Hip-Hop Rumors: G-Dep Documentary Coming?

I don’t know how much this is going to be of interest to you peoples out there, but this is what I am hearing. I am hearing that there is a G-Dep documentary on the way and it will highlight the rapper’s career right up until it was derailed, by a stunning confession of murder. Well, he didn’t actually confess to murder, he confessed to a shooting. At any rate, it is my understanding that he was doing work in the studio and getting ready to come back out then he was taken on a new path. All of that recording and studio work was documented and the cats that did it are reportedly going to put it out as a documentary. I personally think they should hold off and expand that doc to include some goodies about where Dep is now behind those walls. That’s what I want to see, as well as the general public I assume.

  • Why?

  • immackulate

    NIGGAHS uh shame and dishonor themselves for the sake of MONEY …
    let that man do his time and GOD bless his soul!

  • Another rapper’s tragic life exploited for the almighty $.

  • snitch !


    His career was derailed by the confession????

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  • rep87

    Pure Gossip


    Kids hate me when they older,
    I’ll put crack by the stroller.

    Damn you would think puff, would had threw the niggah a bone
    And paid his legals fees, or something. Being though puff burnt him for his hit song,
    And put in on his album. Lol

    One thing i hate bout puff & jay, is how them
    Niggas can be so damn greedy & stingy. Lmao with they money.
    Even to the people that help you make it.???
    All of badboy artist are prolly fuk up in the game, beside the lox,
    Cause they left. But they aint see crazy money like they should had.
    Diddy kept them niggas publishing forever on barry gordy shet.

  • Joseph Thomas


  • water_ur_seeds

    i wanna see a doc about his whole life, imo hes got some classic 12″ from back in the day… a through documentary would be dope

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