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Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Lupe Fiasco Fans "Elitists"? Killer Mike Thinks So!

Hold on now, there is no beef here between Killer Mike and Lupe Fiasco! (that we know of) – BUT, Killer Mike did say, “When you have Lupe and the audience that he brings, a lot of times that audience can perceive [themselves] to be more than or elitist.” Do you agree?

Killer Mike was recently on the Green Lantern Invasion Radio Show and was talking about how there are two extremes in rap, and both can be damaging. He cited Waka Flocka Flame as the rowdy or ignorant rap style, and Lupe Fiasco as the intellectual style. Check out what he said about both styles below:

“Waka gets presented as ignorance, but he’s not,” said Killer Mike. “But the people who present him that way and who accept him that way, they take bless in that ignorance. Taking bliss and being ignorant meaning, you’re just going to stay ignorant. But Waka’s not ignorant. He’s progressively moving his family [and] his future forward. But if you only think the ignorance in the music that makes me feel good for three minutes is it, then you’re going to stay in that place where you at; that’s welfare, no healthcare…I mean we know who like the hood music, the hood.”

“On the other side, when you have Lupe and the audience that he brings, a lot of times that audience can perceive [themselves] to be more than or elitist,” explained Mike. “I watched the Roots work their audience back. I remember when the Roots audience used to shimmy up like, ‘We don’t do the Jay-Z.’ And the Roots and Jay worked together like, ‘Nah, ee all Black men, this all Hip-Hop.’ And then those two audiences fused together. With audiences like [Lupe’s] a lot of times you can protect yourself behind the ‘I don’t really deal with rap, but I listen to Lupe.”

Do you agree with Killer Mike? Make sure you pick up Killer Mike’s new album, R.A.P. Music, in stores now, ’cause it’s great. In the meantime, you can watch the interview with Killer Mike below:

  • Southcidal

    Divisive Talk. I’m suprised at Killa Mike. He’s usually not on that type of kick. Its ALL HIP HOP! Get it? Allhiphhop?

  • this is also the problem in hip hop! Rappers arent being honest anymore with these wack niggaz….feeding his family doesnt have to be in the music business….like Tip said…u dont see me out there with Kobe man…i think niggaz need to earn they bar code! i like that idea! 

    • ChinotheJet


  • I agree with him to extent. But its all about marketing now of days!! Waka appeals to the rowdy younger crowd which def has its place.Love him or hate him when they play his music in the club, the ladies get to dacing and thats a WIN for all of us!!! Lupe appeals to the more eccentric hip hop crowd, I am not sure if I would use the word “elitist”, I have a lot of homeboys who are backpackers who bump his music!!

  • immackulate

    ying/yang = perfect balance…

  • ccwaterbound32

    birds of a feather flock together. a failing school system which fails kids who are functioning illiterates appeal to smoking weed all day, f*cking b*tches all day, having a sense of entitlement instead of getting out there on your own to succeed and have your own. lupe speaks truth and that’s why he is not getting all of the perks waka gets. you have to realize that the majority in this country isn’t black or white it’s ignorance. it’s about how much ignorance you will partake into, how much foolishness are you willing to participate in just to prove you are “living that life” (dumbest quote ever by the way) there aren’t many who are saying pay attention and observe whats going on around you. ya know down here in the boot im quite certain a number of you people have either observed the street culture,fashion choices, even the lingo/slang and with the slang (you won’t believe me when i say this) we have a saying if your not the “dumbest” or “retarded” or “i ride that yellow school bus n*gga!” you wont be respected… hell ive even seen some cats tattoo a f*cking wheelchair on their bodies because they feel they are the most “retarded”. On the club level pill popping is promoted into the music most of the local rappers talk the same horses*it killing f*cking h*es, they even got a song called dumb d*ck but thats another story it’s just insane to me how all these kids want so much but arent willing to learn about what it is they can do vs what they want to do all of the time (which is nothing). these kids down here want to live the gangsta life so bad they don’t even know what they want to do with themselves. i swear to god im considering to move because it just gets more and more ridiculous by the second…….

    • Man who buys CD’s isn’t poor kids in the hood.  

  • killer mike chose to move out of the hood. not our fault

  • Man stop falling for the OKEE DOKE. White people buy more Waka than black people. Or people in the hood. Same goes for just about all hiphop artist. Their are hiphop heads in private schools all the way down. The image of the poor kid selling drugs to make it and killing whoever is in their way is what Americans love. 

    • Celz

      Stems from Cowboys and Indians.. Cops and Robbers.. G-Men and Mobsters.. D-Boys and Hip-Hop Police.. It’s a part of American culture that is as old as America itself

      • the left hand

        @Celz:disqus  you blew my mind with that. Succinct and perfectly stated. Props, bro.

  • Everthing he said about lupe is spot on.  But i would take it one step further; Lupe stans act elitist and holier than though because the man they worship is elitist and holier than though.  I cannot even make it through an entire one of this albums because all i can think about with him is how high and mighty he acts.  The only other emcee out there that comes anywhere close to being as annoying as lupe is immortal technique.  And this has nothing to do with making conscious rap and being a conscious rapper.  Its about the way it is presented.


      i am proudly, one of those stans you speak of!

      • good for you.

      • sorry, but i could not leave this alone. here’s my problem with him. he just spits shit and tries to shove it down your throat. I get it, he’s quite political, and he has a message. Well so does kweli, mos def, common, most of the rawkus cats from the early 2000’s, the beastie boys (remember tibetan freedom concerts), even killer mike, and far too many more too name. But the difference is that being conscious isn’t all they are about. Hell i agree with a lot of the things lupe has to say but he is so goddamn pious about the whole thing that it becomes completely off putting. yeah, he’s got some great bars, but it gets really tiring constantly having all of ones ideology thrown in your face. Don’t get me wrong, i have the same issues most of you have with ignorant rap, but come’on son you don’t have to be so serious all the time. Even dead prez knew how to get there message across without seeming so high and mighty.

  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    “But Waka’s not ignorant.” I’m going to need some evidence of this.

  • man, fix this shyt. everything is out of order. this is fucced.

  • nomikal

    Lupe fiasco been on a few tracks recently featuring “so called ignorant” rappers.


    we ARE the elite bitch!

  • Black Exodus

    At the end of the day…like another poster said…It’s All Hip Hop…some bump Wacka…some bump Lupe….most play both at one time or another. You can’t say what’s real and what’s not in music…it’s all relative. Wack Rappers have a fan base as so the suppose lyricism rappers. That’s what makes hip hop…we are fighting among ourselves over different styles of flow, concepts and Image. The only thing that I want to see change is the diversity of mainstream artist and music on the radio and video. If there is only one image that represents our movement, this is not a true reflection of what hip hop is and about. More diversity in the music and artist at the mainstream level. Gangsta, Hip Hop, Conscience, Trap, Battle, Hipster, (put your label here.) There is enough people and space for it all to exist at the mainstream level.

    Black Exodus “Most Hated” youtube it

  • i personally lost respect for Lupe when he called the President a terrorist; and i think that was around the time his last album dropped. i was surprised because i didnt recall him calling Bush out for anything, and he definitely messed things up. i understand that all black dont have to LOVE Obama, but damn. i knew it was a publicity thing, so i didnt really trip; a fool will say anything to get people’s attention. dude can rap, but i will no longer support his music. i have all 3 of his albums by the way, lol. Bought them.
    noticed how quiet he’s been lately. im sure he’s touring, but i doubt he has material coming. let your work speak for it self, and stop trying to find puppets through propaganda.

    • Lupe Tato

      The only propaganda here is YOU. 1st of all, how are you going to say that Lupe doesn’t like “black” presidents. You got  butt-hurt when he said that about the black president?

      Why don’t you get your black pride out the way and see that Obama/Bush are real terrorist by financing and starting these illegal wars. Over a million dead Iraqis? Of course they are terrorists. By the way we don’t need you here.

      This is a hip hop website and only for people who are “Hip” to things. You obviously have no intelligence. Maybe you should listen to Lupe again and see why he called Obama a terrorist.

    • O.K.

      Well actually, Lupe has an album dropping September.  He released his first single almost a month ago, and his next one drops tomorrow.  So yes, in answer to your “doubt,” there is plenty of material coming.

    • Dino Babic

      You lose respect because Lupe called the President, who’s dropped bombs in the middle east, killed civilians, fucked up our country, and allowed the media to propagandize all Muslims or middle-eastern people as killers or worshippers of some spiritual being named “allah” which translates to “GOD”… a terrorist? That’s why you lost respect for Lupe? LOL. Go watch some fox news and enjoy that blindfold over your head you puppet.

  • black_messiah9000

    Hip Hop needs Lupe to do exactly what he’s doing. There is NO BALANCE! There is only one Lupe and a mile long roster of rappers just like Wakka. Just listen to the radio. How many ignorant songs are going to get played in a row before you hear anything remotely close to Lupe? You’ll be waiting for days and possibly weeks. The stunting songs are played out. It’s been done a million times over by over a hundred rappers already. Look around you, we are thirsty for knowledge dropping rappers.

  • The real problem here is, blacks dont buy shit…they burn it. or bootleg it. Blacks dont support their own culture. wtf is killer mike talking about? I understand he is trying to integrate music in the black circle…but the customers are more white, latino, asian and any other race that jams Hip hop. Yo hate to say it but blacks in the hood do not buy no fuckin music. 99-cent is apparently to much huh? speaking on the well fair shit, tfoh

  • insaneangelic

    So I guess if Lupe was just another dumbed down rapper he’d be okay by Mike bigga’s standard we had that back when Kanye came out first he was conscious then he changed up and went industry. Hip Hop both the fans and the music needs a kick in the ass, somebody needs to be the grown up. LASER’s addressed tons of things not only wrong with Hip hop but black culture too. We need Hip Hop to go back to the way it was in the 90’s artist had jams you could dance to but they also had the social commentary too. Everybody let Radio One, Clear Channel, BET and MTV dictate whats hot. Hip hop needs more Rhymefest’s Lupe’s, Immortal Technique’s, and the many others

    • Jay Harper

      @twitter-233739482:disqus lovin’ it!

  • mrgibson

     Killer Mike is weird to me, he’s always talking that social shit in his interviews…but he’s quick to make “these hoes/bitches gonna dike and yea i ball like a dog” kinda music.  Yea i know you’re from the A and you like to party, but that doesn’t mean you have to make music like that.  It’s one thing to say all that shit in interviews, but it’s another to actually follow through in your music. 

    I do think some Lupe fans think they’re special, but those fans typically don’t know shit about hip-hop to begin with.  They are casual fans of the genre, aka they only listen to the shit that is mainstream or that is trendy at the moment.

    • well killer mike also speaks on social issues a lot in his music as well. he deals in both extremes. you should look up his tracks, even got one with Immortal Tech

  • johnblacksad

    Lupe alright…

    and Killer Mike will slap the laser out of him!

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  • Q.

    As an adult you have the right to eat/drink whatever the hell you want to, just like
    an adult parent has the right to control what kinds of food and beverages going their child’s mouth. One could argue that that parent also has the responsibility to control the knob on their kid’s radio and the television. This may be true–but is it really that simple? The truth is, Black kids are under attack. American kids are under attack. These corporations have been working tirelessly to dumb this generation down to the intellect of farm animals for at least 15 years. Black kids have been the primary target because they are the key to unlocking this whole matrix; if you keep the giants asleep, then you minimize the threat to the Empire. They’ve found a way to harness our creative energy and re-direct it into something self-destructive. Oh, this is bigger than Hip-Hop, but the music is a powerful weapon that has been turned against us; this is MENTAL WARFARE.

    So ask yourself, “Why must my IQ go down when I listen to a record?”
    If you want a club banger, just play the fukkin instrumental. We don’t need to hear your dumb azz rap. This about the words that come out your mouth, not just beats.
    Like someone posted below, we’ve reached a point where it’s perfectly okay to be a “short bus shawty.” Niggaz are getting wheelchairs tatted on their bodies now? Really, which level of Hell is this?

    If you want to indulge in brain mush music, knock yourself out. But don’t try to justify buffoonery with this all-inclusive attitude bullish!t. Hip-Hop was designed to elevate the youth, not dummy them down. There’s a reason Ice T made that documentary. He wanted to show that rap is an artform, a craft that requires SKILL and INTELLIGENCE. You don’t get in the NBA just for doing layups, right? So why are we giving passes to muhfuckaz who couldn’t pass the 4th grade? Someone has to keep the bar high. Respect the bar.

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  • blameus

    I get what Mike is saying, though honestly after dropping R.A.P. music I don’t see how he can’t see that he’s really talking about himself when he calls out Lupe for elitist fans.