Rodney King Dead At 47

(AllHipHop News) Los Angeles legend Rodney King is dead at the age of 47.

According to reports, King’s fiancée found him dead at the bottom of a pool this morning.

Rodney King’s beating, which was caught on videotape in 1991, sparked the Los Angeles riots a year later, when the four officers involved in his beating, were acquitted.

Authorities are still trying to determine the exact cause of death, and how King ended up at the bottom of the pool.

Editor’s Note: interviewed Rodney King less than two months ago about his new book and the impact of his historic police beating. – Read the interview here.

  • Biba Adams

    Oh my Gosh! Wow! R.I.P.

  • Mosdaze

    OH MY GOSH!! SHOCKER!! I wonder if any empty alcohol bottles were found? Nahhh, illuminati probably did it

    • TheBoxcarHobo

      Actually I, for one, am shocked at this. R.I.P. to one of the most polarizing figures of our generation.

  • Who What Why When

    On father’s day huh? hmmm… i aint gonna yell conspiracy or symbolic death yet, but when they had him on tv marking the 20th anniversary of riots but had no discussions about how we are back in the same racial sh!t again if not worse, i’d be lying if i said i didnt feel suspicious or that there was some kind of reason he and not the problem his beating represented was being focused on. i swear it’ll be blamed on drugs or alcohol because its in his past and people will feel his life wasnt worth sh!t anyway so they’ll believe it without a second thought. SMH R.I.P.

  • Jim Beam

    Damn. Fathers Day is already the most confusing day of the year for black people. Rodney King’s death just adds insult to injury.

  • TarmacJerry


    • YaheardSyndicate

      yeah legend. This mans beating, caused the biggest riot in american history, and united The bloods and the crips. He is more then a legend he’s a historical figure

      • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

         United the Bloods and Crips? How’s that going these days?

      • BoldSpice

        Better than your joke. Beeeeyatch!

      • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Questions ain’t jokes! EDUCAAAAAAAAATION!

      • therealest1

         At least your honest. Thanks for keeping it real by having your own opinion instead of following suit. The last time I checked, this was an open forum and we all have the right to speak our minds our own way individually.

  • water_ur_seeds

    oh shit, rip brother

  • sighhere




    My homeboy was in terrible shape too, and he clean! Gettin a condo. 


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  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Awkward story to read

  • Pierre Elliott

    WTF???????   Why are famous and historical people of color dying?
    And DYING MAD YOUNG!!!!!

    Rest In Peace My Brother.

    • Who What Why When

       yea looks like that dont it? Ole girl from Friday that played on the Parkers died recently too. Mad famous people or slightly famous folks been passing and majority are black.

  • therealest1

    Not to sound insensitive about this man’s death, but I agree with TarmacJerry and his disagreement about this article referring to King as a legend. Sorry, but he was only a victim of unjustifiable brutality who lucked the hell out that a random person taped his beating.King being a victim of a beating and injustice based on an ignorant, idiotic verdict that sparked a riot and causing ignorant people to take it out on innocent folks and destroying a city doesn’t justify him as a legend. Also King can’t be considered a legend based on his failures and struggles after winning that lawsuit from L.A.P.D. He never did anything influential or motivational that would be deemed legendary. But a big salute to him for trying to calm the city down after a few days of chaos in that televised appearance. King had a lot of detrimental things do down on a consistent basis with his personal life so to consider him a legend is baseless, somewhat asinine. Legends can have prior issues and struggles, but they rise up and do motivational or positively relevant things on a consistent basis going forward with their lives, this man didn’t unfortunately. He was still on his prior struggles after the lawsuit. The sad thing is after winning that jackpot, he squandered his money and opportunities. I actually recall he attempted to start a rap label in like 1997 or 1998 with that lawsuit money, it obviously failed. Its sad that he blew through his money so bad he had to do crappy ass celebrity boxing matches to eat. I don’t know if death is a remedy or solution for King, but perhaps it might now help him go to a better place where there are no more struggles and issues for him.Its sad that 20 years after the riot, he has now perished. 

    • BoldSpice

      When you die do you think your getting a post on this site???? Well guess what player player. He’s more legendary than you. More people know this man name than you ever gonna meet in your life. So if you don’t want to sound insensitive shut up. That is all Thank you.

      • therealest1

         Again this is an open forum with honest posts, if you want to be a sensitive ass bitch about it, that’s fine and dandy if you can’t tolerate what I had to say. Its pathetic that you’re impressed with that man’s notoriety for getting beat up.

        I guess you can’t read thoroughly, I also pointed out some positive things about King although his life was rife with struggles.

        Again, this is an open forum the last time I checked, it doesn’t mean I have to kiss ass or follow suit and go with the flow like everyone else.

      • BoldSpice

        Good for you guy. But open forum means I can be a sensitive bitch just like you can be an insensitive little bitch. Can’t take it don’t give it. Gotta love this country.

      • therealest1

         I wasn’t being insensitive and I clarified that, I even brought out his positive points, but you want to be a dick rider and go with the crowd like a bitch ass follower who doesn’t have your own opinion. You sure are right to consider yourself a sensitive little bitch just because someone else had the honesty to say something that went against the grain unlike your sorry ass who has to agree and stay in line with everyone else.

      • BoldSpice

        Are you 10 years old or something? You feel like you being a rebel because you talking backwards nonsense? Everybody make way for the bad azz! Biiiiitch please grow your ass up. Acting like you aint got home training and shiit. Respect the dead ass hole, if your mammy died and somebody came slick out the mouth you would be highly pissed. For the record, I don’t follow crowds. If what I say goes along with the majority it probably means we’re right. What happened to if you ain’t got something good to say, then shut the fukk up? Check yourself.

      • therealest1

        Hey BitchSpice, please dead it, no pun intended. You’re the one who needs to grow up because you’re getting all sensitive about what 1 person had to say differently from everyone else.

        Its not rebelling, its having an opinion. I didn’t talk bad about King, I even mentioned I felt bad that he passed away. But I still have the right to point out negative things I saw about him.

        You can’t get mad at someone for having his own opinion.

      • BoldSpice

        I’m not mad brother. Your the one name calling. You gave your opinion then I gave my opinion on your opinion. No big thing. Right? Shouldnt be anyway. Want somebody to respect your opinion you need to show some respect too. This is how conversation, banter, and debates go. If you gonna put your opinion out there in public, be ready for someone to tell you that you’re full of shiit.

    • Not only he took a beaten, but it was capture on video so the nation could see, in which other nations could see how Americans white were ttreating African Americans.  Rosa Parks just sat there, yet sparked an uprise from African Americans to allow us in the position where we at now. Yes, Dr Martin Luther King Jr did a lot of motivational things, but its seem like you would focus more on his affairs. Let’s not take away what Rodney King experience, in 1991 in LA, police brutuality was going and when it was caught on tape still there was no justice, all you have to say about the man how he made bad investments, how he ran through he awards. SMH

      • therealest1

         Don’t get it misconstrued about my comments, I feel bad for King that he continued to have struggles after winning that lawsuit and now dying, but I have to call it how I saw it, the man wasn’t doing anything noteworthy to influence people with his notoriety.

    • immackulate

      it specifically said LOS ANGELES LEGEND not RAP LEGEND, NOT CIVIL RIGHTS LEGEND, PHILANTHROPIST LEGEND only a LOS ANGELES LEGEND … quit reading into stuff further than need be

      • therealest1

         It doesn’t matter what type of legend. There’s no way to classify Rodney King as a legend based on his detriments and lack of influential actions or uplifting acts.

      • immackulate

        if TOOKIE WILLIAMS/O.J. SIMPSON are legends … than im pretty sure RODNEY KING is a “LOS ANGELES LEGEND” now unless you live in L.A. and are apart of the L.A. culture i wouldnt expect you to understand

        im sure you got your azz kicked plenty of times in life … did yo azz beating become the stuff of LEGENDS … caused riots and will forever be a staple in LOS ANGELES HISTORY …

        or are you just CAUGHT UP on the loose term LEGEND …

      • therealest1

        I guess you have to be soft ass sensitive follower and fall in line with everyone else and be a dick rider going with the crowd.

        I guess you’re too stupid to understand what a legend is, someone getting beat up and squandering his opportunities doesn’t qualify him or her as a legend.

        I see you can’t think for yourself by going with the flow.

        Legends don’t have constant failures like King did. Legends are able to motivate and uplift people to do better. Legends earn accolades and awards, make relevant accomplishments, King didn’t, he had constant troubles with the law.

        Do legends engage in celebrity boxing matches in order to eat? I don’t think so. Legends come up constantly, King didn’t.

        Do legends go on talk shows looking for help on a televised level?

      • immackulate

        i aint falling in nobodies line … and i didnt pass judgement to say he was a GOOD/BAD LEGEND … what im saying is if YOU DONT UNDERSTAND LA’S CULTURE then dont respond

        Rodney King’s story is a story of LEGEND regardless of how you look at it … and is LEGACY was tarnished as was WHITNEY HOUSTON’s

        call me what you want myG … but i will never be stupid.
        i educate myself well enough to know er’thang aint black and white … maybe you need to read the definition of LEGEND before you respond GENIUS

        and while you google LEGEND straighten those panties you got bunched up your azzhole too

        dumb azz ASKED ME do LEGEND go on celebrity boxing shows … of course, ask STICKY FINGAZ from ONYX who is a HIP HOP LEGEND

        do legends go on talk shows looking for help on televised levels … (stop using big words cuz you sound REDUNDANT) ASK wHITNEY Houston why she went on Oprah?  Ask Farrakhan why he went on the Donahue show?

        you myG are a complete and utter FOOL … especially if you thought LEGEND was synonymous with BEING GOOD. phuck face azz youngsters dont know shyt from shoeshyne.

      • immackulate

        this fool gonna say LEGENDS DONT HAVE CONSTANT FAILURES LIKE KING DID … dumb azz thats what most legends are made of FAILURES (cuz successes pale in comparison and failures are full of ridicule)

        niggah MLK had failures that they dont tell you about
        marcus garvey by death was 1 big failure

        man you ignorant as phuck … you never heard of PHYLISS HYMAN huh phuck phace … another BIG FAILURE


    • Black Mamba

      deep mothafucker…respect…

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  • insaneangelic

    What the Hell is up Legendary black people doing big projects then dying. Heavy D had just done the BET Awards right b4 he died, Rodney King had just did the VH1 Doc now he’s dead????

    • Black Mamba

      you are not allowed to wake up them other brothers up…if you try…you die…easy as that…

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  • RIP..God BLess the Dead

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  • ccwaterbound32

    whoa…. rodney king! and 20 years after the riots? god bless you rodney you was a soulja down here and whatever anyone got to say negative about you either in the media or on the internet mother and father f*ck em! you been through enough of the struggle brother. god has called you home and i truly pray to god you were in favor of your maker sleep well rodney and may people view your amazing life as an example to learn from and try to change things to prevent future atrocities to happen to young men and women…

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  • rep87

    Rodney King at peace at last RIP Mr. King !

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  • jay

    RIP…. smh alot of negro’s are dying before 50 wassup with that!

    • Black Mamba

      extermination my nigga….

  • jubileeshine

    On fathers day following his book release & the 20 year commemoration of the uprising. Neighbors say they heard a commotion.

    On april 29 we held a community speakout at florence & normandie. Lapd shut down power for the neighborhood killing the traffic lights and electricity for the local shops and gas stations. Then the police held a counter rally across the street from us.

    All hail the L.A. freedom fighters!

  • Pierre Elliott

    None the less Rodney, you didnt need to go out the way you did. You had a responsibility. Maybe the title in History was too great for your shoulders…
    Maybe you wanted your life back and didnt want the burden….
    But you did have the burden. You didnt make the right choices, we all dont…
    But Brother, you didnt have to die….And to die…..weak. In silence.

    In the Halls Of Life brother, when I walk them and I read the inscriptions…
    What will your words say to all who will pass those hallowed halls?

    • Black Mamba

      knowledge drops..respect…

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