Django Unchained - Official Movie Still

VIDEO: Jamie Foxx Plays Slave "Django" In New Quentin Tarantino Film; Check Out The Trailer

Following his past Academy Award-winning and nominated films like Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, Pulp FictionKill Bill and Inglorious Basterds, director Quentin Tarantino returns this Christmas with his brand new film, Django Unchained.

Django, which stars Jamie Foxx as a freed slave accompanying a bounty hunter on a quest to kill as many plantation and slave owners as possible, looks like the kind of film that will serve both as a social commentary and on a larger scale, all-around entertainment for all film fans this holiday season.

Check out the trailer and official plot synopsis for Django Unchained below:

Set in the South two years before the Civil War, “Django Unchained” stars Academy Award®-winner Jamie Foxx as Django, a slave whose brutal history with his former owners lands him face-to-face with German-born bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz (Academy Award®-winner Christoph Waltz). Schultz is on the trail of the murderous Brittle brothers, and only Django can lead him to his bounty. The unorthodox Schultz acquires Django with a promise to free him upon the capture of the Brittles – dead or alive.

Success leads Schultz to free Django, though the two men choose not to go their separate ways. Instead, Schultz seeks out the South’s most wanted criminals with Django by his side. Honing vital hunting skills, Django remains focused on one goal: finding and rescuing Broomhilda (Kerry Washington), the wife he lost to the slave trade long ago.

Django and Schultz’s search ultimately leads them to Calvin Candie (Academy Award®-nominee Leonardo DiCaprio), the proprietor of “Candyland,” an infamous plantation where slaves are groomed by trainer Ace Woody (Kurt Russell) to battle each other for sport. Exploring the compound under false pretenses, Django and Schultz arouse the suspicion of Stephen (Academy Award®-nominee Samuel L. Jackson), Candie’s trusted house slave. Their moves are marked, and a treacherous organization closes in on them. If Django and Schultz are to escape with Broomhilda, they must choose between independence and solidarity, between sacrifice and survival…

Django Unchained hits theatres on Christmas Day.

  • Tarantino and his slavery bullshit! Racist muthafucka! How you gonna make a black western with no black cowboys, just slaves??? When is somebody gonna make a REAL black western??? I had enuff of this shit!

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

       Ever seen posse? Yeah that one was all black cowboys…..but it sucked so….

      • That wasn’t Tarintino & who said it ain’t have Black cowboys?

        Fugg it , even if it don’t , you know J Fox gonna give them slave owners some Mocha!

    • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      So the story of a freed slave taking revenge on his captors is not black enough?

    • immackulate

      i feel you my bruvah … but i DO wanna check this one out
      i normally dont phuck with TARANTINO or his movies BUT
      this one has a vengeance to it that i dont wanna miss

    • Casor_Greener

      Please STFU

  • Big Crimes

    can’t wait to see this. tarantino is the man!

  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    So yeah you pretty much explained the entire plot there. 

  • $hyt!
    I’m gonna check this!

    Kinda like a new school Buck & The Preacher  / Mandingo / BuckTown all rolled into one.

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  • Jas1ne

    (Dave Chapelle voice) Reach for the sky honkey!

  • immackulate


  • Gloria Jean

    Django is to some extent a social commentary about the human condition–man’s inhumanity to man….and how the compassionate human sou/spirit l is in eternal conflict with it all….I hope to actually see the full film….