Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil' Wayne Explains Why He Pulled YMCMB From Summer Jam

Lil’ Wayne has finally spoken out about pulling YMCMB and Nicki Minaj from HOT 97’s Summer Jam, and although Nicki Minaj made it seem like she had nothing to do with the decision, she actually called Wayne complaining about it. Check out what he told MTV News below.

“That’s a female; first and foremost Nicki Minaj is a female. I don’t know what anyone else believes, but I believe females deserve the ultimate respect at all times no matter, when or where or how,” the multiplatinum rapper said.

“I expect the red carpet, in her manner; the pink carpet should be laid out for her,” he said, explaining he wasn’t trying to extend a beef. “It’s just an executive move, no salt, no bad feelings, no hard feelings.

“As soon as she called me and told me she felt disrespected, I just declined everything. I pulled her from the show because . . . no person that works with me will be disrespected in my presence as long as I’m on this planet.”

You can also watch the interview by clicking here. Before Weezy spoke out, Nicki Minaj sure did make it look like it was all Wayne’s idea, and she was just riding with the boss. Hmm, it seems like she gave him no choice. What do you think?

  • Yung_Cees

    Nicki starting to act more like a diva than a “rapper” (cough) popstar (cough).

  • Romia Blue

    yet if you listen to the lyrics in his songs…
    and he’s talking about respecting a female first and foremost?


  • This da same nigga who said “I just wanna fucc every girl in the world”!  GTFOH  Respect for females………..psssshhh.

  • Smashit

    Maybe if he showed respect for women in his raps and if she acted more like a lady than a hooker then you wouldn’t have white radio host feeling they can be disrespectful to them in front of thousands of people

  • junj03

    must be nicki is his side piece cause as a business decision it was TERRIBLE to pull her off summer jam. they lost tons of money including there own & once again stop posting facts in the rumor section you fools

    • immackulate

      they aint lose nothing but a few dollars … and NY uh be back on they dyck by summers end … how can they not be … its pay for play and YMCMB gonna do they bds spins regardless of the price tag.

      • junj03

        They lost money in not preforming. there wardrobe,  flight tickets and they gonna make a “free” concert and they have to pay alllll the expenses on there own. $ lost all over…hot 97 & wayne are cool. he said in a interview on MTVnews,He also said that he has no hard feelings towards Hot 97, but that he stands by his decision. at the end of the day they all need each other

      • immackulate

        artitst need RADIO like RADIO need artists … it was more so a YMCMB vs ROSENBERG/FLEX situation than it was vs HOT97 … in the end, the fans lost out

  • CaliTransplant

    They both need to go away for awhile… That song Beez in the Trap is the worst song of all year! Hell, Starships is better cause it’s a str8 up pop song. That Beez song makes me cuss when it comes on the radio!

    • immackulate

      turn and repent

  • immackulate

    if you over 30 you shouldnt be at no damn summer jam anyway … you supposed to hit that JAZZ FESTIVAL so you can catch Doug E. Fresh/MC Lyte or somebody

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  • Numbuh Four

    The Wonderful World of Dwayne Carter

    “Wellll the A is for Ashley 
    she always ask for me to take it out her p*ssy 
    put it right in her azz and the 
    B is for Brittany she bright in the class and
    she be hatin on Ashley ’cause she tight in the azz 
    The C is for Christina want me to big screen her
    the way she dick kiss should be a misdemeanor so have you seen her
    I been searchin but cant find her
    ever since i been wit Diamond wit Diamonds in her vagina
    And the E is for ever elegant Erica
    a sweet red B*TCH 
    we used to call her Miss America
    I aint gon lie now Erika is a dog
    but to the that magnolia n*ggas she done f*cked em all, (Slim!) 
    Speakin of slim, the F is for Fat,
    a real skinny hoe so you know
    why they call her that
    And the G for Gabrielle , you can call her Gabby
    but all my homeboys seem to call her nasty (man)

    These are my B*TCHES, my Alpha B*TCHES 
    These are my B*TCHES, my Alphabet B*TCHES 
    These are my B*TCHES, my Alpha B*TCHES 
    These are my B*TCHES, my Alphabet B*TCHES” – Alphabet B*tches

    “OK, start with straight shots and then pop bottles,
    Pour it on the models,
    Shut up B*TCH , swallow,
    If you can’t swallow,
    Shut up B*TCH, gargle,
    Straight up out that water with my Mark Jacob goggles,
    I’m fresher than a motherf*cker
    Yeah I’m a motherf*cker,
    No I won’t take your girl, but I shall take her tongue from her,
    Can’t you tell I’m in love woman?
    Like no other woman,
    Oh, I’m sorry sweetheart,
    I thought you were my other woman?” – Pop Bottles

    Ummm…let me stop ’cause you know I could write a book on this doo doo talking n*gga’s blatant disrespect of the female gender. I say to each his own when I hear him rap about this sh*t, but don’t act like you on some saint sh*t with the females. This dude talking out his azz, I can’t believe the interviewer didn’t check this n*gga right then and there. They need to be straight up and admit that Rosenberg hurt their feelings…rattled their buttons…shook the sprinkles off they cupcakes. They caught feelings and pulled a b*tch move. End.

  • EQ

    why people keep bringing up what lil wayne said in songs about women,thats just entertainment..does wayne personally disrespects well mannered women?….his music aint the best but damn he has the most haters

    • aw cmon man…do u hear yourself? “well mannered women”? LMAO!!? what “well mannered women” even listens to lil wayne? entertainment? are u kidding me? Implying that womanizing is “entertainment” is like saying the dixie flag represents “heritage”…


      • immackulate

        for real though homey … i know some WELL MANORED women (under 30) that listen to certain songs by little wayne (HOW TO LOVE) BEING ONE OF THEM- just saying doe

      • too bad gayne didnt write how to love

      • immackulate

        did i say he wrote it PHUCK PHACE (fyi SHANELL) – i said thats one of the most listened to songs by women
        you digging THE DUMMY DITCH een further – shyt head lol

    • Charter

      ^Shill alert.

    • Guest

      F*ck you mean?!?!?! I don’t hate the n*gga Wayne…I mean I might have daydreams about throwing the n*gga off the Effiel Tower into a pile of horse sh*t like every other n*gga in the world, but I wouldn’t say I hate the boy Weezy. I might be the n*gga that pour soda in somebody speakers at a gathering when his music come on, but it’s no hate for the boy Tunechi. I might be the n*gga that throw a bottle of hot sauce at the boy tour bus but I wouldn’t molly wop the n*gga when he come out fussing with his empty pistols and non existent fully loaded banana clips…it’s all love

      Nah, but seriously, I can’t take anyone seriously who uses the word “haters” like a 12 year old bieber groupie…no offense. People don’t really hate Wayne, just a significant portion of his catalog. I wish the boy well, good luck and good fortune.

    • immackulate

      people bring up whats said in songs … cuz these rappers need to be held accountable for the messages they given out ESPECIALLY if that aint the life they living off stage/out the booth.  If you respect women than RAP that shyt, if you aint really a active blood gang banging to the fullest than RAP that shyt, if you truely just a “pill popping LOUSIANimal” that likes to SK8 OR DIE than RAP that shyt … dont tell me the sky PURPLE when really you think its LAVENDER.

      no hate … I SAY THAT OUTTA LOVE for any and everybody that aint walking it how they talk it


    “a mouth is like an a$$hole….anything liable to come out that mufukk@”

    – Birdman-

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  • jsj23

    It’s time to stop pussyfooting!  Simply say F-Rosenberg and Summer Jam – We can do it on our own.  When Rosenberg and Summer Jam show more respect for Nicki’s fans maybe we will perform there.  If not, we will simply perform somewhere else.  It’s that simple!

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  • lil gayne has murdered several people. u can tell by his tattoo tears. wat does he care about disn women… & the only reason nicki sells anything is bcz she takes off all her clothes all the time so wtf

    • shut yo duck ass up lil wayne aint murked nothin where u been at??

    • ANYBODY can go to a tattoo spot and tell the to put tears on their face. It doesnt mean they did anything close to murdering someone. Trust!

  • why does he have to keep saying, thats a female. nicki is a female .  that is a woman…. i know she isnt the prettiest but i never suspected she was a dude—until now……

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    so wayne shows respect to women… this nigga aware of his catalog….nigga please

  • hernandez26

    if he respects women & he also said “no person that works with me will be disrespected in my presence as long as I’m on this planet” how come he didnt stand up for drake when hes getting dissed i mean drakes a both a woman & works with him….. lol

  • hernandez26

    & for mr nikki

    thats a woman??????? lol

  • “…but I believe females deserve the ultimate respect at all times no matter, when or where or how”

    He sure doesnt reflect that in his records!!! Most of the time he’s talking about females like they are sex objects. In any case….it’s a good thought. He just needs to reflect that in his lyrics and lifestyle as well.