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Hip-Hop Rumors: Who Pulled Andre 3000 Out For A Collabo?

Andre 3000 is coming back soon? I don’t know but it sounds like he is (again) and Rick Ross is the newest artist to bring him in. Somebody on twitter said that Ross brought out the absolute best in Andre and proclaimed this to be his BEST lyrics ever. They are saying that this track is produced by the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. But the won’t be found on Self Made 2, so I’m assuming it will be on God Forgives, I Don’t.

  • Jas1ne

    Can somebody tell me why everyone is on Ross’s siddack?

    • immackulate

      cuz phonetically/SONICALLY you cant deny the production/ad-libs he uses(waka?)
      eventually you gonna get tired of the braggadocio, cocaina cowboy proclaims
      and resort back to the UNDERGROUND or THE OLE’ SKOOL to get your REAL
      rap fix BUT while you still on yo NIGGAH SHYT – ricky uh still do “the trick” lol

      _and i bought his 1st 3 cd’s

      • johnblacksad

        you mean sonically?

        Me personally, i’m getting a real rap fix right now with that Russian Roulette by Alchemist! …and of course, there’s always a Styles P or D-Block mixtape nearby !

      • S

        Good taste in music playboy! I have to check out that Alchemist joint and you can’t go wrong with D-Block shit…..

      • immackulate

        nah i meant PHONETICALLY – as in: Acoustic phonetics: study of the physical characteristics of speech sounds.

        however, sonically would have worked better lol

        im actually on a r&b/gospel/old skool FIX right now –

      • FACT_CHECKseed

        BREAKING NEWS: AllHipHop visitors properly use the words “sonically” and “phonetically”.  Experts agree this will headline tomorrows “Signs the World is Coming to an End” segment.

      • immackulate


      • FACT_CHECKseed

        lol….i just kid when I’m on here, but in all honesty, I respect you immackulate….much love!

      • immackulate

        feelings mutual my bruvah …

      • S

        Yeah! He is good at picking good beats and all of his albums have been solid. He also knows his lane well. He knows he’s not really going to go platinum because the hood is his core crowd and he’s not going to jump into the mainstream hip hop lane. So he gets all his money by doing big tours getting 80k or better a show which helps out his artist alot as well. Ross! stick to the script playboy! Look forward to his new album…….

      • I agree….Rick Ross mastered the game to perfection…. #teamross

  • johnblacksad

    Ross is that boss!

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  • The track is obviously gonna be Maybach Music 4.  The Maybach Music series of songs always has the dopest verses and beats and Justice league always produces those.

  • Cant wait

  • you can be a cop pretending to be a drug kingpin, a closet fag pretending to be a skateboarding gangster rockstar, etc. and still get love these days..thats some got the game all fucked integrity no principles, nobody stands for shit so they fall for anything

  • Why would you even attempt to rap with 3 stacks?  He is gonna make you look foolish cuz dude is hands down the illest lyricist out there.

  • rep87


  • Ross is aight! He makes decent music and he’s mastered his own 1, 2.

  • Tony G.

    this would be a mismatch lyrically…RR would try to step his game up but his content aint on the level of 3000…honestly surprised that Dre would even ride with this dude.