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Miami Heat Stomps Oklahoma City In Finals; Rappers React

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The Miami Heat defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday (June 21), in a resounding victory, clenching the NBA Championship title.

The Heat defeated The Thunder 121-106, taking game 5 and winning the series 4-1.

“Congrats to da Homie [LeBron James] he deserve that Ring!! Might see me in da club tonight Holding the championship Trophy,” said Miami rapper Ace Hood.

The Heat shot with laser-like precision during the game, landing 7-14 from downtown.

Miami’s Chris Bosh scored 24 points, Mike Miller scored 23 and Dwayne Wade contributed 20.

“My niggaz deserved that!!!! Congrats to the Heat great season to the Thunder!!! Great series great basketball!!!,” tweeted Young Money’s Mack Maine.

LeBron James, who scored 26 points, 11 rebounds and 13 assists, was named MVP of the finals.

‘‘It means everything,’’ James said after the win. ‘‘I made a difficult decision to leave Cleveland but I understood what my future was about. I knew we had a bright future. This is a dream come true for me.’’

“It’s good 2 see relief n joy on LeBron’s face! Now he can be crowned king 4real! 1 day Knicks,1 day!,” tweeted sports enthusiast, Knicks fan/Tribe Called Quest member Phife Dawg.

“Humble speech but Lebron shoulda taken off his headband and shined that trophy with it just to stunt on all doubters,” said Chamillionaire.

Producer 9th Wonder applauded Kevin Durant’s performance for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Durant contributed 32 points and 11 rebounds, despite his team’s loss.

“Round of applause for Kevin Durant,” 9th Tweeted. “He is a class act…and has NOTHING to hang his head about.”

Boo Rossini, an artist on Young Jeezy’s CTE imprint, celebrated Miami’s victory by sending out a new track titled “Going Pro.”

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  • kylars

    Lebron aint no champion… yea, he won a championship, so have a lot of fools that aint deserved it, that dont make them champions… This mothafucking punk will never make the nba HOF…. oh wait maybe he will, cause the HOF is a cot damn popularity contest

    • Damn you mad huh

    • u

      I aint beat lebron a sucka, dude still shoulda stayed HNIC in ohio ,,,he mega corn so wat if i sound like a hata, i wanted LAKERS TO WIN ,,NBA RIGGED,ATLANTIC CITY NJ 609 

      • S

        N!GGA YOU MEGA CORNY…….Why stay in Cleveland and play with a bunch of bums that don’t won’t to play in big games and they blamed Lebron for that? PLEASE DOG HAVE A SEAT! And you a Lakers fan….THEM BUM A$$ N!GGAS…. What? you must be mad Kobe not getting another ring “EVER”. Nigga Boston all day Clown! Just remember Boston will be one up on the Lakers forever……

      • I am a Boston Fan to the max and I live in NY..Bosox,Bruins,Patriots and Celtics go hard all day..and the refs in all sports in the last 5 years fucked all of my teams. Celtics this year was raped..that’s why Garnett & Rondo didn’t shake hands with niggaz because they knew the fix was in and The Heat didn’t deserve that respect period. The Hornets get the first draft pick over the Bobcats,No calls by the refs on behalf of the heat in all of their playoff games. The Game is fuckin Fixed.

    • johnblacksad

      aw… fugg you n!gga, YOU ain’t no champion!
      Hatin azz n!ggaz kill me… what you achieved in your lifetime?

      Yo mama won’t make the HHOF… Yes, HHOF!

    • S

      Dude! You sound straight stupid! What do you mean he don’t deserve it? He beat the teams he had to beat right? I don’t want to hear that dumb sh!t….Yeah! he had Wade and Bosh to do it because if OKC would have won people would not have said it took Durant, Westbrook & Harden to do it. And YES! he will make it to the HOF and not by default…Trust me! He will make it by whoopin on fools like he did OKC last night.

    • Romia Blue

      Dude has posted 8 post season triple double stats.
      Kobe = 0
      the first 7 seasons at Cleveland, other than Boozer, name one player on the Cavs team worth mentioning.
      Don’t worry, I’ll wait.
      Jordan had Kerr, Pippen, Rodman, Grant <—see how even 15 years later these names are still notable?
      Bryant had Fischer, Horry, O'Neal <—see how even 10 years later these names are still notable?
      and they stayed at least 3 seasons or more with the same team.
      James had…cats who were either at the end of their career or coming out of college stumbling out of the gates.
      Individual stats proves he's a beast…the ring proves he finally had a supporting cast because it takes a team. Ask Allen Iverson

      HOF aside, you sound real crazy right now

      • Detroit Chick

        you sound like his pr team or a sports analyst lol. I think I need to check u stats though.. The main one your missing is the amonut of rings he has actually fought for an earned =0 The amount of rings the league has given to him=1

      • Romia Blue

        again, u don’t win a ring individually. the reason why i stated the teams above and their multiple rings was to prove the point that they had a team of allstars with them. Aisde from Boozer, there isn’t one teammate from the 03-10 Cavs that stayed with the team for more than two years who wasn’t at the end of their career or coming out of college and not seasoned enough. No need to check stats…that was the whole point of explaining why he only has one ring.

  • Didnt cash money dis the heat? or was that wayne and baby? Bipolar niggas i tell ya

    • S

      YEP! They stay hoppin from one dick to another…….1st they repped N.O. Saints like they suppose to then jumped on the Green Bay bandwagon….then they went from dissing the Heat because Wayne was at a game and said Lebron & D. Wade didn’t pay him any attention…. to riding the Mavs dick. What grown man want another grown man to pay them attention anyway? Then these fools jump back on Miami dick and try and diss OKC organization because he felt like they disrespected him because he could not get court side seats because they were all sold out. These kats say trying to be so hood but stay acting Hollywood. 

  • bigdoe6

    I don’t want to see Cash Money dick riding ass bragging bout the heat. 

    • Detroit Chick

      Better than Kobe??  Lmao Ur Delusional, half the playoffs he didnt even show up. HE has no intergrity,sportsmanship or heart an thts why he will never be on Kobe Or MJ’s level.

      • penaldrip

        somebody tell this fat bitch to shut up. ur delusional. did you even watch the playoffs? obviously not!

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  • Le Bron desrve dat sh#t man.  He is clearly the best basketball player in the world.  But somehow, he will still have his haters.  Tell them to kiss the ring!  Go King!

  • bronbronmagic




    My homeboy was in terrible shape too, and he clean! Gettin a condo. 


  • Q.

    Congrats to the Heat. They earned it!

    Not even a Heat fan, but LMAO at the LeBron haters.
    Eat crackers to settle your stomachs! LOL

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  • Romia Blue

    Y’all wanna find somebody to be mad at; look at Dan Gilbert. This dude raked in the money selling out season tickets on the back of James’ success as a h.s. star. Dude came into the league at 18 a beast and you got ignorant mofo’s up here with no money talking about where he should’ve stayed? Gilbert should’ve opened his wallet and got some real players on the team. there has only been two coaches to build a multi-champtionship team around one player (KEY WORD; BUILD!!! Not establish, not bulk up…BUILD). THAT’S PAT RILEY AND PHIL JACKSON.
    Gilbert frumpy rich ass can’t even say his name but I betcha he promised James a team to bring a ring to Cleveland with. FAIL!

    Damn right Bron should’ve left. Maybe not the way he did but Heat haters won’t give a team just due even when the star player Mr. MIAMI WADE-COUNTY took a pay cut to get these dudes here? And they ADMITTED they were doing it in the form of the Celtics?! smh…Hope that hate keeps ya warm cause his ring won’t lol

    kiss my converse!

    • “got ignorant mofo’s up here with no money talking about where he should’ve stayed”

      do money really give you a pass to do ‘out of the ordinary’ things?  btw, they’re also broke people talking about how he shouldve left.  ijs.

  • Detroit Chick

    I dont see why everyone got so hype, the league gave him tht ring because they werent going to let him get to his tenth yr without one. He was supposed to be a phenom, a prodigy, so if he had went a full 10yrs with no ring there would have been a riot. Not to mention the NBA had to make good on their huge investment. Ijs this is chess not checkers an yall need to stop being so naive. This shit ws more rigged than the 08 superbowl an the pacman fight put together.The lockout, CP not neing allowed to go to the Lakers was all a ploy for this to happen. IF the lockout hadnt happen D.Rose might not have overworked himself an tore his ACL, hmm who ws lebrons biggest competition?? Yea he got eliminated, would okc have gotten past a Laker team wit CP3 runnin the point?? Hmm doubt it. Did MIA really beat Boston, or did boston kick their ass an then MIA got “assistance” from the ref’s an beat them an then okc fell victim to them(refs) soon after? The refs need tht MVP award, they played their asses off, all thosebullshit calls MIA ws gettin last night almost made me sick to my stomach, the cheating was so obvious it was painful to watch. I love basketball an I hate seeing it go down the drain js like the other popular forms of entertainment, Hiphop included. the NBA is about to be the new WWE, an js like all these Reality shows. Fake,scripted,precitable, but entertaining at times so we all watch anyway. Entertainment period is no longer about art, an talent its about money,from sports to music to film an tv everything has gotten terrible, the most rich an popular dont even talent anymore. David Stern gave tht boy a ring to shut him an all his stans up an to make sure he aint waste money with tht hoax he pulled putting them together so they could steal a ring. “The Decision” shit ws like a fuckin soap opera, bullshit. The Celtics got fucked out of their last opportunity to get a ring or try for one. My Lakers lost an i said nothing, they got beat period. However we ppl cheat I jus cant rock with it. I refuse to watch sportscenter fo the next 2 wks cuz I dont wana hear shit about this nigga an his Stolen ring, bitch prolly foogasie an fake js like him. Bet he jumped up off his knees an the refs zipped up their pants soon as the buzzer went off, tht ws the most fucckery ive seen in the history od sports. The funny thing is his dickriders are so happy he got a ring they wont even admit this shit ws a set up, lets be real. I bet js like a few yrs bk when it came out (after the championship) tht like 5 ref’s had been takin bribes an were paid to throw games, we are gona find out it ws some shit in the mix. Yea those niggas got fined an fired but guess what, noone can take the trophy bk so the teams tht got fucked get no justice. Even on Sportscenter all the talked about ws the cheating ass refs.

    • rep87

      You are so right about The NBA they are having a hard time fooling the public, IM HAPPY KING JAMES GOT A RING ! MIAMI HEAT & OKC are going to run things for a min , But like most fans if they team is winning you cant pay them to say its some rigged shit going on but the min they dont make it they the first to cry foul ,The public must remember this is ENTERTAINMENT PAID FOR BY RICH OWNERS AND INVESTORS AND YES REFS CAN MAKE OR BREAK A TEAM IN CHAMPIONSHIP, MIAMI WON AND WE GOTTA LIVE WITH IT CONGRATS TO THE HEAT!!!! , ITS ENTERTAINMENT BOTTOM LINE !

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  • rep87


  • Why ppl calling him “King” James? he ain’t king shit, call him king when he has more than 6 championship rings and 5 NBA MVPs