Happy Birthday Kanye West! Here's A Collection Of 10 Yeezy Approved Birthday Cakes

Today is Kanye West’s 35th Birthday, and he is probably celebrating at this very moment with his girlfriend Kim Kardashian, Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce. The couples are currently in Dublin for the “Watch The Throne” tour. Even though he’s out of the country, we want to let Ye’ know that we are still thinking about him here in the good ole’ USA!

In honor of Yeezy’s birthday, TheUrbanDaily put together an awesome post of surefire Yeezy approved birthday cakes. Check out the selection of cakes below:

MPC CAKE – It all started with the beats so what better cake for the Super Producer than an AKAI MPC confection?

AIR YEEZY BIRTHDAY CAKE – Talk about putting your foot in your mouth…

DAFT PUNK CAKE – Will eating this make him feel “Stronger” ?

JESUS CAKE – He made “Jesus Walks” so he ain’t going to hell, he might as well celebrate properly.

LOUIS VUITTON CAKE – The Louis Vuitton Don can put all of his personal baggage in this cake and wish it away.

KANYE WEST HORUS CHAIN CAKE – Yeezy’s bling makes a tasty treat.

KANYE CHOCOLATE CAKE – This one looks like it has weed in it.

YEEZY’s 2 BIRTHDAY CAKE – The sneaker hasn’t even officially dropped, and people are already caking it up.

KANYE “CAKES” – This young lady not only changed her name to Kanye West, she got his name tattooed on her cakes. Would you blow out the candles on this?

Now blow out your candles and make a wish, Yeezy!

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  • Restlesscali

    I live in San Francisco and it is literally hundreds of people sleeping outside waiting on his new shoe… pssst. Glow in the dark, when you run, I just follow!

  • H. U. S.

    Ole girl couldn’t think of nothing sexier then ”Kanye” to put on her azz? I mean…that’s a instant turn-off! You hittin that from the back, look down to enjoy watchin that azz shake…and BAM! Kanye is jiggling up and down in your face…and the rock gets soft!!!

    The worst part is that it’s crooked……sad!

    • lkofie

      You know honestly….I’m just thinking about this poor young woman’s future in the sense that, she will most likely live to regret getting this absolutely insanely GHETTOFIED tattoo on her yes…private domain. If she’s to meet someone she feels could be “the one” her poor choice could end up being a deal breaker for him. I mean, I’m no man BUT I did instantly think the same thing you’ve pretty much confirmed…WHY/HOW would a man care to look at another man’s name tattooed on the woman he’s with? She better get some mainstream common sense and start saving her pennies to get this ridiculousness, future relationship deal breaker and distraction of a so-called tattoo OFF of her….JUST PLAIN SAD AND GHETTO.

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  • johnblacksad

    WHOA! @ you know what… 

  • timwest1000

    materialism and jesus. smh

  • rep87

    Very dis tastful and disrespect towards Jesus its something very wrong with Kanye

  • BXironlunz28

    all of these cakes look nasty as hell…….the air yeezy cake looks str8 though…thats celebrity life 4 ya!!!