Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Kanye West Going To Let Kim Kardashian's Mother Manage Him?

Happy 35th Birthday Yeezy!

We can all see that Kanye West is totally in love, or others may say infatuated, with Kim Kardashian, but would Yeezy let that infatuation affect his business? You bet he would! According to MediaTakeOut.com, a top-notch source has told them that Kim Kardashian has convinced Yeezy into hiring her mother, Kris Jenner, as his new manager.

Hold on one second. though. Is Yeezy really going to put his career in the hands of a reality show manager? He’s not that crazy — Jenner will allegedly be handling all of his non-music related business only.

The insider explained,”Kris [Jenner] is amazing in what she can get. If you’re a celeb, she can get you big money for tweeting, for sitting at fashion show, for doing interviews. . . It was an easy sell, Kanye was like ‘sure’.” But Kris Jenner will reportedly be handling more than just publicity and appearances for Kanye.

Kris will be helping Kanye get his DONDA fashion line distributed internationally at major retailers.

But you know once she’s in there, Jenner is going to try to take the whole pie! If she has her way, she plans to eventually be managing his touring as well. One thing’s for sure, Kris Jenner knows how to get money!

In related news we hear Kanye celebrated his birthday by giving Kim a blinged out “promise ring.” He supposedly gave Kim the ring in front of Jay-Z and Beyonce while in Ireland. Really Kanye, really?!

  • Jas1ne

    TMZ is Hiring Syd!

    • no until he takes a grammar class… wth is (which os today)???

      • Jas1ne

        LOL right? Regardless they can have her with these bull-ish stories

  • immackulate

    chicago dont want this niggah back i PROMISE
    why rappers treat hoes like housewives and housewives like hoes

  • Ya’ll quoting MTO? For Real? They make up BS on a daily basis. GTFOH!

  • Detroit Chick

    smh typical nigga, get on an still find it necessary to give his money to the white woman. Two white women really, cuz he tricking on Kim an he’s gona be paying her mother for managing him. First Amber pimped him for 2yrs now its Kim’s turn. Niggas will never learn..

    • World Wide

       Correction, this nigga will never learn.

  • ChinotheJet

    He seems happy. Let boy do him. As long as the music is up to par.

  • junj03

    Dear Allhiphop
    Sydney Lace should be relocated to some other things in your company.She is terrible at the rumors section & its dragging it down with facts & pop scene stories.Don’t let this site go down more…Sincerely yours,The People!

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    the begining of the end

  • World Wide

    what a sucka

  • rep87

    If this is true he is the dumb”ess HOMO on earth !

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  • jsj23

    Kanye West – typical street punk that eats White punn…i behind closed doors, while fronting like he down with the streets. 

  • Let’s hope not. Ugh