Hip-Hop Rumor: The Game “Burns” Nelly On New Track

LA rapper The Game borrows Meek Mill and Big Sean’s beat to call out rapper Nelly and NBA star Tony Parker. In the track, Game raps, “Nelly, where the f*ck is Nelly/ Got a b*tch yelling E.I./ While a n*gga watching Belly.”

The Game goes on to clown NBA player Tony Parker for planning to sue the nightclub for his injury’s in the Chris Brown/Drake bottle fight. The Game raps:

“We ain’t throwin’ bottles, ni**a/ We gon’ get them hammers in/ Tony Parker’s suing/ Real ni**as know that’s that hoe sh*t.”

In typical Game style, he goes on to name drop T.I., Lil’ Wayne, French Montana, D.Wade, Wale, and Meek Mill. Check out the track below.

Are you feeling Game’s verse? Do you think Nelly should respond?

59 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumor: The Game “Burns” Nelly On New Track”

      • immackulate

        usher and jay both got more money than nelly … they still in the game … truth be told, his last album didnt sale and thats the real resason why his career has gone missing …

      • EL_BARK

        Idk no about usher.

        Nelly bread might be fuking wit usher.
        Nigga first deal with universal, he got 2.00 a unit wich is unheard of.
        The a&r that sign him, put his job on the line, on nelly deal.

      • immackulate

        nelly bread aint phucking with ushers cuz usher got that BEIBER kid in his pocket – NELLY aint broke by no imagination – but he also cant move a damn unit right now … if u here anything new from NELLY in the last or upcoming 2 yrs – i bet it will be a feature

  1. tbirdandkoolaid

    Real niggas like his former manager…

    just BECAUSE you say a cat’s name on record does not mean you’re dissing

  2. Tony G.

    Dear Sydney…What exactly should Nelly reply to?  It wasn’t a diss…smmfh…and yea bro..ur real tough talking ish about Tony Parker..

  3. David

    Game use to be one of my favorite rappers, now he is just getting annoying. Always talking about the same shit and using the same features his last album was ok and his mixtape was crap. He was better when he wasnt trying to be peaceful. 

    • KingChandler

      co-sign, used to be one of my favorite artists too, I can’t take him trying to spit like every dude in hip-hop. The last mixtape he was rappin like J. Cole, he tries Rozay on certain tracks, when he did that track with Nas & Chris Breezy his delivery was exactly like Nas and I thought it was dope since Nas was on the track but this shit has gotten out of hand.

  4. water_ur_seeds

    that aint really a diss to nelly… this gotta be one of the worst songs i heard in a min… trash…

  5. Numbuh Four

    Yeah, Nelly been gone for a hot minute…but whatever. Last I heard he did some remix with Kelly Rowland to that Dilemma track…didn’t listen though…might youtube it

    No dissing on this record though, I guess except to Parker, the king of name dropping just doing his thing like usual.

  6. BulldogCG

    YOU SUCK!!!!!! All metaphors and word play do not result in a diss, ask yourself what it means?  You know the third of 5 W’s.  Who, when, what, where, why? Journalism 101.

  7. Negro Peligro

    I mean even it was a diss that’s the worse diss ever. Where is nelly got a brother yelling EI while watching belly. Nelly Yelling Belly.  He might as well just added eating peanut butter jelly its kind of smelly with my man felly felly. I mean if I was producing the track I would’ve told him to go home come back when he’s serious.

    • RLG

      I just listened and damn u wasn’t lyin fam SMH, I was a huge game fan back in tha day, but he doin way to much unnecessary shyt these days

    • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

       That’s what Game does. His last record basically had him jacking the style of whoever he had featuring on the track.

  8. rep87

    The Nelly dis sounds suspect? Game getting involve is suppose to make the beef legit NOT AHH still looking for beef its dead just drop hits andstop with the B.S. PERIOD !

  9. RichieRich32

    I Really Didn’t Get That Game Was Dissing Nelly With That Line!!! Tony Parker Suing NOW That Was A Diss. That Is Some Bitch Ass Shit On Tony Parker’s Part Though In My Eyes Anyway. The Guy(Tony Parker) Is A Friggin Millionaire. He Should Be Suing The Hoe, Aubry Drake Who Is Rumored To Have Thrown The Bottle. BUT Where Did All Hip Hop Get That Game Was Dissing Nelly From??? Yall Have To Get It Together SMH!!!

  10. TheBoxcarHobo

    You’re reaching for dear life ain’t ya? Those aren’t disses, that’s just Game being Game. Gtfoh.

    • Mosdaze

      That someons you, you just replyed like 5 times to this shit, seriously?

      Side note, games too soft for his wanna be bumpy knucks persona. Matter of fact I wish freddie would get at this dude, and 40.

      • Tenchi Brown

         Foxxx a OG..coincidentally i got that Industry Shakedown on right now

        ‘im a certified killa..wit stock in the game, burn marks on the hanes from the glocks with the flames’

  11. Charlie Kelly

    never liked hoppin on someones beat doing a 16 and keepin them on the beat.. esp if u ant in the industry and do that.. thats fake ish cats try to make people think they in with dem.. sucker ish

  12. Weedras

    dumb idiots like Gayme wouldn’t know that Parker is suing because if the damage to his eye affects his game he will lose his 50 mil contract which he’s already half way through… hence why he’s suing for around 20 because that the amount of paper he stands to lose… go read a thesaurus  and dictionary to get your vocabulary up with them wack punchlines..

      • Weedras

        how is it false? Parker’s contract extension that he signed is worth 50mil, if for some reason his eye injury affects his playing would he not forfeit his contract? and stand to lose money… how is it false…GOOGLE is your friend dude and watch the news for a change pick the sense from the nonsense..

      • therealjjohnson

        The NBA has guaranteed contracts unlike the NFL. Once you sign the money is yours regardless of injury. The only exception is if you violate your contract by riding motor cycles etc. and even that’s not in every contract. Google is YOUR friend.

  13. slumlord_vinny

    Fire! Game can spit. But he tripping on that Tony Parker thing. Dude make more of his busted eye that anyone in rap. He has to sue or else he gonna lose millions. 

  14. Lamarr Lewis

    Game your a fake ass studio gangsta trying to act hard and look hard 50 cent can diss more people then you and he is still richer then your bitchass.


    lol this shit is hard lyrics are offical yall use to these one flow as niggaz so when hear a nigga spit ur brain cant process it lol and he didnt diss nelly i know this the rumor mill but yall niggaz is whats wrong with hiphop stretching shit thin trying get my man smacked with some apple bottom s lol s/o to game fire as usual

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