Meek Mill and French Montana

Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Meek Mill And French Montana Charter A Plane To Go To A Night Club?

MMG rapper Meek Mill instagram’d several photos of himself and Bad Boy/MMG artist French Montana in front of a private jet along with the caption, “Just to go to LIV on Sunday, to be continued.” So did the two artist charter a plane to go to the famed Miami club?! Well, sort of.

The two flew out to Miami to shoot a scene at LIV for Meek’s new single, “Amen”. Check out a few more photos below courtesy of Meek’s instagram:

Meek also shot a few scenes for “Amen” in his hometown of Philly on the steps of the famed Art Museum. Drake, Jeremih, and Travis Porter were also on deck. Take a look at a few photos from the shoot courtesy of Hip-Hop Since 1987:


  • dayleedumped

    draker looking like a buster

  • water_ur_seeds

    This is worthy of being published on a hip hop website?

  • junj03

    Sydney Lace will kill this site single handedly. RIP AHH

    • fish salad water

      I’ve been saying that for a minute… Sydney Lace is slowly killing this site.  Yall gotta email jigsaw and let him know how I did.  

    • 2twelve

      yea but you gotta see it for what it is now days rappers life are not that interested thees no beef nothing what you expect her to talk about

      • junj03

        illseed always find something…

    • she is a joke.  illseed needs to get back to where he was a year ago.  not one thing she posts is an actual rumor.  they are news reports.  

      • fish salad water

         Correct.  Nothing rumor about her posts.  Sydney Lace = teeny bop magazine contributor. 

      • junj03

        haha! 100% true

      • junj03

        Thats the worst part. she needs to go to one of them POP sites. she should stop putting actual facts in the rumor section. very dumb move 

  • bigdoe6


  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    “Hip-Hop Since 1987″?  You wanna know what’s killing hip hop culture in general? BITING!

    I guess someone said, ” Hey Hip Hop Since 1978 is a pretty popular brand. Let’s make Hip Hop since 1987 then”  smh.

    Folks used to get aired out for biting. Now people just join in.

  • xdc845

    wtf is up with them clothes drake?!?!?!



  • rep87

    Its weak articles like this thats making ahh look like soft bubble gum nobody care bout crap bout these two taking a flight

  • tab58064

    Waste of time and energy reporting this.  Who really cares? The song’s shit anyway, but people will still swear it’s groundbreaking!

    • johnblacksad

      song suckz big time… i approves! i fuggin hate drake’s singin azz… his tunes and melodies ain’t even all that… sh!t be hurtin my ears for real… i can’t fugg with that sweet-maple-syrup-azz-ninja

      I FUGGING HATE THE HOOK OF THAT SONG… (most drake hooks)

      I’m on some Rugby Thompson sh!t…. Smoke DZA feat Sean Price…!

      fugg these sweet ninjaz… find another music genre to play with

      Meek Mill better stay focused… i ai’nt tryin to hear too many sh!ts like that on the album

      Say what you want… Kanye & Jay made That’s my b!tch for the b!tches but eve na n!gga can rock to that on the Q-Tip beat… nothing wrong with a couple of track for the ladies but damn… you don’t have to pour all your glucose out there…

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

         lol btw drake just spit a verse on this track … jeremiah does the hook 😉

      • johnblacksad

         lol… guess i gotta take that L to go… still tho… i dunno… might be Drake in the background backing Jeremih’s with vocals & thirds & sh!t…

  • 7yoyo7

    I stopped dissing Sydney Lace for a minute because she had actual rumors posted for a while.

    Looks like I was wrong….

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    the best thing about being an artist ….. if your smart … trips like this are always an investment 😉


  • Must be nice!!!


  • Ballers or not. I hope these guys remember the likes of JD, Dame and others. This money may not last for ever use it wisely when you have it.

    I am hoping they did not pay for it out of their own pocket.

    There may come a time when you wish you did.