Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Eve Coming Back To The Big Screen?

YES! Rapper and actress E-V-E is headed back to a theater near you, and is currently shooting a new film entitled, Bounty Killer in Los Angeles. Eve tweeted out a few photos of herself on the set over the weekend in full character mode, along with the message, β€œMe today on set of movie BOUNTY KILLER about to kill someone.”

Check out Eve’s zombie warrior swag below:

She sure does look a lot like Nick Minaj in this V Magazine photo shoot, doesn’t she?

Anyway, I ain’t trying to start nothing! I guess this is the reason why we haven’t seen an album from Eve in over 10 years – she’s getting that Hollywood money. Eve did find time to hit the studio with Swizz Beatz in April. The two released a teaser for the track “Mama’s In The Kitchen” – but we haven’t heard anything else since.

Come on Eve, don’t be like Dr. Dre – get us some music!

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