Nas Ft. Rick Ross "Accidental Murderers"

[ahh_audio src=/6-21-12/NasftRickRoss-AccidentalMurderers.mp3]

  • This song is so dope. 

  • Micheal Daston

    Woahhhh !!!

  • This is going to be a true Classic Album…

  • This cop tryina set Nas up. smh aint this a bitch

  • Its a tuff Joint! Nas + Rozay!! Thumbs up!!!

  • they using that break from that mya n jayz song lol..

    • CaptainSpauldingNephew


      • NYCPeruano

        Sounds more like the drum breaks from ” the bridge is over ” krsone

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  • Slim Tall & Lanky

    Ok! I hear it!, but it sound’s familiar! or its that Rozay annoying “Huh!” isht!….I bet there’s sum Yeezy touch in this madafaka!! 

    • Sean Deeney

      There is, produced by NoID… who schooled Yezzy. Good call. 

  • Heavy!!!

  • Tony G.

    surprised RR was able to hold his own lyrically…i guess being on a track with a legend really makes u step ur game up….now if he’d just stop that annoying grunt..

  • vonskeezy

    wow..all i can say is wow..i thought this collab would be a failure,but turned out to be a perfect match