Hip-Hop Rumors: Romeo Miller May Play A Super Hero – Guess Which One!

I don’t know how Andewale Akinnuoye (Adebisi from “Oz”) or Djimon Hounsou will feel about this, but it looks like there is a new candidate for the role of the Black Panther. Now, I don’t mean the militant Civil Rights group of the 60s and even now. I mean the Marvel Comics character from the fictitious African Nation Wakanda. Well, freakin’ Romeo Miller has tossed his hat in the fray as one of the candidates that may play in the live action movie if it ever gets green-lit.

He told some things to

With Marvel possibly doing a film on the Black Panther, is that a role you can see yourself doing?

RM: I would love to. I remember that before Jumping the Broom got released, there were some producers were talking about shopping the script to some people and I was one of the people they contacted and was asked if it was something I would be interested in. You never know. I definitely want to take in and be the next big action hero. That may be something that’s cool.

For the record, the Black Panther is tentative for 2014. For the record, I won’t see a Black Panther with Lil Romeo. No hate. No disrespect. We’ll see.

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    I will NEVER plunk down my 10 bucks to see Romeo as Black Panther ……. And I mean NEVER!! (Hell, I wouldn’t even watch it for free.)

    • scullyson


    • toreal

      Sounds like you need to bust you a nutt and calm down.

      • i hope toreal is a woman cuz if NOT….thats madddd homo yo lol

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

         You beat me to it Huggie! WTF did I say have to do with the need to bust a nut!?! toreal if you aren’t a woman you are a gay homosexual. I apologize for speaking ill of your boo.

    • immackulate

      dayum man you woke up with that much HATE in your heart …

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        It’s called TASTE not hate. Because I enjoy good cinema I am some hater? This dude can’t act to save his life. But then again you probably thought that “I got the hookup” deserved an Oscar.

      • immackulate

        good cinema? YEAH okay bruvah NICE SPIN but this is a damn kiddie movie and i highly doubt it will have the SPIDERMAN budget – you claim you wouldnt even watch it for free sounds like HATE to me then you mentioned taste like I GOT THE HOOK UP is beneath you and your OSCAR MOVIE EXPECTATIONS – but you obviously seen I GOT THE HOOK UP which probably wont be as DECENT as BLACK PANTHER … so yeah, you just hating!

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        Bruvah? N@gga, what language are you speaking?  I meant what I said. The dude can’t act. It is a fact. It doesn’t matter if it is a “kiddie” movie or not which it isn’t, it’s a genre of film. (Superhero) You are so dense that you didn’t even get the point that I was making.   Yes, “I got the Hook Up” was beneath me just as any movie starring this dude or his pops. If you don’t like what I said than that is tough.You don’t have to read my replies just as I don’t have to watch Black Panther starring wack a$$ Romeo. Hell, illseed even said that he wouldn’t watch that sh@t. If you love the dude so much get him some damn acting lessons BRUVAH.

      • immackulate

        im not speaking any language SMART AZZ im typing it LOL – it’s not about ROMEO (and no he cant act) or I GOT THE HOOK UP you and i both know your comment was full of hate – and you confirmed that by typing “not even for free” now who in they right mind would turn down FREE – that’s how i know you hating cuz if somebody slid you some movie tickets to go see BLACK PANTHER regardless if URKEL was playing the lead role … i guarentee yo black azz would be front row – quit frauding for the internet LOL – and how old are you to be watching KIDDIE movies LOL? I could understand taking your son, nephew, cousin to go see it — you gawt dayum(how’s that for spelling) COMIC BOOK NERD!!!

        BWAHAAAAAA … now take your own advice in regards to NOT RESPONDING cuz either way wont bother me one bit

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

         N@gga you are silly. You fools throw around the word hater to anything someone says that you disagree with.  I’ll say this one final time because you seem a bit slow. Once again It’s called taste. By your logic if someone offered me a free shot of mad dog 20/20 I should drink it because it’s free? Even though it’s some cheap Bullsh@t!?! Obviously what I am saying is bothering you because you on on the internet defending a cat that doesn’t know that you exist. Are you the president of Romeo’s fan club or something? Peace to you dude. I am done with this.

      • immackulate

        HATER (im throwing) WHO’S CATCHING?
        what did mad dog have to do with movie tickets – now you fidgeting and squirming around LOL trying to cause diversions NIGGAH STICK TO THE SCRIPT AND THE TOPIC AT HAND – and as i said in one of my previous posts IT AINT ABOUT ROMEO hence me typing EVEN IF URKEL WAS PLAYING THE ROLE – your initial posts screamed HATE

        since you wanna bounce around on and off topic

        answer WHY you’re a GROWN man THAT interested in KIDDIE MOVIES? lol

      • immackulate

        figured i’d research, copy and paste this for you since you cant stick to the TOPIC

        it’s not about ROMEO (and no he cant act) or I GOT THE HOOK UP

        dumb azz so caught up in his emotions LOL cant recognize that i already agreed ROMEO CANT ACT and I GOT THE HOOK UP was trash
        calm down fam you gone blow a gasket …

        and lets get back to why you got so much HATE in your heart LOL?

  • Do your thing Rome. No Limit Forever!!!!

  • baseforyourfase

    still got my money on Michaelk jai white!

  • scullyson

    Wasnt never really into comics. had a cousin who had a got D*** shyt load of them things. smh…You couldnt get that kid out the house man….lmao….Shyt amazed me…But I guess I need to flip through a couple of them joints if I plan to support the movie huh? …ill probably pass though

  • Doesnt sound like a good match but we’ll see

  • Kevin Joge

    Romeo will not be a good Panther at all 

    • immackulate

  • good for him ….young’n doing it big!!!! 

  • immackulate

    i gotta hand it to P he raised a well rounded, well mannered GO GETTER
    definitely took advantage of all his father’s advantages and is a decent role model
    as a YOUNG MAN because he doesn’t shame his father’s name or legacy … and he aint
    out here trying to be something he’s NOT … if he gets the role or not he’s already shaping up to be a BLACK SUPERHERO in his own right … keep doing what you doing YOUNG BRUVAH.

  • Not hatin, but that’s like Rosie O’ Donnell playing Wonder Woman.  Ain’t gonna work.

  • Said it once, Ill say it again, and hopefully this is the last time! WESTLY SNIPES is the only one this role was made for, I don’t know when dude get’s out of the brink, but they need to put that on hold until he can shoot it!

  • SDS_Overfiend

    While it does’nt sound like the obvious fit… I will Never Hate on a young Black Man doing his thing the right way.

  • How is 
    Andewale Akinnuoye  an admited skin head member in England going to play black panther. He should be automatically disqualified.  

    Man can you imagine you running from some skin heads you see that midnight ass nigga. Like:
    you: “Whew nigga I’m glad to see you. These racist ass columbine kids won’t leave me alone.”
    Andewale AKinnuoye “Nigga I hate black people. I hate black gums. I hate black pepper. I especially hate that black ass whoopi goldberg.”

    Get that nigga playing Black Panther is like Kim Kardashian wearing white to her wedding.  

    • scullyson


  • tommiedc

    Most of the names being thrown around would be good ,but from what I know about Black Panther those guys are to old Romeo might not be the best pick but he might be of age.
    That does depend on how its written

    • Yea its me

      Have you seen Romeo act?  I can promise you this kid will not get this role.  There are plenty of young black actors in hollywood that could get it.  If anybody lands the role, Tyrese probably will get it. 

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  • Barbare

    romeo et bon acteur no limit forever hater 

  • jamaicanbornanbreed

    coming from a dude dat was a major black panther fan as a kid(as well as night thrasher and dc’s hitman) i gota say adabesi is perfect for the role…lets not forget the prince of wakanda speaks with a thick african accent…plus in the black spandex you got to have a more scary build which adabesi got romeo beat….the chances of romeo beating the african native for the role is the same chance of adabesi skully falling off……(i’ve watched oz for years and i’ve never seen dat damn skully fall of…never)

  • BXironlunz28

    HELL FUCKIN NO…….FAIL…FAIL…FAIL!!!….eventhough he prolly wont get tha part, still even 4 him 2 b considered…FAIL!!!

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  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Youtube Lil Neek/Spend the Night. Dis dude is bout to take over Louisiana!!

  • Darkfather504

    Not feeling RM as the BP stick to Andewale Akinnuoye (Adebisi from “Oz”) or Djimon Hounsou