Bow Wow

Bow Wow "Snapbacks Tattoos Remix"

[ahh_audio src=/6-18-12/BowWow-SnapbacksTattoosRemix.mp3]

  • HipHopStalker

    Sorry Bow Wow,another L. This is another horrible song from him but what did I expect ? there’s reason why young money/Vash money have yet to release him. All old Bow Wow fans are now Drake fans LOL

  • Detroit Chick

    You a lie, drake is a half white, lame, wana be Wayne n wayne weak nowadays. Drake sucks, ppl who really like rap dont even listen to him.. Bowwow has platinum albums, sold out tours, hit movies, money an actual rappin skill. No this wasnt his best freestyle but to jus hate like tht is uneccessary. What is Vash money? I’m not a fan of anyone but I respect good artists an bowwow is one, he has survived the gamee for 12yrs because of it. Bet u wont hear a freestyle from  drake in 12yrs. He isnt on young money cuz he os a big established star equally successful as wayne an he dosent need him  to shine. Thts why he is on Cash Money, an they sought him out.

  • Nice freestyle!!!