Hip-Hop Rumors: [Video] Rihanna’s Bodyguard Punches Out Paparazzi!!


There isn’t a lot to be said about this to be honest!

Dude gets BUSY with the 1’s and 2’s!

Check it out!

  • therealest1

    Future lawsuit shit. Afternoon shit.

  • “paparazzi” are some of the lowest people on the planet..i have no sympathy for these pieces of shit getting knocked out or worse..yes, i realize that if our society wasn’t so brain dead and obsessed with “celebrities” that there wouldn’t be a need for these leeches, but that still doesn’t excuse their behavior..i hope dude got trampled by his shameless peers while he was laid out..Gotta get that celeb pic! How could we function without knowing what dress Rihanna wore on Tuesday, or what Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan ate for breakfast!??

    • The paparazzi is part of the reason a lot of these cats stay famous. Your favorite celebrity needs the paparazzi just as much as the paparazzi needs them.

  • kstaxx

    Damn people gettin knocked out left and right over Ri Ri

  • Dude looks too old to be security

  • Carlos

    that was more like a push with the fist, tmz probably made the vid faster to make it look like a fist. if that dude really hit him, dude would have been layed out.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    In no way was that a knock out punch. More like pushed his face and knocked him down.  $1.5 million. lol

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  • Dat sorry azz sh#t.  He barely touched him and he fallin like he got hit by Mayweather.  Prolly tryin to get paid.

    • George Lemus

      any body hits harder than mayweather

      • Tell that to Sugar Shane and all the countless others he done knocked out.  Come on dude.

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  • You cant do anything without TMZ being present!!! I am still shocked they dont have footage of Drake vs Chris Brown

  • ccwaterbound32

    all i gotta say is anybody heard that 8ball and mjg song “we buy gold” produced by big krit mane that s*it bumpin!!!!

    • immackulate

      GOOD LOOK … you been knocking that PREMRO mixtape = slappin!

  • flop.    u tube ringleader shon and listen to fa real

  • D_Ably

    shes straight up disgusting, she should rename herself Klamidia

  • D

    security is a hot head. I’ve worked as a bouncer and did some personal security work (bodyguard) and you NEVER throw punches. You restrain a cat (“if you slip a dirty blow, the crowd won’t know”).

    Anytime you throw your hands you ARE the aggressor unless the person has a weapon, and that can cost you your job, your company looses clients because other potential clients don’t want that drama.

  • immackulate

    i wonder why they erased my comment from yesterday … all i said was the bodyguard remind me of that old white guy that whipped the words outta that black guys mouth on the bus in oakland … ya’ll taking this CENSORSHIP stuff too far

  • Tim Palms

    He’s gonna get paid!!

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  • Ali Farah

    He finna get O-Shine Money!

  • Big Crimes

    its Mike from Breaking Bad