Philadelphia Eagles' DeSean Jackson Dropping Hip-Hop Compilation

(AllHipHop News) Philadelphia Eagles’ star wide receiver DeSean Jackson is taking advantage of his downtime in the off-season, by expanding his Hip-Hop record label.
DeSean Jackson is the CEO of Jaccpot Records (the “two C” spelling is common amongst Crip gangmembers), which counts artists like Kid Cali, Young Bangg and Jackson himself, as acts on the roster.
Jackson, who recently signed an 5-year, $45 million deal with the Eagles, was recently in Los Angeles.
The artists on his roster shot videos for an upcoming Jaccpot Records compilation album.
“It’s just a different lifestyle and things like that I’m getting into,” DeSean Jackson told The Philadelphia Post. “Just kind of helping out my boys that I grew up with and just hopefully make it a career as far as rapping and things like that,” said the NFL star, who also raps on the compilation.
Those are around DeShawn Jackson are worried that the Eagles’ $45 million investment could be jeopardized by the Los Angeles native’s association with the genre of Hip-Hop.
“This is an unnecessary distraction in the prime of a promising football career,” a source close to Jackson told The Philadelphia Post. “If he stays on this course he could end up in significant financial distress.”
The Jaccpot Records compilation is due out in July.

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  • j


  • RichFromBX

    can you say TWIsM?

  • It’s great to branch out…But this might be a bad business move because Hip-Hop labels are becoming extinct, along with the sweat equity that he has to invest, might not be the best thing for him while he needs to focus on being an athlete…….It’s silly to just get you’re foot in the door in the athletic field to just immediately jump and commit to music relax make a brand for yourself and slow down.

    • Lots of good points here. He should do what makes him happy but this might not be the smartest biz move.

    • hes at practise everyday and doing what he needs to do then theres no probs

      • Nemesis_Enforcer


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  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Good luck to the homie.

    It really doesn’t cost that much money to run a label these days.  Most buzz is created via internet and radio.  The most money will be needed to pay radio.  But this is what happens when rap gets so dumbed down.  Any and everyone think they can do it.  
    My issue is the fact that just because it’s rap, people are over-reacting.  There are a lot of athletes/actors that do music on the side.  If it’s rock or alternative you never even hear about it.  But since it’s DeSean Jackson and it’s rap music, people are acting like it’s going to lead to his demise.

    My concerns are that dude gotta be careful with that “cc” thing.  A lot of companies don’t want a gang member endorsing their products if that is the case (Im sure my folks in Cali would know).  The other thing is, DeSean has a bad rep from his college days.  Take note of how they did A.I., and currently TO.  They love you when in your prime, but when you get older, they won’t want to deal with you anymore if you have a certain rep even if you can still play.

    And of course, they gotta watch their content or it will be an issue.  He’s officially under the microscope.  But thats a stretch.

    • You people need to stop acting as if Hip-Hop is being associated with crime and violence because of the media……We all know that if you put a bunch of rappers under one roof their is a great chance that violence will erupt. The recent drama with Chris Brown, Meek Mills, and Drake for example-Point is we as African Americans really need to think bigger, why does everything have to involve Rap Music, Liquor, Sports, Sex, Drugs, and Violence? How come when most black folks get a lot of money the first thing they think about is going to the strip club? There are millions of other ventures and ideas to be involved in, you think as far as you’re mind allows you to go.

      • Nemesis_Enforcer

        Cool story, Bro.   You’re preaching to the wrong congregation though.  SUBJECT MATTER in rap music isn’t scheduled to be discussed until next Tuesday. You’re way too early.  This is about DESEAN JACKSON the football player working on an album.

        If you know anything about hip hop, you know that there is a LARGE variety available. You seem to be stuck on the radio though as if you are ignorant to what else is out there.

        So while you are trying to look all conscious, you now look STUPID!

        “Oh you trying to kick knowledge?”

      •  “need to stop acting as if Hip-Hop is being associated with crime and violence because of the media”
        word? i thought its the artist themselves who is giving that impression?? lol cmon now. game, all about being a blood lil wayne all he talk is blood this and blood that.. thats not the media doing it.. but i will say the cats that dont have affilations get lumped in wit them by the media… but u can see why with the couple of examples i have given.

  • DeShawn Jackson? its desean

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  • yadig

    What happen to the Homies FnS..