Hip-Hop Rumors: Q-Tip Twitter Rants Over Gwyneth Paltrow Use Of The N-Word

While at the Watch The Throne concert in Paris, white actress Gwyneth Paltrow tweeted, “Ni**as In Paris For Real,” along with a photo of herself dancing on stage. Many people took offense to her using the N-word because of her ethnicity and did not care if she was close friends of Jay, Bey, and Kanye. An internet firestorm followed and a surge of African-American celebrities came to Gwenny’s defense, including Russell Simmons, journalist Toure, and even producer The-Dream tried to take blame for the tweet saying that he had tweeted it himself from her phone.

Well, legendary rapper Q-Tip is not feeling Ms. Patrow’s use of the N-word, and let it be known in a series of tweets earlier this week. Check out his tweets below:

At this point a few of Q-Tip’s followers began attacking Q-Tip and telling him that he was taking the situation too seriously. Q-Tip responded with the tweets below:

Do you think Gwyneth Paltrow was wrong for tweeting the name to Jay-Z and Kanye’s song, “Ni**as In Paris?”

  • she blocked out the g’s i mean..c’mon

  • Dan Landis

    When I was a little kid growing up I used to think that in the chorus for Sucka Nigga…. Q-tip was really saying South Korea…

    Hey South Korea…wherever you are…wherever you are….true story.

    • churchboy2

      Actually LOL’d at that.

      Say word.

  • He made some good points, but until we make a united stand dont expect anything different.

    • Southcidal


  • FaSho Money Prince

    its not the N*ggas in Paris part, its the “for real” part… if you understand anything about sentence structure when she adds the for real it takes away from the tile of the song and labels the people shes with…

    • KLewis

       Or… she could be saying that the song is playing in Paris “for real”… if you don’t understand anything about context then, when she tweets “N***as In Paris for real” (she didn’t put the ‘I’ or the ‘G’s’ in there, if anything it’s Nas in Paris) she’s litterally saying that a song is being played in the city of it’s namesake. Remember when Kanye was giving permission to his white audience members to say nigga when performing “Gold Digger?” Blame him, or calm down. You either stop using a word or cry a river, build a bridge and get over because as long as rappers use it, white people are going to use it. In 100, the word will mean nothing.

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        Naw bro, the word will ALWAYS have meaning, as long as there are crooked cops, politicians, hate groups, and racists in general then the word will continue spark outrage amongst our people when they spit it from their bigoted lips.

    • johnblacksad

       “for real” is for “in paris” not for “n!ggas”

      ain’t no ninja blinder than one who doesn’t wanna see!

    • Casor_Greener

      hell they the n!ggas in paris for real!!.

      Stop the fake revolution.

    • Detroit Chick

      exactly, niggas act like they didnt make it through 5th gr English. Im with these Niggas in paris foreal is wht she was sayin.. Half these dumb asses would pay to sit next to her an say “Yup she here wit us, we in dis bitch” smdh Its sum uncle rukus lookin ass niggas in here..FOREAL

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  • Why don’t you tell Jay and Kanye to change the title of the song SINCE MOSTLY WHITE PPL actually buy the music instead of downloading it. . .  Plus she was with em on stage on the pic “and for real means” We/They are actually here in paris..  WHATEVER the world keeps turning. . 

  • rep87

    She is just your average piece of white trailor trash its sad in 2012 that Jay Z & Kanye who are suppose to be heavyweights in hiphop has such a limited vocabulary or truely Puppets in the game, no matter how much money they have they just over paid slaves to help hold down and dumb down the Black race , We need true intelligent hiphop back like Public Enemy ,KRS 1 , Paris ,Poor Righteous Teachers ,X Clan ,KAM brothers who drop Knowledge something this country fear a intelligent Black Race !

    • Like jay said on the black album “I dumbed down for my audience to double my dollar… they criticize me for it, but they still yell holla”  the fans are just as much to blame for the ignorance as the artists are. 

    • Casor_Greener

      most of them fools sucked.  much love to Public Enemy and KRS1

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  • BulldogCG

    The song is meant in positive conotation and this is the way she used it.  Get over it people, words are words, how they are being used is what matters.  Sensitive ass people.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      sensitive people….fuck you, you dont know the pain bitch

  • Not as wrong as jay & ye for naming it!

  • Guillaume Pilon

    qtip- still begging for attention 

    thats the  name of the song get over it

  • dominicancoke

    one note before i start q tip is a has been a legendary one still a has been. second blacks need to quit with all that shit how you use a word some overseer gave ya to insult you as ignorant and worthless and use it as endearment? why you mad she uses it? white’s should just own the word cracka and get mad if a black person saids it.i believe this a black person who uses the n word is just that. grow up and move on from it i don’t ever use that word not cause im afraid of getting k.od but for the same reason i dont say s.p.i..c  cause i would be offended if some call me that

  • never say the word in your raps ever again then QTIP…you are bastardizing the problem

    • S

      I agree!

    • Southcidal

      disagree. You clowns are making excuses for allowing yourselves to be disrespected.

  • dominicancoke

    this is how pathetic blacks who use the n word are
    example 1 (1789 alabama plantation)

    (slave master john)  ay leroy you finish picking all my cotton boy? aw that my n*gger keep it up you gonna be up in the house with tom and martha

    centuries later 2012(east detroit the hood) ay mack bone you sold them rocks for me boy? aw thats my n*gga  we gonna get this money

    example 2 1803 south carolina) you try to excape so guess what thomas n*gger i am going to kill you

    centuries later 2012(watts los angeles ca) where you from cuz man f*ck that im gonna kill this n*gga

    • Detroit Chick

      mack bone?? You obviously arent from Detroit lol (westsider here)

      • dominicancoke

        nah im from the south bronx just giving an example lol i heard the nick name mack bone alot in georgia and miami by the way your really sexy girl i got that chocolate fever

  • mike malarkey

    q tip mixtape comin soon

  • tmr

    I will never use the ‘N” word again….But whole time this nigga damon wayans tried to patent the word in 16 diff forms

    • S

      You just used it AGAIN……

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        Ah sh*t! LMAO

  • oh gtfo 

  • Bosshogg973

    Its worst shit going on to be worried about the N word! Muthafuckas ain’t got no jobs out here and NIGGAZ is worried about that shit!! GTFOH!!

    • jeanbeatz

      Spoken like a true coon. Now go tap dance

      • ReadMore82

        Yeah really, monkey ass nigga. He’s probably the typed that gets called one AT WORK and smiles it off like “u sho’ll is funny massa, back to work I go”.

      • Southcidal

        ROTFLMAO!! So true, he’s probably not even black. AllHipHop has a lot less melanin than we know. But coons like Russell Simmons will accept anything to stay in the house and off of that field including taking dyycks up they pie hole. I hate these niggaz!! (Chris Rock voice)

      • Casor_Greener

        I bet none of you chumps have ever done anything for the black race other than talk $#!t behind a computer.

      • Southcidal

        You should’ve prefaced that reply with what you’ve done first. And listing what’s been done for the black race has nothing to do with allowing yourself to be disrepected.

      • immackulate

        speak for yourself GUTTER – i am a lifetime member of the NAACP, i volunteer at homeless shelters with my son, i coach a football team full of black youths … and i represent as a FATHER FIGURE to my son’s friends, classmates, teammates

      •  *daps*

  • shiek242424


  • I don’t see the big deal.  You know how many times I hear blak people use the word nigga everyday in front of white folks?  So how do you get mad when we continuously throw the word around ? Every rap song that has come out in the last few years, on average, has the n word in it about 75 times!  So how about EVERYONE stop using the word if it’s such a big deal when white people use it.  Besides, she didn’t even mean anything behind it because it’s the title of the damn song.

    • Southcidal

      You will never see “the big deal”. But just don’t use the word around me buddy. I’m just warning you. You created the word out of negativity and we switched to a code among  us, now you want in on this code? And does your listening to rap music force you to do everything being done in that rap song? I think not.

      • Detroit Chick

        my point exactly. White ppl have made songs about sex &drugs tht i listen too, tht didnt make me go hoe around.or do 5 lines of coke  Its music, entertainment you as the listener is supposed to control what you the effect you let it have on you.

      • First of all, I’m black.  Born and raised in Atlanta.  I can’t stand  when my OWN people use the word.  Second of all, I love my people but we are some of the most hypocritical people.  I actually put hands on some white dude at a UGA game for saying the word as he walked past me.  I felt good for about 10 minutes but when I was being escorted out,  I ended up looking like the person they think we all are, a dumb ass nigga.  I never said her using the word was right, but how do you really justify our use of the word?  With all the history behind the word, we still choose to use it.  So how do we expect any race to understand the true pain behind the word when we use it so loosely?  I don’t hear white people walking around talkin about Wassup my cracker?  And I damn sure ain’t neva heard Martin call Malcom that.  You guys anger is not aimed in the right direction, don’t be mad at the white girl,  be mad at the two NIGGAS she was on stage with that made the song in the first place.  So if skin color is the only difference to you when the word is used, we haven’t come as far as we thought.  Self respect starts with us as a people. Switched to a code between us? What the hell type of a code is calling our own people the same word we despise? Whateva dude…..

  • Fedupwss

    Really, “Ni##as in Paris for Real” Gwen. It’s not what was tweeted but how she tweeted it. Will the  Ni##as in Paris she was reffering two stand up ( Jay, Bey and Kanye). Muny is a powerful thang, the more you get it the more drama it brings. As an Afro-Canadian I take no offense to Gwen Calling out Jay ,Bey and Kanye cus she called the spades a spades.LMAO I

    • ReadMore82

      You should definitely be proud of yourself for using that NEW joke “call a spades a spades”! Congrats, that was the absolute first time it’s every been told. I bet you and your daughterister  took all night coming up with that gem after u got done bangin eachother. Now tell ya granny I miss her like the rest of your family. (Best throat on the planet!!) 🙂   God Bless

  • $18592567

    I thought Q-tip used to mess with this broad back in the day.

  • johnblacksad

    Lot of ya’ll ninjaz trippin… i can understand cause i know ya’ll be havin your grammar all upside down and sh!t…

    N!GGAZ IN PARIS FOR REAL… context is everything! the ‘FOR REAL’
    here relates to the fact that… they are IN PARIS, FOR REAL! That’s all
    there is to…. matter fact that was the whole point of being out
    there… why did you think Beyonce, Kelly Row, Spike, The Dream, Amare
    Stoudemire, Adrian Brody, Clive Davis, Justin Bieber, and many other
    ninjaz flew from everywhere just for that particular stop of the tour?!
    N!GGAS IN PARIS… IN PARIS FOR REAL… 11 times… i was there wanting a
    twelth encore!


    • she was trying to say LOOK THEY ARE NIGGERS FOR REAL ! IN PARIS ! like she never seen a black person from the US in Paris—- she is so racist- f her

      • johnblacksad

        Lol… *insert shaq face here* …you know what i’m tired of that, i ain’t gon defend her either… so yeah f-her… plus i’ve never liked that b!tch anyway… she has made some ‘racist’ comments before about “n!ggas in paris for real”…. let me explain that, i live in france, so i know, trust me…. basically, what she said back then is that france is a nice country except that there are a lot of black and arab immigrants who are holdin it back… can’t remember the exact wording, i just remember my sister not liking her from that day since… just thought i’d had that little info

        f-her… like Q-tip said… whether she meant harm or not, she should have been responsible enough not to say that… if she wanted to be slick with it, she could have just said “now playin n!ggas in paris”… but like other ninjaz said, she could have said ‘ball so hard’, or many other things, instead, she chose to tweet… her responsibility!

        Personally the word will never affect me the same as ya’ll because i’m not african-american, i’m african-african, boot scratch, flies… etc or whatever derogatory term american “n!ggaz” be using towards us… oh well…


      • Southcidal

        If you’re not African-American stop commenting on this. “Personally the word will never affect me the same as yall”. I wonder why?

  • tbirdandkoolaid

    This again….

    I thought by US (i rarely use the word) using the word we take the power from the usage. If this is the case why we get crazy when someone says it.

    Me personally when referring to another black man I say, cat, brotha, folk, homeboy, black man, blood (no gang relations) etc.

    Why would I call my brotha a nig..

    You’re not a nigga.

    Why use a word the white man used to demean you. Oh, you use an ‘a’ instead of ‘er’ thats very revolutionary of you to beat him at his game…lames…ahah


    • Southcidal

      Stop making excuses for allowing yourself to be disrespected.

  • immackulate

    thank you Q-TIP and phuck all you weak azz niggahs that was giving that cave bytch a PASS

    • johnblacksad

       You go strong black man!

      • immackulate

        lol – eating A l’abricot dipped in apricot sauce LOL

      • johnblacksad

         No one knows what it means, but its provocative…

      • kwimby72

        it gets the ppl going…..and it did FO REAL.lmao

    • Southcidal

      immackulate, continue to stand up.

  • I swear we gotta be the most hypocritical race ever. “Im a n*%ga in Paris… Just don’t call me a n*%ga”

    • Mos High

      Its just humans . Im sure many of us have called our mothers sisters, aunts etc a bitch behind closed doors or in our heads. BUT Let some one else say it im sure you would be on fire. its just life

    • we? you’re not even “black” smh

  • Romia Blue

    1ce again ppl are chirping about the wrong thing but the shyt they SHOULD be piping up about, they stay silent. I don’t like the song simply for the title bcuz it’s one of those things where you KNOW its gonna spark debate; shyt’s whack. If Jay ain’t offended and they friends, then everybody should just take it as another L for humanity. Paris, France doesn’t have the racial tension/history that America has so French citizens could easily give two squirts of duck shyt what she tweeted.

    You aint a ni66a because you black, you a ni66a ’cause of how you act
    But you don’t want me to tell you the truth; so i’mma lie to ya, make it sound fly to ya
    You don’t wanna hear the truth; so I’mma lie to ya, make it sound fly to ya…
    The Ni66ga experience…it was instated, it was created
    – Goodie Mob ~ CeeLo

    • Southcidal

      The “wrong thing”, this is a response to an internet story. Should we be chirping about something else under this story? Stand up for something or fall for anything. We took the power away from them by using it amongst each other, not with them. I just think that its totally disrespectful to our predecessors to allow this disrespect. The word isn’t nearly as powerful now and hurtful to us thanks to those predecessors. And for the record, I “chirp” about whatever I feel needs to be chirped about.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    In “Sucka Nigga” Q Tip declared to the world that it was a “term of endearment” “he doesnt think its crummy” and “he starts to flinch as he tries not to say it”.  Now Im not for Gwenyth Paltrow using it, but the same people who made it wildly popular and put it out in pop culture to the white world, should know that these are the reprecussions of what we as a people allowed to be acceptable along time ago

    • TheBoxcarHobo

      That pretty much sums it up…

  • Southcidal

    Malcolm is turning over in his grave. But this is the story of our people. This is why we allowed ourselves to be slaves. Russell Simmons and Toure need to have fire slapped from them for real. But this is currently where we are as a people. Russ, Jay, and Ye have been accepted into the Gweneth Paltrow circle (house slaves) and will defend Paltrow from any nigga who has not been accepted (slaves in the field). Jay and Russ have helped shaped the current state of young America. In the past we strived to be us and never aspired to be in that circle, now we make rock music, dress hipster style and do whatever we can to put us closer to that circle and away from “the field”. And I see a lotta “niggaz” who have responded here are coming to her defense as well and totally disrepecting their predecessors who bled for them because subconciously they too wanna be in that circle, I mean house. But to my caucasian bretheren, just so you know there are still self respecting black people (like myself) that will stomp a mudhole in your azz if you use that word in their presence.

    • Mos High

      I co sign that comment. To many of us are suckers. Quick to say its just a word not a big deal etc. 

    • Casor_Greener

      You sound like a bitter clown.

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        better to be bitter, than to sit inactive and continue be disregarded. since you are reprogrammed, it’s going to take you awhile to recieve the message.

    • johnblacksad

       You’ll be better off once you understand “weed” needs no maintenance whereas a nice garden of roses requires dedication and hard work!

      Who shaped Jay and Russ then?

      are you sayin we should stay in the field? because that’s exactly what WTT isn’t about… it’s about being in a tuxedo next to the POTUS!

      I really don’t mean to be cynical nor sarcastic because i do believe you’re a ‘strong black man’ but your ‘circles’ stories don’t apply the same as some years ago… it’s much more complex now…

      Paltrow still should have refrained from using it…
      Slavery shouldn’t have existed…

      • Southcidal

        I’d rather build my own “house” than to be kissing somebody else’s azz to be in somebody else’s “house” or circle. But if I am in that “circle” I’d never badger my own people to defend somebody who was clearly wrong from that circle. You’re over complicating this, its not as “complex” as you suggest. To put it simply, we’re creating excuses for allowing ourselves to be disrespected.

      • Detroit Chick

        say it

    • Detroit Chick

      Best post ive seen an the realest.. I’ve told a few  whitechicks who thought they could say it jus because you have put black dudes in ur mouth dosent mean the word nigga should ever come out of it. Our ppl have lost their backbone, selfrespect an pride. They sit bk an watch as ou culture is being given away right b4 our eyes an the main ones who do it (wayne,baby) they support an make them the most successful.. They think its funny or okay because they wana be able to get next to a white girl, ride in a bentley, live like the white ppl do so its like “Leave tht white girl alone, she can say it”  Smh jus ignorant, our ppl shed blood over tht word, some of them the last thing they heard was nigga coming from a white persons lips b4 they were killed an they think its ok for her to say it. Mindblowing.

  • jsj23

    Nicely put Q-tip!  And I am proud to see that quite a few of you on this thread understands where he is coming from.  Stop giving away free passes and credibility to those who are not worthy of our love.  I learned that the hard way after doing a 2-year stint! This is real, and no it does not make you racist.

    • Alexander3172

      Yeah but didn’t Q-tip have a song called “Sucker Nigga”? He has white fans too so I’m a little confused…..

  • om3n78

    i have a problem with jayz and kayne west useing the name nigga last time i checked they was white boys and beyonce far from being black

    • H. U. S.

      I don’t know what kind of drug you on, but put all 3 of they azzez in a time-machine to 1776…and they’d all be slaves! Being black is not about how you act, it’s what you are or aren’t!

      And guarantee that not 1 white person would’ve thought, ”damn, these darkies act white!”…

      • they might think they act gay but thats totally different ha

  • ladynamor

    Im exhausted with the media and ALL of the entertainers. WE the people will have to take back our own lives and raise our children to know what is acceptable and what is immoral. We should not even base our lives on these nuts and their antics. We were not invited. And we keep giving passes.

  • And every time the beat stops on “All of the lights” at the part “MJ gone our Nigga dead” Kanye holds the mic into the crowd and demands thousands of white ppl in the audience to scream their lungs out saying that. . . So why don’t q-tip finds out who are these thousands of ppl around the world are and whine about that. . . only cause GP is a person of public interest yall get at here, everybody should be treated the same. . .

  • JaymezDeuce

    Now she has to publicly f*** a Ni**ga and we will be kool again Gwen. my schedule is free if you need one. #LMAO

    • LOL.  . . well that didn’t work out for J Lo either . .. 

  • H. U. S.

    People of all races need to understand the reasoning behind a pass. Gwyneth neglected her ”pass” responsibilities, by going public with it…Case and point:

    If Chicago PD give you a pass to sell dope in the city, is that pass valid in Florida? Hellz no! Florida PD won’t give 2 shyts as to what Chicago lets you get away with, your azz is going down!

    Same thing here, if those around you let you get away with it…don’t do it in front of, or around other people outside those who gave you the pass!

    These are the rules for all passes given, in case people don’t understand!


      She is a sheltered ass rich white broad who only deals with rich ass black people. She doesn’t give af about your “rules” she doesn’t live by your “rules”. If her friends aren’t offended why are you? They know her, they know she didn’t mean it to be a racist. you all are on here calling eachother coonz being racist af against white people. You want people to stop being racist but you are more racist than the girl your mad at. And all the black men on here offering to sleep with her…great job perpetuating the stereotype of black men being sex predators, then be offended when women are scared to walk by you or make eye contact with you. You all are perpetuating the stereotypes. White people have a song called I’m a redneck woman. I never heard any black person singing that shit cause it doesnt apply to us. We arent claiming that shit. If they want to claim the n word be my guest. I gave that shit up after highschool. You sound ignorant saying it. I dont care what color you are.

  • Mos High

    dont beat down Tip for talking whats on his heart. All I have to say its never never never ok for a whiite person to use that word, unless its for re-acting in a movie etc. 

    I dont go to many big hip hop concerts anymore as there is mostly white people or other races and the artists sling that word out there too much and the fans sling it back. 
    I went to WTT concert in Toronto and I told my wife that Im scared that a white person may shout out the word and I wouldnt be able to contain myself. Thankfully none did maybe under there breath. but i was watching close. 

    I did like that Kanye aand Jay Z put up the images of KKK and showing how white people raise there young to hate black people. That caught alot of people of guard. 

    There just has to be a balance. All I know if it was something negative said about “jews” it would be over, all media sites tv radio would be killing her.    RED BLACK AND GREEN FOR LIFE….MARCUS GARVEY LIVES ON THRU MANY OF US!!!!

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    You are siding Sydney. You didn’t saying anything when Gwenyth Paltrow, unapologetically went with her tweets. No you came with “Q-Tip Rants”

    What’s on topic is what you chose to print and what side of the issue you are playing at. F’ck your passive aggressive, Master race friendly tactic to appease to them check writing ads for your site.  

    You trying to set us to read Q-tip as foul. nah, Sydney…correct your intentions on how you trying to invalidate a brother.

    You should have asked your question about Her tweet when it went public, if you where going to pick this story up at all.

    That whole crew is b’llsh’t…and right now you get no pass for spinning Q’s tweet.

  • I love black people, but I hate NIGGAZ! Niggaz are to blame, they made i cool to be niggaz, if you are a nigga then you’ll get offened. Just because you get offened, it doesn’t stop the white folk, mexicans, japanese, or anyone else from using the word. You niggaz don’t know your self worth, there for other races think your worthless, wake up and love yourselves….

    • no1 has ever mad it cool to b a nigga- only a white person wud think that 

      • immackulate

        paul you scrolling around the comments … CLUELESS THAN A MF mayne

  • jsj23

    You cats don’t get it.  You gave a pass to Rosenberg and we saw his true colors (ready to sue), you gave a pass to Drake (Jew who claims to have taken over the game), and a pass to Paltrow (white chick in love with Black goods).  These people were not molded the way we were, they were molding with textbooks and cds in a privileged bedroom.  We were molded by hatred, public humiliation, and very little to live off of.  We have a right to tell them don’t use the N-word.  This goes for some hispanics too. Lately I’ve noticed hispanics showing animosity towards blacks and acting white.

    • kingBeno

       Dude, that is the best way I have ever seen it put regarding not only this situation, but the use of the N-Word period.

    • Rosenberg did nothing wrong all he did was express an opinion he said if someone touches him he will sue. Drake is half black like your president the machine is behind him. Yeah they didn’t grow up in the hood like most of us who know what hip-hop is about, but each situation is different. Paltrow thought she was being cool because Jay n Kanye made her feel like that. I’m cool with some white people but they know not to cross that line or all hell is going break loose.

      • thats a lie cause the police kill nigga everyday so dont get hyped

    • Detroit Chick


  • toreal

    Just don’t make a song with the N-word in it and people would not use it.

    • yea sure. news flash– white people who say it like she did also use it behind closed doors

    • timwest1000

      so if blacks stop saying it other races will stop it too? LMAO

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Now THIS is what I call entertainment! We ALREADY forgot about Trayvon!? There is NO “White, and there is NO black” but then again, I guess it is too late for that.

  • David Gonz

    blck peopel  stil cant get over that n word? gimmie a break.


      • Detroit Chick


    • timwest1000

      come on ese

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    You can hear it a thousand times a day for the rest of your life, and still not understand what that word means to All the Black People. To be honest, I found that there are degrees to using it based on time, situation, and overall context of the speaker.
    I just chose to fall out with the word when I was nine..and nobody gets a pass, as far as I am concerned. I want the word to be eliminated.  Even if it does the definition and power play will remain, so I choose my battles wisely.
    Not every Black Person, as it may appear according to your hearing, says that Word.
    It has as much shame hurt and anger when one Black Person says it to another, as it does when an assumed non-Black person says it to a Black Person.
    Get it John?
    Be upset, be confused, but get it in your head someday that that N-word, is not an ok word, if it has the capability to cause alarm and setback in communication power play, that we Humans engage in daily.
     It is obviously not an “Ok”word. Repeat that 20 times a day, until you believe it
    It is a word of context that  people, of their own certainty, use within their communication, with limited access in and out of the their form of communication.
    It is not a good word, it is not an amazing word. It is a power placement word.
     Just stick to the part where no one is technically allowed to use it, but people do.
    There are no passes to use it, for anyone technically.
     Now the word “m’therf’cker”, has a universal pass…feel free to use it at will on anybody, 24/7.
     That will help you feed the need to use words of certain painful setback.

  • its always nigga this and nigga that …nigga is you bullshittin’…aye nigga look at them ho’s… nigga what time the club open…yet black people get offended when honkey’s use the word..its the same thing with the Trayvon Martin thing its not cool for white people to kill black people but when a black kill another black its like oh well that nigga probably had it coming.

    • brotha_man

      true dat….backwards azz shit


    • immackulate

      i laughed like a mf at “nigga probably had it coming” – i had some extra words for you but laughing so hard made me forget

  • brotha_man

    here’s a great idea stop using the word, my brothas and sistas.

  • dayleedumped

    why do black people always complain about how they are looked down upon on, and separated from society. But they always exclude themselves, even when it comes to a word. When a race starts making words that only they can use… then our world is fuckedup

    • black people ALWAYS complain about this? wow no black people im around has ever complained like that

      • immackulate

        cuz them aint the type of black folks that uh BUST YO MF AZZ over disrespect


  • Q.

    LOL, look at the firestorm this BS has sparked. Damn near a hundred comments over this dumbazz story. I support the god Q-Tip for standing up and not playing Hollywood on this one. But let’s just cut to the root of the tree…F*ck Goldie Paltrow for a minute… THIS IS JAY AND KANYE’S FAULT. You have the world platform at your disposal, and this is the best way you can represent yourself to the world? I mean, you’re 35 and 40+ years old. Really? We know S. Carter is intelligent–dude was in the Math back in the day. Kanye was raised conscious with a professor for a mother, but this is the best y’all can do? Coon azz niggas.

    This is “Watch the Throne” right? Why didn’t you call it “Kings in Paris” or “Pharaohs in Paris” or “Gods in Paris” or “Moors in Paris” or “Brothas in Paris?” Huh? You had a million options, but you chose the most sensational, degrading one… Look, if you give a baby a knife to play with, don’t get upset at the baby when it stabs you. Right? I love Kanye, but this brotha has devolved into too much of a self-absorbed clown at times. Jigger, frankly, has never represented much besides crack raps, so I don’t expect much. F*ck your money, for real. You ain’t sh!t.

    Brothas, take responsibility for your image! If anybody feels different and wants a Hip-Hop civil war, then let’s get it popping. I’m armed and ready to clean house with my Coonsweeper. DESTROY/REBUILD

    • johnblacksad

      Damn! (there’s whole bunch of truth right there…)

    • trooftella

      Cmon champ, seriously, …… stop listening to Ross, stop listening to Wayne, stop listening to Pusha, stop listening to Jeezy, Big Sean and any other artist out these days. WE, US, WE as black folks give that word too much power. Its a word, not a gun or a piece of a crack. I know we got more issues in our communities to worry about that this. But, WE are always looking for a platform. Do me a favor champ, the next time one your homies call you a N*****, punch him in the face cause we gotta start somewhere, might as well clean our own house first.

      • trooftella

        DESTROYED/ AND REBUILT from the ground up!!!

      • Q.

         So are you agreeing or disagreeing? ‘Cause you pretty much rehashed my sentiment.

  • jsj23

    I can see the Turncoats, Uncle Toms, and House Negroes are out in full force.  When you find yourselves in some shit, hit me up. I’ll consider whether I will help you or not. 

    • Detroit Chick


  • he shud use something esle then twitter to say ALL OF THIS

  • This is what happens when white people feel comfortable with black people. They feel they can say what we say and its alright. This world is a big contradiction, so white people need to understand that their is some things that are off limits to them. But when hip hop artist such as Jay n Kanye allow their white celebrity friends to be comfortable saying ni**a in their presence white people like Paltrow feel they can say what ever because their friend Jay said its cool!!!  

    • Detroit Chick


    • You hit dat sh#t on da head my dude.

  • Not cool for her to say it but it’s funny how everybody mad at her but only a few people blaming Jay & Kanye. They named the song and encourage all races to say it, yet everybody is mad when other races actually do what they’ve been taught by blacks (in this case – Jay & Kanye). Plus its ironic that Q-Tip of all people would be the one addressing this issue as Kanye is responsible and didn’t he just sign to G.O.O.D. Music? Gwenyth should not have said what she said, but don’t attack the white woman just because she’s the easiest target. If you feel strongly about this issue and are not addressing Jay-Z or Kanye then your anger is being at least slightly misdirected.

    • they dont even say the title in the song xcept when ye says he’s tryn to b provocative wtf r u talkn about

    • Detroit Chick

      she is a grown woman who knws the history of tht word an why she shouldnt be saying it. So I wish everyone would quit talking about her like she’s just some ignorant child who dosent know any better. I knw white ppl who sing the song an all they say (at least around me) pretty much is “ball so hard” thts wht they call it..She should be verbally attacked for being so careless an insensitive. An Ye an Jay should get it too for not sayin shit. Im sure by now they have heard tht she said  it an aint said shit about it. Truthfully they probably let her say it, we all knw Ye dont care he’s clearly shown he’s #TeamWhiteGirls..

      • so what is the history of the word. really what is the history of the word because if your getting offened by a white girl saying nigga than you dont know the history of the owrd your self

      • Detroit Chick

        spell check first of all, an secondly I know exactly what the history of the word is.Obviously you dont otherwise you wouldnt have made this ignorant comment.

      • I alwayz keep up with certain people comments and you r one of em.  You write good stuff.  Keep it up homegirl.

  • Tony G.

    why do it on twitter though

  • johnblacksad

    given the historical weight of that word (it) is not responsible of G paltrow’s part
    given the historical weight of that word (it) is not responsible of G paltrow’s part
    given the historical weight of that word (it) is not responsible of G paltrow’s part
    given the historical weight of that word (it) is not responsible of G paltrow’s part
    given the historical weight of that word (it) is not responsible of G paltrow’s part
    given the historical weight of that word (it) is not responsible of G paltrow’s part
    given the historical weight of that word (it) is not responsible of G paltrow’s part
    given the historical weight of that word (it) is not responsible of G paltrow’s part

    amen! had to say that 10 times…

  • if ur gonna try to kill the power of a word, freaking out over an unintentional insult doesnt help


  • Christopher Wade

    Really….. “Niggas In Paris” Really…. That is the name of the god damn song right? I’m so tried of yall “Million Man March” niggas coming outta the wood work every time some white celeb say’s the the word nigga. The “N” word should be the least of black people’s worries. Here’s a thought if we are really that pressed to stop others from using the word just maybe we should stop using it ourselves. Otherwise STFU!

    • This is Crazy

       Thank you Christopher..this cats out here love making things a racial issue when they are not…..if anything I think its awesome she supports hip hop…..shit half these people with it use the word nigga like its a preposition(look it up) anyways..get off the soap box QTip…its 2012 and our president is black

      • johnblacksad

         chuuuch… Lupe said we can’t do nothing bout our past, but we can do something about our future… sounds so simple but it so fuggin true

      • Nobody’s calling Paltrow a racist, she just made a mistake and we corrected her. The people blowing this out of proportion are these house negroes hopping to her defense. They’re doing Paltrow a disservice and so are you. Blacks’ use the word nigga as a variant form of self-deprecation is not appropriate for whites. 

    • We can say whatever we want. MYOB. {{-_-}}

  • You weren’t lying when you said he went on a rant. LOL, this is days worth of tweets

  • mel

    Yall Niggas need to stop trippin over the use of the word Nigga.  Quit giving it all this power.  Anybody using that word to offend African Americans/Blacks these days is not even worth addressing..They got more problems than being racist. 

  • Negro Peligro

    This DUDE KNOW DAMN WELL 80% of his circle is white. And 80% of them dudes done said Nigga around him. He done shook hands with white dudes that say nigga all the time get real.

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    i give shorty a pass….as a black man a say nigga all day so i really dnt care…plus gwen is dope so i give her pastry ass a pass….however i could never stray for away from my brother from the native tongue…so son has every right for his opinion….i cant argue with whut he wrote

  • CaliTransplant

    First of all, I hated the name of the damn song! Really? We need to chill with using nigga so much.I’m sick of hearing a song and every 3rd word is nigga…enough! it’s not cool or edgy and anymore..You just sound ignorant as hell saying nigga every other word…I’m starting to hate rap music these days…

    • i feel u. they really usin it as a weapon against us

  • Damn……the amount of Samboism is thru the fukkin ROOF today……  -_-


    i bet you that is not even news else where tip for me bruh  if you said shes wrong and she knows it was good enough think god for twitter or be no trees left niggaz be twitting

    • johnblacksad


  • so what if she said it…..when we stop saying it then it’s an argument

  • Q-tip shut up!..moving on

  • When we stop saying and teach our children right from wrong, then we can tell WHITE,HISPANICS, and etc…until then if u aint doin nothing 2 try and stop it which is IMPOSSIBLE, then fall back we have more bigger problems in the world then 2 worrying about someone saying that shit

  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    So… Because she is white, she is not allowed to call the song by it’s official name? Are white people allowed to get a pass for saying it if it is the name of a multi-platinum selling song that they play 12 times a night? 

  • Keith Brickz

    tell this cry baby NIGGA to shut up

  • Detroit Chick

    I dont blame Q-Tip an at least he is real, unlike the majority  of black celebrities who keep some white ppl money or hell a few quarters an then act brand new. She hangin around Jay an them so now she thinks she has a “hood pass” an certain shit will be accepted from her because she is one of the “Chosen one” ahh nah! As a black woman i find it extremely offensive, for her to be surrounded by blk ppl (some white an other) but a lot of black ppl an say “Niggas in paris foreal” I doubt she ws jus sayin the title of the song, i took it as im in paris, with jay an them performing Niggas In Paris, an it is Niggas i paris forreal! Not cool coming from a gangly white broad..It jus kills me that this Y, as in YMCMB followin generation actually deems it acceptable for ppl outside of their race to call them nigga, you dumb asses arent even offended. First tht Vnasty shit an stupid ass mistab fab defends her, then wayne an them smile an help promote an Arab who screams “We the best NIGGA!” On every damn song, khaled, hmm probably Khalid is his real name.. Fat joe thinks its ok to say it too an nobody says anything. An like he said its not even like she apologized (which wouldnt have mattered much) at least it wouldve been the right thing to do. Everybody wana be down, this whole lets blur the lines bullshit going on in hiphop is the reason its dead..Nobody stands up for anything anymore, its a bunch of money grubbin uncle toms in the industry who realized they could get rich off rap by becoming white bred an acting ,dressing, an emulating suburban america..Smdh HipHop has official sold out, our culture isnt even ours anymore..

    • That’s real shit though…and then we got the cats sayin if we can say it so can they…which I can almost halfass feel the logic in that, BUT…if you grew up smackin your lil brother around, you ain’t gonna just let any ol’ body come up and smack him too, then talk about “Well I can’t really say shit to them when I’m doin it too…”  Hell nah, you’re gonna get in that person’s ass with no hesitation unless you’re just a chump type of mufukka.  Me myself though, I try not to even say the shit around White folks at all if I can help it, for the simple fact I’m already knowin they think that gives em an automatic pass to say it too, and when I have to check one of em for it I don’t even like to leave em the opportunity to try and pull the “but you say it all the time” card out their ass.  I can count maybe 3 White folks my entire life that I ever gave a pass, for the simple fact I knew their pedigrees and that was all they came up around, they wasn’t sayin it on some “how can I be down?” shit…..AND they’d ride out in a New York minute on any other White person they heard sayin it…..LMAO  Plus they wasn’t runnin around sayin it just for the sake of sayin it, or sayin it around just anybody, so I let them slide and them only.  It’s when these privileged entitled lil suburban gated community shits start tossin the word around like it’s cute or somethin, the mufukkas that ain’t never been thru shit or struggled a day in their life, let alone be treated like a nigga by society……and then their lil coon ass “Black” friends just laugh right along with em and cosign the shit cuz they don’t wanna risk scarin off the White pu$$y……THAT’S the shit that really grinds my gears. 

      Me personally, I feel like if you don’t have a true awareness of the history of oppression behind the word, and especially if you’ve never had to experience the word bein used in a malicious way towards you then you got no business sayin the shit period, Black OR White (or any other race for that matter).  I know comin up I scraped my knuckles up many a day behind that word bein directed at me, and NOT as a term of endearment either…and I’m only 32 so this is fairly recent history I’m speakin on, not some Civil Rights-era shit. Here in a hot lil second I’m about to stop usin the word myself except in cases where it actually applies to describin ignorant mufukkas, like some of y’all cats I see commentin…

      • Detroit Chick

        I feel you, an I agree that we as black ppl need to take a look at ourselves an learn to treat each other better. I dont use the word around white ppl period just because it makes me feel funny, an I know they had better not repeat it in my presence.. I’ve never let any white ppl say it around me, regardless of where they are from, because the trailor trash white person, or the white kid in the hood still has a better opportunity at success in this country because of the color of their skin. They may be poor like u, but i guarentee if yall both clean up an go in for a interview he/she will get the job first. So Idc if its a white person from Detroit like me (Eminem) or a white person from Manhattan I dnt wana hear it. If i hear someone white tht I dnt know sayin it, i tell em to check themselves, give em a dirty look an walk away so i dnt deem it necessary to put hands on them if they have a negative retort. ITs not something they have to say, I have a few white friends an say other things, its not like  sayin nigga is a itch u have to scratch. Like its so taboo, they think it makes them feel part of the incrowd or cool, an we as black ppl owe it to our ancestors to tell them No, sorry but because of ur ancestry u cant say it because of what they meant when they said it to us.. Blame ur fore fathers,an find another slang term to use. I cant tell ppl what to do in their homes, jus dnt do it around me. Black ppl wana be accepted so its like maybe if I let them say it, they will let me in the circle//Crabs in a barrel mentality without even realizing it. Jay an Ye have made so much money an have some much influence they could actually speak out on her asyin it an make a difference. White ppl tht wana be in their good graces wouldnt say tht shit no more I bet. Know he jus made a geriatric rich white man his daughters Godfather, he’s come a long way from Brooklyn an I dnt knw how good tht is other than in terms of having money.

    • I’ll tell you where the real damage in the word nigga is, and yes it does have more to do with US than it does them.  It’s cuz it’s so much easier to do harm to a nigga than it is a brotha, period point blank.  Think about it…..if you heard someone talkin about “Man I’ma ride on them brothas”, or “I’ma fukk that brotha up if he don’t get me my bread”, you’d look at him like he was from another planet cuz that shit don’t even SOUND right.  Replace the word “brotha” with “nigga” though, and for some fukked up reason it makes the whole thing easier to stomach.  Quiet as kept we been callin each other niggas since the slave days, but it wasn’t til we made it the go-to term for referrin to each other that Black-on-Black crime and the crabs-in-a-barrel syndrome skyrocketed the way it did…….by no means am I sayin that’s the ONLY reason it happened, but it definitely played a factor cuz it caused us to view each other as inferior and less than human, just like when the White folks used it against us…..therefore makin it so much easier to hurt each other without so much as a second thought.  Regardless of whether we say it or not though, White folks still got no business sayin it PERIOD, cuz they’re the ones that kicked off the whole fukked up cycle to begin with.  But at the same time, it IS time for US to take some damn accountability for once cuz our use of it DOES still have plenty negative effects.  Like I said earlier I’m workin on curbin my use of it my damn self cuz I got a younger generation I gotta raise so I gotta lead by example.


        I actually find it more offensive when someone uses the word brother or sister because it has a racial connotation to it. does that person call all people brother and sister or just black people? Does the person use the term my nigga racially or without racial implications? It all depends, at the end of the day its a word, its all over the place, we cant censor it, so why be offended by it unless someone explicitly calls you the n word as an insult.


      “Hip hop has officially sold out our culture isn’t ours anymore”…says the beautiful black woman with hair done nails done everything did. Are you a sell out for pressing your hair or possibly putting tracks in it? Get over it. Its not that serious. Is the N word have a racially charged history? Yes. Has it been redifined to mean your brother or sister ? Yes. Is it used as a term of endearment? Yes. Is it used as a derogatory word? Yes. We can tell non black people they’re our niggas, and accept it when they say the same…but if they say it to someone who isn’t their nigga it’s offensive? Stupid ish. Niggas in Paris is a title of a song. People sing it. Kids sing it. White black orange yellow brown people sing it. Who gives a shit. Now if she went Imus on everybody and said look at all these dumb niggas in paris or ghetto niggas that would be some other ish. If I say your my nigga, its because your my nigga…even if you arent black. If I say I hate niggers then thats copletely different. If she got a pass then she got a pass. I don’t care. Why do you care. Is there a Nigga Pass membership form she forgot to fill out? Get over it. Every 40 minutes a black person is getting killed by a cop in America and you’re tripping on some white broad who didnt do shit but embrace the culture. She aint on here telling you to wear your hair naturally.



  • kwimby72

    says the man with a song called SUCKA NIGGA …..WHAT DID THEY SAY ON THE BOONDOCKS.NIGGAS ARE WALKING CONTRADICTIONS………..QUICK TO COMPLAIN …..no matter what side of this ur on( attack or defend, pro black or pro nigga ,or pro tom ) its a lost due to the contradiction of the situation . The fact that WE use a word that was used to degrade us as a term of endearment MAKES NO SENSE. Whats even worse is when we bash others outside our race for it cause  1+1= 2 but it can’t equal 2 for you because its different for US sounds retarded. I bet this was an inside joke when they decided to make this a single . Keep it moving

  • The pot calling the kettle black. If Black people want other races to stop using the word, then stop using it. That’s like women getting mad when dudes call them the b word, but then they call their female friends the same thing they hate being called. 

  • well at the concert Jay & Kanye said it’s a time where everyone should be allowed to sing along to their lyrics- so she did :/

  • but I bet you sing along with the lyrics.you bamboozing your self. I say nigga a hundred times a day to keep my teeth white.

  • Watch “Why Gwenyth Paltrow Should Say N1gga Everyday” On my utube.


  • ladynamor

    If we acknowledge the fact that too many blacks use the n word, let us acknowledge that blacks do not like other races using the n word. Uhhh, we cant get a pass on that one? She KNOWS it causes problems, regardless of the political argument. With her wealth and friends she is this cold to societies issues on this word? i.e. Don Imus, Kreayshawn, V-Nasty etc. If rich whites are this ignorant, the girl next door is horrible!!!! In my opinion, it makes other races mad that we can call each other the word and they cant.

    • johnblacksad

      again… i really don’t like the fact that ‘we’ are all here fightin each other for this sh!t… that’s what gets me madder by the minute… so i’m really not tryin to be cynical, nor smart nor sarcastic….

      I’m just thinking that no matter the reason behind, historical or else, if i was any other race than black, i’d be the first person to say “phuck you n!ggas” for even thinkin you can try to use a word you don’t want others to use… it’s either nobody uses it or each and everyone does exactly what he wants to. I do agree with you, other races prolly mad…

      Real talk, i wouldn’t let nobody use a word and then try to stop me from saying it… real talk, this the type of sh!t i die over without a problem

      This ‘endearment’ concept should have never been thrown out there, then it would have kept the only meaning it has ever had

      I’m tired of ‘us’ fighting over this sh!t…

      What up Malcolm?! what up Martin?! It’s all black… I love us!

      • ladynamor

        Regardless of what some people say the n word is an identifier used among the brother and sisterhood. The people who are offended by the word are easy to identify by the way they talk and view things. If you hate your race and are embarrased by it, you seeem more likely to defend others for the use of the word. Cant even give your own race a pass on using a derogatory term that WAS NOT seen as derogatory to the brothers and sisters who use it. There are whole communities of people who are intelligent and prosperous who do not allow other people to put a spin on the n word amongst brothers and sisters. Most other races only used the n word to degrade black people, Dont pretend like the brothers and sisters are using the term to degrade each other to defend another race saying the n word.When my girlfriends tell me “thats my ni99a!” That means he is more than just a casual friend, period. It has nothing to do with race or ignorance, its a word we use. Some of them say. “its just a word to white people too nowadays”, OK. Now how are you going to verify who is saying it as a good term or a bad term? In a world like today, some will spin it for good, some will spin it for bad when a white person says it. When a black person says it, it depends on their tone. With this many complexities to the N word, there is a lot to learn before you go hurling it around on Social Media Sites to be “down” with us. You have to go to class if you want a pass!!!!!! Using the term in the sentence” It really is ni99as in Paris, for real!” seems like it should only be reserved for blacks to say it, that why I would want to believe Dream did do it, Thats why Gwynett would want you to believe it too, Because she would know that was wrong after she came down off of whatever she was on. Defending her for saying it because other blacks have said it SHOULD only be an argument that other races have with us, BLACK PEOPLE KNOW BETTER< STOP COONIN! Slave owners also said " Thats my ni99a right there". Is it the same?

      • johnblacksad

        Supreme Peace to you Earth Ladynamor,

        Know that in the first place i’m totally down with your view… i’m fine with the ‘endearment’ concept… and even between black people, you definitely just can’t use that with anybody, it’s only a few of your down azz people within your circle… can’t just run up on a random n!gga… uh… i mean brotha, and call him a n!gga… that’s very niggerish indeed
        …and like you said, you can pretty much easily identify black people that are offended by it.

        In no way am i tryin to defend her and give her a pass, i think she should have never texted that in the first place, that was dumb, stupid, provocative, ignorant, whatever you wanna call it… the thing is though i’m not offended, and i refuse to take offense… i know some may not agree and it’s all good, but that’s me… my train of thought is this : i know i’m no ‘nigga’ so even… no… especially if she meant harm, then thats when i’m definitely not gonna take offense… i’m no ‘nigga’, same reason me and my homies can call each other that… it would be interesting to know if the slaves were calling each other ‘n!gger’ or ‘nigga’… wouldn’t be surprised if they didnt

        My above comment only came from tryin to picture what i could possibly think if i wasn’t black… and to whom it may concern, i’m very proud of my race…sheeeit!

        “Cant even give your own race a pass on using a derogatory term that WAS NOT seen as derogatory to the brothers and sisters who use it.”

        I’m really not the problem here… the thing is no matter how you try to put it and explain that the term is not used in a derogatory way by some black people, there are loads of other equally black people that will never never never agree with you.

        Some black people don’t want the term used at all
        Some black people want only blacks to use it
        Some black people just dont give a fcuk…

        Please let’s just not blame any of em…

        I really want this debate to stop being so heated… like i said.. The Malcolm way, The Martin way, it’s all black, i love us!

        I might have had a few cynical or sarcastic comments to add on to the heat and i regret them. This some real sh!t for real…

        My only wish from now on is that we don’t let that stupid fuggin b!tch tweet divide us some more.


      • ladynamor


  • i appreciate Q-tip for what he has done in hip hop…but………….the cause of the problem is when you have (us) using the “N” word in everything thing we say. Part of a normal conversation. Its sad cause more then half of the conversation probably has the “N” stated.

  • johnblacksad

    Officially, slavery has ended… but

    I believe this whole debate comes down to one question and one question only :


    Yes? No? Much more complicated than that?

    somebody talk to me

  • BoldSpice

    Monkeys chill. How about this? If you got a pet name for your girl and i walk up calling baby that pet name would you be upset? Yeaaahhhhh! So we understand boundaries now don’t we? Quit using this excuse for 8 year olds that well their doing it so why can’t I? Because for one it used to get your AZZZ kicked. These white folks know better. And if the cracker has any respect for you they wouldn’t use the word at all. But you got some of these wanna be Muslim cats like the coon below, who makes our race look like sambos because they condone and defend this shyt. Don’t call yourself pro black and then blame blacks for white people being racist. You look like a moron. Now that makes me madder by the minute 😉 You can use all the big words paragraphs and quotes you want but at the end of the day a fool is still a fool.

    • johnblacksad

      yeah… peace to you too! i’m tired…

      What Peter says about Paul tells more about Peter than Paul

      • BoldSpice

        Just my opinion brother. I didn’t say you had to like it.

      • johnblacksad

        are we free yet though? answer the goddamn question and stop tryin to be slick… you ain’t no cat dog…

      • BoldSpice

        Hellz no we ain’t free. This topic, convo, and your comments show that.

      • johnblacksad

        we’ll never be free then…

        you listen to that Smoke DZA’s Rugby Thompson? roll one and play… sh!t’s bangin! allhiphop…

      • BoldSpice

        Didn’t hear that yet. But I’ll give it a listen.

  • Q Tip is still looking good.

    • Tyree Dawson

       all a nigga gotta do is look good

  • Ya’ll know what the sad part about this is?  After all this is said and done, my black people will continue to use this word, rappers will continue to make songs and do interviews using the word a million times.  I heard some 4th graders using the N word at my son’s bus stop one day and you know what’s crazy? The same kids parents, who were black, were there and didn’t say not one damn thing.  Let a white person use the word we’ll just tap the black person with us and say “Ay nigga, you heard what this nigga just called me?  A nigga!”  SMGDH!

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  • Big Crimes

    anyone who gets mad at other races using the N word needs to make sure they aren’t out there using the F word. FA99OT yeah that one. thats a huge group of people who, like black people, have been killed in the past for being who they are. still discriminated against today. maybe even more so. 

  • Black people can say whatever we want. White people need to mind their own biz. Don’t worry about us saying nigga. Just because we say it does NOT give you a pass to say it. I don’t care if you’re friends with the Black Panthers. We only ask white people for ONE THING: Don’t say that shit. Yet you can’t even handle THAT.

    Props to Q-Tip. {{-_-}}