AHH Stray News: Curren$y and Big K.R.I.T.'s First Week Sales Projections; Nicki Minaj's "Roman Reloaded" Goes Gold; Cypress Hill Release New Dubstep EP

(AllHipHop News) Analysts are projecting that major label debuts from both Curren$y and Big K.R.I.T., who released their albums this past Tuesday (June 5), will move between 40,000 and 45,000 units. Curren$y’s The Stoned Immaculate and K.R.I.T.’s Live From the Underground have both received stellar reviews however the lack of radio promotion and singles have visibly resulted in the lack of sales for both Warner Bros. Music and Def Jam. Album sales in general were down nine percent from the same week last year according to HDD.

Following a week of non-stop media resulting from her no-show at Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert this past weekend, Young Money artist Nicki Minaj’s sophomore album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, has been certified gold with over 508,000 copies sold since its release two months ago. The album has produced the singles “Right By My Side” with Chris Brown, “Beez In the Trap” with 2 Chainz, and “Starships” which has already sold over two million digital singles worldwide.

Following their last album, 2010’s Rise Up, Earlier this week, multi-platinum selling Hip-Hop group Cypress Hill released a new collaborative EP with dubstep producer Rusko titled Cypress x RuskoAOL Music was tasked with streaming the five-track EP which you can listen to hereCypress x Rusko features a single guest appearance which comes from Nas’ Distant Relatives partner, Damian Marley. In early March, group member Sen-Dog told Rolling Stone of the genre-bending collaboration, “I think dubstep is a natural progression of Hip-Hop…Especially the way that we formulated it with Rusko. There’s definitely some roughness to it.” The vinyl version of Cypress x Rusko will be available on July 13.

  • 2twelve

    wow smh um ok currency fail to wow me the beats was to much for him and krit ah im getting tired of him playing the mopy under estimate rapper

  • KingChandler

    Currensy never impressed me personally, dude stays in interviews talkin about how he hates being viewed as a “weed rapper”, but what do you expect when every track talks about trees. His stans will have 100 emotional excuses to why he’s so much more than that but to me he’s just Wiz on steroids, more lyrically talented but his subject matter is severely limited, where Wiz only raps about weed and champagne (used to be weed, champagne and bad hoes until baldie came along) Currensy raps about weed, muscle cars, and fashion. As for Krit, @2twelve said it like it is, the overlooked, unappreciated rapper card is played, I’ll take his mixtapes over his new shit.

  • HipHopStalker

    Alright Nicki went Gold, Great ! Wait a minute. How is it she’s more pop than before and her sales are sloooooooooowing down ?

  • Because Her Core Fans(Young Black Teenage Girls) Stayed Away From Buying Her Album, She Is More POP That’s Why She Is Everywhere On TV Performing At The Super Bowl, The NBA Allstar Game, Making Her Rounds On Talk Shows, Her Music Is Being Played In A Few Commercials. She Is POP!!! Her POP Single  STARTSHIPS Has Sold 2 Million  Digital Records World Wide!!! Does Anyone READ Anymore??? In The Funk Flex Interview She Mentioned Who Her Fans Were Gays And Young Girls Overseas Sells Is What She Was Talking About, Because Hopefully PEOPLE Over Here Are Coming Back To Their Senses. Nicki Minaj And Young Money Has Over Saturated The Market With Their Crap People Are Tired Of It. SHE IS POP, She Will Probably Do A Song With Lady Gaga Next.

    • HipHopStalker

      I feel you,but of course her sells are bigger over seas EVERYbody is bigger outside of the states even rappers who struggle to move units in the us today such as Public Enemy,EPMD,Kelly Rowland etc…. That’s why artist’s always tour there 1st,come to the us and go back because there more into whatever comes out. I was wondering why Nicki went SUPER POP if it didn’t increase her overall sales ? look at 50. He had a debut witha few street bangers atleast from a major lable stand point and he had a balance of pop rap singles and sold 11 million. His next album after Get Rich had Waaaaaaaaaay more pop on there then the 1st and it sold less. His 3rd he was reaching with songs with Timberlake,Timbaland,Robin Thicke. Remember that horrible amusement park song ? LOL That album sold even less. Then he did a Ja Rule tried to come back more street on the before I self destruct but the damage was done. That album only went gold. You can cross over because on a major lable it’s expected and that’s fine but when you go too left field you can shoot your self in the foot. Watch her sell less each cd then try to come back to the Nicki from the mixtapes and before her first album.

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  • ccwaterbound32

    f*cked up Krit aint going to do big numbers all because the man wants to put out REAL MUSIC WITH A MESSAGE and the powers that be don’t want him to get heard if i was in Krit’s shoes id make as much money as i could get out of my contract and just go Indy he got plenty material to tour for the rest of his life and eat off that. as for that other other bluesy azz shyt i dont give fuk.

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  • CJC

    currensy album sounds better than all of them mentioned with him.  i’m a krit fan but he’s never gonna be the artist he wants to be at Def Jam.  

  • Curren$y’s album is solid, and it sticks to its guns. Its not for Everyone but he knows that & its what got his underground buzz on LOCK. With so much watered down commercial ish, u can can say the album goes hard. As a JETS fan, the last thing i thought about was sales, b/c i know its not going to happen. Quality over quantity. I for one appreciate the fact that there nothing corny for radio play on there.

    With KRIT, this album was an expected disapointment. Not on KRIT’s part but b/c i KNOW his label  needed some stereotypical down south trunk beaters. Its a cool album, but if u have any of his mixtapes you’ll know which ones were to please the label and which ones to please himself and the fans.  After classic mixtapes fans will still be happy with the album, but will recognize the real tracks from the “just ok” ones

  • Jas1ne

    Remember back in the day when Def Jam had a dope roster?

  • Two reasons…

    1. How many people on here actually complaining about the sales of these guys actually purchased copies of the album?

    2. While the underground was strong enough to move 40,000 copies the general public doesn’t get their hip hop from the net. They know what the see on the videos and hear on radio… and in THAT department both artists where clearly lacking.

    Maybe their label didn’t feel they had the appeal to crossover to that audience.. but if that’s the case why even put them out? Don’t just throw their shit out and not support it.. hell, they could have done that without a a major label.

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