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Hip-Hop Rumors: Footage Of Drake, Meek Mill And Chris Brown After The "Bottle Melee"

And the information just keeps coming in. Check out the footage below which shows Drake, Meek Mill and Chris Brown exiting the club after the “bottle melee” last night. Meek looks like he’s out of breath and someone from his entourage is telling the camera guy to stop shooting because Meek “just had a fight.” Chris Brown takes off his jacket in front of his truck and is standing next to one of his friends who is heard saying, “them n*ggas is pu**y.” Drake is shown in the video surrounded by security while he’s standing by a woman.

Skip to the 2:40 mark to see the footage:

Crazy! Expect more footage to come out in the next few days. I can’t wait to hear what Meek Mill has to say on Funk Master Flex tonight.

  • 1st!

  • Oknas

    niggaz is fighting over puzzy? Thats puzzy lol

    These niggaz can get sexier bitches than rihanna and they fightin jeopardizing money? SMH

    These niggaz on that BOM( Bitches over Money)

    Rihanna smiling right now, that puzzy must be the bomb lol

    • Casor_Greener

      A whole lot of dudes fight over chicks.  Stop playing that super g role on the internet homeboy.  I bet you’d risk ya life to touch on of they freaks ahahaha

      • Oknas

         LOL not even brotha

        The only Gz im fighting over is my fam and my wife, it has to be something forcefully done not some sucka shit like she fukked a next nigga, that was her choice. Why would i get mad at dude? lol

      • Casor_Greener

        but real talk CB is the punk.  Whether it’s over a girl or not Drake might of smacked him for disrespecting him

      • thuglifefukdapolice


  • KingKiron

    I didnt even see Drake, typical of him to be standing near a woman. Thanks to this new info I know what happened. The woman is a whore and was trying to solicit Chris Brown, Chris Brown got angry because she wasn’t Rhianna and attempted to beat her. Then Drake, capt save a hoe of the 21st century, could not let this stand and throw a bottle at Chris Brown.

  • NYPD going be on his ass for this video.

  • immackulate

    only east coast niggahs I SWEAR lol –

    • huh? meek da only east side dude involved..

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        Technically VA is the south but the south doesn’t claim them so that’s east coast…Drake is from Venus tho so u got that one

  • Dear Lord,

    Please bring the Chappelle show back. Please. 

  • Micheal Daston

    lol nigga tryin to get out of his Momma’s house, ain’t nobody buying ur wack ass DVD…we all be watching it for free when the NYPD confiscates it from ur dumb ass

    • Lmao so true Hell naw

    • Casor_Greener

      Yeah this dude look like a fricking clown. What’s up with that white dude in ya pic

      • they said DRAKE & showed a pic of the white dude dressed like drake hahahaha

  • Damu456

    And this is real hip-hop ladies and gents smh

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  • kstaxx

    Its offical them island shawtys got that kryptnoite in they nookie that shit got niggas in a trance. I love island shawtys from the Jamicans, Hatians, Trinidadians, Barbadians, Bahamians,Virgin Islanders Dominicans, Puerto Ricans and Cubans. They nookie way better than these shawtys born in the states I dont know what it is about them must be island voodoo or some shit, if you havent tried island nookie you best to get on your job.

  • Restlesscali

    Check out the pics here meng!  tharoom.tumblr dot come

  • this nigga said drizzy aint sweet because he snuck chriss  brown wit a bottle chris brown the pop star com on bruh i can tell hes sweet

  • Thatguy_87

    SMH at the dude promoting his DVD when he coulda sold the fight to the media for prolly double what he’s gonna earn from his DVD. This dude needs a manager.

    • LMAO good point.

      • mustaf_ali06

         Actually the cops gonna get it for free….

  • Q.

    You b!tchmade homotional powercoons would split your own brother’s wig over some community tw@t, but wouldn’t bust a cherry tomato or a decent 16 for your own freedom. #FAIL


  • people shud watch the news more, the club was NOT  a warzone. just like when baby says NO is a warzone. have u seen syria u dumb ass

  • to see the fight buy the dvd? wtf is this stupid shit

  • rep87

    Its not that serious i wouldnt pay a dime to see that crap these two soft batch azz boyz  music scene is so wack now you got to start a wack feud  to spark a buzz the public is still not going to buy your cd”s so the majors got to come up with anew plan thats the real story you can give a clown a few dollars and he will do anything

  • thuglifefukdapolice


  • whos this corny ass narrator dry snitching?! somebody take his head with a bottle smfh

  • All these yes men standin next to these rappers is hilarious.  “These niggaz is p#ssy”  Shut da fucc up.  That’s the problem wit hip hop.  Too many dicc ridin niggaz in these rappers ear trying to be hard and not telling them how stupid they actin.

  • BruceLeRoyGlow

    If this is true which I doubt, Drake still considered soft he “popped off” on a R&B singer

  • dominicancoke

    if chris man said them niggas is p*ssy than something must of happened maybe drake ran in the womans bathroom stall and started singing i believe it drake aint built like that you ever been to toronto? this dude has been robbed endlessly plus do you know where he from in toronto? forrest hills thats like tribeca new york or beverly hills cali or lincoln road miami a little super duper rich jew neighborhood that had a no nigg*rs allow sign lol f*ck this clown trynna be down


    I’m mad I just had to watch 2 minutes of some goof troop yappin only to see nigg@z exiting a club

  • I can’t believe all hip hop let this fat attention whore post this bs.  HipHop is on some real Bitchazzness lately.  

  • aint noone buyin ur bum ass dvd

  • johnblacksad

    n!gga please, stop talking and show the damn vid… and fcuk yo dvd n!gga

  • black_messiah9000

    Who is this slouchy ass nigga with the dirty house and why is he talking?