         it can’t be a control tactic if they weren’t book to perform, they were guests my dude i agree Nas and Lauryn are artists above Nicki… but its the same as when Ross brought Raekwon and Method man they were HIS guests… a part of his set… you gotta leave the bias shades off ma dude and i aint no Nicki fan but as female sometime ppl be goin hard for no reason and trying to vilify shit… its a bit unfair and in this situation it is forget her catalog… she was still a headliner and the legend who was the guest of a another legend is still her guest… it is what it is…

      • jamaicanbornanbreed

        i feel you…logically i guess they are her guests….just as logically from my point shes a guest…so dats academic….however when i say control tactic…i mean because she’s a control aint hear the interview..dat bitch completley herbed flex….so now shes talking big to a legend saying dat ms. hill is her guest….whut da fuk…’s not nicki doing if i ruled the world with nas or ms. hill….if nas wasn’t there ms. hill would never dare dawn the stage with dat weak broad..steady talking shit trying to say its a shot at women…fuk outta here…she just trying to say shes above nas and lauryn and dats bullshit..dats why i said control tactic…if u cant see dat then i cant help u brotha

      • fish salad water

        off the get, nicki minaj was not a headliner according to program director of hot97 summer jam.  you could hear it for yourself right on this website.  furthermore, when asked what he thought when he got word that ymcmb was not performing, he said “so what”.  and second, all that trigonometry scientology 6 degrees of separation smack you’re talkng about regarding lauryn hill being minaj’s guest is way off, my dude.  your math equation does not apply to this one.  simply put, and confirmed from the horses mouth itself, lauryn hill was not there for nicki minaj nor was a guest of hers or any of that.  period.  

    • Romia Blue

      To use your analogy below about “if you were to throw a party”

      The difference is you aren’t the host and it’s not your house that you’re throwing this party. If you were the host, how could the party continue without you? Nicki pulled out to the disappointment of her fans. The people throwing the party was happy to accept Nas and Lauryn performing. What Lauryn is saying is Nas invited her to a “party”. Lauryn said above she knows nothing of what went on. Lauryn was a guest of Hot 97’s Summer Jam by way of Nas. If the party was Nicki’s, everybody would’ve left, BUT the show must go on…and on it did

  • Guest

    goofy arse pic of lauryn  hill lol.. but nikki need to stfu no on e like chick no mo… she wack wit da style,… she need to change it up to some real ish or she done

  • Nikki Needs Jesus….

  • Niki needs to go somewhere and retire..that bitch is stupid lauryn was not her guest she was nas’s guest.  if i throw a party and I tell my friend to come and she calls a friend and invites her then her friend is not my guest.  I didn’t invite her to my party.  Its simple logic.  niki will do anything to be friends with lauryn and get that co-sign.  lauryn does not like niki you can tell.  niki go sit on them butt implants and leave rap alone.

  • Q.

    Anybody else’s comments getting removed?

    • Yep, Mine got removed several time bruh. The truth hurting these self centered motherefuckers.

      • Q.

        LOL  Oh, is that what it is?  I guess you gotta start dummying down for the censors. wtf

  • BTV Global, LLC

    i think L. Hill was correct. Nas invited her to perform with him. If Nikki didn’t pick up the phone and ask Hill to come for HER set then she’s right rather it was her set or not NAS called Hill for himself not Nikki.

  • egos, they should be happy bein on stage and gettin paid

  • black_messiah9000

    What a dumb bitch. I just can’t support somebody like Nikki Manaj. She just doesn’t come off as a likable person and her music is shitty.