Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Lauryn Hill And Rah Digga Working On A Song Together?!

Lauryn Hill and Rah Digga were spotted last week at the premiere of Ice T’s new movie, Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap, in NYC. The two ladies were allegedly overheard chatting about a possible collaboration together! Rah Digga has been quiet since her split with Flip Mode Squad back in 2007, but it would be great to hear her on a track again, especially with Ms. Hill.

Lauryn was at the premiere with her singer/model daughter, Selah, who is a splitting image of her, as well as her son, Joshua. Check out a photo of the family at the premiere below:

NecoleBitchie also snapped a photo of Rah Digga catching up with former Flip Mode leader, Busta Rhymes.

Would you be checking for a track from Lauryn Hill and Rah Digga?

14 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Lauryn Hill And Rah Digga Working On A Song Together?!”


      i stay in birmingham,AL and i’m checking for her. ALWAYS! flip mode is the squidaaad! BRING BACK BABY SHAM!!!

      • mustaf_ali06

        Co-sign, LOL Baby Sham was known to spit a hot 16 every now and then.

  1. churchboy2

    I guess Sydney doesn’t realize that Lauryn & Rah have previously recorded toghether. (Or maybe Sydney has never heard of “The Score”, LOL!)

  2. mrgibson

    lauryn looks terrible…and rah digga wouldn’t look much better either if she didn’t have 10lbs of makeup on.  I’ll still check for the music though. 

  3. EDOGZ818

    After the way Rah Digga ripped Tyler the creator, who set it off on her…Yeah!

    Checking for Rah Digga all day!

    Hope she bounces back!

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