Hip-Hop Rumors: The Game Says The Breezy / Drake Beef Is "For The Birds"

The Game was caught by the omnipresent TMZ cameras in Hollywood last night leaving the Roxbury nightclub, and was asked if he thought the Chris Brown/Drake feud was going to be as big as the Tupac and Biggie beef. After putting the cameraman in place by saying, “Come on, man, what type of questions y’allbe askin’, man,” The Game went on to speak on the feud. Check out what he said below:

“Chris Brown is like my little brother, man … and Drake is a cool dude … they just need to cut that out. It ain’t worth it.”

The cameraman went on to ask him if he would volunteer to be the “peace ambassador” between the two. The Game made it known that he was staying out of it.

“I’m gonna stay out of their beef … it’s for the birds.”

Check out the interview below or by clicking here.

  • sydney is all over this bcz the white girl who got hit is from australia

  • RazaBladeKing

    Tale of tha tape:

    -Biggie vs. 2Pac… them n*ggas both got shot (Pac got shot twice), an a couple of collateral n*ggas got shot too;
    -50 Cent vs. Ja Rule… 50 got shot and later stabbed, Cadillac whoever got stabbed, and couple of collateral n*ggas got shot too;
    -50 Cent vs. Game… pretty sure some collateral n*gga got shot at the radio station, think Game killed a dog too?, Game also stomped on a cricket in protest;
    -Drake vs. Chris Brown… some white girl got hit wit a bottle of “Sissy’s Choice” champagne.

    I hate to say this, but… I agree wit Game.  And I NEVER co-sign n*ggas wit butterflys tattoed on their cheek.  I had to stop listenin to Gucci when he got ice cream tatted on his cheek. 

    But somehow, some way, didn’t we ALL know this n*gga (Game) was gonna chime in?  I mean, after that monkey wit the mohawk (i think it was Roscoe Trash… coulda been any one of the interchangeable members of that wack Travis Porter group… or tha bama on the 2nd verse of Waka Flocka’s “It’s a Party”… all the Atlanta retard MCs are interchangeable to me) gave his two cents, this fiasco turned into Open Mic Night.  Myself included.  Last comment on this subject.

    • Im from the Atl these mcs down here cant be to retarded they getting more $$ than all the lame mcs u probably like.. u retarded for dissing people who dont have nothing to do with this wack ass beef

      • ONE

        Its ok, the people he dissed are too busy making money to read the comment section on this site anyway

      • RazaBladeKing

        Aw, you mad Corey?  Lemme elaborate, since i’m not “to” retarded either.  I dont think ALL ATL mcs are worthless (i even useta rock wit Gucci, see above).  In fact, TI might be the most complete MC to come out in the last decade (thugged-out Webster attire and repeated stupid arrests notwithstanding).  I have great respect for tha Attic Crew (OutKast/Goodie Mobb), and a couple others.  But before you take your period out on me, think about Roscoe Dash (who DID jump out there, reported on this very website), Travis Porter, OJ the Juice Man, Waka Flocka, an any other bright-colored hot garbage yall transmit through mainstream media.  I’m just holdin up the mirror.

        Now you and the simpleton below (ONE) need to stop worshippin the dollar like it has any REAL value.  Vanilla Ice sold millions… he must be one of the greatest MCs of all time, right?  Stay in school.  Stop bein house slaves.  The value of a dollar is what YOU decide it is.  And if you pay rappers to tell you how they’re spending your money (judgin by the whack rappers you jumped out there and stood up for), don’t waste my time and the jewels im droppin.

        By the way, to that ONE guy, any time you see me on here?  Im on the clock, buddy.  Gettin money.  Whatever thats worth.  The difference between me an the chumps i dissed is my money will still be around in 5 years, and so will i, gettin even more.  Marinate on that.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        you gotta point…i tell alot of my east coast friends dont pay mind to the main stream there are alot of good rappers out thre….outkast legends and goodie mobb too..but the thing they always get me with is if you had to list top 20 worst MCs ever , theyd all be from atlanta

      • Bumpy Johnson

        just coz u makin money dont mean your more retarded..and dont let that fake rap money fool you..these dudes are borrowing all they got and some of them cant even pay they jeweler back

    • & no arrests ! kmon people take it into your own hands if u truly G’D up

    • Irvin Findlay

      lmfaoooo true

  • Numbuh Four

    Paul that joke was lame as sh*t….you should be ashamed.

    To that Corey dude, why you catching feelings bruh? How many unique cats from ATL are still out? Not many. And since when does having more money make them a better artist than someone else? Lamar, K.R.I.T., Lupe…those are just a few that would rap circles around damn near 95% of the ATL. Ain’t nothing special where you at…

    I honestly don’t have anything further to say about these R&B dudes…let them quarrell all they want. No hate, but I hope ol’ girl that got cracked with the bottle sues the sh*t outta these dudes. At least it’ll teach them a lesson or two.

  • MannieCarlo_SS

    For the birds? Them niggas threw a bottle and cracked a couple of MFs during the process. Where I’m from ni–as get dealt with. It don’t matter how much money you got. That was a p-ssy ass moved made by some p-ssy ass niggas pretending to be hard. They to soft to be trying to put “gangsta” back in rap. #HoeAssNiggas

    • word

    • LuvHarlem

      Deez n*ggas nowadays are scared to square up and give u a fair one wit da hands. Beefin ova a biaatch? Cmon n*ggas seriously? tweetin and all that he said this and that bullsh*t. I swear these n*ggas need to really look at jus how soft they really are.

      • MannieCarlo_SS


  • It really seems to me that SL just reads TMZ and then talks about what she saw on here….

  • Black Exodus

    Good answer from Game…Grown Men…need to act like Grown Men…Busting Bottles over heads…quite sure it was petty…what ever it was over! Millionaires putting themselves in positions to lose it all…not worth it…for the birds…work it out and set an example for all the kids and fans that follow these two!

    Black Exodus new song “Most Hated” youtube it

    • get your ass kicked by drake & not do anything? id rather b in prison than walk around with that kind of embarassment

      • Black Exodus

        I said handle it like grown men…however they decide to do it! Knuckle up but at the end of the day…both could walk home…breathing. This situation should not escalate beyond where it is now…to much time, effort and money involved. And keep this out of the public domain. The Fools who control these Fools need to step up.

        Black Exodus new song “Most Hated” youtube it 

  • junj03

    Misleading title & dumb comparison. this site is getting worse & worse 

  • 2twelve

    whats misleading about the title? and what comparison is was a statement drake cool dude chris is like his lil brother

    • they changed the title like 4 hrs ago, ura lil late

  • people still go to clubs? lame. im headn to the bar where guns are allowed

  • TruthSerum

    Big words from a guy who has made more diss records then anybody I can think of, dude has like 100 diss tracks about g unit alone, he even made 2 hour long, feature length Disrespectful documentaries

    • Bumpy Johnson

      Game is wack now days its not the old game we use to know…he wears tite clothe and raps high pitch almost…the difference between the new school and old school..niggas like Easy E stayed G for over 10years ….game was gangsta for a good 3 and bitched up

  • Yea “The Game”, as a matter of fact, thats exactly what u are, a game!!! Lol… U betta stay out that ish(u ain’t stupid), and if u a real “big brother” to ur sweet a** lil bro Chris Brown, wit his fake MJ swag havin a**, you’d tell him to do the same too.. Not a threat at all by any means(no need)… Just basic and common sense!!!

    • Tee

      In English please.

  • King Cold

    Game…..out of all rappers Game had to say this????smh. its all bad for drizzy…… Drake battles Common and….LAWSE! YMCMB Gets dissed by Kim and no response except for Nicki’s dumb ass tracks. LAWSE! Then He disses Pusha T on stage. Now Beef with CB???? WTF? Drizzy better watch out. All these enemies is no bueno. You aint 50. Betta sit down and take notes partna

  • rep87

    It appears everybody and they momma know this is a Disagreement between these two youngmen! this is not a Beef! only AHH appear to be calling this a beef,beefs are outdated in the industry , industry dudes like these  will never be taken serious, AHH end the madness by not reporting wack fake beefs !

  • Hes just sayin that because hes cool with both of them. Its is bullshit tho.

  • 503rosecity

    Two reasons dudes fight 10/10 times: 1. Over a broad 2. Over Money.

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    the game aint got no room to talk

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    game should of smashed that dude when he said that smh

  • D_Ably

    lol yeah cuz games a good person to ask about beef