French Montana and Diddy

Hip-Hop Rumors: Did French Montana "Get Initiated" Into The Illuminati?!

French Montana has been on a major come-up in the last year and has collaborated with the top echelon of Hip-Hop – including his label head Diddy, Rick Ross, Drake, and Lil’ Wayne. His rise to success has many people joking around about whether or not he joined the infamous “Illuminati.”

In a recent interview with Jenny Boom Boom, French decided to fan the flames on this rumor. Check out what he said below as well as the audio from the interview:

“If there was an Illuminati, I would have been joined it,” said French Montana. “I’m still waiting, come knock on my door.”

French Montana is one real dude! I like his style! So we all know French Montana was joking about being “initiated” into the Illuminati, but do you think there really is such a thing? And if so, would rappers even be considered as members?

  • dumb article

  • SDS_Overfiend

    No.. Stupid ass article. He’s not influencial enough nor is he in the 20 million club.

    • digitallife

      I don’t believe anyone in the rap world is influential enough..influential enough means you own news sources..the stuff folks base into making every day life decisions like Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers.

      • immackulate

        trust me my bruvah … SEAN COMBS and SHAWN CARTER (for better or worse) are as influential to these dummy azz grown men than OPRAH WINFREY is to fat black women lol

      • digitallife

        As influential as rupert murdoch? I doubt it..we are talking the kind of influence and money that can make criminal charges go away..none of the folks  you mentioned can.

      • digitallife

        Very true and I agree but I think illuminati level of influence is one way above the comprehension of the average person. We are talking about people sitting down to discuss exactly by how much many items of agriculture will rise in cost, and further on the “needs” of the public ladder. Entertainment is such a small aspect of our needs that it’s almost laughable that entertainers would be society members. The bosses at the company that owns their label perhaps but we are talking ten ceo’s up the food ladder.

      • immackulate

        i dont know where you been at for 10 yrs … but puffy did get acquitted while his man took 10 – jay got probation behind stabbing Un Rivera … NO JAIL TIME FOR EITHER and you say them charges stuck? yeah ok.

      • digitallife

        Ignorance must truly be bliss..1. Jay-z had no criminal record, was a celebrity, and stabbed a dude with a pencil..a dude who spent the entire time trying to drop the charges and not cooperate with the cops.

        2. Sean Combs had j-lo testimony, and shyne himself on the stand said sean combs didn’t know he had guns on what exactly would you prosecute him for..pointing his finger and going pow pow?

        Now come back to me when one of these dudes hacks lawyers, judges, parliament, senators, lobbyists email/phpne accounts and then threaten those same people with complete obliteration of their public image as fox just did in england..and ruppert murdoch is still walking a round a free billionaire..we are talking about hundreds of charges homie..not a petty pencil stabbing or running like a bitch out of a club when shttt pops off.

        For all their influence and power..the moment winfrey, carter, and combs leave a room full of old buddy boys what you think they laughing at? Remember my brother we live in Amerikkka

      • immackulate

        IGNORANCE (here we go again) man it’s plenty of rappers, actors, entertainers who are mildly rich that beat criminal cases PHUCK IF THEY GOT CRIMINAL RECORDS OR NOT … you trying to gain applause for STATING THE OBVIOUS (rich white folks have a higher chance of beating a criminal court case/drop conviction, etc…) WHO IN THEY PHUCKING RIGHT MIND DONT ALREADY KNOW THAT … dick head stating the obvious and he want a phucking cookie for it. regardless of a pencil or not its ASSAULT phuck phace … regardless if reports said SHYNE was the actual shooter .. PUFF still avoided ACCESSORY charges … or am i making this shyt up. Did OJ not beat a MURDER CASE … of course, WHITE FOLKS WTIH “WONDER BREAD” GONNA WALK AROUND UNSCATHED – who dont already know that …

        still what the phuck does that have to do with CARTER, COMBS, WINFREY being of influence … you think OLE RUPERT is an influence to Lil Corey Black – highly doubt it cuz Lil Corey Black dont even know who the phuck OLE RUPPIE is … stick to the initial issue and thats PEOPLE OF INFLUENCE … you jumping from WELL THEY AINT GOT WHITE PEOPLE MONEY this that and the third – man you dont even know what the phuck you rambling about … DO YOU?

      • digitallife

        You really expect me to take that seriously, when you entire rant is nothing but insert expletive here. You do understand there are varying degrees of definition for ignorance. Sometimes it can be used as an adjective for lack of exposure, you did know that right.

        Now back to your influential points. Corey Black unfortunately is just another statistic on a page to the real influential people, these same influential people are the ones who own the radio stations, the tv networks, the stadiums the people you mentioned earn their money from. So who truly is the boss in that scenario? And yes Rupert has an influence over lil corey black more so than jay-z, combs, and winfrey will ever have. Why? Because he controls the media outlets, that’s the true definition of power in this country. Resources: Both tangible and intangible (From what i’ve seen in your posts you may want to grab a dictionary).  Just go look up what vivendi owns, and holla at me “brother”. Star makers according to you aren’t more powerful than the stars themselves. Why does the wall street chairman hold control over 97% oversight of the pensions in this country totaling more than a trillion bucks? You mean to tell me that jay-z and those folks are on that level? Get the president out of bed in the middle of the night level? You really need to start seeing the world for what it is, a place where old money takes care of old money..and new money is the crowd they invite to events to joke about and make fun of.

        As far as my cookie, make mine chocolate chip son.

        “4 degrees and a Ph.D — still a ni**a” -Trick Daddy “Amerikka” (Society’s verse)

      • immackulate

        man you are an idiot … who compared JAY-Z to Michael Eisner … because i sure didnt lol. Again, you are stating the obvious but in DETAIL this time(good for you.) You want milk with that cookie? We are INFLUENCED by our own influences 1st… we dont control the media, radio, television, etc… we only fall victim to the messages and the PAWNS they use to project the messages on a national scale to black folks … the Oprahs, The Jay-Z’s, etc… there influence or lack of POSITIVE influence is just as detrimental as the person that’s pulling the strings and putting these FIGURE HEADS in position. Whose more damaging a white man that i know off top doesnt care about the advancement of a certain demographic or the BROTHERS/SISTERS that portray themselves FOR THE PEOPLE but continue to push the same agenda that trickles down from the top. KNOW THEY SELF 1st.

      • digitallife

        Was it not you who mentioned that charges didn’t stick, and who were you referring to? Jay-z and answer your own question.

        We are influenced by our people..really..who influences them? I see jay-z only trying to be “our people” when it’s time to make a buck off us..but when he’s off the stage who is he with, who is he trying to align with, who did he call his best friend like 3 years point. You buy into this idealism that black is only influenced by black..guess that’s why the salons are full of women trying to blow out their hair into militant fro’s. Times have changed young brother, I have been alive the entire spectrum of that change (Not sure if you have). Regardless of your origin, race, sexuality, everything you like to enjoy somewhere along the lines is controlled by a white man (Except for the president..I hope at least). But it is what it is, you continue insulting and bragging. I was born in a slum, and live amongst many of the same people i’m talking about. Please do tell me where your own experiences stem from my brother. To me Jay-Z’s influence over anything is the equivalent of a dude trying to stop me on the street and sell me something he stole.

        Now please note I haven’t insulted you, I have cursed at you. If you want me to take anything you say seriously or at least process it neutrally please address me with the same level of respect i’ve shown you young brother.

      • SDS_Overfiend

        True to an extent. Jay Z, Em and Fif are influential to the youth as fast as marketing goes.


  • digitallife

    Rappers in secret societies? Based on what? Popularity?..the most powerful people in the world are some of the most mysterious people on earth..yeah those same people are going to take undereducated people from hoods who may have a buck or two and let them in? Yeah so the first time they fall off they’ll go’s one thing to be a society’s another thing to make a powerful person a ton of money ala jay-z has for Lyor Cohen. Jay-Z became untouchable in the industry only after Lyor saw his loyalty to him (The picture of them in vegas with jay smoking that cigar outside the casino is when all that came to happen)..hence why jay-z would follow Lyor to the ends of the long as he’s with Lyor he’s good to go.

  • immackulate

    man phuck outta here … see what youtube has done to these dummies
    jenny boom boom uh dumb azz for asking that shyt too

    see Black Boule and who funded the black boule …

  • disqus_TZ0zHZSkHK

    probably not in it. he’s just their puppet. ppl need too understand they use these rappers, actors, etc to communicate with each other. all these actors and rappers throwing up signs and don’t even know what the shit mean. smh.

    • immackulate

      thank you … somebody that finally get’s it and dont just take er’body else word as law

      black folks uh never be in the illuminati – however, the BLACK BOULE is a different situation

  • junj03

    Sydney Lace is in the Illuminati . its impossible that she still has her job after posting dumb crap like this 

  • illuminati is whites only duh

    • 1st Illuminatti isnt whites only, it anyone of influence and prestige. 2nd what really meant to be said is if he’s initiated into the Boule society. Thats the black homosexual dominated masonic influenced (& I say that losely) branch of the illuminatti. Diddy, Quincy Jones, Andre Harrel and the list goes on is affilliated with this organization that control (being controlled by demonic worshipping Israeli bankers) popular music. They make stars and use repetition to dominate music. I can go on & on but I dont wanna say something that’ll cause NSA agents to kick in my door & kidnap me into oblivion 

      • diddy quincy jones andre harrel are not illuminated

  • PorchBoySlim

    the internet and niggas just believe what they see is making people dumb as fuck…..the thing I dont get about people thats always screaming Illuminati and talking about devil worshiping is…WHERE IS GOD in all of this? you mean to tell me that the Lord is letting the Devil “control the whole world behind the scene” and not doing nothing about it? that shit dont make sense to me…the way yall niggas explain shit it makes it look like the devil is in control of the world and not GOD


      That’s exactly the point homie

    • good has more people than evil but evil runs a lot of major shit

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  • Yahweh is in control. It lets Shaytaan & his minions influence “hu”mans with low chakras to provide an example of deviating from Yahweh’s light and proving Yahwehs glory. Think about the trial of Job, perfect example.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    To answer Sydney’s question…. NO!!!

    The illuminati (old white men who are decision makers in the world) would have absolutely no use for rappers. People respect MONEY!  People say Jay joined the Illuminati but Jay-Z has influence because he made some very good business deals on top of a great rap career.  He made his money the old fashioned way, he sold off when his businesses were still valuable.  When Russell Simmons sold Def Jam, he sold for hundreds of millions. Same with Berry Gordy. But you dont get the Illuminati rumors with them. Jay sold Roc-A-Fella for a good amount (I forget what). He then sold Roc-a-Wear for like $250 million. Next he signed a $150 million 360 deal with Live Nation. Thats most of his money in 2 deals.  ANY rapper of the same influence could have done the same thing if they would have been one of the firsts to do it. Puff? He made the majority of his money from running a label and jerking people out of royalties.  He also has Sean John and recently only made money from reality TV.  What’s Illuminati about that?We only do this in urban music.  Our imaginations run rampant which I guess is necessary to even accept today’s fictional artists.  These artists are all about status.  Can someone tell me what bigger status there would be than being a member of the most exclusive “club” on earth? This is the one that rules the world.  Who WOULDN’T try to act like they are down with that?

    • the illuminati always has a use for musicians who have millions of followers, but rarely a musician will ever be illuminated

      • Nemesis_Enforcer

        But what would be their MESSAGE?  Does it benefit the illuminati if Jay-Z talks about how rich he is, or Kanye talks about how weird he is?

        Yall quick to throw illuminati out but fail to break down their purpose in hip hop.

        Who is rapping about subject matter that benefits the people who already supposedly rule the world?  I’ve never heard Jay talk about putting your money into a certain illuminati-run bank.  I’ve never even heard Jay or Ye or Bey give instructions in their music.  So what would the illuminati get out of it?

      • 1 of illuminati’s main goals is to keep people uninformed, ignorant, busy w things that arent important. in every industry they have people embedded & in many cases its to keep other people out of those industries

      • Nemesis_Enforcer

        uninformed about THEIR EXISTENCE and dealings! lol.

        So they get a #FAIL since you and others know soooo much about them.

        Moving on.

      • they are far from failing

  • Illuminati = Zionist (Not real jews) trying to unfold a plan to control the universe. Real revolutionarys of the human race get assassinated or get framed to be in prison seen as a threat to wake up the sheeple. Rappers/Entertainers = Puppets to eradicate the masses mainly targeting the youth to carry out a NWO agenda with subliminal messages.

  • ccwaterbound32

    there is a ruler of this world and his name is satan, alot of people have all of these explanations and science theories about the way things work and how things are because of such and such all i gots to say is have FAITH! THERE IS A GOD! Human beings are not meant to understand his holy ways and purpose. FEAR OF GOD means seeking knowledge and understanding… the return of christ MUST BE NEAR… last night i heard birds chirping at 12 midnight…. YALL BETTER PAY ATTENTION AND GET RIGHT.,..

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      You comment is cool but irresponsible.  Telling people to “get right” is NOT witnessing.  You aren’t offering anyone information on how to do this. You aren’t offering yourself up as a vehicle.  So “get right” has no purpose if people who may actually want to are left with no instruction.

      Just something to think about it.

  • Kody Scott

    french montana = W.O.A.T. , WACKEST OF ALL TIME , HE THE MOST TRASH RAPPER OUT HERE NEXT TO WACKA , real hip hop please come back.

    •  true that, couldnt have said it better myself

  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    This is the most misleading title I’ve ever seen. 

  • Juan Spin Serrano


    • your on allhiphop

  • Rappers are important because of their #Influence. Influence is power. This is why they matter to the #Illuminati. #FrenchMontana told nothing but the truth in that interview.

    Follow @DaRealJoBlakk 

  • gunnstarr

    the illuminati as ‘we’ are allowed to know it doesn’t accept earth examples of minorities-plus the order precedes earth based written records. Hence You have to have a certain geneology and hence be ‘genetic specific’. Any tales of rappers joining the ‘illuminati’ is usually their joining a lodge-which is really just an expensive boys club

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  • rep87

    French is talking about selling his soul to the Devil for Fame & Riches and those who dont have a clue will stay def dumb and blind, its something going on in the entertainment long before it got expose but know need to get into it because it just cause arguments and its hard to get someone who doesnt read & has lack of knowledge to understand how the power that be has kept them sleep & spritiually dead, French would be just a puppet to help keep a certain segment of young youths going to prison and into the grave yard, selling DEATH !

  • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

    I’m Proud of everybody that’s “Awake”! 

    The Illuminati does exist but rappers and entertainers are just puppets that help out the agenda (Of the Illuminati). Some people are ignorant (no disrespect) enough that they don’t even have to represent that agenda on purpose because that’s who they were before being famous or whatnot.

    People do sell their souls though. To me it seems like some artists like Lady Gaga purposely represented the agenda from the start but some people that are just purely talented don’t represent the agenda until they actually sell records and really blow-up in the industry then by the time their second or third album they change after being initiated if they chose to accept Lucifer as their God. 

    Real Killers and/or Gangsters in the rap game already promote the illuminati agenda just by talking about murders, dope, women and material that really is meaningless since at the beginning of time known of that existed (excluding women). 

    It’s about God. They try hard to distract us. Sure, Technology and material is appealing but we need to use our resources for the good and serve God not the Devil.   

    • Casor_Greener

      Where do they get you corny nikkas??!?!

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        Corny? I pay attention. Maybe you thought by me sayin’ gangsters and killers promote the agenda and me talkin’ about god made me lame but you got the wrong dude bruh.

        I’ve been listenenin’ to underground gangster music all my life but when it comes down to it, all that stuff is detrimental. I’m just real enough to go against it now.

  • Guillaume Pilon

    for sure

    in a year french became a major name in the industry

    he in the game for like 10 years

    they tried with corball tyler the creator last year and it dint work 

  • Oh, so he got fucced in da azz for fame too?  Figures.

  • chiboy773

    A nigga could never be in the illuminati. They simply used niggas to solicited sex, drugs and a balling lifestyle that 90% wont attain. To continue dumbing down the youth. Thats why everything is a reality show, every rapper dresses the same, rap about the same thing, homosexuality is at an all time high and so on. Nothing of substance is hardly around because they dont wont you to think for youselves…

  • $20434212

    The only thing that even slightly makes the think that the illumanit could be real is because it has convinced idiots who believe in the illumaniti that their failings aren’t their fault and that the accomplishments of others are achieved by deceit and sin. 

    Believing in the illuminati is just a convenient explanation for your own relative lack of success in the face of others incredible successes. It’s not your fault you aren’t immensely successful, and of course those who are don’t deserve any credit, because anyone can be rich if they sell their soul, right?

  • black_messiah9000

    If it means undermining the black population of course he would be invited.

  • The illuminati is the enlightened black man. You niggas believe that spookism shit.  WHAT UP GODS. WHAT UP GODDESSES.

    • crom777

      Peace God!!! exactly!!!!

  • mylife97

    who cares. what r u gonna do about it… nuthin. just keep doin u and you’ll make it through!

  • dopefire14

    If You Don’t Believe there’s an Illuminati GOOD! ..That’s What They Want. They Want You to Be Ignorant and They Want You to Believe in these Artists Jus Like You Would Believe in Your Church It’s All a Distraction. Sad You Don’t Realize there’s Nothing Positive These Rappers Talk About it’s all about Drugs, Sex, Violence Ext… And This is what are Kids Are Picking Up. Jus Look at the World Today. Their Plan is almost Complete and That’s What it says on Your Money Too. Symbolism in these Videos are Enough for me to Believe It!!.. Now Don’t Get Me Wrong Frenchie is Cool Wit ME Plus He’s From Where I’m From and that’s Great But I Jus Can’t Agree that he’s Illuminati Already and Even if he Was He Sure as Hell Won’t Admit It Cuz There Suppose to Redirect You and Lie & Deciet. You Would Have to be a Jay-Z, Will Smith, Nas, Dr. Dre Type Level to Be In it.. IF You Still Don’t Believe it Just Go to YouTube Type JAY-Z ILLUMINATI or Look Up Why He Did that Water Project for Africa I’m Sure Something Would Come Up. ..Now If You Do Believe GOOD!!! That’s What they Want. Listen to Your Music Jus Don’t Let it Influence You  It’s All Entertainment at the end We Want Are Kids to be Drug Free and Hard Workers.

    • KingChandler

      Sorry buddy, next time your trying to kick some knowledge, at least do a spell check “We want ARE kids to be drug free and hard workers” lol,  its OUR, and how did you choose what words to put capital letters on? People like you on these blogs are the equivelant to the crackhead downtown holding the cardboard “THE END IS NEAR” sign….lmao, you probly don’t believe you are……GOOD….thats what I want you to think. Thanks for the laugh kiddo, I’ll keep being blind to reality. Come back soon please, slow day today, I could use another lesson in Illuminati 101.

      • dopefire14

        That’s the Smartest Thing You Have to Say Haha ..That’s What You Got Out of Everything I Wrote.. You Wanna Bash me for 1 Misspelled Word..??..Um ok I’ll Take That ..Let’s See What Else Did You Say That Was Relevant to My Comment?? O Ya You are Completely Blind to Reality.. Sad

  • Weedras

    The hits were low as of late so AHH concocted one these illuminati stories again to get the conspiracy theorists, the internet scholars and the soap box prophets flcoking to say something.. lol!!

  • now if this is a secert societies how is it that everybody knows ? And only thing that influance me about jay z is that he a hard working man we went for his dreams and we all should try that out this illuminti bull shit is just another way to bring down blacks and hiphop because people seem to think that blacks cant make money unless its some kind of help from a white man or a devil or a white fuckin devil and then blacks feed into the shit instead of sticking up for our people. Maybe jay z just work hard for his money same with kanye and anyother black artist fallen victim to this dumb shyt if funny that there no word of white enertainers in this club like eminim tom cruse smh or any other white actors or rappers smh something funny about that

    • BigHomie337

      Couldnt have said it better homie!! It’s basically taking away their hard work and grind. If the illuminati was real motherfuckers would be lining up 2 join.

  • crom777

    The illuminati Is real Its a plan to keep minorities from voting and paranoid. Dummies

  • RazaBladeKing

    I know there’s a lot of lost souls that read and post on this site; people that are willfully ignorant, proudly stupid, defiantly unteachable.  People that fail their high school classes like its a badge of honor.  So I’ll try to keep this brief.  The Illuminati (or the NWO, or the One World Gov’t, or the Powers that Be, or the Billionaire Boys Club) exists.  There are NO rappers, actors, or atheletes in it.  We’re talking about the people that control all human activity; all financial, political, and social systems around the world.  Politician’s politicians, big oil, etc.  NOT anyone you could name.  The Jay-Z’s and Diddy’s may be freemasons (see any union, frat [greek life], or group that pays into a hierarchy system), but freemasons are just the Illuminati’s foot soldiers.

    How does John F Kennedy, the ‘most powerful man in the world’ at the time, get his brains blown out, in broad day light, in front of around 20,000 people, and no one knows what happened?  (right after he went in on the big banks “coincidentally”)

    If you have a $1 bill in your pocket, take it out and look at the back.  You’ll see a pyramid.  You’ll notice the top of the pyramid is sectioned off, with an eye in front of it.  Do you think this is an accident?  Do you think the US government, as powerful as they are, would put some meaningless drawing on their most basic unit of currency?  Do you even care what it means?

    Probably not.  You probably have no reason to; you’re conditioned to “live for the moment”, selfishly chase peices of paper, disregard “forever”, and worry about the latest clothing trend, or what you’re going to drink or smoke tonight, never questioning why every form of mass media feeds you that same tired bulls***, and make religious faith and selfelessness seem crazy.  CAPITOLISM IS A PYRAMID SCHEME, YOU DUMMIES.  If you aint at the top of the pyramid, you’re never going to be.  F*** Jay-Z and his $150 million contract; have you ever wondered who can afford to pay him that?  Are you that stupid that you’re completely distracted by the next shiny thing, the next single, the next clothing designer?

    Google “Eye of Horace”.  Google “Bohemian Grove”.  The reason the powers that be don’t even hide themselves is because they know most of the bottom of the pyramid are either too stupid or too lazy to buck a system that defeats them from birth.  Why am I posting this rant then?  Like Pac (Mr. KILL-UMINATI  [killed right before the album dropped – *hint* the “they” he goes in on aint Bad Boy]) said, I don’t need to lead any revolution… maybe I can ignite the spark in the mind of the person that will.  But lemme guess – “Duh, you sound crazy”; “Duh, that’s too long and I don’t like reading”, etc.

    • Casor_Greener

      Please stop with all the nonsense and get off  Google.  Spouting more garbage some weed smoking white guy told you.  “It’s all controlled man” shaggy voice.  :MAO, you chumps never fail to amaze me

      • RazaBladeKing

        So… rather than engage my argument and offer another possible explanation, you call me a chump and try and invalidate my argument saying I got it off google.  (I cited google because most its the tool most useful idiots like yourself use to gather information)
        Unless your last name is Kennedy, Hilton, Bush, etc. you really have no basis to try and make me out to be crazy.  I’ll give you a sporting chance though:
        -Explain how JFK (a sitting US President) got shot in Dallas that day with no solid explanation?
        -Explain how places like Harlem, Detroit, LA, east DC, etc continue to starve, despite all of us paying into a system (taxes) and KNOWING that they’re starving (the system included), while places that don’t need federal resources continue to receive them and thrive?
        -If its not “all controlled”, who and what creates and maintains the infrastructure that provides water, electricity, internet, etc. to AN ENTIRE PLANET, and decides the quality/reliability of those resources by region?  Magic?  Coincidence?  Jay-Z?
        -Why is there a pyramid with the all-seeing eye on a dollar bill?  Why are their owls and other masonic symbols in the street design of DC?  Why do we see that singular eye in other forms of media?
        -Why are 60 year old white men so invested in getting 30 year old black men to tell the youth to live for the moment and forget about consequences?
        FYI, I get my knowledge from books.  Books like “The Invisible Man”, “Behold the Pale H o r s e”, etc.  I could continue to argue with you but you’re clearly too stupid to even pose an argument to begin with.  My fear is that your stupidity is contagious; judging by the thumbs up you got for your pointless response, my fears are correct.  I pity your children, but I pity your parents more for the sperm and egg they wasted.  Stay stupid, Amen-Ra; that’s certainly your right.  You’re probably the only person left in America still listening to the Carter 3.  But until you can prove to be more than another field slave, fighting for the top of the pyramid’s table scraps with us other field slaves and idolizing their house slaves, you’re nothing more than a waste of DNA to me.  
        Now since you’re so desperate for attention, and jump to every meaningful post with a response of “You’re crazy, chump.”?  If you’re that thirsty, go drink a tall glass of Chlorox.  You are of no value to anyone, yourself included.  Be gone.    

      • Why does this brotha need to argue with you? You screaming shit out like you know the symbology of those pyramids and or symbols but what you don’t realize you are doing exactly what they want you to do. Be scared. LOL. You cats swear you know so much about the “illuminati” but don’t know the first thing about any type of occult knowledge. Dumb ass niggas lol. You sheep just like the rest of these idiots. The only thing different between you two is they are ignorant in bliss. You are ignorant in fear.

      • RazaBladeKing

        “I often wish that I could save everyone, but I’m a dreamer.”

        Okay Metaphysics, I’ll give you half a point; at least you took some time with your response, and didn’t reference Scooby Doo. 

        First things first, I fear nothing on this planet.  I have faith in a higher power, and believe in forever, and as long as I maintain my soul, nothing the 80-100 years I spend on this planet (if I’m lucky) can be more meaningful to me than eternity.  Forgive me if any of my posts gave you the impression I’m shook.

        Second, you tell me what I do and don’t know?  I state facts and cite sources; other than a “cool” name and a couple of big words, what exactly did you say?  A whole lot of NOTHIN.  Then again, I’m guessin no source would satisfy your uncontrollable lust to discredit me, and you probably don’t even what motivates that uncontrollable lust (that’s some REAL metaphysics, “dumb @$$ n*gga”)

        Third, and moooooost importantly, i’m STILL waitin on one of you contrarian-for-the-sake-of-bein-contrarian n*ggas to attempt to answer even ONE of the mysteries/questions I’ve posed.  You can attack me all you want, but here’s what happens: the idiots flock to you guys (let’s call you the blissfully-ignorant Head Idiots) and your non-answers, while the halfway-intelligent (or better) readers realize that for all your huffin and puffin, only one of us has offered any real explanations.  It aint you, junior. 

        Like I said before… you have the right to be stupid.  But don’t waste my time arguing with me when you have… no… argument.  The system has enough house slaves on their payroll to spread confusion and misinformation; don’t do their job for free. 

      • Casor_Greener

        Money has controlled this planet since damn near the beginning of time.

        history was written by the sword and the dollar.  Trace the advancement of weaponry and economic systems and the current way of the world is easily explainable.  I can’t sum that up in one paragraph for you, you should just try reading some different books.

      • RazaBladeKing

        Ya know something, Amen-Ra?  I honestly can’t figure you out.  You start off with some short, pointless BS response; now all of a sudden you’ve got some meaningful talking points!  “Congratulations” to you.  I’ll address you at a conceptual level, then I’ll do what you’ve STILL failed to do, and actually answer your questions.

        You clearly agree that the people with the most resources (money, energy, weapons, troops, etc) have always and will continue to control the infrastructure systems that dictate human activity.  So… what’s your beef exactly?  Is it simply with the name “Illuminati”?  Are you some sad fratboy or union member that refuses that you’ve been duped?  Because your last two responses (and your first one, implicitly) SUPPORT my argument, being that such a group does in fact exist.  Again… where’s the beef?  You’ve basically said “The Illuminati doesn’t exist, and believing in them is stupid… because… they’ve always existed and always will.”  I can’t argue with that, because its retarded.

        Now onto your questions.  Are you more educated than me, by better institutions?  The short answer is, how is that relevant? (I went to college, a pretty good one, but again… relevance?) A wise man knows how little he actually knows, and how to ask the right questions to seek more information.  “When did Bill Gates become Illimunati”?  Who said he was?  Just like Jay-Z and other KNOWN figureheads, you should follow the money (up), and find out who’s really pulling the strings behind the scenes.  Same for Buffet, Jobs, and anyone else you can name that you THINK are wealthy.  Investigate who signs THEIR checks, and you might be onto something.  That also answers “Who let them get rich”; Hitler got power because he got access to weapons and manpower, by proxy wealth, and got more and more of each as the cycle perpetuated itself.

        By asking “Who leads ‘my’ movement”, you demonstrate that you clearly missed the concept of my position, smart guy.  ‘My’ movement is your movement, and 99.9% of the world population’s movement.  We are ALL the bottom of the pyramid (most of us, King of Saudi Arabia and some others not included).  The problem we face, and the reason why we agree nothing will change, is because we have… no… leader.  No unifying figure or message to rally behind.  Again, I can’t figure out if you’re smart playin dumb, or dumb playin smart, but I really can’t figure out what your argument is period, based on your last two posts.

        And now I’ve lost interest.  So… I’ll stop asking you questions since you refuse to answer them anyway (other than paraphrase s*** I already said… “capitolism”, etc), and assume (based on your own statements) that your overall point is: “The Illuminati doesn’t exist, and believing in them is stupid… because… they’ve always existed and always will.”  Have fun with that.

      • Casor_Greener

        My point is that these economic heavyweights are not working together to keep anyone down. You know who writes Gates checks? The millions of people who use Windows products.  

        There is no cabal of the world richest people dictating all world events.  Shit sounds cool but it’s really not that deep.

      • RazaBladeKing

        Okay, now i gotcha.  Good thing I actually listened, and asked the right questions, cuz i started to get the feeling we werent diammetrically(sp?) opposed. 

        You don’t believe that there is an official group, with an official roster, that sits around a table deciding the fate of the world; simply that there is a system in place that supports the agendas of the 20-50 most powerful people in the world (at any given time, affiliated with each other or not), a system which perpetuates itself.

        I wholeheartedly agree.  Now, if you think that after you put your money on the counter at Best Buy, Best Buy sends a check straight to Bill Gates…

      • Casor_Greener

        no best buy gets a cut, shippers, etc.

        “You don’t believe that there is an official group, with an official roster, that sits around a table deciding the fate of the world; simply that there is a system in place that supports the agendas of the 20-50 most powerful people in the world (at any given time, affiliated with each other or not), a system which perpetuates itself.”


      • Man you already lost. This is mind control 101. That Illuminati shit didn’t come out until the 90s. These so called people in “power” are masters of illusions. Dumb ass fools like you take the bait all the time. I ain’t sitting here saying there isn’t a group of people trying to keep the masses down.

        But you cats put this group on a god like level when they are not. Do you even know what Illuminati means? LOL. How can they be Illuminati when they violate the very basic principles of enlightenment in the first place. They are vampires sucking your consciousness and you keep feeding into the machine. You are a battery. You think you are all deep and droppin’ knowledge but when you come at the GODS with that weak shit we all laugh at you.

        Nagas in the know, know what time it is. Pick up a damn book and read something. Stop acting like because you saw some shit on youtube you are a scholar. Punk ass nagas kill me man. Don’t put in no work and think they know something.

        And quit speaking on my name username like you even know what metaphysics is. If you did you would know what angle i was coming from. Step ya game up. Go read some books on esoteric and occult wisdom. Then we can have a deep discussion. Until then I don’t even have to really try to annihilate your bitch ass with these hot swords.

        Peace to all the gods and goddesses though.

      • RazaBladeKing

        Good God, man.  That was pitiful.  I don’t even know where to start.
        “Look out, mom!  Some guy listened to some WuTang albums and (still) reads comic books, and thinks that because he can string some buzz words together, he’s impressing somebody!” 
        I try, and try, but my positive energy is wasted on someone TOO STUPID TO EVEN READ.  Did you read my posts, comic book guy?  I list a COUPLE of books i’ve read related to this subject; you respond that i should get off of YouTube and read some books (Exhibit A that you are retarded).  I affirm my religious faith (and that God is the only one i put on a God-like level); you respond that I should stop putting the Illuminati on a God-like level (Exhibit B), before calling the commenters on this board gods and goddesses (Exhibit C).
        I’m done wasting my time arguing with an intellectual inferior who won’t even do me the courtesy of actually hearing my argument before he manufactures a worthless response.  I dont know what metaphysics means?  Oh, you’re one dumb, sorry n*gga.  I’m feeding into the machine, as I sit here and rage against it?  C’mon son.  What’s sad is you’re too stupid to see we’re on the same side, but you’ve created some argument in your colorful imagination where there is none.  So find someone else to play with.  And all that “occult/esoteric” wisdom is for gay @$$, unemployed warlock-wannabes; I know enough about it because I always study my enemy (one of the early tenets of warfare).  Since you seem so obsessed with it… which side are you on?

        Talk half as much; listen twice as much.  You might not end up looking so stupid to everyone watching.

      • Its funny how you try to say my i am trying to put together words and sound impressive but you are just saying that because you just don’t understand the words. Its easy for you to say i’m spitting some shit just because i listened to wu-tang. But aren’t you the same nigga hollering out Killimunati? Don’t act like you don’t be bringing up pac as your “proof” the illuminati exists. You are religious. YOU LOST. You ain’t messin with any nigga like me at all. Those so called “illuminati” laugh at you dumb ass fools. who believe in that religious poison. You want to know why they use symbology of the pyramid and other symbols? Because they know the hidden power behind them. While you dumb ass niggas are waiting for some guy to come out the sky and save you.

        I didn’t call any commenters on this board gods and goddesses. If you reread you will see i said PEACE TO ALL THE GODS AND GODDESSES. The ones in the know. We aren’t on the same side. You are my enemy. Until you free your mind. You are just like the ignorant masses you so claim to be ahead of.

        Look at you. You could never get to the next level of understanding what this is all about. You just called occult and esoteric knowledge gay. You’re mind isn’t even opened to the point where you can see true wisdom is being dropped on you. What kind of nigga who thinks he is searching for truth thinks he finds it and stops searching? What nigga who is truly searching for truth doesn’t study the opposite sides of what he already knows? If you are a truth seeker you should be trying to dwell into everything study everything. That is some childish shit and a childish mentality. You study your enemy so much but how much do you study about yourself? How much do you study about what the symbols you see mean? Where they originated from? You are not deep nigga. Stop trying to act like you droppin science because all that shit you talking is swine.

        You don’t know nothing. All that illumnati shit you preaching about i was 16 years old knowing that bullshit. But when i got to that next level i was able to understand what this is REALLY about and why i see all this symbology around me and who was the real originator of these symbols.

        I’m done though man. Imma let you do what you do. You know everything and you are right. Go on playa i ain’t mad at cha.

      • RazaBladeKing

        Im glad you’re done talking, cuz Im certainly tired of listening to you.  But i aint mad at you either, homie.  You remind me of the 5% n*ggas i useta chop it up with.  Now make no mistake about it; as a whole, I have nothin but respect for the 5%ers as a whole, the knowledge that they kick, and what they stand for.  But i can separate “individual” from “group.”  My beef wit some of the individuals were 1) their elitist attitude, and 2) tied to that, their inability to actually KICK KNOWLEDGE when pressed to do so.

        Look at your posts.  “Im better than you.” “Im smarter than you.”  “You’re not deep.”  “I’ll kill you with my hot swords.”  What have you actually said?  What points did you actually make?  Nothing, and none.  What makes you any better than Lil Wayne?  At least when he comes up with 30 new ways to say “Im better than you”, he does it over a hot beat.  But neither one of you are actually… saying… anything.  You’re NOT dropping knowledge.  You’re NOT making an argument.  You’re stroking your own ego, and you have yet to show and prove why you deserve that ego.  That’s why no one is impressed.

        Do I know about the owl/mollock?  Do i know about the eye of horace/all seeing eye?  Do i know about the baphomet?  Do i know the difference between the pyramid (an Egyptian concept) and a pyramid scheme (a western, capitolist concept)?  Of course.  Does that make me special?  Of course not.  You seem to think you’re exceptional; tell you what, “God”, go put on a metal suit of armor and stand outside in a thunderstorm; we’ll see if something different happens to you than to anyone else.

        I will not be son’d by a grown man that uploaded a cartoon character to his hard drive and made it his avatar, so get that off your mind, Lava Man.  And my thirst for knowledge is unquenchable; there isnt a time that im not in the midst of a good book, or a lecture, cuz i keep my mind open to all information, whether it differs from my opinion or not.  But no one is impressed by you, your witchcraft fetish, or your hot swords, Lava Man.  Cut it out.  Turn off the cartoons, grow up, and get a job.

        And if the only knowledge you can drop is “Im great and you’re not”, you shouldnt stopped talking before you started.

      • I ain’t even gonna come back to you on insults and all that shit. Imma take a more direct route. Come at you man to man because most of your responses are insults and i want to get to what you KNOW. You obviously ain’t adept in any higher levels of thinking. You are into some shit that all it does is tell you when they are going to put your ass into the camps. Or when they are going to call martial law on your ass. They have been putting out that info for how long? All that information you are getting is nothing but shit that constantly saying they they are kicking your ass info. How does that information even give you self empowerment?

        A discussion with symbology with you wouldn’t even stimulate me because i know where you are going to go with it. Everything is evil and sinister. That is all you will say. I don’t have time for that fear propaganda. I ain’t even trying to clown you because when i look at you i see myself into all that dumb shit when i was 16 years old and growing up. You are awake but you aren’t awaken. You know there is a shadowy world behind the scenes. You know there are people who are manipulating your mind but you still don’t even have a clue of how deep all this shit is.

        You are still under the guise of mind control. The very fact you told me you believe in the religion shows me you are still under mind control. The very fact that you believe all the Illuminati information is mind control. Why would a organization so secret put out info on their self? Why would they let everyday niggas that can get online find out about them? You need to understand that they know and understand the workings of the occult. Because they are kicking your ass with it right now. The only way to fight back is for you to use the SAME techniques they are using. After all the shit they are using is the most advanced technology on the planet and even yet they can’t even master it. Only the original man can because they lack what is needed.

        You may say i ain’t droppin’ knowledge. That is cool. Its because you ain’t peeping the deeper meaning of the words. Which is understandable because you don’t know about any metaphysics or inner teachings. You can clown on the cartoons and shit. That’s fine. I know what the cartoons are on a deeper level. You will get more science and metaphysics out of cartoons than you will ever get in those Hollywood movies which are occult. I don’t watch shit for entertainment. I watch shit to break codes. Because the war is on your mind. And if you can’t decipher what is being shown to you on a film or in your face then you can’t say you are awake. You may know the new hot shit which is this illuminati propaganda but you don’t understand that info was put out by agents. Fear is the worst thing to be in. Also you paying attention is the worse thing because that is where your energy goes. You give power to that system by believing into that shit. Yeah nigga you know about the messed up structure in the system. You know about how they got all the money and we get kicked the scraps. But what are YOU going to do. That shit you preaching ain’t doing shit for you but keep you scared and in fear. You may say you aren’t scared but why are you always watching these peoples moves and why are you always focused on them? You lost right there. I ain’t saying that im greater then you and you are less. No that is not my style. But know that lil info you have is weak. Just like im sure you say to your self the masses is blind and lost. I am saying to YOU and myself that you are with the blind masses.

        Get into the self knowledge. Not the “knowledge” of them kicking your ass all the time. Get out of HIStory. Get into your story. You wasting your time with that fake ass knowledge. That shit ain’t the reality of what is really going on. That is just another illusion upon the illusion. Watch the matrix that movie will metaphysically break it down for you in a nutshell what you should do to get out of this illusion. and it ain’t got to do with no physical shit like guns and money.

      • RazaBladeKing

        That.  (what you wrote above) THAT’s what i’ve been waiting on.

        I use unconventional techniques, but eventually i can drag the meaningful info out of people.  Sure i can talk s*** with the best of em, but you wont survive on these message boards if you cant.

        See how me and the other guy were goin at each other’s necks?  And slowly, i asked enough of the right questions to get him to MAKE… HIS… POINT?  And we reached a consensus that we could build from, with neither side having to backpedal?  Thats what this site useta be about.

        If you peeped game, i said waaay back that this convo aint for my benefit.  See there really is some 16 year old kid out there, who dont even know the SURFACE LEVEL s*** im kickin.  The elders useta leave lil gems on these boards for them to pick up, and start their quest for real knowldege.  And wit the system in this plane of existence goin into overdrive as another empire desperately tries not to fall, these kids literally need to be spoon-fed the real deal.  You probly know more about the context surrounding the surface level s*** im kickin (the… “metaphysics”… that Matrix analogy was dope, by the way) than i do, but i already got that feeling; plus, like i say, this wasnt for me.  As for religion, i follow Yahweh’s path through this plane more as philosophy than religion; you wont find me in any man-made religious institutions, even on the (real) Sabbath.  But thats a whole other convo.

        Im glad you finally decided to join the party, so to speak.  Your last post made this whole back-n-forth productive, for the young eyes watchin.

        But think twice about who you underestimate. 

      • Well you made a right point on that when you said this is for the younger kids. That thinking is spiritual in itself. That is what it is all about. The only reason why i came at you with the insults because i get frustrated when i see cats wasting their energy with that illuminati propaganda. I was into it at one time but when i stepped to the next level it blew my mind of how ignorant i really was. You gotta challenge your own mind. Even shit that is considered evil you need to swell into it. That is the only way you continue to grow and understand.

        You don’t need any figure above you but yourself. The soul is the real self. No god is going to save you or holds dominion over you. You are god. You are a fraction of the most high experiencing all of this so the most high can know itself. Get out of that religious level thought. That is called the demiurge spirits. They are the ones who got us trapped in this physical realm in the first place. Yahweh = Yaldabaoth. They are the reason you are trapped in this false existence. That story of adam and eve and Lucifer falling from the sky is a metaphysical story about the fall of the soul out of the higher dimensions and being trapped into the physical realm.

        Even Yahweh tells you in Exodus. “I the LORD thy God am a jealous God” (Exodus 20:5). He is jealous because we are the original souls. That is just a little taste. There is so much but i could be on here for hours and days typing this on here breaking everything down. All mythology is the same story. The ancients weren’t stupid when they wrote these texts. They understood the higher realms of existence. The global elite in control of this planet is in control of the illusionary physical realm. Which we are in. And your Yahweh allows that. They are stuck here because lack the ability to transcend to the higher levels. They have all the ancient texts and esoteric knowledge they are still trying to crack it till this day but they cannot crack the god code. Only then until you get beyond your focus on them and start working on your divinity then that is when shit starts lining up for you. You ain’t even worried about no illuminati anymore lol. You are now talking to 2pac in the spirit world and astral traveling to damn mars or something.

        Its a lot of information to take in but only you will be the one who unlocks it. Can’t nobody do it for you.

      • RazaBladeKing

        That second reply was EVEN MORE DOPE (i’ll put my response here cuz it wouldnt fit on the actual [last] one).  Im not blinded by pride; even I can admit that i learned some things.  See, I figured you had something valuable to contribute.

        I’ll end it with this; I now get your overall point.  “They want us to fear them, because they fear us when empowered with knowledge of self.”  Im guessin you also see them using bastardized versions of our symbols as part of their fear/distraction campaign.  I totally agree.  I was simply pointing out that the “they” (lets say, the caretakers of the matrix, so to speak) exist.  As an analogy, you’re trying to kick calculus to kids who probably never learned basic algebra (myself included, in many ways).  Whats dope is, weeks, months, maybe years from now, some kid will google “French Montana illuminati” or some s***, and stumble upon these bread crumbs; it will start them on their quest for true knowledge.

        Thats a good thing.  Certainly more productive than reading about Solja Boy’s new haircut.

      • Casor_Greener

        I’m PROBABLY more than educated than you and this other drone, by  better schools too, but if I’m not – congratulations! Reagrdless I’m sure you will tell me my education doesn’t mean anything because “The man” told me.  so the founders of the country were some mason …so what?!?!?  The rich control everything because they have the most resources!!  When did Gates become Illuminati? Buffet? Jobs?  If they controlled everything why did they let them get rich?  How did Hitler conquer half of Europe?!??!

        Matter of fact tell me the leaders of your movement?  Obama too?  I;m not going to poke holes in your clown theory.  There’s a reason why belief in the Illuminati, superiority of races, conservatism, etc decreases with one’s education level.  

        Your Illuminati theory is just an offshoot of the economic system. It’s called Capitalism dude….simple as that

      • Come on the only reason it is hard to argue with you Illuminati believers is because it is nearly impossible to disprove an omnipotent force, whether it be mortal, like the Illuminati, or immortal, like a God.

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    NUMBR-AGAIN – EIGHT-SEVEN7 – 864-1527

  • To use the gifts given to them so satan can influence and brain wash thee minds with syblimical messages to get people to do things they normally wouldn’t do.

  • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

    So many signs prove it’s true. It’s deeper than music. It’s God Vs The Devil, Good Vs Evil

  • S. Long

    The bottom line is nobody can make you do anything you don’t want to do, make you buy anything you don’t want to buy, or listen to music you don’t want to listen to. So how much of an influence can these secret society’s have on the masses??? I’m not saying there not there or don’t exist but as a human being you do what you choose to do!!!

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  • HustleHard101

    Listen to the N.W.C. Coke Boys 3 mixtape that French dropped. You can hear in the intro around the 1:10 mark where French Montana says it clear as day “Ross and Diddy got a nigga all illuminated.” Enough said. Ya’ll wake up. 1

  • B

    This is a very complex subject and anyone who claims to have all knowledge regarding it has already failed. I’ve researched this and many topics connected to it, and I still can’t say I have it completely figured out.  BUT there are some recurring themes that fit with history and prophecy.  In order to accept the argument, one first would have to accept prophecy as truth or potentially true, it could not be rejected.  And so that is where many people reject a theory of an elite, occult  organization with plans to do A-Z.  IF you reject Biblical prophecy, you will fail to see how these things are connected.  I can’t even begin to talk about what I think is really going on, that would take a whole book. But I’ll give you some starting points, and should you decide to research these terms for yourself, then you have to approach them with an open mind.  Look at these things, in no particular order. The Bible (namely Revelations, Matthew 24, 1 and 2 Timothy, Daniel Chapters 2 and 9, Numbers 19 (the red heifer, then google red heifer), Ezekiel 38 (possibly talking about the rise of Russia), Luke 21;  Understand the Role of the United Nations and its policies (RIO +20, which is ongoing in Brazil right now), The role of the Federal Reserve system and how it came to be (who’s money went into it, research those families) and look at all the U.S. Presidents who sought to diminish the Fed’s power or remove it altogether (Lincoln and the Czar of Russia in Lincoln’s Day, Kennedy, Andrew Jackson and what they had to say about the Fed).. look at the countries that were lacking a Central Banking System in 2000; Look into Vladimir Putin’s rise to power, Try to understand symbols (maybe take a crash course in Art History, and try to look at the recurring themes in music from that angle, ESP the music videos which portray images, consider them alongside the lyrics… it’s all about critically listening and paying attention to the world around you; you will also notice things in movies and tv.. Look up the Georgia Guidestones, understand who powerful groups are like the Bilderberg Group. Pay attention to the signs in the earth. Know who, and which families are behind the largest multinationals, particularly of consumer and food goods; Do some research on ingredients in Foods we eat that are used to kill, and constantly ask yourself why?  That’s a good starting point.. And when you do this research critically, you will begin to understand other components that are connected and then you can also research that.  Oh, take a look at Nostradamus.

    God Bless Us

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  • aint no such thing as the illuminati ASSHOLES!