Hip-Hop Rumors: G-Dep Documentary Coming?

I don’t know how much this is going to be of interest to you peoples out there, but this is what I am hearing. I am hearing that there is a G-Dep documentary on the way and it will highlight the rapper’s career right up until it was derailed, by a stunning confession of murder. Well, he didn’t actually confess to murder, he confessed to a shooting. At any rate, it is my understanding that he was doing work in the studio and getting ready to come back out then he was taken on a new path. All of that recording and studio work was documented and the cats that did it are reportedly going to put it out as a documentary. I personally think they should hold off and expand that doc to include some goodies about where Dep is now behind those walls. That’s what I want to see, as well as the general public I assume.

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