Hip-Hop Rumors: Canibus Chokes During Rap Battle – The Move "Disturbs" Talib Kweli

Oh, man, Canibus just went down in flames over the weekend at the Pay-Per-View event – Vendetta: Battle Royale. He was eaten up by battle MC Dizaster, who is a beast in the battle game. Canibus could not keep up with Dizaster, and at one point, ran out of rhymes and pulled out a notepad. Rapper Talib Kweli was disgusted, or in his words “disturbed,” by the move and proceeded to berate Canibus on Twitter, tweeting:

“Is mercury in retrograde or something? Just watched Canibus pull out a notepad during a battle. It truly disturbed me!,” he tweeted.
“I rarely get confused. But I can’t front right now I’m confused.”

Producer Alchemist was at the battle and said it was even worse from his ringside view:
“Canibus and boxing died on the same night.

“None of the clips ive seen yet are equivalent to what it was like watching Canibus vs Diz live. It was like being on the set of a snuff film”

Watch Canibus choke big time below:

  • Oknas


  • lol Damn, a notepad at a battle? That’s hilarious smh

  • Joseph Thomas

    LL is probably sitting somewhere laughin his ass off…

    • David Gonz

       lets see ll vs dizaster

      • Hope you not referring to ” Big Bank Vs Little Bank ”

        LL still wins, he has to much history, accomplished to much, best he could do, is deliver a lecture to Diz, about the goals that he can touch, LL’s not a boxer, he’s more like Hip Hop’s Eddie Futch!

      • David Gonz


  • ccwaterbound32

    tsk tsk tsk UPS is hiring….

  • 2twelve

    this genre is slowly dying just the other day nas said he slap anyone who talk bad about gwenyth  paltro using the word nigga

    • Weedras

      you didn’t comprehend properly dude… he’s was saying she’s the type of friend he’d slap someone for… he wasn’t referring to what she said per se… smh… thats another reason why the genres dying… ignorance, lack of comprehension… ppl aint tryna see the full spectrum…

      • immackulate

        he uh slap someone over the WHITE GIRLS honor but wouldnt slap JAY-Z for disrespecting his daughters mama NATIONALLY … niggahs got they priorities backwards.  Thats why HIP HOP IS DEAD cuz the few niggahs like KILLAH MIKE that take a stand fall short to these fake azz niggahs like NAS – as knowledgeable as he is WHAT HAS HE REALLY DONE in 20 yrs besides drop more albums – he rap conscious from time to time but does he REALLY take that shyt to task?  Think about it!

      • You %100 Right!

        Shame this is what he has to do to maintain relevance.

        His first Track ” Half Time ” , on the ” Less than Zero ” soundtrack, was the wickedest, bloodclot gunshot track ever. First album feature on Main Source’s ” Live At the bar B Q “, ( large Professor is his Baby Mom’s , Carmen’s, cousin )

        First album, was wicked.

        Since then, one or two tracks & the rest is doo doo grits.

        ” Ninjaz is talented, but they let it go to waste!”…Wise Intelligent on ” Conscious Styles” Featuring KRS One!

        SMDH at Mentioning KRS One on this Canibus thread.

      • “doo doo grits”????  hahahahahahahahahahaha

      • Regardless, WTF is he to defend her?

        I mean, he saying that about Malcolm X? MLK? Assata Shakur? Sundiata Acoli? Leonard Peltier? Charles Dyer?

        He bugging & the broad bugging for tweeting that, Jay & Ye’ bugging for naming the song that, Nas bugging for naming his album that, ALL them Ni99az is bugging for using the word.  

        ** “ALL them Ni99az is bugging for using the N-word.  ”

        The execs are bugging for putting it out & blocking Wise Intellects track about …..well, they was bugging.

      • CaliTransplant

        fa real…ALL of these cats are bugging out! I couldn’t believe Jay and Ye’ would name their song “Niggas” in Paris?!?!..! They should’ve been checked for that shit..Even though the song was bangin..

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

         and folks wonder why jay and kanye have to perform the song 6 to 8
        times in the row …. ITS THE ONE CHANCE WHITE FOLKS GET TO SCREAM
        N*GGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITHOUT ANY REPROCUSSIONS
        …which is why @ that moment that chick thought it was cool to tweet
        what she tweeted ….. in my kanye voice … she was in her zone LOL 😉

      • Doesnt matter! I wouldnt defend a white “friend” for using the word nigga!
        Point blank….black people using it on each other is ignorance!
        White people using it on black folks is racist! Doesnt matter if they aren”t using it in a “racist way”.

    • David Gonz

       been dead gee

    • SMDH at Nas

  • Jas1ne

    I think I seen it all! This fool really pull out a notepad? You should’ve taken your loss and sat down when LL merked your career. Fail of the year my dude!

    • Ummm, actually, that merking gave him his career.  He did alright with LL, considering….LL Cool J been undefeated since Krush Groove ’82? When Uncle Rush was broke, getting Deboed by the record company, mob, etc.

      Now he’s debo’ing them & LL is a bonifide actor.
      ( Considering, he getting that Hollywood guap, & in reality, kicked open the door for Will Smith. )

      No shame in Canibus losing that one!

      • Jay Harper

        @twitter-16309085:disqus very well put, sir. Thanks for your insight!

      • +1

  • Oknas


  • Guest

    yeah I was there I knew when U seen him walk in the Venue it was over, the brotha actually looks pretty sick, sick as unhealthy, He must have been flat broke to commit suicide like that against battle raps best

  • immackulate

    i watched this DEBACLE yesterday on youtube … crazy shyt is CANIBUS still got paid

    • He would have me double if they would have advertised the notebook stunt.


    • You LIE!

      He did not say that! No fuggin way!

  • First, this isn’t a rumour this is news, 2nd..damn you guys are late with this….but got damn Eli Porter > Canibus at this point

    • Aww Man! Fugg yo’ hatin a$$ for making me spit perfectly good beer all over my keyboard after reading :

      .but got damn Eli Porter > Canibus at this point 


      You dead Wrong for that! Dead wrong! Especially since Eli didn’t use a notebook!

      Not a rapper, etc, so I don’t know, but in a freestyle battle,  isn’t that technically cheating?

      I know there is a grey area in terms of free styling, but that $hyt was WaaaAAAAAAayyyyyy in the Black!

      SMDH at Canibus 

  • Guest

    Rap game been dead for damn near 10 years my Nig, and Nas, Kanye, Jiggaman and the rest if these sweet tarts will let Gweneth get away with disrespect because they’re sub conciously in love with there master, thas why Nas will probably slap someone over her but slander a Nigga in a minute google Willie lynch speech

    • gweneth and jay n beyonce are like best friends. grow up. if u dont want people to say the N word stop saying it dont title your songs with it dont say it in songs and last but not least dont act like a bitch when someone repeates the damn word in relation to the song.

      This is knowledge. Soak it up mofuca!!!

      • Guest

        In my best little lost sheep voice,”Jay Gweneth and Beyonce are best of friends” Wow! My advice bro, turn off the basketball wives, put down the people magazine and stop letting these people deceive you it’s sad boss

      • who are these people deciving me?? they said it thier damn self!!!! i dont watch no damn basketball wives or any reality bullish reallity is outside thats enough for me.

  • At this point, you can only say two things…
    ” Ahhh, that’s just Canibus!” 

    The Other :
    ” Cocaine is a helluva drug! ”

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM


  • OaklandOxymoron

    This is sad… Hang it up Canibus… Smh

  • TruthSerum

    The worst part about it is him yelling at the crowd when they started to boo him, lol, dude is a sore loser. Watching Bis take L’s will never get old tho, first the apology video, now this

    Canibus = Hip Hop Charlie Sheen

    • hip hop charlie sheen?? i dont think so homey… sheen has a career still he got a new show coming out and prior was on the best show on TV. ima help you out here…

      Canibus = hip hop mike the situation of jersey shore.

      thats way better.

      •  Canibus = hip hop Pauly Shore

      • hmmmmmm… good 1.. lol

      • E McArthur

        whose pauly shore?

      • churchboy2

        LOL, that’s the point home

  • CPG718

    I dont get it….. This must be an attempt to boost corny ass Dizaster! To say Cannibus was killed is kind of stupid, if they battled to a beat then Dizaster would not win because he sucks over tracks! So they went verse for verse with no beat and Dizaster who has been spitting with no beats most of his career (because nobody wants him on their tracks) wins OH WOW! Get over it people… Not all studio MCs can do this spoken word crap that these battles rappers (WHO SUCK OVER TRACKS EXCEPT FOR MATH HOFFA) are doing. Real talk!

    • dude dude canibus sucks on tracks too!!! Thats why noone Fs wit him.. lol cmon now

      • no one Fs with him on tracks because they dont wanna look stupid on the same track.

  • Q.

    Damn, this is like a scene from the Twilight Zone. Amazingly sad to see. SMH This brotha was untouchable in his prime.

    Hold up…In one week we’ve seen niggaz turn cannibal, Nas throw on a cape for Becky Paltrow, and Can-I-Bus reading off a fukkin notepad in a battle?

    WTF…did POLE SHIFT come early? LOL

    • LOL yeah this has been one hell of a week!

    • bis was never untouchable… u just thought he was. lol..

  • reciprocal_eu

    I think you all need to watch the ACTUAL video.

    Canibus clearly states, BEFORE GETTING THE NOTEBOOK OUT, that Diz won, that Diz is the better battler and that Bis himself can’t freestyle.

    It’s only at the start of round 3, AFTER the forfeit, that Bis said that he had 30 pages of written to spit and that he wanted to give the crowd what he was actually going to spit.



    • He shouldnt hav signed up for a battle rap contest then…sign up for a notepad rapper battle or something. At least have the damn rymes memorized so yu can FRONT like they are off the dome. We probably would have believed him since his written shit is so crazy lol

      • Jas1ne

        Right? This fool is the biggest joke in hip hop right now. I’m glad Diz turned his back to him!

    • Jas1ne

      Dont matter. He knew what he was up against, he shouldve came prepared, and I’m not talkin about no notebook. 

    • canibus sucks dick yo.. he sucks he is NOT a lyricist. and it doesnt matter what he said the mofuca pulled out his damn notepad!!!!!! and the notepad rhymes sucked!!!! lol

    • TheInfiniteToker

      MadChild isn’t a normal battler, but he came out at King of The Dot last year and destroyed Dirtbag Dan, who is also a famed battle MC. Canibus has no excuses.

      • Jay Harper

        @RyanBritishSteelWhitelaw:disqus that was an awesome battle. Glad to see MadChild got away from the drugs.

    • Guest

      U sound crazy my man, what kind of REAL mc gets in a battle gets his ass chewed then says, awww u won, but check this shit I wrote in my notepad I coulda killed u wit? That’s bordrline means for an ass whooping especially after people payed to see a battle not a studio session. Bis should of stayed his ass where he was.

    • churchboy2

      Canibus was killed by Diz in the first round.

      Bis brought this notepad thing on himself by not taking his L like a man (Pun intended).

      He should have given daps and walked away. That “don’t you want to hear this?” mess was shameful.

      So much for a graceful exit from the game.

      Shame on everyone standing around him with a “Team Canibus” shirt on, LOL!

    • Darren Myt Collins

      If he knew he could’nt freeystlyle then why the hell did he except the battle and show up?

    • collin names

       the problem with that is Bis made a whole career claiming to be a BATTLER. Thats in everyone one of his rhymes! And now he has the chance to prove how ill he is with all those prewritten battle raps and he cant??? The worst part is, even those writtens were garbage! How are u gonna make a career off of being a “battle rapper” and then say you cant freestyle and cant even write battle raps for a battle?? very embarrassing to watch…

  • “CAN I BUS” uh no you cant 

  • If he’s not a battle rapper then why did he sign up for PayPerView battle rap contest????
    So he can pull out his pad and spit his written sh*t? Crazy!

  • is there another rapper with more fails then canibus?? i mean i rememeber when dudes thought that line about grabbin the mic off of LLs arm was cool.. nah it was always dumb.

    • KendrickColeKrit

      haha Dizaster brought that up in the battle

  • stop it, pac ish.. andy milinokois.. hahahaha and thats what he wrote??? i guess he thought it would sound ill if he yelled it with a mean look on his face hahahahahahaha canibus just stop it

  • “what da flucck u looking at me for.. DRIVE!!!” say what?? huh??

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  • i cannot believe what im seeing. this has to b a joke

  • I still got love for Bis… I just think he needs the right production and someone to coach his studio flows and hooks…Most producers are still in awe of what he brought to the game when he first dropped and never took the time to PRODUCE him… They just let him spit and never stepped in to tell him what he needed to hear… I think Wyclef could have been that edge he needed but like most libras, he felt threatened by Bis’ attention at a time when he was still an artist that produced tracks. Don’t forget that while most cats where out here making mix tapes, Bis was actually in the military fighting for this country… I never thought I would see the day when battle rapping would be regulated to kicking WRITTEN rhymes… You are basically telling cats to write rhymes in the form of battling… This is a travesty in itself…  Freestyling is supposed to be off the top… Most people have hidden their lack of ability to critically think and freestyle on the go…off the top… now its ok to kick written rhymes in a cypher… To me its like bricking a jumpshot of the backboard without calling BOARDS… Sure, you get the points of the basket but you get no props for making the shot… well if you are going to kick written, you need to call it first and step out of the cypher and do you… Then, you may enter again when you are ready to open you brain and think….

    • Bis is how old now? C’mon son……This was supposed to be CANIBUS. This man didn’t just rep Germaine Williams, he repped a generation of hip hop that always had his back throughout his countless bad looks within the past TEN years..This should be the EPIC FAIL…Canibus in the late 90’s AND early 2000’s spit rhyme after rhyme on numerous radio shows. He made HORRIBLE songs more times than not..I listened to this dude because he had aggressive battle bars. i felt that Bis could EAT, EAT, EAT, MC’s…This battle should have been his George Foreman moment. Instead it was his ” De La Hoya in drag ” moment…Bis is now the wanksta of battle rappers….To be a MC of his lyrical stature, memorizing battle lines should’ve been second nature. It was a bad PR move by all accounts. His arrogance, procrastination, and lack of hunger are disappointing @ best.

  • jsj23

    Damn, I don’t know what to say about this.  I need to think about this some more…Give me time.

  • Restlesscali

    Damn, You would think he would of had a better flow with the notepad but he was still shook! How are you going to stare at a book of rhymes and pause for like (??????) how many seconds and then come out with a one liner? He asked the crowd do they want to hear him but yet and still, he still has the notepad… damn fam, he was shook from the gate! 

  • thc980

    ummmmm…..nigga, nigaa, nigga, nigga, nigga…Ya’ll all sound corny….most of ya’ll must be white……lol…imjussayin.Hip hop aint dead we just dont cater to sucka no more….stop listenin to the radio for hip hop….

    • Alien Shadz

       Tell dem BRO !

  • I mean it was crazy to watch no question about it…but some of yall are beating your chest too much…there is really nothing to gloat, celebrate or talk shit about! Canibus is still who he is, he did get paid and this guy is still a nobody with his biggest claim to fame of beating a washed studio rapper waaaay out of his element…I mean cmon canibus whole life is on wikipedia thats like having a cheat sheet if your a battle rapper, dude killed bis even after his strongest verse lol!! its the equvelant to the last guy who knocked out tyson…whats his name again?? lol…he ought to be thanking bis for the “exposure” otherwise we wouldnt be saying dudes name in any capacity…bis shoulda just been a face in the crowd watching and got paid for an appearance…dude had NO REASON to lose to canibus if you ask me, he was in a win win situation… I think people were expecting to see canibus form heaven on stage or some shit or your just happy to be apart of something…on a side note I even seen the god RZA pull out a notebook on stage before during the blaze battle era…he lost to some nobody from jersey…

    • I totally agree, Canibus’ whole life is on a wikipedia. Dizaster definitely used that shit, but he had to do what he had to do, Beat him in a rap battle. 

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        canibus should of PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE or dont sign up for something you know your not prepared to follow thru with …. i agree with CHINOX and im a canibus fan … canibus had some of the illest bars i have heard especially during his introduction into the game … ijs this is like eventaully getting to see jordan play live and scott pippen is giving jordan a boost so he can get that  air time hes so famous for … and as a fan you thinking it was all mike … now your like WTF 🙁

      • Alien Shadz

        Cold.Canibus Best do something !

        Think MAYNNE THINK !

    •  ..the dude that beat top 5 hands down anyone that knows battles will tell you was a mismatch completely he bullied canibus

  • Mugshot_McGruff

    (Craig Mack voice) “You wont be around next yearrrr”

    oh wait, Canibus ain’t been relevant since that was said.

  • I told everybody that this dude was garbage.  But everyone was quick to hop on his dicc because he had a good diss song against LL.  Canibus sucks.

    • mother earth absorbs the blood i bleed… hip hop is my blood i believe, that i am not free and niether are you…the only time i feel free is when im rhyming in a booth-canibus for whom the beat tolls. is defintly not garbage but that performance sure makes him look like it. your only as good as your last battle and rite now your rite, he better come back and come back soon with some off the wall hard shit

  • MightyJFury

    This is one of the worst things I’ve seen on a screen…and I’ve seen Eat. Pray. Love.

    I can’t believe it’s the same Bis that spit:The Canibus is an animal with a mechanical mandible comin’ to damage you, spittin’ understandable slang at you. / I be the all seeing lyrical, hammerhead shark peripheral with three hundred-sixty degree visual.

    He even complimented (flirted with) the guy @ 2:44

    This made my inside-me sad.

  • slumlord_vinny

    I can’t believe the comments posted. Bis was one of the illest MC’s in the game at one point in time. He made history and brought the rap game to new heights. Dude has suffered some recent hardships and hasn’t been the same since he came out the military. Dude was in the US Army and served his country in war. A lot of stuff goes down when you have an M16 in your hand and your fighting for your life. He definitely gets a pass from me with the notebook thing. In the name of hip hop we should have mercy for dude. After the LL Battle, dude was blackballed from the industry. To me, he represents real hip hop. A lot of these young cats born in the 90’s don’t even have a clue of what hip hop is all about. When I ran with the Lo Lives, we had a saying we used  – Money Hoes and Clothes! To give the page some game, this is where BIG, Jay Z and Fab got there platinum formula from. Real talk, name me one album of the artists mentioned above that does not involve 75% of this magical formula. I don’t knock it because I was a part of it and I support their music but the rest of the industry is trying to duplicate the formula and they will never get it right because they wasn’t there for that point in time. Fab is actually a Lo-Life. Real Hip hop is all about creativity and making music about what you do and who your are. If you’re a pimp, then you rap about pimping, if you work at UPS and cut hair on the weekend, then that’s what you rap about. The whole G4 thing, Bentley’s, Gucci and Louie thing is corny. You have to have a style, your own style and a rap style that people know you for. That’s the whole thing, a real MC shouldn’t sound like no one else, people should know you for your style. That’s why Canibus is a dope MC, when he came out, no one ever rapped like him or in the style he created. ….. I was nice before Christ and the words Let there be Light ……I hop in the back seat and rhyme to the meter says 999.   I know I’m not crazy with this. 

    • TruthSerum

      I disagree with everything you said, not here to beef either just an honest rebuttal

      Canibus will never be an elite Mc, he’s all technical & no heart.

      He had a great amount of hype and industry support in the begining of his career but he choked. He never became the great MC people thought he would be. Canibus fans like to play the role of Revisionist historians and pretend like he never had a chance, but thats a lie. He was down with the fugees back when they were the hottest group in the entire music world, he had several high profile features, a beef with a mainstream Icon & millions of dollars of marketing pumped into his career. So dont act like he never had a chance. Pharoah Monch never had a chance. Canibus had a better chance them most, he just dropped the ball

      His music lacks soul, he is incapable of making a “T.R.O.Y” “Everyday Struggle” “Dear Mama” “Lose Yourself” or “It Was A Good Day” because his music lacks passion. All he has to fall back on are his technical abilities, which mean nothing to most people. Rhyming a million words together doesn’t reach anybody if the song is about aliens or math problems or some paranoid delusions you have about the illuminati being responsible for the problems you caused yourself.

      Was Chuck D the greatest wordsmith to grace the Microphone??……No, far from it, but his music meant something and reached people, which is why I would take him over canibus any day of the week.

      And his obvious jealousy over everybody more succesful then him doesnt help his case either. Dude has been stalking Eminem for over a decade like a deranged ex-girlfriend, he blames LL Cool J for “Black Balling” him when the truth is, LL probably never had to. His album in 1998 wasnt blackballed, it was promoted everywhere, he was on the cover of magazines. When the record failed is when the game turned its back on him. That has nothing to do with LL or Wyclef, it has to do with you not living up to expectations. The Music buisness turns its back on every artist who doesnt deliver, Bis is just the only one thats a big enough crybaby to develop some make believe conspiracy to make himself feel better about his failures.

      And I wont even mentioned that J Cole debacle

      Canibus is a brilliant technician but a horrible artist. When he pulled out that notebook it speaks volumes for the kind of MC he is. He had no power over that crowd from jump street. The white kid knew how to work the crowd, and how to get reactions from those kids. Bis just stood there and rappped, then got pissed off when things didnt go his way. Last night was a perfect example of the type of artist he is and always was. Pure Technique, zero soul

      • And that’s real!  And like that……we’re gone!

      • Darren Myt Collins


      • churchboy2

        Game, Set & Match to Mr. Chino.

      • yup yup i fucks wit bis but my man got a great point the only emotion canibus puts in his music is anger and its fine to a point but to really reach people you have to tap into there emotions and he seems a bit too bitter to do so

      • Jay Harper

        I love it. “The white kid”. I think he’s of Armenian descent if we are going to label people by race/ethnicity instead of name.

      • Alien Shadz

         i agree with some not all. song is about aliens or math problems or some paranoid delusions you
        have about the illuminati being responsible for the problems you caused
        yourself. – IF he doesn’t who will ?

    •  so what rev run WAS dope too at one time…

      • Alien Shadz


  • This was a painful site to see. I must say never was a canibus fan, yeah I think L killed him, but for real he did his thing back in the day for real. He had a style that couldn’t be touched by many and was imitated by even more. I must not have been prepared his writtens even sounded bad……BUT this dude disaster was wack, I mean he had a couple good lines but for the most part it sucked…..and dont yall even think that wasn’t written. Canibus was shook soon as he started forgetting, I wished he would have just quit halfway through the first round, but even with that this other guy didnt come with much. Also I don’t think any body else could have got that much attention for a PPV rap battle than he could, nobody….don’t forget that!

    • Jay Harper

      KOTD is a written battle league (along with Grindtime [RIP], Smack/URL, No Coast, O-Zone, etc.)

  • FUBU Hilfiger

    I expected him to pull out a pencil and edit them sh!tty a$$ raps.


  • dmn, watching the video… Canibus looks unhealthy as FCK. god dmn, this is really sad.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       lol ha ha now you get it …. i cant knock anyone for going in on cani especially if they know what kind of artist his is ……

  • I cant believe everyone talking ish on Bis, have some respect for him at least. I dont see any of you ish talkers battling ANYONE on PPV first of all. 
    you all be working at Mcdonald’s or the mall thinking you the all that, and have NO room to be saying wtf you all be saying. I dont listen to battle rappers on my effing iphone on the way to work to pump me up about life. I listen to MC’s. DMN the nerve of some ignorant a$$ mthafkers

    • digitallife

      Son if it was our job to be a rapper, a battle rapper at that i’m sure we’d all had been better prepared even it was to take an L..this bullshhh was inexcusasble..especially for a man trying to bring career back to life.

  • Shakir Eddericks


  • I’ll battle you in the flesh, I’ll battle you on the net. I’ll battle you over the phone, you can call me collect! I’ll battle you for the respect, I’ll battle you over a blank check. I’ll battle you with a gun to my neck. I’ll batle you standing over the toilet with my d*ck out, I’ll battle you juggling a hand grenade with the pin out. In a stolen car with the fin number ripped out. Drinkin’ a guiness stout and doing a 360 spin out!!! 


    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       yup thats the cani i remember too and the cani i was hoping to see on that ppv battle smh what f happen BIZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

      • Guest

        those bars weren’t lies. Canibus spit so much stuff that was perfect for rap battles back then that he’s got nothing left now. Justkidding. But seriously I think it’s because of how much his style has changed over the years. “untouchable when it comes to rhymin’ but I struggle in private” Ya he’s still an amazing lyricist in my opinion but he just isn’t good for the battle scene

    •  That Canibus died years ago…In fact, that is a CB4 because when he finally had the chance to prove it……..

    • collin names

       i guess those bars were all lies… thats what it feels like. the worst part is he built his whole career talking about battling. He couldn’t do the ONE THING he always swore to us he could….

    • Alien Shadz

       Sad. I Feeel to cry. he should of just spat known rhymes.He would of TORE IT DOWN.


    I love Bis but these dudes had time to prepare for this battle and he shoulda loaded his mental clip.  

    • Yeah, he had time to prepair. Like i said…he could have wrote rymes and memorized them and just spit. I’ve seen plenty of “freestyle” battles where dudes weren’t going off the top and the rymes were so dope that nobody cared. Either way…it would have been better then pulling out a notepad.

      •  thats the thing with these battle leagues now though, its known that its not freestyle, they are given time to prepare to write their material and memorize it, some are good enough to have enough space in between bars to add something off the top if they want to rebuttle a line but thats it…canibus is still dope but he should of been prepared, especially when you are getting paid to put on a show for the fans as well

  • $25506309


  • digitallife

    Awww dudes now tight that bus brought out the pad, when haven’t rappers in the past 5 years been spitting written shhh like it’s freestyle..I don’t respect no dude with pre-writs trying to claim he’s freestyling…guess folks forgot what the “Free” and “Style” in freestyle really means..even you come live on the spot or you hot garbage…in my humble opinion..someone call up supernatural please!!

    • off the head and freestyling  are 2 different things my nigga canibus did sum bullshyt

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  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    wow…as a fan all i can say is wow……it was a sad day…damn

  • TruthTalks

    I don’t give Dizaster a win in this battle, any simple minded battle rapper would’ve defeated Canibus that night. Canibus wasn’t prepared and even admitted that he wasn’t a freestyler, which is shocking because he built his career on claiming to be one of the best freestylers. This is more of a Canibus self inflicted permanent injury & he ended his own career, Dizaster was just the lucky rapper to be standing across this lame that night. Dizasters not original he reminds me of Eminem.

    •  “Dizasters not original”  that must be the first battle you have seen of his..

    • Jay Harper

      A bit before the battle, I was talking to Poison Pen, and he made a good point: He knew no one that had ever been to or seen Canibus in a freestyle battle. It was just part of his image and allure, perhaps.

  • $19837670

    canibus been lost it a while ago, this was just the nail in the coffin

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  • humiliating “yo yall wanna hear my shit?!”  “let me spit my shit!”

  • Battle rap doesn’t exist. No one is flowing 50 words in 30 seconds and claiming its off the top. At least Dizaster has the good sense to memorize his notebooks

    • Jay Harper

      King of the Dot is a written battle league, as are Grindtime, URL/Smack, No Coast and others.

  • Nick

    Personally, I’m only feeling two types of battling: (1) off-the-top freestyling (which I’ve done, but wasn’t very successful lol) and (2) battling song for song like lots of the greats have done (i.e. LL vs Canibus, Jay-Z vs Nas, KRS-One vs. MC Shan). Why have a written battle league??? The major rap battles I mentioned are different, but to have two “nobodies,” just average dudes, battling each other with written rhymes? What’s the point? If you’re going to write something hot, it better be a good song or at the end of the day, no one will care.

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  • franswa vila

    the ting dat is distroying the rap game are bitter like little wayne and his copcats and some
    other rappers who copy aswell and the bad thing about this form of copying is that no one is free of it