Sade Discusses Hip-Hop; Regrets Missing Jay-Z On Hit Track ‘Soldier of Love’

(AllHipHop News) An official studio collaboration between Jay-Z and singer Sade could take place in the near future.

During an interview with Jay-Z’s blog site Life + Times, Sade revealed her desire to work with one of the world’s top rap artists.

The legendary singer said that missing the opportunity to record with Jay-Z in 2010, was one of her biggest regrets.

“I would have asked Jay-Z to rap on ‘Soldier Of Love’ in 2010. There’s not much else I would change – the mistakes I’ve made have made me grow braver,” Sade said.

Despite numerous requests from rappers, Jay-Z is the only rap artist to officially appear on a track with Sade.

The rap mogul was featured on the remix to the single “The Moon and The Sky,”which was released as a bonus track on 2011’s album The Ultimate Collection.

But just because she has not worked with rap artist in the past, does not mean she does not respect the genre, which has sampled her music often, throughout the years.

“I love when our music is reclaimed to make something new,” Sade continued. “It’s like musical recycling. I always see it as a compliment.”

  • shes a beast! Would love to see her and Raekwon actually do something. DCPRODUCER1

  • Yeah she did one with one of the Bone Thugs, can’t remember which one right now but they even did a video together. So she does respect hip hop no question about, hip hop respects her. I play her albums all the time almost everyday my dam myself.


      i’m y0utubing that!


      if you’re talking about krayzie bone “hard time hustling” that was sample but it was dope

  • ChinotheJet

    Never want to hear jay’s adolescent Voice on a sade classic

    • Q.

       Too late. LOL

      “The Moon & The Sky Remix”

  • Q.

    Sade (the woman) is a goddess, and Sade’s (the band) live shows are impeccable. The Jay-Z remix on their album sounded forced. Their music is more suited to a Black Thought or Mos Def-type of emcee.

    • Tony G.

      Black or Mos woulda been great but how did Jay sounded forced?

      • Q.

        You know what? I gotta correct myself. I got that Jay remix confused with the Neptunes “By Your Side” remix. It was the Neptunes mix that sounded forced. The Jay remix was straight. I think they could still explore other talented emcees to work with that their music would mesh better with. Seems like the Jay pick was just an easy marketing move.

      • Frank

        Man just about every verse on WTT of jays sounds forced. How do you really collaborate when you dont write shit down and the stuff you spit is done in a half hour. All Js shit sounds forced anymore.

        Tracks sound so much better when thought is put in and time is taken.

        Edit: removed last two sentences. I had another point but now i forget..

      • Q.

        I’m kinda foggy on your last two sentences, but, yeah, I never understood the whole “I don’t write down nunna my rhymes” angle. Like, you spit a whole album from straight rote memory?…Really? O-kay. 

         Not saying it’s impossible, but what’s the point? To me, like you said, it means you don’t take the time to craft your poetry–it’s like freestyling. Oh, my bad, I guess it means you’re a genius. LOL Aight. Funny thing is, once Jay said that, then other rappers started making that claim. Now even Kanye’s saying it. That sh!t sounds stupid.

  • Pierre Elliott

    Ive never heard it, and dont ever want to.. I mean understand J is a popular artist. But he issnt that nice, and to put him on a song with her is unthinkable.


    • Tony G.

      uh…her song, her choice…and it turned out fine.

      • Pierre Elliott


      • Richie_Ochoa

        u don’t even listen to sade shut up

      • Pierre Elliott

        Dude Ive been rockin Sade since Diamond Life. What you know about “Maureen”? I know what sounds good with SADE, and her sound IS NOT JAY Z!!! And to make my point more valid JERK.
        Go here: Myspace/insanexrelick I do music production I know whats hot. I just listened to the remix. The Neptunes remix of “By Your Side” is better simply for the fact Jay ISNT on it.

        The remix we are talking about is BORING. It sounds like another “european quiet storm” with Jay thrown on for good measure. Its in fact, not as good as the Neptunes remix, which for that matter isnt all that to begin with.

        As ive said before an il say it again.




      • Q.

        LOL You going kinda hard today, ahk!
        Yeah, I thought both remixes were STRAIGHT, meaning they were listenable. Both were totally unnecessary to Sade’s superb catalog though. No hate to Pharell or Jay.

      • Pierre Elliott

        Oh I gots to… So many dumbass muthf*ckers out here mannnn. Dont know sh!t from shine ola..

      • Pierre Elliott

        And trust me, artists lie all the time saying they like a song they made.
        Alot of songs ive hated people liked, and im like I dont know why…

      • RECKLESS

        EXACTLY!!! this is coming out of HER Mouth.


    people REALLY hate jay z. i think more than i hate lil wayne.


    sade feat. kendrick lamar and lupe fiasco = one of the greatest songs ever

  • Pierre Elliott

    The remix was and is boring. Jay for that matter shows he has NO DEPTH. 
    He doesnt change his voice. His cadence and his voice is annoying over the track..

    Just like Beyonce would be…In thinking: its all about me.
    No humility. No grace. And very little class. Im very sure Sade smiled and thanked Jay Z, but trust me she isnt putting this on her ” Ive finally done it” list.

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    This ain’t news. If she going to she would have…or she will do eventually. She has been in this industry since 1980….1980 y’all. You will either download is or bite and use is for your mix tape.

    What I really want to know is about the banned list, that is supposedly given to BET:

    It is true? Must be. Must be true for mainstream hip hop all around. Viacom got the choke hold on the following:

    a memo that the bet video department got has this listing of artists to not
    spinthis doesnt count old ish just newer stuffThe following
    artists are banned from airplay(meaning all their NEW videos):Kool
    G. RapCraig GMC LyteBuckshotKool KeithA Tribe Called
    QuestA+JeruThe LiksThe ArtifactsAZBad
    SeedBahamadiaDa BratGoodie MobBone Thugs N HarmonyBlack
    MoonMethodmanE-40CanibusAfu RaCappadonnaChannel
    LiveCocoa BrovazFreddie FoxxxGZAEl-PD.O.C.Diamond
    Ddead prezDe La SoulMF DoomCamp LoGeto BoysBrand
    NubianBoot Camp ClikKRS OneBlack SheepRaekwon4th Avenue
    JonesHeather BJayo FelonyKillah PriestLil
    CeaseMcGruffMic GeronimoMonie LoveMos DefIce
    CubeHieroglyphicsInspectah DeckJean GraeNate

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  • 504boytrip

     Jay-Z is the only rap artist to officially appear on a track with Sade!!!!! That’s a dam lie!!!! I guess nobodys ever heard of a rapper named Krayzie Bone and their song “Hard Time Hustlin”. Or am I the only one that ever heard that song????

    • Joe

      Krayzie sampled her song.  She did not record with him.  Try a little Sade research

      “But just because she has not worked with rap artist in the past, does not mean she does not respect the genre, which has sampled her music often, throughout the years”

      • 504boytrip

         Yes he sampled, and they also did a vid together. U try some research

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