Tony Parker

Non Hip-Hop Rumor: Tony Parker "Seriously Injured" During Chris Brown / Drake Fight Night

Another victim has come forward in the Chris Brown vs. Drake bottle fight, and this one is a celebrity. San Antonio Spurs All-Star point guard Tony Parker, was in the club with some friends on the night of the fight, and TMZ is reporting that he suffered a serious eye injury due to flying glass.

Parker spoke with the media today and revealed that he suffered several shards of glass in his eye during the brawl:
“I was there with a bunch of friends when a fight broke out. They started to throw bottles about. I got it all.”

“The cornea has been touched. I can’t do anything for seven days. But I was lucky. The injury won’t prevent me from competing in the Olympics in any way.”

Parker will be playing for the French Olympic team and is scheduled to join them on June 20. Wow, that bottle melee could have ruined another career. Oh yeah, I said “another career.” Either Chris Brown or Drake will be done after this, and as talented as Chris Brown is, it will probably be him. What about Rihanna? How does she move forward after this?

  • 2twelve

    i just feel like even with all this rumors going around drake is not in the wrong he probrably sat all relax drinking fromm his white cup like he do

    • drake is in the wrong for just being alive, his mom shudve swallowed that load

      • BXironlunz28

        damn homey!!!..thats crazy foul!!!

  • Dan Landis

    so the quote is the exact opposite as the title of the article??

  • From what Ive heard Drake started it. He had all his Club Paradise goons gassin him up, tryna put a battery in his back and it worked.  Plus Drake was drunk which gave him the balls to step to Breezy who would probably stomp Drizzy in a one on one minus the flying bottles.  The thing I don’t get is why Meek Millz would put himself in the middle of all this drama when dude already has 2 strikes, he got wayyyy too much to lose to be thuggin it out in the club. And btw throwing bottles iz for pussys, a bunch of other people got hurt, not too mention jeopardizing Tony Parker’s career. Aubrey n Millz takin a major L on this one.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       man when you  riding high your really riding high sometimes you dont see the ground until ish get real … sad but true 😉

  • junj03

    She s*cks

  • sounds like this is not a rumor but its a fact that he is not out of the olmpics

  • Weedras

    lol!! what about Rihanna!?!? was she there? was it her fault these dudes got more bitch in them than her… lol! shorty got pimp juice and these dudes are ho’s lol!! stop tryna stir hate for the bajan Sydney because its still aint confirmed they were fighting over her… stop it your allegedly a ‘journalist’…

  • Numbuh Four

    “Is Tony Parker Out Of The Olympics Due To The Chris Brown vs. Drake Fight?”

    Damn girl, can you post an article without posing a question? All you have to do is say “Non Hip-Hop Rumor: Tony Parker injured after Club W.i.P melee”

    That’s it Sydney, no hate, it’s just that the damn questions for titles get real annoying.

    • they changed the headline to almost exactly that hahahah

  • nothinlessdenSour

    “Non Hip-Hop Rumor: Is Tony Parker Out Of The Olympics Due To The Chris Brown vs. Drake Fight?”… a little bit then, “The injury won’t prevent me from competing in the Olympics in any way.”….WHOEVER WROTE THIS NEEDS TO BE SLAPPED

    • My thoughts exactly!!!! It hadn’t even been reported on ESPN so I am not even validating this rumor yet!!!

  • JC in TN

    I disagree with those who think the headline and text were poorly written.  The author did something here that Jay Carney and Robert Gibson have been unable to do for the last three+ years:

    He asked a question:  “Is Tony Parker out of the Olympics?”

    He answered the question:  “The injury won’t prevent me from competing.”

    Works for me.

    • the headline is in bold on 1 page the answer is in bold on the 2nd…y ask the question if the answer is that obvious, dumb—.

      • right..this might be the most retarded shit i’ve seen written by ahh, and that’s saying a lot

        lol i just noticed they changed the title too..that alone is an admission of its stupidity

      • i noticed that too . this site NEEDS HELP

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  • Restlesscali

    This editor needs to chalk it up and give this shiiiiiish up! What does Rhianna have to do with it? You trying to add fuel to fire cuz everything you put out is a “rumor” which have the time its true! lacy, or whatever this broad name is! please leave!!!

  • Wooow…

    If the Spurs were currently playing in the NBA Finals and this happned to Tony…. Chris Brown and/or Drake would be F*%K@D!!!. You know the NBA and the Lawyers that they come along with don’t tolerate shit happening to their players off the court.

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      WORD! smh

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Why is it probably going to be Chris Brown, Sydney? He was the victim according to all reports.

    And even if Drake started it, he’s not going to jail.  At the MOST it’s a simple assault (no bottle) for maybe aggravated assault with a weapon (bottle) but I’m pretty sure he has no record and good lawyers.

    House arrest will help his rap career LOL

    • Linkz

      man let this keep pickin up heat you must forgot who our mayors is 

  • Somebody needs to start a petition to have Drake deported.  Canada keeps American rappers out for less shit than this.

    •  i was talking about that today lol what would drake do lol
      toronto Vancouver thats it 

      • johnblacksad

        Common been said it… Canada Dry!

  • Both these guys need to get their head straight. Besides, Tony Parker is a French rapper, you never know how messy international beef can get. I’m kidding. Kinda.

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  • Smashit

    That sh*t ain’t hurting nobody’s career but Drake dum ass wants to follow his boss to Rikers because Mayor Bloom-breezy hate rich black people especially if they a rapper.


    Trying to show niggas he graduated from Degrassi and he a hood nigga now gonna get him fucked up in more ways than one! Especially if you aint built like that! And you gettin other people hurt who are important in their own right, alot of Texans might be mad at him if Parker cant get back! pluss he gonna end up paying out the ass, tryin to play,” THAT NIGGA! “


    Drake Y Didn’t U Pull That On Common Or Pusha T? (That’s What I Thought)

  • 1SOFLO1

    The problem I have with Sydney, she always have to make some crazy comment, Brown was a victim havent you been following the story. Sydney, you need to start keeping your opinions to yourself. You must be high when your write.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      i think she does it incase all else fails people will @least trash her for her purposely printed  mistakes …. cause imo no one can be that stupid … unless she truely is a college graduate who has the degree to write … but doesnt have the background to write hiphop/rnb stories ……. #kanyeshrug 😉 but if thats is the case i think we might have to start looking @ ahh for hiring her …………..

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    aint nothin hood bout throwing bottles like little bitches