Jay-Z and Kanye West

Hip-Hop Rumors: What Super Expensive Illuminati-esque Gift Did Kanye West Give Jay-Z For Father’s Day?!

Jay-Z certainly came off well for his first Father’s Day this year. Not only was he rumored to have received a $40 Million private jet from Beyonce – now we hear Kanye also gifted him with an amazing gift.

According to The Insider, Yeezy gave Hov the ultimate Illuminati collectible – a solid gold skull, rumored to have set Yeezy back $34,000.  The yellow gold piece is a Lions & Sons Divora Skull with 1,680 star-cut red topaz gemstones. Kanye wanted to see the look on his best friend’s face when he opened the gift, so he allegedly charted a private jet to hand deliver the gift.

Check out a few photos of the gift below:

That’s one super expensive paper weight!

  • That sh*t looks fly…

  • That sh*t looks fly…

    • Casor_Greener

      That is pure garbage dude….AND could we please stop with this Illuminati nonsense, they playing with you clowns

      • Didn’t you know? If you’re rich, black and successful, you must be Illuminati.

  • Man a nigga ever gave me some shit like that he getting clowned. Oh you poured some gold on some African kids ass nigga. 

  • Those niggaz is weird.

    •  they’re only weird to you because you probably lack culture. i bet you havent stepped foot outside your own state, let alone the country. weird stuff is only weird to closed minded people

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Let someone give me that and Imma throw it at their neck. That’s in no way usable. The Jet though?  Oh yeah lol.


      you mean you wouldn’t auction off that shit??/ just throw it away?

    • Weedras

      that shit is a nice piece to have at the crib…

  • ONE

    Some nice shit to have on your office desk

  • immackulate

    fake azz LOMBARDI trophy

  • FACT_CHECKseed

    BREAKING NEWS:  Sources report George Bush gifted Kanye West with “Super Expensive Illuminati-esque” gift, who in turn gifted it to Jay-Z. We have wire taps that indicate Jay-Z will re-gift this item to none other than DJ Lance Rock of “Yo Gabba Gabba!” fame.


    can’t wait for my chance to join the illuminati! lmaoooooooooooooo

  • This is the problem with this site incorrect information all day, first these dudes is playing right along with you ignorant fool you really think that their Illuminati. (side note theres a price to pay when you dirty someone name and character) 2nd the jet that be got him was already 20-25 mill closer to 25 not 40, its called reporting so do your homework. 3rd is Lions & Sons illuminati no. So do us a favor ( the ones with sense) stop the nonsense report fact and let us enjoy our hip hop and the evolution of it. Matter of fact look in the mirror and slap yourself

  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    So gold skulls are “illuminati” now? You guys say anything weird is illuminati. 

  • rep87

    YOU SUCK AWARD GOES TO Sydney Lace !

    • ONE

      Leave Sydney alone !

  • Weedras

    so i’m guessing Gold Bar here in NYC is an illuminati club because its covered with Gold Skulls huh!?! your just reaching out for the conspiracy loonies aren’t you Ms. Lace.. smh..

    • Weedras what to skulls represent dead pple init . The Devil will never come out walking and say imthe the devil . Some sinister shit is going on round the world and its now the norm coz pple dont actually see the devil or demons so its cool , its jus having fun so they say many entertainers blaspheming n we all cheering saying  thats a a hard joint need to open your eyes there is only two sides the good or the evil if u glorifying evil then u def not with the good real talk

  • Global_Mission

    And this is Illuminati How? The writers on this site be on some bullsh!t…

  • Global_Mission

    Only thing thats apart of the Illuminati is calling every Black Successful Rich person Illuminati. Along with keeping the ignorant blind by printing bullsh!t like this. #STOP!!

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    F’ck AHH’s H’rd on for Jay-Z and Kanye…what about the story on what can’t get played on BET:

    a memo that the bet video department got has this listing of artists to not
    spinthis doesnt count old ish just newer stuffThe following
    artists are banned from airplay(meaning all their NEW videos):Kool
    G. RapCraig GMC LyteBuckshotKool KeithA Tribe Called
    QuestA+JeruThe LiksThe ArtifactsAZBad
    SeedBahamadiaDa BratGoodie MobBone Thugs N HarmonyBlack
    MoonMethodmanE-40CanibusAfu RaCappadonnaChannel
    LiveCocoa BrovazFreddie FoxxxGZAEl-PD.O.C.Diamond
    Ddead prezDe La SoulMF DoomCamp LoGeto BoysBrand
    NubianBoot Camp ClikKRS OneBlack SheepRaekwon4th Avenue
    JonesHeather BJayo FelonyKillah PriestLil
    CeaseMcGruffMic GeronimoMonie LoveMos DefIce
    CubeHieroglyphicsInspectah DeckJean GraeNate


    id rather have the $34 G’s

  • D_Ably

    these 2 fools are only livin for them selves man, no community spirit whatsoever and the sooner you pawn-ass fans realise this, the better. Shiney metal sh!t.

  • D_Ably

    plus wat a gayass move is that gettin his boss a daddys day present

    • xxx80sbaby

      its bigga than that fam

  • I’m tired of all the “Illluminati” sh*t being talked!!! There are NO black people in top 1%. Most of the people that are in the 1% …we dont even know their names or faces. They are’nt in Forbes and you will NEVER see them. Stop all this Illuminati talk in regards to entertainers. At BESt….they are Illuminati wanna-be’s and d*ck riders!!

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

       I couldn’t agree more.

    • black_messiah9000

      But niggas will believe anything.

      • xxx80sbaby

        cause you dont know the difference between niggas and real black men SHUT UP STUPID

      • black_messiah9000

        I’m very aware of the difference. That’s why I said “niggas”. You make assumptions like white people; poorly.

  • they aren’t illuminati u dick heads, no black man is. they are freemasons. the illuminati puppets.

    • even better shut up lol

    •  true

    • PREACH

    • xxx80sbaby

      if you dont know keep ya mouth closed

  • this has nothing to do w illuminati

  • xxx80sbaby

    big ups to jigga and yeezy keep puttin it down still volume1,2,and 3 is the recipe on my block wht up nas keep holdin my down baby dont forget about us in NC one4now

  • xxx80sbaby