Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Brown Says "Hip-Hop Is Dead"

In a phrase popularized by Nas, Chris Brown is now proclaiming that “Hip-Hop is dead.” In a rare interview, Chris Brown explains how the music industry is “broke,” and how that fact affects artists’ creativity. Check out what he said below:

“You know how they said Hip-Hop is dead, certain sh*t is dead? It’s really dead because nobody believes in the brand anymore.”

Breezy also goes on to chat about his belief in “ancient aliens”, and how his Fortune album artwork reflects that belief with a secret code in each album which his fans can decifer. Each album has a different message. Interesting.

Check out the interview below. You can go to the 3:50 mark to hear Breezy talk about Hip-Hop being dead:

Below is another interesting portion of the interview, where Breezy talks about trying to get a collabo with Michael Jackson and what type of legacy he wants to leave, as well as learning the “Thriller” dance in two days.

Nice interview. Breezy should talk to the press more. It may help his image!

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74 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Brown Says "Hip-Hop Is Dead"”

  1. Justin Burnell

    Hip hop ain’t dead. Nas was the first one to said that hip-hop is dead. Real hip-hop lives and it’s gonna stay alive period. Real hip-hop is alive.

  2. BlovedDestroyer

    man ima say this shit and even i cant believe its comin out my mouth.  breezy seems to be one of the realest in the game right now which is refreshing and sad at once.  he’s right about no one believing in the brand anymore, shits just a gimmick nowadays.  ima stay true till im gone tho no doubt.  its cats like kendrick and a$ap that keep the roots alive.  i just cant get over the fact he lost mad points with me when he laid hands on a woman LIKE THAT, even if he did get the scerp a derp from rih rih.

    • 1SOFLO1

      I don’t beleive in hitting a woman, but I do beleive man makes mistakes. I hit a woman before when I was young and I learned from it and moved on. For me to judge him for that would make me an hypocrite. I bet you all the artist that came forward like Jay-Z smacked a woman before.

      Rappers like Big Krit, Kendrick, Curren$y, Chief Keef(hood), Freddie Gibbs etc…are keeping hip hop alive.

      • 1SOFLO1

        I grew up on Rap city the basement and Yo! MTV Rap. 106 & Park and TRL are killing hip hop. LOL!

      • 1SOFLO1

        @ Slim it is arguable, but there is a place for that type of hip hop. That type of hip hop was always around not at this magnitude. I added him on the list because he is real, something that used to be required to be an hip hop artist. #Rick Ross

      • PorchBoySlim

        Cheif Keef aint keeping hip hop alive bruh..he making the same time of cookie cutter songs like everybody else….bullshit lyrics and simple hooks

  3. Your Dog Needs Training.

    Hip Hop died on the day you fools started behaving like primates throwing bottles in a club. True lovers of hip hop get penalised when these incidence happen. No wonder clubs hate hosting hip hop events because there is a likelihood of being sued if there is trouble.

    If you say hip hop is dead Chris, change careers, go find a job in Burger King, that place is truly alive. 

    • Q.

      Nigga, throwing bottles ain’t got sh!t to do with Hip-Hop dying. LOL
      Mofos were getting their heads split in the Old School and Golden Eras too, so that’s neither here nor there. That’s like saying Rock died because of monkey-azz white kids started fukking each other up in mosh pits.

  4. Negro Peligro

    Hip hop is a propped up corpse. With only 3 forms of expression. Drugs sex money.nobody wants to hear it anymore. Go look at wiz MTV movie performance nobody got excited. I mean kanye etc they are pop. But Kendrick Lamar and alpt of the west coast mcs get no love. Schoolboy q. Even peopl e on the sex drugs money tip but not soundi. Like waka or Ross but pushing the music forward like Gibbs and mad lib got no love. Ea sports only.one giveng sky zoo love. DJ have no personality to their spins or music selection their there to read the promotions Tue science is broken.

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      Schooboy Q and Ab Soul are heavy into “drugs” though.  Remember, taking drugs can be just as dangerous as selling them.

      Kedrick is dope but until I see an Interscope release that is consistent with his indie stuff, I’ll be neutral.  As I mentioned in my comment above, Im not a fan of him being on a some with Baby on a Dj Khaled album.  Also his “Women, weed and weather” song is pointless for an artist trying to build a brand.  Interscope just threw that out there.  It’s no content in there.

  5. Thought Dog

    You really don’t need 50,000 to make a music video these days.  The money isn’t what’s hurting music.  Artists that were never creative to begin with is what’s hurting the industry.

  6. ccwaterbound32

    industry is broke that’s why they give out those “fantastic” 360 deals… if you want to get money stay independent if you want the fame sign to a major.

  7. RichFromBX

    Hip Hop started to die the day it went from a way to release yourself through lyrics and connect with those around you through them to a means to get rich and brag about a lifestyle you never had…while drug dealing was something that some MCs did it was never the highlight of their life like some of these cats are making it out to be today…

    You have these cats coming out at 16 to 18yrs old saying they running the drug trade across cities and sh!t and how great the life was/is…really, then why start rhymin?’ take Wayne for example he’s been writing for Cash Money since he was about 14 and was a millionaire by the time he was 16 but for some reason though it was cool to start throwing up Blood not to long ago…why??

    I know a lot of cats don’t like Diggy Simmons but if “keeping it real” means representing yourself honestly then well, hate to say it, but that would make him the realest cat in the game…likewise take he’s brother JoJo, that cat is trying to be gangsta and sh!t…negro please, yo daddy use to take you to school in Bentley!!!

    Throughout the course of hip hop it went from rhymin’ being a means to escape the street life and the pain that came with it to where we are now with cats like Drake using hip hop as a way to escape their suburban life and get in to street life…


    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      good points man.  Diggy would be one of the “realest” as well s people like J. Cole and even Kanye, although he is too into material stuff (still so self-conscious?) lol.

  8. Pierre Elliott

    “The true rules of Hip-Hop have been forsaken. Its all contractual and about money makin”
    Black Thought said it back in 98. And no one listened. Outkast at the now bullsh*t Source
    Awards Show said back in 96, and the show was hosted in NYC. And you know what he said?
    He said: “The South got somethin to say, yall” all the while all the East/West Coast heads
    ignored them and slighted them. I took that as a point in time. The years or so before
    America had dealt with race relations and damn riots in NYC, L.A. Chicago and Detroit.
    Atlanta was almost a riot as well, and Black Music was becoming even more popular.
    In ALL generes, record labels that had in the past scoffed at Hip-Hop / R&B Artists.

    But after watching N.W.A. and RUN-DMC make Platinum success they realized it was NO
    longer a FAD. It was going NO WHERE… Put into effect Hip-Hop was beginning to split apart.

    Hip-Hop the first form, which includes the famous 5 Elements, was too un conventional.
    The closest that America and the world had even experienced anything like this was the 
    late 40s and into the 50s with Be-Bop. Enormous, talented brothers who had been playing
    in Big Bands with boring sounds, music as they said ” Had no risk to it” 

    These were the Forefathers of US. The Drummers, The Scatters, The Writers. The Singers.
    Charlie Parker, Thelonius Monk, Billie ” Lady Day” Holliday, Dizzy Gillespie. James Baldwin.
    Nina Simone, Nat King Cole, Jackie Robinson, Harry Belefonte, Miles Davis…..

    And these people were many of the only Black faces you saw in TV representing US.
    Black People….ANd each time one of us was on stage we were ALWAYS aware that this
    a CHANCE for me to better race relations in America. Kill them will class and intelligence.

    Its those people, also with lesser known names such as Paul Robeson, Hattie Mc Daniels
    Stephen  Fetchit who were the ones who refused to be type cast and told ” How to Be”

    Those children who saw and heard these images eventually became the young Black Nation
    in America in the early 1960s….Emmit Till, Medgar Evers, The Missisippi 3…
    The list goes on and on…

    ANd we were born of them. Alot of us gestated during the riots of the 1960s and 1970s…
    And some of us were born to drug addicted parents or alcoholics…Some of us were 
    latch key kids, single parents… Fathers never coming home from the Vietnam War…
    Add later to the years, Crack Heroin  and a plethora of laws made to hinder any and everybody.

    Then enter in the early 80s of a NEW FORM of music. One that is rooted in primal things.
    WORDS….SENTENCES…. Hard African inspired Drums…… Vocals that speak of city life..
    A life not wanted… A life not happy…. A life not like yours, which is based in dreams and fantasy……. These are the things that WHITE America wanted to push under the rug, even though they helped create EVERYTHING in the ghetto…..

    The point is and im making here is:

    Humanity IS OVER SEEN by a Race or Races of beings who are NOT HUMAN….
    THey have used Protocol and Monetary to confuse and to control…..

    MUSIC, and the strength and beauty of the Human Soul is the only thing they fear and cannot stop… BUT they have realized that by using sound waves, frequencies you can make people
    docile weak and un responsive…. The Govt began implementing this in the eary 70s but discontinued the program. But didnt have any use for it until now….

    Now remember what I said about OUTKAST earlier?

    And how now The South style ( which is really copying OLD STYLE NY HIP HOP drum Patterns)
    is prevalent? But also how OUTKAST is NOT a part of it….Because they KNOW.

    Il give CB some props about coming out and saying these things…but we ALL NOW must begin.
    They DO NOT WANT ANOTHER REVOLUTION because TRUE INSPIRED MUSIC makes change….What would our memories of The Vietnam War be without the song: Whats Going On?”
    WHat would it be like if we NEVER had a Theme for a feeling we ALL can relate to as humans..

    Messages are passed that way in ways that are NEVER spoken.
    These beings know this and have made it that such new music as that is not to be created to be 
    again… They play the old ones now because they are all a part of the human lexicon.
    Its all part of Human Society now…… and is also used for the control….

    Even though it was 15 years ago, how is it that everything then sounds better from music to lyrics?  How is that EVEVRY song out today on Black Radio has the same SOUND?
    Same drum patterns? Same chicks all emulating Rhianna…. 

    There is something very wrong here…. Look around you, at people… The insensitivity.
    The intolerance…..These beings are trying their best to make this world theres….

    The battle between light and dark begins soon brothers and sisters…
    ARE YOU READY?? Religion will not save you but hinder you.. a clear mind and strong heart
    can only save you…. ANd I make music for this battle, I along with others that understand this
    are now beginning to form… You will see….Its wayyyyyyyyyy deeper than 40s and Blunts now.. ANd with the world in the shape it is in now, the whole WORLD may riot and become
    chaos…Nothing left…..Look around you.. See what I am seeing…

      • Pierre Elliott

        aint no dust dogs. shit is reals out here. niggas is about control. they did the same thing to jazz music. got rid of ALL the black players and replaced them.
        Billie Holiday=Dorris Day  Nat King Cole= Frank Sinatra look at history and not YouTube.   

      • EL_BARK

        I agree with you a little bit, but most of them
        People you named, wont ring a bell to most of the cats who visit this site or the yonger cats.
        In fact i never heard most of them until i took a class in college.
        But whites stealing are crafts aint nothing new.
        Same thing with them stealing rock & roll. & everything else.
        Just like country music cames from blacks.
        But we called it singing “the blues” but whites get takes it,
        And called it contry music. Just look how back then,
        They tried to jack “scat singing” and pass it off as theirs.

      • Joseph A

        that is some ignorant shit, I aint gonna even lie, “The whites”
        steal your music huh

        im a white guy from canada, I respect every race and treat everyone the same way,

        I know im going off topic a bit but, why does black people have do much hatred towards white people today? I understand the struggle,hurt and pain that happend with your ancestors, but
        today is so much diffrent

         MLK had a vision for everyone to get along
        and me coming from Toronto where my city is so diverse and racisim is not really a factor here, I grew up with that mentalaty
        in mind

        guys please respond back, don’t cuss me out i wanna know why this “black vs white” BS exsists

      • Pierre Elliott


      • Q.

        Joseph, I’m not trying to speak for the next man, but I think you’re misinterpreting his comment as hate. Blues, which came from Black slaves, is the foundation of American music. Blues spawned Country, Rock, and Jazz, all music forms which white folks adopted and profited off of as well. A lot of times Black artists got swindled out of money in contracts, and didn’t get their due recognition for creating these artforms. So what he said wasn’t hateful, it’s HISTORY.

        By the way, shoutout to T-Dot. I met a lotta people from up there, all cool, Black, white, and Asian. I might be wrong, but y’all seem to have better race relations in Canada than here in the States.

    • Q.

      You dropped a lot of thought-provoking nuggets in this post. I wonder how many took the time to read through it all.
      I see 100% of what you’re saying and then some. What you said about non-human beings trying to control this whole sh!t was so REAL, I hope that didn’t sail over people’s heads. Yes, this is spiritual warfare we’re dealing with, demons vs .angels on a planetary level. This didn’t start 15 years ago though; we were BORN into this sh!t. A lot of people won’t believe it, but some of these dumbed-down, slow-vibrating muhfukkaz are having their bodies possessed by blood-thirsty entities, like ya boy FaceEater down in MIA, for example, but that’s another topic. LOL …But like I’ve said before, I believe Black kids in America were destined to be the key to unlocking this whole Earth matrix. Hip-Hop was a big part of that key, evidenced by the worldwide influence an indigent subculture from the grimmest slums of America has had on an entire global generation. Its truly amazing if you think about how Hip-Hop has affected the world.

      Certain entities recognized how dance, drums, poetry and paint could make people take a timeout from whatever bullish!t matrix reality they were living in and suddenly tap into a new one, where people could freely express themselves and transcend the false barriers of race and nationality. The entire Hip-Hop movement caught these mofos off-guard, so what they did was send in the devils (Yes, white AND black devils alike) to slowly but surely co-opt, through greed and corruption, the most powerful aspect of the culture, the MUSIC.

      The Roots were so on point when they made that song “Clones,” because like you said, this game now is all about emulation/replication. A lot of this new breed is just a rehash of of previous artists, i.e. very few are truly original or innovative in style and expression, but more importantly, very few are saying ANYTHING RELEVANT. But this isn’t an accident or coincidence. This has happened across all genres of popular music. TPTB have spent years sinking their clutches into the music industry so they can install their robots; now that they’re in place, they can directly manipulate the messages and themes being pumped out to the youth around the world. That’s what this whole battle is about: MIND CONTROL. This is why you see all of the over-drugged, hypersexed, schizophrenic, devil may care themes have taken over most popular music in general, not just rap. Meanwhile the truly inspirational artists of our generation have been faded into the background.

      But all is not LOST yet. The saga continues…

      • Pierre Elliott

        Mannnnnn o Mannn just to know im not alone. Im not some “look theres an alien” when its really just a star Asshole…Im very rational. We are living life just like humans 0000s of years ago. Just like they would think of what we could be in the future…

      • Kevin Farley

        hahahahahahaha last week it was black verse white and the white man controlling racisim now its robots and “transcend false barriers of race and nationality” get off the internet or the bath salts……

      • Q.

        Hey lil Kev…You finally came out of hiding. I thought you fell in the toilet.

        Once again, your aim is crooked. Listen up, my mind doesn’t work two-dimensionally like yours, so follow closely, okay?
        That convo we had was about WHITE SUPREMACY. This convo here is about HIP-HOP. So what the fukk are you babbling about this time?

        BTW, I like how you bit my bath salt line. That was a true stan move. And don’t duck like a b!tch this time. Stick around and get your azz schooled.

      • Kevin Farley

        it wasnt about white supremacy it was about a white actress using a racial slur.and what do robots and the matrix have to do with hiphop?if you really thought race and nationality were false barriers why would you make the comments you made?i wasnt duckin you i tried to comment but it wouldnt let me.not to mention i have a job and a family my life dont revolve around the internet……..ps i really hope your a female if your not you really need to think about changin the way you type

      • Q.

        Oh, I type like a female, huh? The nerve of you. Fukker, you type like you play catch with Jerry Sandusky. Your life is so busy, yet you took time out your precious day to make MULTIPLE attempts at leaving me comments. LOL Miss me with the lies, dude. Wasn’t it YOU who stalked me down just to leave a b!tchy azz comment, a limp-wristed diss? GTFOH

        As for the previous convo, you’re WRONG yet again. My comments to you were a response to what you said about Zimmerman, Obama, and so-called reverse-racism. I said nothing about Paltrow in any of my comments towards you. I didn’t mention her name once. But see, this is one of your problems–poor reading comp. You read what you wanna read.

        And I know it’s difficult for your tiny bubble of a mind to grasp this, but it’s possible for Black people to confront racism without hating white people. White folks tend to confuse the two. There’s no conflict between my two statements. I won’t bother explaining my comment above to you, since you addressed me like a sucka. The person who the comment was intended for got it, so how’d you slide your simple azz into the convo? Instead of coming with a humble spirit to try to learn something, you’d rather troll and be an azzhole, so I’ll let you sit in dummy “time out” on this one. Stick to the kiddie pool while grown-ups are swimming.

      • Kevin Farley

        hahaha b!tchy azz?lil kev?my “aim is crooked”?for real are you a female or some european who’s first language aint english?i hope so but anyways is it white supremacy or robot supremacy?i think racism should be meant head on and talked about.and if by stalkin you do you mean readin posts on the rumors then yes im stalkin you.stop listenin to so much immortal technique and stop flaggin my comments

      • Q.

        Damn, that crystal you’re smoking must be fire.

        Dog, you’re reaching so far up your own azz that you can taste your fingers. I mean WOW, I’m talking to a mental midget over here.…now I feel stupid for even arguing with you. It’s like discussing physics with a potato. Pointless. You need an app for retards, ’cause you’re too dumb to even know when you got clowned. Everything I say sails way over your fukkin head. Sh!t is embarrassing, son. Seriously.

         I can’t dummy down anymore for you. I’m sorry. SMH

        “stop flagging my comments” HILARIOUS.

      • Kevin Farley

        hahaha keep tellin yourself that SON.things are sailin over my head because i dont think “humanity is being overseen by a race or races that aint human”?are these aliens or robots?it said my comments were “flagged”for inappropriate comments.3 things.are you a dude or girl?whats your real name?where are you from?

      • Q.

        LOL You’re  a piece of fukkin work. You must be full retard asking for my name and location, like I’ma give it to you. LOL You sick bastard. So this is your true reason for stalking on AHH–you like dark meat, huh? You probably got a freezer full of frozen boy parts in your kitchen right now.

        On the Intelligence scale, you rank right between “Toothless Hillbilly” and “Fox Republican.” Fukk your comments…your WHOLE LIFE needs to get flagged! Get lost, cokksucker.

      • Kevin Farley

        ok i post with my real name and you know where i’m from. i dont hide behind  “q”.we dont know if your male of female.(prob female)we dont know if robots or aliens are controllin earth.you wont tell us who.

      • Q.

        I’ll tell you what, Opie. Shoot me your sister/wife’s cell # and I’ll give you all the info you want. Deal?

  9. bigdoe6

    Hip Hop is dead, but REAL HIP HOP isn’t dead. I still listen to Pete Rick & CL Smooth, WuTang, Brand Nubian, Souls of Mischief, Too Short, AZ, B.I.G., Capone and Nore, Mobb Deep, Redman, EPMD, Keith Murray, DAS EFX, Bone Thugs, Bush Babees, De La Soul, Common, Slun Village, Junior Mafia, Dogg Pound, and all that other good 90s music. The only new cat that i’m feeling lyrically right now is Kendrick Lamar and that’s it. All that other swag rap shit is dead. The only niggas that had swag in hip hop was Slick Rick, Ghost & Rae, and Mase.

  10. Asher "Black Bomb" Sommer

    Hip-Hop is not dead yet, but unhealthy oversaturated. In 1990 you could count a years album releases.  Now it’s hundreds every month. And so many useless rappers nobody needs to know.
    Plus all the old stuff is much better than what is being produced right now. If there is a gem out there it’s sure to be overlooked. And since there is too much money poured into the game any money hungry clown is there to get his share.

  11. Pierre Elliott

    its real sad when you tell brothers about amazing shit but will not listen. But go History Channel and listen to EVERY damn word said. Its happening to ALL forms of music.
    Rock, R&B Hip-Hop which are ALL Major Forms of musical Ent that MOST of MIDDLE
    America buys into. Thats why you have all this reality TV and people thinking they can out
    do the very same people they worship…

  12. John

    Hip Hop died when the black culture was re-invented by these young, dumb, i can rap too azzholes and then marketed so that the white devils think they can relate to our everyday struggle.  In other words, hip hop has been dead since Puiffy started that shiny suit bullsh#t and has been goin down ever since. Real talk.

  13. Raphop71

    If you want to say Hip Hop is dead, say it is dead across the board from East-West. I hate how people want to use Down South as the scapegoat when in fact, if you REALLY know your history, the South has made the most contribution to Hip Hop. Where do you think all of the blacks on the East Coast, Midwest anmd West Coast came from…Down South. Even Pac once said Down South blacks brought they game to New York when they migrated in early 20th century and were influential in Harlem Renaissaince and many other socicultural black movements there. LA and the West Coast is filled with rappers from Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana most Cali rappers weren’t born there, many have family origins from the South. So for a region to produce so much culturally for Hip Hop and Black America in general from every corner of our country should not be blamed. If anything the so-called “elitists” from East or West who were never really shit and got fame based on where they are from(NY, Chicago, etc) killed Hip Hop early and the resentment of the “Real” South leading Hip hop by far for the past decade has built so much resentment. It’s not the music, it’s the people.

    • Pierre Elliott

      You are right about that. The whole time West/East never showed the south any love…
      So in a way they are getting what they deserve..

  14. EL_BARK

    Lol hip hop died because its was designed that way.
    Around the time cough cough,
    Pac made it popular to sell records based off of beef and controvertsy.
    Also his & big death played a part in it.
    And when the man decided to lower the prices on computers, and made it possible for everybody and they mom to buy a computer with a burner on it.
    And download songs for free. Napster.

    In the early 90 computers were still a little expensive and werent a typical house hold item.
    By 2000 the prices drop significantly. Add that burners were coming with them,
    And free download websites, was the first step in a long stragetic plan by white label owners to usher in their agenda. Its goes back to punlic enemy, brand nubian, poor righteous teacher days.

    Enter NWA, ice-t, and gangsta rap. This gangsta music was used and supported by label to counter the postivity that was in hip hop.
    Lets be real at one point in the early or mid 90 its was hard to get a deal,
    If you wasnt protraying that gangsta image. Or you didnt get the push.
    After NWA you had ” deathrow”????? Supported by jimmy lovine.
    Then come “bad-boy” supported by clive davis.
    Now i do have to credit puffy, with killing it also with the sampling, of the beats.
    Although puffy was commercial, big still rap about the same shet.
    Money hoes & clothes. Although big was more versatile wit it.
    But little bishop exploited his shooting, and paved the way for cats to use beef to sell records.
    Go 3 years after they death, and napster is out, computer prices are at a low,
    And this marked the begining of the game going digital. Once the game went digital, in open the door for these microwave artist. Which then open the lane for the south to dominate with some of there rappers, who didnt have lyrical ability of their forefathers.
    Once the south got by, its made it easier for a bunch of bumble gum
    Rappers to make catchy singles, and get by with putting out subpar music.
    No longer are the artist developed & groomed. No ones cares about putting out quality albums???
    Just get a catchy singles, and sell ringtones and singles, and you cool.
    Now the game is full of disposable artist, who make trash music.
    Then the ones who are hand selected by the majors, to have any longevity,
    Are normally compromised, by industry standards to
    Make the dumb gangster, gay, kingpin drug lord music.
    Ie rick false, the fake blood, or sell out like nicki and become pop????.

    So now these are your choices, mainstream artist who get handpicked to fraud.
    Or you can get you chicken noodle soup on, while doing the laffy taffy.
    Also by the game going digital, the labels nuetralize the artist
    Integrity to make money….. If you getting rape for your publishing,
    And you only get points off a single instead of an album.
    Its less for the rappers. & now labels want a percentage of tours & shows now.
    I think win cats started eating off of hip hop,
    Mid 90’s they had to find a way to limit the success,
    Cause its was too many niggahs eating, and making money off of it.
    How many rappers came out in the last 7 years, prolly had a hit or two,
    And just drop off the face of this earth. Not to be heard from again.
    Look how many imprint labels thst pop up in the 90’s???
    How many are left????? But funny how all the majors going strong?????
    Even the ones who dont even put out music on a regular bases????

    Everybody thst was getting money in the late 90’s early 2000
    All but lost everything execpt for a few……
    Jay & puff being the main two.
    Now look at the CEO and rappers who were hot but no longer around.

    • Q.

      I agree with most of what you said. The only thing is, I can’t say Pac made beef records popular, because diss songs/beef in Hip-Hop wasn’t new. Pac just took it to another level talking reckless, and then the East-West thing got outta control when gunplay got involved. I blame the devil Suge for bringing the gang element into it, and provoking the whole situation. It seemed like Puff and Big were trying to distance themselves a little, but it was too deep by then. Pac got caught up in the gang sh!t and Big got ambushed, but at the end of the day, Puff and Suge both profited off of their deaths.

      It’s funny. because one of NWA’s first singles was “Express Yourself” which was straight positivity. You can see how the industry influenced their style, because after that, they went strictly hardcore. On the flip side, if there was no Eazy-E, there would be no Black Eyed Peas, who, even though they went pop, they gave a good face to Hip-Hop, so that all came full circle.

      Napster didn’t kill rap. It killed the recording industry in general. I think Metallica was like the first band to sue them for copyright infringement. Then others jumped in after that. Computers were okay for music; they took the dependence off the majors and opened up a bigger door for indie artists by reducing production costs. But when we let ABC beats like “Supaman that Hoe” move a million units, then the consumers made themselves look stupid by making the artform look cheap. The problem is, the fans lowered their standards on what they demanded from rap music. It’s okay for anybody to have access to the tools, but we have to keep the bar raised on what’s acceptable, whether major or indie. Snap music is a good example. I used to hate Swizz Beatz back when he was making 5-minute beats…But a lot of these 2000’s producers make Swizz look like Mozart.

      You right–something did switch in the mid 90’s. As much as people love Biggie, that Bad Boy jiggy era was horrible for Hip-Hop. And Pac and Big’s deaths marked a downturn. The game spent years mourning and trying to replace the 2 icons with a bunch of wack clones. Jay-Z just rode on Biggie’s coattails. If Biggie hadn’t died, Jay wouldn’t have had nowhere near the fame and success he had today, and some other shmuck would be laid up in Beyonce. LOL (Hate)

      All the moguls still alive in the game are the ones who cut a hard deal with the Devil way back when. The only exception maybe is 50; he cut that deal more recently. Puffy is like the Don King of rap. He don’t give a fukk who he’s hyping–he’s gonna fleece you and keep it moving. But the whole game is a pyramid scheme; each act has to bend over for the next one up the contractual ladder. Guess who’s at the top?

    • Kevin Farley

      my comment to you has to be approved whats that mean?and i had other posts hidden bc someone reported me i dont know why dont think ive cursed or anything?

      • Kevin Farley

        i agree with alot of what you said but i think it started with cd’s.before that everyone bought tapes and you had to make a good tape beginnin to end. after cd’s you’d have some good songs with alot of filler and people could just skip thru the filler on to the next track.you couldnt do that with tapes.and the 90’s had alot of people puttin albums out on majors that werent thugged out.you had the whole native tongue camp, de la, epmd and the whole hit squad, krs wasnt by this point,pete rock and cl smooth, ditc camp, the northern cali hiero camp,the roots,naughty by nature, house of pain, cypress hill, tha alcoholics, goodie mob (outkast in 96), beastie boys, i wouldnt consider wu gangster and many others i cant think of off the top of my head

  15. Nemesis_Enforcer

    Why are all of the comments like 3 books of the bible long? lol. Man this must be a touchy subject.

    I’ve been saying this though. COMMERCIAL Hip hop is officially dead now which makes Nas look wack to me because it was way more hip hop when he made that album then it is now (yet he says it is alive and flourishing) and co-signs acts like Nicki Minaj.

    It’s dead because even other greats like TIP, Kanye, Jay etc. are co-signing low-quality music and musicianship.  Look at how Lex Luger got huge after “HAM”.  Look at Chief Keef being courted by actual lyricists like TI or one of the GOATS of hip hop production, Dr. Dre.  Look at how Jay-Z essentially ordained Drake as the next MVP on the song “Light up”.  Look at Busta Rhymes signing to a BS label like Young Money.  Look at Kanye (a hip hop genius, beat-wise) rapping on that quirky “Niggas in Paris” beat or “Mercy” or that simple-sounding “Thera-FLu” beat.  Instead of insisting that everyone step up, the greats of the last generation are stepping down, musically.

    Look at new acts like Slaughterhouse (of all people) doing some pop mess with Cee-lo. Look at Kendrick Lamar who we thought was gonna be the next Tribe Called Quest type, featuring on trap music joints with DJ Khaled and Baby or putting out that “Women, weed, and weather” record.  huh?  Look at Chief Keef having more buzz than Nas right now. Look at 2Chainz having more buzz than Luda.  

    All hope is lost.  Hip Hop needs it’s “Adele” to step up and change the paradigm for real.

    • Pierre Elliott


    • Q.

      I feel everything you said, though I gotta give props to Cee-Lo for following his own route and expanding his talents to other genres. I think he’s one of the few true artists in the game, and he’s definitely Hip-Hop. And I can’t front on Kendrick’s Women, Weed, Weather track–that sh!t is fire.

      Other than that, realize that this whole game has just become a variety of business arrangements. For better or worse, everybody’s just trying to get money, period. When you look at it like that, it’s easier to understand. There’s nothing wrong with getting paid, but the choice lies within the artists to make a product with integrity and not be a coon for a couple extra bucks. I love Kanye, Busta, Dre et al, but they have all reached a plateau of success that’s very lucrative. All of their moves from that point on have been mainly financial. From a business perspective, they are all brands in their own right, so they’re going to go about collaborating and putting out music in that regard. Being Hip-Hop legends, do I agree with all their creative moves? No. But I understand their decisions.

      As far as the “Adele” figure…we had a better one. Her name is Lauryn. But she didn’t bow down to the industry, so she had problems. But you gotta realize the industry doesn’t want any Messianic figures trying to inspire Black kids to rebel and evolve, especially in the rap game, unless they’re building a clone in the lab themselves, or pimp some white kid who they want to be the next Elvis. They tried it with Eminem–but he was so rebellious, and even with all the millions he made, he got fed up with the game anyway. But I hear what you’re saying.

  16. TD King

     Sydney Lace i just WAnt to tell you that you are in FIRE today must of the time when you don’t deliver people always mad at you including myself so today i gotta give you the props you are on some Special Delivery Mode hahaha gotta show Love when people work hard just like Lebron

  17. Q.

    I can’t lie, Chris Breezy sounds fairly intelligent in these clips. The one or two times I heard him speak before this was after the Rihanna incident, and dude sounded like he was hooked on phonics.

    One can’t deny his whole R&B swag is flavored by Hip-Hop. The comments he made about investing in the brand of Hip-Hop were interesting too…

    Damn…what if Chris Brown fukked around and became the savior of HIP-HOP? LMAO

  18. WillVetterGoodin

    This dude a straight bitch, real Hip-Hop lives, its Talib, Common, hell, google me! It aint our fault that he sells pop bulllshit. His music is devoid of any Hip-Hop message. Its not selling drugs, how many prostitutes you got, the cars or any of that pointless crap. There is no such thing as “swag” (its just bad weed anyway) and the radio is NOT Hip-Hop. Educate yourself, or you will never know!

  19. Pierre Elliott

    The main thing is this: Hip_Hop was begun in fun. And along with that came MC battles.
    Breaking and Graffitti. Some of us were there in the beginning loving what we were seeing.
    Because it was seeing a PERSON WHO  YOU COULD IDENTIFY with… Yeah people have the choice to buy or not buy, but its about OUR SOCIETY…and what we choose to have in it.

    To see Hip-Hop go from Boogie Boys ( Fly Girls ) to PM. Dawn ( and the nigga getting caught up
    in molestations charges in Brazil ) to Public Enemy to B.I.G. Ive seen it all…
    I know what it was to be in NYC in 1988. I know what it is to live in a small town and wishing I could be in NY so I could be around other people of color like me who understand.

    Im still young. I still can break. I gave up graffitti for a beat machine.
    I look at this shit, cause thats what most of it is… and I get mad.
    Cause it aint me….I cant look around anymore and find PEOPLE I can identify with…

    So now I have to make my own movement. One that is based in reality. One that is based
    in intelligence and strength.. The way HIP-HOP not RAP usta be. Trust me, a change is coming
    and it will be swift. Quick. And unexpected. 

  20. Carlos

    the thing that is missing in hip hop is creativity and individuality, every rapper now has the same features, all the albums are the same (i.e. song about money, another about weed, etc)

  21. insaneangelic

    In terms of Mainstream Hip Hop he’s right but in terms of underground hip hop he’s wrong in the midwest the legends are stepping their game up. Tech n9ne, Royce, Eminem, and Twista the industry is scared of what they might say. Hell look how many people got shook up over Lupe last year when he called out The U.S. and Obama. It’s gonna take a real MC or group to hi-jack the game from these corporations and media outlets.

  22. jamaicanbornanbreed

    the essence of hip-hop is dead..however underground niggas keep it alive while the mainstrem steady shovel dirt on hip-hop corpse fresh of riggamortis…..i watch alot of history channel so i been on the ancient aliens tip….dont buy all of it…but some of it makes sense

  23. slumlord_vinny

    Commercial Hip Hop is dead! Not real Hip-Hop.  C Brown ain’t Hip Hop either.  – He’s part of the problem. Back in the days, most people didn’t even know what their favorite artist even looked like because there wasn’t any videos. Only videos that was out was for big artist like Run DMC. You don’t need a 600k or 50k video to be real Hip-Hop, all you need is a real MC, mike, two turntables, your dancers and a fat beat! 

  24. John

    You wanna be a successful rapper, just follow the formula.  Get a recycled beat with alot of bass in it, some fake street cred, say nigga 49 times in one song and rhyme at least 2 bars and you’re in!

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