Wiz Khalifa Ft. 50 Cent "Telescope"

[ahh_audio src=/6-21-12/WizKhalifaft50Cent-Telescope.mp3]

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    I need yall to take that “%” out and add a “5” on the home page

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  • King Cold

    shit is nice….wiz need to step his bars up tho

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  • WillVetterGoodin


    • $27177313

      ^^^Clear the WAX out your ears and listen to the lyrics and beat. How can u hate on this?

  • WillVetterGoodin

    The reason “Hip-Hop is dead” is because it was never about Cars, hoes, money, or clothes to begin with. So, until “artists/rappers” stop talking about bullshit, it will remain as bullshit. Real Hip-Hop is alive and well on vaca in the tropics and will return when the fake, pop, synthesized, radio garbage finally fades away. Educate yourselves people, or you will remain as dumb as the shit that is mainstream today.

    • $27177313

      How does this relate to this song? Did u even listen to the lyrics?

  • $27177313

    This song is awesome for hip-hop. The Harry Fraud beat was perfect for these two MC’s b/c it is laid back yet grimy. Wiz always comes correct on songs u can chill and hot box the ride to while 50 always destroys grimy beats u can work out to. The theme to this song explains how each one of them view today’s hip-hop culture and how they not only fit into it but run it. If u don’t love this song ur ears must be really biased and ur mind must be filled with spite b/c this song should be bliss for real hip-hop heads to listen to and think about.

  • Not bad

  • Wiz Khalifa song been straight booty.  When Juicy J holding yo label up lyrically you got a problem.

  • Apollo Showtime

    50 got off on Wiz!