Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay Electronica's "Illuminati" Adulturer Says "Jay Electronica Saved My Life"

Last week, news broke that Jay Electronica was in the middle of a huge divorce between a powerful and filthy rich “illuminati couple,” Ben Goldsmith and Kate Rothschild. To bring you up to speed, Kate Goldsmith is an heiress of the Rothschild banking family, who has had infamous links to the Illuminati. Ben is her husband who is currently filing for divorce from Kate because he found out that Jay and Kate were having an affair and found illicit and sexy text messages to back up his suspicions.

Well, now Kate is coming to the defense of Jay Electronica and has even said that he “saved my life in many ways.” Check out the messages Kate posted on her Twitter page below:

Wow, the chick is going through a divorce and is accused of cheating with him, and she still defends Jay Elect and even praises him on the last tweet above. In the words of illseed, “Jay Elec went in and snagged him an heiress.”

Jay Electronica also recently tweeted the photo above of Kate accompaniyng him on a helicopter ride to a “Watch The Throne” concert recently. Jay is bold, isn’t he? I guess he ain’t scared of the Illuminati. Below is a photo of Jay Electronica with Kate’s estranged husband, Ben.

Jay is cold!

  • Black Exodus

    It’s a whole lot more to this story than what is being told. I wish Jay…luck and success because real money and power is behind him. Enough with the drama though…release some good music.

    Black Exodus ….We Diamonds 


    • Q.

       LOL That was the money line, wasn’t it tho?

      …Man, this story keeps getting better.

  • Sinbk Legend

    release a damn record or something alfuckinready b4 them illuminati niggaz make u disappear

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    once you go black….

  • Aight….

  • Jay is down with the Rothchild’s..fuck an album

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  • R W

    that picture is CLEARLY photoshopped….

  • ccwaterbound32

    RESPECT!!!! to go from the Magnolia Housing Projects In New Orleans. to boneing one of the richest brizzles in the world!!!! now that’s a playa right there!

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  • KLewis

    STFU with this Illuminati crap!!! You’re just making black people more ignorant. There was a group that was called the Illuminati that had a very brief (AND I MEAN BRIEF) history back in the 18th century. They were labeled as heretics because they had ideas outside of the church, which you know will get you shunned. The modern “Illuminati” is nothing more than the anti-semantic rantings of some racist who didn’t want to use the term “Jew” anymore.

    There are no secrete societies running the world. Just rich people who know black people are too ignorant to actually care about what’s real. Not boogeymen.

    • Tee

      You have A LOT more reading to do fam. A LOT.

      • I do agree that the Illuminati thing is irritating… But it’s real, nonetheless. And if you know anything about it, then the name “Rothchild” should ring some big-ass bells for you. At the same time, I do share your sentiment. Haha.


        he just told you illuminati = jew

      • immackulate


      • $11625525

        Tee S, the reading you do is no different to reading an illseed article or a posting by a blogger; it’s a series of someone else’s thoughts and opinions. Do you write books? Do you research what you find in the books you read and if so, how extensively? Do you go on archeological digs? Do you get on planes and visit the places you read about, meet people and interview scholars?

        There’s so much internet/youtube propaganda out there, so much poli-tricks that, if I was a successful businessman who’d made millions you would probably accuse me of being such yet, if I told you now that I was part of “the illuminati” you would say that I wasn’t just because I said that I was.

        This witch hunt is like walking into a building with one door and spending a lifetime looking for an exit to the world you left when you walked in there.

        WAKE UP! 

        Businessmen network, these people are business people who network, well! Money breeds money, searching for the truth behind a hocus pocus occult is a waste of time, study business and you might just find all of the answers to the secrets you’re trying to uncover.

      • Isiah

        John f. Kennedy and Dwight Eisenhower, as well as Woodrow Wilson warned us about these people, it goes way past just a theory by bloggers.
        “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.” -Woodrow Wilson, after signing the Federal Reserve into existence.

      • Tee

        Where did I say that my reading comes from internet and that I watch YT videos about this? Step up your reading comprehension.

      • johnblacksad

        Ever since ignant black people like you got hold of that illumish!t, they ran hard with it and never looked back… the ironic part is ya’ll doing it in the first place to appear ‘intelligent’ & knowledgeable… but fam, the sad truth is it only displays an incredible amount of stupidity and a definitive lack of the slightest logic!

        Don’t you know these rich people too busy getting more paper for more PJ’s, better helicopters, bigger yachts, clearer stones, nastier gold diggaz, more everything period… that’s all there fcukin is to it… they wouldn’t even waste a minute of their lives going to some dumb azz secret party with Bush & Rihanna & every new star your non-thinking azz wanna throw in there.

      • biafra

        yeah, the rich people u are referring too are all members of knight of malta. the illumbrados are real, and loyola started it all. these so called enlightened ones know things simple minded people like you don’t. you talk about logic, that’s the distraction. there’s nothing logical about the reality u’ve been handed to. it doesn’t matter if u believe it, but monetary system is a perfected system of slavery where u don’t have any option but to be chained in the lies.

      • johnblacksad

        “the rich people u are referring too are all members of knight of malta” …ALL?

        Thank you and good night, thanks for stopping by

      • biafra

        majority of em have their loyality in vatican. i don’t go off on this ish though, but i just felt like u are generalizing ish when u insinuate that anyone that talks about illuminati ain’t logical. it’s just being aware of shit, it does’t stop me from getting my 40 hours a week and raising my daughter. Illuminati is real, my uncle is Rosicrucian and i know what am talking about. i know he do time warping and ish, he can be anywhere without travelling and all. there’s something that goes way beyond your logic.  

      • churchboy2

        You just proved JohnBlack right with every dumb thing that you posted.

        1) Stop getting your info from Dan Brown novels
        2) Those societies aren’t that secretive if so many poor idiots are posting about them online. (No offense)
        3) Just because this lady’s grandfather was “allegedly” involved with this group, does not mean that she is. (Does your granddaddy’s NAACP membership include you?
        4) Secret society theories are ultimately a way for people to excuse their own personal lack of success in life…

      • biafra

        seriously, i don’t even know who Dan brown is and i don’t care.  if u talk about success, it’s relative, what u might consider as success in your place, might not be the same in where i grew up. people talk conspiracies in politics, religion, cults, fratanity, there’s nothing wrong with it. u would rather prefer me talk about lil wayne and nicki minaj than this right? alright, why don’t u go elsewhere and comment, why on a page that talks about jay elect and illuminati family? people like you and your groupie mate are the type that go around dropping comments on things that doesn’t interest them, it’s called trolling and trolls are no lifers (no offense).

      • churchboy2

        …how this turned into a “You must like Lil Wayne” discussion is beyond me, but thanks for contributing.

        In fact, you actually proved my point #4 above: You consider yourself a “lifer” on this website (which I equate with a lack of success in life), and yet you are on here rambling about “secret societies that run the world.”

        Can we at least agree that cats on their computers blabbing about secret societies will never run the world?

      • biafra

        if you are successful according to the western criteria, u wouldn’t have replied someone u assume have personal lack of success. i guess everyday u go to church, u expect the pastor to still talk to you about sowing seeds and ripping imaginary blessings, hope it’s working for you. what shows you are successful? oh, u don’t talk about secret societies, i see.

      • Antonio Diaz

         YES! this is great!

      • immackulate

        the societies are SECRET because they never come out and REVEAL themselves … why do you think JFK was killed after his speech about SECRET SOCIETIES running the gov’t he was ELECTED president under

        once you said its PEOPLES OWN WAYS TO EXCUSE THEIR LACK OF SUCCESS right there showed me that you aint in the right mindframe buddy …you think STEVE JOBS took that success with him when he died?

      • johnblacksad

        hey, i’m african… don’t take the mysterious road with me, i’ve seen some sh!t in my days… i aint talkin bout no Rose-Croix ninjaz, ain’t talkin bout masons… i’m saying that this illumistupidtheory the way ya ninjaz like to present it, where it’s bill gates, warren buffet, ellison, jobs, arnault, mittal, kamprad.. etc that’s just dumb as fugg

        what about Oprah? they let her in too or her money still too young? 

      • biafra

        Being african don’t mean shit,  know a lot of africans who don’t believe nothing about the mysteries after they get off university. i see bill gate all the time, i don’t care if he belongs to one club or another, it’s not my priority in life. i guess u are more interested in this ish than i do. i don’t even understand why u getting all worked up, i kept it civil, now u flipping off like i stimulated your redundant brain. sorry mr african, but biafra as a monica should already be enough to explain it all to you. what i said about vaccine is a fact, after W.H.O did their vaccination, aids spread, they blamed it on green monkey. i was gonna knock some white dude out for saying ish on that but i chiiled. trust me, if it was a black dude like u, i would out u to sleep, at least i would try.

      • biafra

        i guess all u do is run your patty mouth on the internet. Read up and stop talking about logic as if u’ve ever studied that in a classroom before. well, i love the fact that the internet gives us the priviledge to be anonymous in order to expose our ignorance and rant about bullshit. i know what is happening to you, it happens to the society as a whole, when sometimes goes contrary to the mode of conformity, every one flips, the society injects a mechanism to bring everything into order. it’s like telling a christians that trinity is false. trust me, i can argue on both sides, but i know a lot to believe there’s something happening. don’t be replying me, read, read, and read yourself out of ignorance. oh, wait, they don’t have libraries where u are at. smh

      • johnblacksad

        trinity is not false… ice, steam, water… 3 properties, 1 element… peace

      • Antonio Diaz

         you def that dude that belives everything they read, cause your “trustworthy family member or friend put you on” ever think these people are just as loony as you?

      • immackulate

        antonio diaz … i aint no looney tune but BIAFRA aint as foolish at he sounds – i see you dont do research either

      • immackulate

        i gotta question … do you try to research what people say before shaking it off as untrue …

      • johnblacksad

        it depends…

        i already knew about the Rose-Croix thing his uncle is in… nothing but another sect out there…

        only thing running the world is the dow jones, nasdaq, dax, cac40, ftse… etc… that’s it… these rich people naturally network… they lobby and pull strings that’s true… but i just want people to stop with these secret meetings and secret rituals…

        of course the richest people in the world are gonna make sure they remain rich and use all of their huge power to do so… what’s not natural about it? do you really need a secret illuminati meeting to figure this out? c’mon people let’s be for real… seriously

      • immackulate

        i dont care SO much about the secret meetings as i do the fact that WE’VE BEEN LIED TO = TRICKED INTO THINKING ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY becuz we want so bad to play THEIR game … P-DIDDY rich as a mf but he aint WARREN BUFFET rich but whats worth having it all if you lose your soul “its hard for a rich man to inherit the kingdon of heaven” we need to understand that we are a spiritual people of PROMISE and not these JOHNNY COME LATELY type dudes ALL ABOUT A BENJAMIN

      • johnblacksad

        the illuminati theory only works in a perfect world… which this one isn’t!

        Know Thyself and thou shalt know all the mysteries of the gods and the universe. 
        ya’ll actin like these so-called illuminati ninjaz are not HUMAN

        Know Thyself and thou shalt know all the mysteries of the gods and the universe!!!

      • immackulate

        nah most are definitely human but SOME are posessed with evil spirits “know thyself” is an age old african/kemet proverb which holds true but you still need to know AND RECOGNIZE  the NATURE OF THE THREAT

      • Antonio Diaz

         bor you on bath salts? you just said only you and your uncle mr.crazy-name know the deal??   ONLY YALL??? and he TIME TRAVELS you say? think you met your uncle watching too many episodes of LOST

      • biafra

        and i don’t mean the jay z rich, am talking about the heavy weight. bill gate got interest on vaccines and new vaccines, and people like me know that’s how they spread aids in africa. 

      • johnblacksad

        oh, so that’s why Bill Gates left microsoft…. i get it now…. he thought he could make way more money by slingin aids in africa so he can sell the vaccin back to them, even though most africans wont be able to afford it… and even if that vaccin aint officially out…. makes a lot of sense if you’re dumb!

        Yo, you think they let Steve Jobs come to the ilumireunion dressed in jeans and sneakers too?

        poor you!

      • Antonio Diaz


      • immackulate

        john blacksad i have a question my bruvah … what african tribe was responsible for the TRANS-ATLANTIC slave trade w/ the Europeans … and why did the Spanish Moors sell EVERYBODY out?

      • johnblacksad

        Peace NorfD

        I don’t have the exact answer to that… couldn’t tell you how it went down exactly.
        I have noticed this trend recently where african-american wanna blame africans for selling them out to europeans… the way i see it, it’s not worse than ongoing black-on-black crime… not that i condone it… but i seriously think you can’t just sit there and point at actual africans like they’re guilty of the slave trade… my belief is that what happened there, besides europeans capturing their own slaves, african tribes probably just used to sell defeated tribes to europeans… it ain’t like africa was all peace and love either… these tribes were fighting each other, alliances, etc.. so i’m guessin it was nothing to them to sell prisoners they made from other tribes… and this goes for lotsa tribes, not to say all of’em… plus i’m pretty sure that many african-americans probably have ancestors that were selling slaves until they got caught one day too…. it seriously can’t be a one-sided thang… on top of that, i really believe that black-on-black slave trade is nothing in comparison to what the europeans have captured themselves…
        …just my two piece… whatchu think?
        as for the moors tho… fugg them ninjaz… they have never liked dark skinned black folds in history ever… fugg em

      • immackulate

        i think you hit that on the head for the most part MY BRUVAH … conquered tribes were taking into captivity and used as slaves HOWEVER their ELDEST/CLOSEST relative had the option to buy them outta slavery … its my understanding that this was going on almost since the beginning of time becuz it was natural to exploit weaker or conquered tribes … the muslims played apart in the slave trade as did the SPANISH MOORS who COMPLETELY sold out after decades of using WHITE SLAVES in spain began to have an affinity for white women and the program switched around – they started colonizing SPAIN and teaching the EUROPEANS the way of life … even gave them a map of the known world along with showing them how to get to WEST AFRICA were slave trading was big business for colonization and even sailed with columbus to get to AMERICA – where BLACK MOORS had white slaves in abundance but as the 13 colonies began to become colonize it became outlawed to have a certain amount of white slaves – so they bought up all the black slaves they could … im sure im leaving some things out as well as some thoughts being that i dont fell like proof reading right now  

      • Antonio Diaz

        ahh mr. i know more than everyone cause i read more! great…we need more guys like you…smh

      • immackulate

        false MY BRUVAH it all derives from EGYPTIAN culture

    • kingjoe08


      • johnblacksad

        Kudos to you for not being fooled unlike millions on this planet.

        That’s the purpose right?… at least that way you can convince yourself that you’re not being fooled… ok, i see

    • immackulate

      man you dont know what the phuck you typing about – it was the KNIGHTS OF TEMPLAR that were considered HERETICS and banned from outside of the church …
      but the “enlightment” comes from EGYPTIAN CULTURE adopted now by EUROPEANS

  • In that picture, Jay thinking; “You know I’m f***ing your wife right?”

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    It’s always the super, pro-black ones that end up bagging white girls lol.  

  • mrgibson

    So she basically had an arranged marriage to this guy for political/money purposes it seems.  I’m surprised it didn’t go sour sooner.  How can you marry someone at 17 when you’re still a child?  That’s some crazy shit.  Jay probably exposed her to shit she never even thought about seeing lol

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      yeah shes a easy come up since 17 smh shes something like a virgin … probably dieing to get turned out smh …. def hope not tho … but u know how the industry can be tho the influence is there …. shes a white girl thats never been waisted lol

  • water_ur_seeds

    shits about to get supa ugleeeeeeeeeeey *word to jigga*

  • $11625525

    People seem to skim read around here, she’s his manager, what’s he supposed to do, fire her because she let him smash? This type of shit happens every day, just not always with high profile people. I can’t wait till NaS drops his new album, then hip hop silly season can go rest up for a while.

  • dmxisrealdude

    TO ALL MY NEEE GGGGGAAA ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!1 !!!!!!!111111111111


  • cool..but what about that album?

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  • If you look at Jay’s right hand in the pic, he’s throwing up the illuminati sign for “bone’n your b!tch”….. sneaky, sneaky

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! good 1

  • Yeah yeah yeah….just drop that album homie!

  • Bosshogg973

    The GOD dropped that knowledge on her and gave her that wisdom and understanding and enlightened her. Now she open!!

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    lol jay is a snake but thats just on the  surface seems thats there more to this story 😉

  • Jay!

  • You can 

  • The illuminati is very real. You can believe in the name or not, but please do believe that money makes the world go round. And, the people with the most money (who you will never see in forbes) make sure everything goes as THEY planned it. That’s reality. 

  • He wishes he would have shot that nigga that day they made that picture

  • D_Ably

    Its funny how everyones lappin up this damsel in distress BS, if shes really illuminati i can’t see her giving a crap about no rapper. Shes using him to get back at her old man for tellin lies to the press, watch this space.

    • Actually her father was murdered for not being willing to “go along with the plans.” So though she may be a part of an “Illluminati family”, she most likely is not “Illuminati” herself.

  • The Rothschild They Murdered (KATE’S FATHER)
    August 11, 2011

    Apparently, the Illuminati are not immune to lethal attack, when they administer it themselves.

    by Henry Makow Ph.D.

    People used the word “gentle” to describe Amschel Mayor James Rothschild. 

    He was the only son of Victor Rothschild’s second marriage, and after his older half-brother Jacob, heir to the Rothschild dynasty. (“Mayor” was his mother’s surname.)

    Amschel’s obituary stated: “Where his father was of large and pugnacious build, Amschel Rothschild was tall, thin and strikingly graceful [after his mother]. His bushy head of hair … emphasized large, sad brown eyes. He was precise, almost obsessively tidy, enjoyed making difficult cocktails and revisiting old jokes. He loved his farm, his children, restoring old outhouses, extending his lawns, going to bed early.”

    As a teenager he raced motorcycles and later vintage cars and bi-planes. “He started racing classic cars in 1974, owning successively a Lotus 10, an AC Cobra, a famous 1954 250F Maserati, a 1964 Willment Daytona Coupe in which he won two Historic Sports Car Championships…”

    He married brewing heiress Anita Guinness in 1981 and had three children, Kate (b.1982); Alice (b.1983) and James (b.1985). He farmed during his twenties and didn’t join the family business until 1987. He served an apprenticeship before being appointed executive chairman of Rothschild Asset management in 1993. His obit continues:

    “Amschel was regularly billed as the heir presumptive to Sir Evelyn de Rothschild for the chairmanship (Sir Evelyn’s children being still too young to be candidates), though newspaper reports would be sniffy about his prospects; they implied his profile was too low, that with his gentle manner, he was too “nice”, that he lacked the killer instinct.”

    On July 8 1996 he was found dead in the bathroom of his suite at the Bristol Hotel in Paris. According to the official story, he had committed suicide by hanging himself with the belt of his bathrobe. Thanks to the now defunct “The Spotlight” we have the truth:

     Rupert Murdoch Ordered Editors World Wide To “Spike” The Story
    Exclusive To *The Spotlight*
    August 5, 1996
    By Sasha Rakoczy
    French police have  determined  that  Amschel Rothschild, heir to
    the fabulous Rothschild banking fortune, was murdered,  according
    to well-placed European sources.
    But,  French  Prime Minister Jacques Chirac has ordered police to
    close their investigation.  Media  outlets worldwide have ignored
    these mysterious developments.  Some have reported the death  was
    a suicide, other outlets disregarded the death altogether.
    As  if  obeying  an invisible choir-master, the world’s competing
    news organizations  silenced  their strident sensationalism this
    month to cover up the mysterious death.
    In the United States, newspapers controlled  by  Rupert  Murdoch,
    the  foreign-born  owner  of  the  world’s  largest media empire,
    either studiously  ignored  reports  that  Rothschild  had  met a
    violent end, or relegated it to the back pages as a  mere  “heart
    A  *Spotlight*  inquiry  has  established  that Rothschild, 41, a
    billionaire investment banker and  a noted sportsman in excellent
    health, was discovered lifeless on the floor of the  bathroom  of
    his  suite  at  the luxurious Bristol Hotel in Paris on July 8 at
    7:32 pm.
    Police found that he had  been  strangled  with the heavy cord of
    his own bathrobe.  One end of the cord was attached  to  a  towel
    rack,  as  if  to  suggest  that  Rothschild’s  violent death was
    “The  [French]  crime   scene   investigators   never  called  it
    ‘suicide,'” reporter Theirry de Segonzac told *The Spotlight*  in
    a telephone interview from Paris.  “After photographing the body,
    one  of  the  detectives  gave  the towel rack tied to the body a
    strong tug. It came right out of the wall.”
    Had Rothschild really attempted  to  hang himself from that rack,
    he would have ended up with nothing worse than a couple of  holes
    in the wall, de Segonzac said.
    There  was  no suicide note, no discernible cause or reason for a
    finding of suicide,  knowledgeable  sources  say.  Rothschild, an
    athletic and imperious figure in early middle age, was a renowned
    race car driver and the husband of Anita Guinness, herself one of
    the world’s wealthiest heiresses.  The couple had three  children
    who  spent  most of their time on the family’s baronial estate in
    Suffolk, England.
    Rothschild had arrived in  Paris  to  take  over  one of the many
    family consortium’s French assets — management operations  which
    were  to be merged with N.M. Rothschild’s London-based investment
    banking center.
    “Far from being ‘troubled,’ Amschel  Rothschild’s star was on the
    rise and he relished his success,” says an  executive  at  Keefe,
    Bruyetter  and  Co.,  a  respected  Wall  Street  monitor  of the
    financial services industry.  “I  don’t  believe  for a moment he
    suddenly went and killed himself.   There’s  much  more  to  this
    But  with  frantic  speed  —  within  an  hour  after the body’s
    discovery — authorities and  news  executives in both France and
    Britain launched an unusual joint offensive to preempt  a  public
    inquiry  or  a  press  investigation  into  the  circumstances of
    Rothschild’s death.
    “Murdoch sent a  hotline  fax  to  his  600-odd  editors and news
    managers around the world,  ordering  them  to  report  Amschel’s
    death  as  a  heart  attack,  if  at all,” said British broadcast
    reporter Ian Gooding.  “No  one  around  here  has ever seen such
    pressure to kill  a  front-page  story.   But  in  the  end,  the
    cover-up was complete.” 


    By the way this story was buried, it is obvious that Amschel was murdered.
    Apparently the Illuminati are not immune to lethal attack, when they administer it themselves. If an enemy of the Rothschilds had done it, believe me you’d know. 

    The Rothschilds appear to have a secret compact. Each member of the dynasty will die if he refuses to advance the plan for the subversion and enslavement of the human race outlined in “The Protocols of Zion.”  Obviously Amschel Mayor James Rothschild did not have “the killer instinct.” We don’t know the details but he became an obstruction.
    Amschel’s story is a great tragedy. A sensitive, intelligent and good man is born into a megalomaniacal family of generational satanists. He discovers he must be a ruthless predator. It’s not in his character. He has a soul. he resists and is murdered.


      Obviously, just because you are a part of an “Illuminati family”, that doesnt mean you are in fact a part of the “Illuminati”. You have to be willing to go along with the plans!

    • LOL Didn’t read.

  • crahhhh

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  • Sumthin_Big

    Who cares?? Can we just get a Jay Electronica album already…sheesh!!

    No one cares about the Illuminati or Adultery, we just want a full official version of Dear Moleskine!!