Riff Raff

Houston Rapper Riff Raff Signs With Diplo's Label

(AllHipHop News) Houston, Texas-based rapper Riff Raff has signed a record deal with Diplo’s record label, Mad Decent!.

Riff Raff joins artists like Bonde do Role, Bosco Delrey, Po Po, Dillon Francis and Rusko as artists on Mad Decent!.

Over the past several years, Riff Raff has collaborated with a number of artists, including Soulja Boy, Chief Keef, Action Bronson, Andy Milonakis, Kid Sister and others.

Riff Raff and Mad Decent! CEO Diplo will host a signing party for the rapper on June 19 in Los Angeles.

Riff Raff rose to fame as a rapper/contestant on the Fonzworth Bentley-hosted VH1 reality series “From G’s To Gents.”

Riff Raff is currently in the studio working on his 2013 debut for Mad Decent!

  • Kenneth Jones

    not hate’n but if this dude can get sign’d I need to strt back flow’n cuz I know I am doper than him

    • NoGoBoi

      It’s not about u being doper, it’s about u being more ignorant. Thats what get signed.

  • Who?


    This mf got parts in his eyebrows smh

  • ccwaterbound32

    he sniffs dope….self explanatory.

  • mike malarkey

    he look like the white dude from the movie mask with cher

  • immackulate

    d-will … from Geto Boys, DJ Skrew, Watts … to this shyt huh?


    wasn’t this dude on a reality show???

  • breed500

    I am perplexed,stunned,taken aback that this dude has a career..who actually supports this garbage..?

    Dude is like a poor man’s Lil B without the swag,but with the mentally handicapped rhyme style..who’s next Andy Milionakis making a comeback?..Howard Stern is making a rap album?..SMMH…

    • EPP

      funny you should mention that since riff raff is in three loco with andy milionakis

  • i cant even knock this mans hustle .. 

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  • his face looks like a butt

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