Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Trina Trying To Send Lil’ Wayne A Message?

Rapper Trina let it all hang out in Miami on Monday on the video shoot for her new video for her single, “I’m Back (Back 2 Business)”. The baddest b*tch gathered some of the hottest chicks in Miami, fitted them in booty shorts and bikinis, and hosted a luxury vehicle car wash. Trina and the ladies turned heads as they washed Beamers, Benz and Bentley’s as well as a Ferrari!

Later in the shoot, Trina suited up in a cut out cat suit topped off with a TRUKFIT hat, while she shot a few scenes on a motorcycle. One has to wonder, is Trina trying to send Lil’ Wayne a message with the TRUKFIT hat?

I wonder what her rumored boo, James Harden, thinks about this? Remember it was only a few weeks ago that Harden allegedly did everything in his power to keep Weezy from attending the OKC playoff games. What do you guys think?

In the meantime, enjoy these steaming hot shots from Trina’s video shoot!


  • therealest1

    Morning shit. Leftover, overused shit.

  • rep87

    Lil Wayne is Down Low

    • Down low with 4 kids, an ex-wife and a chick like trina still wanting him?

      Takes a DL person to know another. Stop hating bruh

      • but also kisses a man on the lips, calls him daddy and wears women pants and puffy fuzzy boots.

        he aint down low he bi sexual 

      • Pharrell and kanye must be bi too since they wear the same type of fashion even though they got baby moms and a bad bitch like kim

        Baby raised that nigga after his pops died. B.Gizzle must be a fag too since baby was a father figure to him. I swear yall niggas fuckin dummies that try hard to put other niggas down cuz of the wackass lifes yall livin

      • have you ever seen kanye or pharrell or B.G. kiss another man on the lips? 

        And idgaf who rasied who a man aint suppose to kiss another man on the lips. I dont kiss my father on the lips, and we got the same blood running threw our veins. Aint nobody putting him down just calling it how i see it. Round my way we call that shit gay aint no way around it! 

        Lol at you for trying to defend 2 men kissing each other, I feel sorry for your mother

      • King Cold


      • SDS_Overfiend

        Damn Son…. You shitted all over that Nigga then pour Ether on him to kill the smelll… Faggot ass Nigga going hard to defend a Homo… Ol Booty Bosh ass Nigga.

      • Nemesis_Enforcer

        Yeah people think those 2 are as well.  

      • SDS_Overfiend

        Son……………………………………………………………………….You Gay.

      • You called him B. Gizzle. 

      • rep87

        KISSING men in the mouth wearing women clothes DownLow BRUH aint no hating on that just the truth alot down low men got chidren and wives

  • Heretic380

    Did a fuckin hat really deserve a whole article?

  • Wasted 3 minutes off my life reading this.

  • rmac138

    how about it means she is supporting his movement wit trukfit or whatever its called.

  • S. Long

    Trina lookin Thicker than a Snicker and gooder than a MUTHA!!!

  • These “Bitches” need to get a life. This is the reason women, especially black women will never evolve, because whores like this keeps setting them back a hundred years! Put some clothes on, sheesh!

    • Pierre Elliott


    • united600

      lol bro she looks sexy, let it go.

    • I let a woman be empowered over her body and make no reflections or judgement on nobody else because of it.  Just man in me. 

    • jsj23

      Give me a break, like you know about Black women! And what’s the reason Black men are still set back a hundred years?

    • mademan3000

      @jsj23/Willie Hutch/united600, co-sign u all! That ninja Darrell just reaching, then tryna use the setting black women back angle to gain somemome momentum! All these white females we see everywhere with next to nothing on daily aren’t getting criticized. Shit I say if a woman has it she should be able to flaunt it without ole gay ass bustas like u talking down. However I will say this tho, its a double edge sword if a lady choses to dress like that don’t get mad when us fellas look @u til u turn the corner! As long as we aren’t disrespecting u! I digress!!!

  • Pierre Elliott


    • jsj23

      You are such a hater!  Get your bread up! Get something going for yourself. I accidentally hit the like button for your dumb comment.

  • ONE

    Trina can still get it.

  • dolomite205

    trina need to let me get behind dat AZZ like a quaterback

  • Tony G.

    when ur a woman with no talent..ass sells

  • its 2012 what y’all expect………  

  • S

    she can get it….

  • I need Trina in my life!!!!

  • all that ass in those pics wud get ate by me, erry single last ass

  • jsj23

    Trina is my girl!  Still looking as fine as she did 10 years ago.  Gotta love Black beauty (ages every 10-15 years).

  • trukfit lol.. dumbarse name… she might be the only one who bought some trukfit.. do they sell that ish in pacific sunwear?? lol

  • Oknas