Juelz Santana and Drake

Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Juelz Santana Flex On Chris Brown On Behalf Of Drake?!

We hear Drake and Meek Mill weren’t the only ones that got into it with Chris Brown the night of the bottle melee at W.i.P in NYC. Apparently, Dipset rapper Juelz Santana also stepped up to Chris Brown, and we hear that Drake asked him to flex on him.

Rumor has it that after Drake gave the middle finger to one of Chris’ bodyguards and shouted … “I’m about to go whoop that ass!,” Chris’ entourage began throwing up gang signs with a man with dreads being the main aggressor. It was reported that the night of the melee, Chris Brown was in the club with Crip gang members, which is a clear violation of his probation.

Anyway, witnesses say that when Drake saw the gang signs, he went to get back-up from Juelz Santana, Meek Mill, and Trav B. Juelz Santana allegedly stepped to Breezy and the two began shouting at each other. According to TMZ, moments later, Chris’ security guards got irate, pushing and shoving began between Meek, Juelz and Chris’ posse – and you know the rest.

So far, no arrests have been made.

  • TruthSerum

    Lock both of these softer then the Snuggles fabric softener bear R&B Fluff dudes up for aggravated idiocy and attempting to be hood after they’ve already become millionaires in the 1st degree

  • Juelz carrer has been over for years. He’s just trying to get press. Juelz get drakes balls out of your mouth.

  • Yea its me

    Juelz did not step to Chris lol……these articles are full of lies.

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      I thought this was the RUMORS section.

      • Weedras

        word! Juelz chick to his defense lol!!

    • immackulate

      someone should step to you … w/ yo PRETTY self

  • Drake is soft he wont do anything. And you know Wayne doesnt have his back CB and Wayne have worked together too many times. Drake will be gone in a year or two and know one will miss his wack ass

    • TruthSerum

      Wayne makes millions of dollars off Drake, I’m sure that overrides any fake, contrived industry “Friendship” he might have with Chris Brown

    • 2twelve

      drake career gon last longer then chris brown the guy went on wide world tour off a mixtape as far as putn words together or harmonizing here and there you cant denied he kill everything i;ve heard from him since day one the talent is clearly there

      • He’s not a performer tho homie…. If you think his buzz was organic then it don’t take much to fool you….As far as him “killing everything”….all subjective to the listener (In this case… you) but for someone that’s been attached to hip hop since it’s inception (Me) he’s really……. well…..Canada Dry

      • if u like abc ryhmes and rnb homo thugs thats on you

      •  Drakes a faze, you can not like CB or like what he did. But he almost 10 years in already. A man called this generation MJ aint going no where

  • How is it a “clear violation of his probation” ? If it isn’t stipulated, it isn’t a “clear violation of his probation” ? Smh. What kind of journalist… Nvm. Happy Saturday ! 

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Wendy Williams said that Chris Brown has girly arms. I can’t. LOL

  • put these fairies in the ring with some gloves n let em box..loser has to donate x amount to a charity of the winner’s choice..wishful thinking, i know

    • TruthSerum

      Best solution but neither of these dudes would be down for it. Drake would be scared of breaking a nail & Chris Brown only throws hands with his girlfriends

  • Lol, Juelz is 80lbs soaking wet, what is his anorexic ass gonna do.

    • Sean Peterson


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  • Deport these idiots to Somalia and let’em see what real beef is like.

  • rep87

    Now this story is becoming really silly all these soft azz entertainers and adding that wimp juelz  to the mix sounds like a real gay ball

  • How long is it going to take for chris brown to go broke already, so he can begin to be fully irrelevant.  None of his crew would back him up if he wasn’t paying their rent.  Chris stick to beating women and dancing in videos.  Nobody is believing that you are a gangsta.

  • fake arse slobs yo

  • thisnigga

    complete bs…as cool as cb and juelz is he probably woulda popped on drake first

    • Weedras

      You they cool because they did a song lol!! its quite clear Juelz was rolling with Drake and in any event since he’s allegedly more cool with brown wouldn’t it have been a more plausible scenario for him to calm things between both parties?

      • looks like santana & drake are mad & lookn to cause problems bcz all the girls are by cb

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        LOL it did look something like that lol drake needs to step his swag up for a dude who is rich off a mixtape he was looking fucked up @ the club, a wilson jersey come on son lol, i guess chris flexxed on him and that was something drakes out of shape flabby and sick looking self couldnt top lol let me keep my jersey on in my drake voice lol 😉

  • ive been coming here for YEARS, and even tried to sign up a few times, to no avail.  let me tell you, you guys are some of the most backwards people on the internet.  first, you call brown, meek and drake soft, and ‘fake gangsters, but then call dudes like lil boosie and any other  person who allegedly commited real crimes ‘stupid’, buffoons and a whole slew of other names.  that confuses me.  what do you guys want?  real gangster or fake ones?  i think many of you come on allhiphop to be negative.  entertainers, white and black, do dumb things at times, true.  but sometimes, i think they get too caught up into what their ‘fans’ think, and want to prove that they are, or want their persona to be.  they are ultimately wrong, but i can see how they get confused by fans like you all who want to label everything and everybody.  he’s soft and he’s fronting will always turn into he’s dumb and he’s ignorant…. for doing the same thing that you want these’fake entertainers’ to do.  make your mind up…….

    • TruthSerum

      I got 2 things I require before I respect anybody

      1.  If you came from the silver spoon life, dont start acting like a tough guy cause you can afford to buy gang members & thugs to hang out with you now.

      2.  If you came from the hood, have common sense enough to appreciate what you have and not throw it away by acting like an idiot

      50 Cent is a good example of someone I respect, as much as I dislike his music, as a man, he does it right………. Growing up, he got shot, sold dope, went to prison, etc etc, but since he got in the game he doesnt act like a clown, you never here stories about him going to jail from throwing some groupie out the passenger side or buying machine guns

      Will Smith is another, he was never about that thug life and didnt use his money to purchase the services of those types, he never claimed to be hard and doesnt use his money as some type of crutch to give him the balls he never had to begin with, I respect that, he carries himself with respect and doesnt try to be someone he isnt

      Cats like Drake & Chris Brown are trying to be something there not, and cats like Gucci Mane who go to jail every 5 minutes dont appreciate there luck

      IMO anyway, even tho honestly I just think thats common sense

      • i see what you’re saying, and i can speak for chris brown.  i dont know him personally, but i know about Va.  there are many ‘about that life’ in Va, and who are we to say he didnt grow up around it.  just because you sing for a living, that doesnt mean that you dont do ‘street’ things.  im just saying.

        50 cent??  really?  his whole image is based off of negative incidents.  the studio brawl with murder inc. was after he had money already.  i agree, i dont like his music either, but im surprised that you used his as an example.  he’s step past the line multiple time since he became rich.

        respect though.

      • Casor_Greener

        Another clown.  You just cited 50 cent as someone your respect… after all the incidents he has been in SINCE he became famous.  Get yo clown ass outta here

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

          from what i remember tho they ran up on fif in that studio so that was
        self defense …. and game left gunit and spent marketing $$$$ on
        attacking fif which lead up to that incident ………. this incident
        would be the equivalent of what supposely tony yayo and friends did to
        jimmy son …. that was recklace just like what went down @ this club

      • immackulate


      • Weedras

        50 Cent was involved with Game in a shooting outside Hot 97, He and Ja Rule fought numerous times including the stabbing incident at the studio… so he’s done his share….

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

         its the company he keeps its sad but true .. wayne is rubbing off more on drake then drake is rubbing off on wayne …… sad but true man ….

    • hiphopdebates

       the realist shit ive seen thus far……!!!

    • $18592567

      i hear u, but wanksters is wanksters…

      • thats cool, but how do either of us really know if either of these guys are ‘really bout it’?  we’ve seen plenty of guys go ‘pop’ for money,  i wont say either of these guys have done this, but we truely dont know.  we can all agree that many musicians went the ‘money route’, so their personas can be completely different from what they really are.  i like meek mill, but dont really mess with drake nor chris brown.  i’m just saying it’s possible.  we should take these guys  and hollywood the same way.  once the camera is stopped, they are ‘real’ people.  sometimes, i think we fall in love or hate personas s much that we dont see the real picture.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        the fact dude thru bottles shows u they aint bout that … anybody can throw a bottle, its something you “think” u will get away with @ the time…. in this day in age time has shown us only a few will step up man to man and go hand to hand with it ……

      • immackulate

        it dont matter if they was throwing fists, bottles, or bullets homey
        when its time to get DOWN you gon get DOWN – I seen 2 bruvahs get jumped by a gang of asians DOUBLE DRAGON style and them niggahs took they belts off and started cracking them asians with they belt buckle – tell me they soft for using belts instead of throwing fists and i’d tell you YOU WRONG – aint no limit or boudaries in street fight only rules are to NOT LOSE and NOT TO GET CAUGHT

      • immackulate

        it aint about being BOUT IT cuz any man that feels disrespected has the right to defend themselves … but they are fighting over a BYTCH (i dont care if them niggahs had stars and stripes in the hood – GROWN MEN only fight over MOM, GRANNY, SISTER, NEICE, WIFE, and DAUGHTER
        thats the reason they are SOFT

        far as BOOSIE – he a dumb azz becuz niggahs ultimately get in the rap game, NFL, NBA, etc… to escape the hood and secure a financial future for your family … these niggahs is counter productive becuz they working to show how REAL they are and not how MATURE they have become  

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  • Darren Myt Collins


  • Darren Myt Collins

    chris brown……”THEM NIGGAZ AIN’T DIEN FOR YOU”

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  • kstaxx

    So now Juelz Sanatana flexed on Lil Chris Breezy on behalf of Drizzy? I thought they were cool shit they made a hit record together back in 09 what happened? Damn its like a new story coming out every day about this melee I wonder do anybody got real autentic actual footage of this shit from begining till end? Im trying to figure out how many more celebs gonna be put in the mix, the way it look right now they may have to testify either in Chris Brown Or Drakes defense since the police are involved and Breezy is rumored to press charges on Drizzy.

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  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    damn…who wasnt at dat club

  • KingRell25

    Damn Chris Brown Drake Meek and Juelz wow that’s alot of soft niggas in one fight

  • wutangforever

    dahm websites straight snitching

    •  and you know the hip hop police is reading.

  • anyone peep the dude rolling an l behind chris brown, wow, that club will get shut down soon.

    • juelz is smokin 1

    •  Wow, dude is rolling without shame too.

      • immackulate

        i see you 2 bruvahs kindah lame huh … it aint shyt to smoke in the club homey

  • there is too many dudes w drake & cb shud keep his shirt on

  • chris brown is the most talented of all these pop singers

  • B.

    First off CB does not have to buy thugs the boy got childhood friends who he still hang with if anybody ever been to Tappahannock “Tap Ur Arse” Virginia know them fools get it in for real..If you listen to Cyea Cyea he freestyle about having them “dogs” with him he talking about B-dogs…Bloods
     R and B singer yea, but he still keep them dudes thats bout that close to him shout out to Caz and Rock yall shoulda been with him

    • immackulate

      aye homey he could keep MONSTER MF CODY with him
      he still aint what he portraying to be – none of them niggahs is
      caz and rock should have been somewhere taking care of they
      kids or getting a G.E.D. –


    So fake ass Juelz getting bought by Drake since he trying to get a hit record? Plus how on the same site one story write Crips wth CB and the next story says Bloods wth CB? whose in the editing room damn.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

       sounds weird especially seeing that chris calls his folks blood like a non-gangbanger may call thier associates my nigga ….. just aint adding up but then again you gotta think about who’s reporting the info lol

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  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    this story sounds like some bs … chris brown if u really think about it helped spark Juelz back in the day …. so he knows Chris …. juelz prob went over there to try to squash it but things went left …………………

  • daddydaycarex




    My homeboy was in terrible shape too, and he cleaner than me now! Gettin a condo.

    HIT EM UP AT EIGHT77 – 625-0345 – THEY WILL HELP U!!!!!!! 1!!!!!!!

  • Bumpy Johnson

    man these weak ass gang members these days… throw signs when they get disrespected ..back in the day a middle finger will get you blazed the f**k up….a dude threw money at diddys face and guns went off……..dont believe the hype kids ,nobody is hard out of the crowd…they all soft …all hard niggas are either too hard for these celebrities to kick it with  or dead and in jail….just go to college and listen to old school hip hop and R&B , your life will be better and its really healthy for your brain cells..i just lost a bunch reading this f***in article.

  • ulostatlife

    I bet you no one let Juelz whisper anything to them since those porn stars outed him for being addicted to tossing salads…

  • I haven’t heard of any punches being thrown? These guys are all b1tches, these guys have all grown up in the industry none of them are down for the cause.

  • no Arrest has been made until you keep telling all the info smh 

  •  Juelz ishas been trying to jump on drake and meeks hype

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  • immackulate

    santana is a SACK CHASING lap dancing azz niggah –

  • xxx80sbaby