Hip-Hop Rumors: Ludacris Finally Addresses Big Sean Beef

You guys remember that beef between Ludacris and Big Sean that went down late last year? It all came to light when Ludacris released his new mixtape, 1.21 Gigawatts, which contains a diss record to Drake and Big Sean called “Bada Boom”, accusing the rappers of stealing his flow. Big Sean spoke about it in a few interviews, but we’ve never heard Luda speak about it until now.

In a recent interview with Bootleg Kev, Luda revealed that he and Big Sean actually had a sit down talk about their issues and resolved them. That’s what I call manning up! Check out what Luda said below:

“We can keep is positive right now, we gonna stay off the negativity. We just gonna keep it in a positive direction. Let’s do that — [Did we chop it up?] We actually did, man, and he just addressed it, I believe, on BET.”

“So, we had a show in Australia, yeah, we had a show in Australia and we actually got a chance to sit down. So that’s why I said we gonna keep it positive right now. Everything’s positive.” 

Good to see that they put their differences behind them and decided to keep it moving. You can catch the full interview below:

  •  Sydney Sydney Sydney…………

    1. it wasn’t beef it was luda spitting facts about dumb shit him and drake said.

    2. beef has to have a back and forth which drake and sean wanted no parts of. they bitched up.

    3. Luda didn’t accuse nobody of stealing “his flow” big sean accused luda of  stealing his flow.

    4. That flow has been around for the longest. luda schooled him on this it wasn’t a diss record.


    • ccwaterbound32

      rehab/mental institution i think she just aint have her fix yet….

    • Jas1ne

      Syd bites stories like rappers bite flows

    • thank you, now i don’t have to type exactly the same thing, point for point.  Yo sydney, did you notice that this comment that i have replied to has more likes than your article.  funny ain’t it.

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  • rep87

    Sydney you really Suck at this job There are no REAL BEEFS IN HIP HOP REAL SLOW VOICE FOR YOU ! Only thing going on is Tax Man taking everything ,Reailty Shows ,Thats it Sydney get over it the last beef been over with for years the public got more important things to do so give us HIP HOP Music and videos

  • Big Sean was slapped back to reality.  Like Adrian told Rocky when he was gonna fight the Russian Drago “You can’t win”!

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  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Everyone starts these beefs and then has a sit-down to resolve them. Why don’t they just start with the sit-downs and spare everyone these 3-week feuds? 

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