Hip-Hop Rumors: Meek Mill Speaks Out, Says He Saw "Girls Throwing Bottles"

MMG artist Meek Mill has decided to finally speak to the press about the bottle melee between Chris Brown and Drake, and is placing the blame at the females in their entourages versus the two stars themselves. Check out what he said below:

“Things just happen in the club. I seen girls in there throwing bottles, all types of sh*t. All types of people. I never seen Chris Brown or Drake throw a bottle and I was there.”

“Chris and Drake, them two was there, but it’s other people that be around that take sh*t to the next level.”

Meek was reportedly one of the main instigators in the fight, but when asked if he threw a bottle, Meek replied, “F*ck no.”

Meek Mill claimed that he spoke with Chris Brown on the phone directly after the brawl, and both sides agreed they had no problem with the other.

“Chris Brown be in clubs. He be around situations like this. Things get out of hand … that don’t mean it’s out of hand with me and him or whoever, not even him and Drake.”

So many sides to this story, my head is spinning. Do you believe Meek’s recollection of the incident? Could it had been a woman who split open Big Pat’s head like that, or a woman who clocked Breezy with a bottle in the chin?

  • so it was drake throwing bottles !

  • Casor_Greener

    I hope this site never tries to take itself seriously. They have posted about 10 articles on this subject, each one refuting the last. Long story short…there was a brief melee in a club….

  • The real sad part is that everyone wants to be a tough-guy, but no one wants to step up and say they did it…. Punk-ass rappers wanna start drama and jump on a record acting gangsta. #fail

    • Casor_Greener

      Only an idiot would say they did it. Can you say “Lawsuit”

      • H. U. S.

        Michael Jackson thinks so!

      • It’s only an amount of time until one of those cocky ass rappers incriminate themselves in a song about what REALLY happened that night.

  • Do I believe Meek Mill’s recollection ? No.. But I don’t expect him to make a public statement saying that he saw Chris or Drake throwing anything.. In the line of business he’s in that would be a career suicide… I don’t care how hot he is right now

  • immackulate

    he said what he was supposed to say … he was trying to avoid not incriminating himself like PAC did on camera talking about the HUGHES BROS … then he took it a step further by saying Chris nor Drake threw bottles either … cant procesute NOBODY if the stories dont add up … phucking CLUB gonna end up being liable for all the lawsuits instead of the artists who started/instigated it “DONT SAY SHYT, THEY DONT KNOW SHYT”

  • umm we kno everyone was throwing bottles but the point is someone started it hence reckless indangerment

  • i rememeber in wildwood during bike week we were at a intersection and traffic was so packed and so slow and all these hot arse cars were there for bike week so we start tellin them to spin thier tires next thing u kno we have like 100-200 people around us tellin cars to spin thier tires the cops come tellin everyone to leave my boy starts yellin F the pigs over and over then everyone starts saying it with them.. who did they arrest? my boy that started it… and what did he get? reckless endangerment

  • I mean in my day Rappers hit rappers over the head with flower pots. Shot up hot 97 multiple times. Jacked rappers. I mean I guess it goes with the music. But this seems weak. I mean Jay Z stabbed Un over a woman supposedly. Saigon pulled Mob Deeps card while they were Mobbed up. Real men walk up handle it.I don’t know what happened here but it smell like fish niggas.

    • suge380

      I thought Jay Z stabbed Un over bootlegging. I never heard the woman angle. Not saying it ain’t true, never heard that angle though. On the Westcoast, they pretty much just ran with the Bootlegging angle.

      • immackulate

        jay z aint stab nobody … his man did it … and it was behind CHARLIE BALTIMORE

    • So what you saying? They should open a SeaFood store, because they Selfish?
      ( Sell Fish )

    • immackulate

      I FEEL YOU … but

      jay z aint stab NOBODY – he was just forced to take the wrap AND
      jay-z got bust over the head with a BOTTLE in the club his damn self

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  • Lol now everybody wanna play the don’t tell game. Bet you if Aubrey face deportation he starts singing like a bird. “they knooooow they knoooooow they knooooow”

  • suge380

    Now females throwing bottles and dem two puzzy had nothing to do with it. Now honestly, I believe that. Drake punk azz ain’t bout to get hood like that, and CB is not about to violate probation. If you seen the nicca in court, you would know, he ain’t trying to see no part of a jail cell. My version of the story (and I wasn’t even there)…One b!tch from CB crew and one b!tch from Drake crew got into it. While they arguing, like broads do, somebody threw a bottle (same thing as throwing a chair, u understand if you seen boondocks) then all hell broke loose. Who gets blamed and sued, the two Niccaz with money. Like i said, I wasn’t even there, and this is 99.9% of what happen. ROFL, Media stop making dumber sh!t out of dumb sh!t.

  • bigdoe6

    Shut up Meek.

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  • DipSet23

    Meek Mill refering to Drake and Breezy as “GIRLS”

  • naw drake threw a wine cooler

    • mxtralive

      A wine cooler lol

  • Paris Ellison

    Meek is spewing BS trying to make the story better and make it seem like girls threw bottles instead of grown men. It is really unflattering to think of men throwing bottles but that is what happened in this situation. The two camps that had a prob with each other WERE MEN, not women. And most say the bottles came from Drake’s crew first, that has been reported too many times now. So I guess Drake’s crew consists of a bunch of females.

    Meek is a coward for blaming women for the actions of men!

    • immackulate

      maybe so, but i cant expect NOBODY to so called MAN UP and tell on themselves

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  • NYCPeruano

    Drake threw a Canada dry bottle lol

  • He said he “ain’t no snitch”. Yet he snitches on women. Lol. 
    So its ok to snitch on females huh? What a total douchebag!

    • immackulate

      man shut yo azz up clown … thats called a GENERAL STATEMENT he aint name no names or nothing … i can tell you aint never been questioned about anything … therefore tuck your comments back under your tail

  • Vikram662

    Pretty obvious they all realized what just happened and will happen in the future to their careers if they don’t come together and act like it was everyone else but them. I’m sure all three of them gave calls to each other saying “shit we fu*ked up”.

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  • So lady’s threw those $2000 16-18 inch tall by 7-8 inch width (thick) bottles full of liquor huh??? smh

    This nigga remedial.

    • Weedras

      if empty yes! then i again i’ve seen a chick throw a unopen wine bottle about the same size… its possible…

      • E McArthur

        theres no way im throwing a $2000 bottle…I got a good throw….I’m sure throwing a bottle that size is no problem for me….but $2000?  i’m gonna make sure I drink every drop for that price…lol

    • immackulate

      you weirdo fam … yo bytches must not have arms and hands LOL …

  • ohhhhh ok, so a woman threw it. guess that means drake did do it guys, thats one angry lady. when drake gets mad she throws bottles yikes! 

  • ag5

    It’s  a  top  end  nightclub  in  New  York. You  don’t  think  they  have  cameras? It  desn’t  matter  who  says  what, the  bird  in  the  sky  gonna  tell  it  all.

  • S

    So many stories! Who do you believe???? I believe Meek when he said it wasn’t Chris or Drake it was some of there crew that took it to another level. Why not? It ain’t they money if someone gets sued. Now considering that Philly nigga’s can get a bit wild sometimes, I think Meek might have threw a bottle or 2 just to join in on the festivies. I also think he is just trying to through people off of his trail by saying he saw girls throught bottles too. But the real will come out once all the lawsuits are in and they start presenting evidence from the footage in the club. Then we will see who’s lying.

  • FACT_CHECKseed

    BREAKING NEWS:  Drake hits Chris Brown with a bottle of Oil Sheen…dispute over how much of an arch Chris Brown gave Drake’s eyebrows. In other news, Drake announces a new line of lip gloss……

  • FACT_CHECKseed

    BREAKING NEWS PART II: Drake and Chris Brown announce partnership to introduce new line of tampons called: DRIZZY DROPS. More details to follow….

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    dry snitching

  • dat nigga lying