Iggy Azalea

VIDEO: Iggy Azalea On The Effects Of “The Freshman Class” And Her Expectations of “Glory”

With her new project, The Glory EP, set to be released in the next few weeks, Australia native and Hustle Gang first lady, Iggy Azalea, has a lot to be excited about. When AllHipHop.com spoke to Iggy last week, she set the record straight on all of the rumors claiming she had been dropped by both Grand Hustle honcho T.I. (not true) and Interscope Records (“business is business”).

Before her debut album, The New Classic, finds its way into stores later this year, Iggy has a point to prove – and a chip of sorts on her shoulder. Despite what the naysayers believe, she is Hip-Hop, and she’s going to tell you why. Iggy spoke candidly to AllHipHop.com about making the 2012 Freshman Class for XXL’s March issue, and how things have changed since it hit stands.

Iggy also highlights her plans to continue creating Hip-Hop music despite her dabbling in some other genres recently. Lastly, she speaks on her upcoming Glory EP, and how exactly it came to be in terms of its sound and concept. Check out our exclusive interview with Iggy Azalea below:

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