French Montana

French Montana's Debut Pushed Back Until July

(AllHipHop News) After months of anticipation, Bronx, New York rapper French Montana has revealed that his debut studio album has been delayed.

French’s album Excuse My French was due to hit stores on July 17.

On Friday (June 15), French confirmed to Billboard that the album was now due in stores this Fall.

“I’m still working on a couple of the last pieces so I’m not really rushing it,” French told Billboard.

French revealed the reason for the album’s delay was his involvement with Drake’s “Club Paradise” tour.

In related French Montana news, the rapper suffered a setback on his way to a press-date for the “Club Paradise” tour over the weekend.

The rapper shredded the front tire of his expensive Rolls-Royce Ghost, leaving him stranded on a New Jersey corner, as he waited for automotive assistance.

A luxury SUV of eventually came and picked up French and transported him to the date, while his manager stayed behind with the pricey vehicle and it’s valuables.

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  • Jahb1911

    Welcome to Bad Boy… Typical

  • As a hustler, French is the man, as a Rapper, French is rotten swish cheese #stinks

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  • illymac

    he was supposed to drop the same day as Nas..

    he wouldnt have sold shit on the same day as nas..

    coming July17,2012..

  • Jas1ne

    Dear Bad Boy

                       Can you pleeeeease push his album back further like, behind the shelf? Thank you kindly!

  • Perfect keep it on hold for a while what is he gonna say in the album he hasnt said in the rest of his music you can only tell the same lie so many times.

  • rep87

    This is one luckey dude in the rap game on a scale of 1 to 10 French rap skills are about a 2 at best you got to give him his props he has milk the game for what its worth because i wouldnt spend a dime on his music  im not mad at you French !

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